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Directory 1399 Master, Wait For Me! The Finale
    Chinese Name: 召唤万岁  Author: 霞飞双颊(Flushed Cheeks)
    Original: | Translation:

"Are you my mother?" Student Yue Yang stayed for a long time before letting out a stupid cry, saying that he could not accept it.

     "Yeah." Little Mother smiled and nodded, cute.

     "I think you look like a Little Sister!" Yue Yang thinks that this Mother looks not much bigger than Yue Bing, not to mention him, even Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and the others who peek over here think so. Yes, I just dare not publicly agree. This is the most mysterious and powerful mother in the entire Tong Tian Tower, and it is also the Divine Supreme of the future Tong Tian Tower. Therefore, in any case, they have to show the most respectful attitude.

     "How do you say it!" The Fourth Mother was unhappy. Doesn't Yue Yang's lazy attitude mean that she didn't educate her son?

     "Okay!" The Yue Family Third Young Master of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth is most afraid that the Fourth Mother is angry.

     "Called Mother." Fourth Mother gave Yue Yang a Quest.

     "Call Mother, call Mother..." Bao'er yelled desperately next to him, bringing Shuang'er and the little ghosts to shout constantly, jumping and jumping, too happy.

     Their troubles made it more difficult for Student Yue Yang to add. It could have been secretly whispered, so that, after a long time, the mouth could not be called out. Yue Yang herself is a little anxious.

     The little mother was very forgiving, not anxious, waiting with a smile on her face.The most caring Snow Girl came up to relieve the siege and said with a smile: "What's the problem with this? See my correct demonstration. Mother!"

     She screamed so sweetly and so sweetly that she waited for the little Mother to brows raised in delight, eyes laughing, nodded repeatedly, and put Snow Girl in her arms, and kissed with satisfaction: "What a good boy!"

     "Mother!" Tigress also called intimately. You must know that she has not had a biological mother since she was a child, and she has always lacked a mother. Now Yue Yang has a Mother, of course she wants to share it. Little Mother gave her a big hug, and buried Tigress, which was one end above her, on her chest, with joy: "Hey, you are also a good child. Give Mother a fat grandson next year!"

     "I, I am also a good boy, I am also a good boy. I am also called, I am also called, Mother, Mother!" Bao'er jealous, squeezed forward and got into the arms of the little Mother, desperately acting like a baby .

     "Yeah. You are the best!" Little Mother was delighted.

     Everyone went up and called Mother, even Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and the others in the distance yelled Mother for many things.

     In the end, only Yue Yang remained.

     If it were not for Fourth Mother there, it is estimated that Yue Yang would have escaped long ago, because the atmosphere was really embarrassing.Eastern Sky King and Old Fox hurried to save the field and drove away Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and the others who were watching the lively. He led the Tong Tian Tower Samurai far away to say goodbye, Upper Heaven Realm Divine Race Shadow Crowd and Nine-headed Monster Race were invited to Tong Tian Tower, naturally happy. On the other side, Gold Emperor and Monster Emperor also smiled at the sight of Sky Execution and Dragon Emperor. The friendship we met because of fighting, unknowingly. Has become a confidant. They accompany each other tacitly, and no longer add pressure to the juniors. As for the Boss Demon Dragon that Jun Wu You, Ming Ri Hao and the others are flattering, it is now beside oneself with joy, and laughs from time to time.

     "Of course, my Boss was admitted by him personally. Besides, I am not a Boss. Who is the Boss? Back then, my Demon Dragon was the first expert of criss-crossed Heaven Realm!" Demon Dragon proudly boasted, although everyone We all know that he is actually Heaven Realm number one villain, but it does not prevent everyone from flattering him comfortably.

     "Yes, you are the boss, the biggest boss, the boss of the boss." Fatty Hai and Demon Dragon have the most common language.

     "Damned Fatty, let me die a little bit!" Resting Wind Sea Bird still refused to approach.

     "Don't be angry, baby, I will give you time." Fatty Hai ran away quickly.

     "How would I know such a person..." Resting Wind Sea Bird was very speechless to himself.Serpent Empress Fei Wen Li has been holding on since the beginning of the battle. At this moment, he couldn't help it anymore and sat softly on the grass.

     A small hand, as white as jade, handed it over and reached out to her.


     It's a smiling face.

     Fei Wen Li stared blankly, then let go of the warblade in his hand, and held the little hand that I did not remember how many years ago he had stretched out but refused again and again: "You have not changed at all for so many years."

     The smiling Master also nodded in agreement: "Serpent Empress, you have not changed."

     Fei Wen Li suddenly felt: "Destiny is really a wonderful thing. Who can imagine it, the course of life will become like this."

     "Fate is always very mysterious." The Yanran's small-faced Master gently pulled Serpent Empress up: "Moreover, there is nothing wrong with it, at least it is more lively now than before."

     "Does Princess Night Dream, who likes quiet the most, also likes lively?" A certain Serpent Empress expressed his disbelief."People can change." With a smile, she quickly glanced at Yue Yang: "The lonely princess may like to be quiet, but the more lonely Majesty feels that the excitement is not bad. I don't know when it will start, there is something special The guy who is reckless and likes to disturb other people's sleep, tossing endlessly all day long, sometimes makes people laugh, so I think lively is also a not bad choice, how about you?"

     "I'm almost like you." Serpent Empress remembered the scene when he was awakened by a kid who had been dormant for thousands of years, and couldn't help but smile.

     In the entire World of Scale, only the Yue Yang family remained.

     There are no outsiders.

     Student Yue Yang plucked up his courage again and again and finally decided to be ready to risk everything. He opened his mouth and wanted to yell Mother, but unfortunately the voice reached his mouth, but it was as thin as a gnat: "Mother..."

     It was finally called out, Yue Yang's heart fell to the ground, and the onlookers Yi Nan and Bing'er cheered, happier than they had won a big battle. Although the sound of the call was very small, the Fourth Mother was still very satisfied, with a joyful smile on her face. The little Mother who had been smiling and waiting had red eyes and almost did not shed tears. She came up, opened her arms wide, and hugged Yue Yang and Fourth Mother in her arms.Yi Nan, Bing'er, and Bao'er were all touched, and they all flocked to the front, surrounded the three of them and hugged them in the middle.

     Shuang'er squeezed below and hugged Yue Yang's leg with the female Panda Niu Niu.

     Make funny Ghost Faces to each other.

     Although they don't know anything else, they do. As long as you stay by Elder Brother, there will be no worries...

     "Call again." Little Mother asked. Yue Yang has nothing to do with this little Mother who is burying her head in her arms and can play coquettishly. This is Mother, it is Little Sister at all! I won't bark any more, but I didn't refuse the little Mother holding his face and giving him a very affectionate kiss. The little Mother was so happy, she opened her arms and cheered loudly: "Everyone call me Mother, I like to listen!"

     "..." Student Yue Yang almost didn't fall to the ground.

     but. It’s not bad to have Mother.

     Although it is an acting cute Mother.

     Compared to the Fourth Mother, the little Mother is almost like Lolita who hasn't grown up. Yue Yang is a little bit skeptical whether or not something is wrong. The Fourth Mother should be Elder Sister, right? Doubt belongs to doubt, reality belongs to reality. There is no way to say the respect of Fourth Mother to Little Mother. You must know that Yue Yang is called Mother if she is serious."Just now I didn't hear clearly. Scream again!" The little Mother coaxed Yue Yang like a small pot friend, and even took out the Hundred Flowers golden candy in his hand. Yue Yang saw sweating profusely. I am not a person. How about a three-year-old child?

     "Mother!" Bao'er and Shuang'er, these slanderous cats really barked.

     "Good." Little Mother gave them candy one by one, but his eyes looked at Yue Yang.

     "..." Yue Yang hurried to see if there was a gray machine on the horizon. I don't bother to compete with her such a reverse growth and when everyone is a cute mother who is a little child. The Fourth Mother watched and hid her mouth, and Snow Girl did the same. Tigress held back her laugh, touching Luo Hua beauty next to her with her elbow: "Draw this scene and hang it in the corridor we enter and exit every day."

     "I don't dare." Luo Hua beauty also wanted to draw it. But she is afraid of being beaten by Yue Yang buttocks.

     "No coward!" Tigress hate iron for not becoming steel.

     "You are all fooling around, there are guests from far away." Supreme's voice suddenly rang. Everyone was shocked.

     Looking up, he found that there was an Old Daoist Priest in a green robe who did not know when he appeared, and was coming slowly. He looked like an ordinary person, without the slightest breath of Ranker at all, but Fourth Mother, Night Empress, Your Majesty, Supreme, Fei Wen Li, and the little Mother and the others rushed to respectfully salute.

     Yue Yang was stunned.Old Daoist Priest walked over and stretched out his hand: "Return my sword."

     Without waiting for Student Yue Yang to react, his hand softly flashed with a group of colorful lights, which was drawn in the Void (Xu Kong), and a flying sword burst out of the sky, between the fingers of the Old Daoist Priest, Transformed into a sword leaf, and then hung under the hair belt.

     Ah, Sword Spirit Goddess was taken away like this?

     Yue Yang has an urge to commit suicide in her heart. She is no longer alive. Without Sword Spirit Goddess, what can we still live?

     At the moment of a mental breakdown, he found that he was standing next to the Sword Spirit Goddess, who had been seeing Divine Dragon all the time. She led Sword Qi Lolita and the little Phoenix sister to salute Old Daoist Priest respectfully. The attitude is like seeing his father. Yue Yang was dumbfounded again, Sword Spirit Goddess was very dissatisfied with his stupid appearance and gave him an angry look.

     Sword Qi Lolita also secretly glanced over, her small mouth closed and she did not speak, but looking at the shape of her mouth, Yue Yang was sure she was talking about ‘idiot’.

     At this time, Student Yue Yang finally reacted.

     He threw forward.

     He hugged the thigh of Old Daoist Priest and shouted: "Master, you are here, the disciple wants to kill you!"

     This kind of shameless performance, even Tigress and the others can't see it, please, you can eat rice randomly, Master, don't misunderstand it."Who is your Master!" The Old Daoist Priest kicked Yue Yang a big tumble. When he saw this shameless boy, he couldn't help but get angry, and before Student Yue Yang got up, he left with his back angrily.

     A white cloud floats up, stepping into the clouds.

     In a blink of an eye.

     The body of the Old Daoist Priest has risen to Sky Pole, broke open the Void (Xu Kong), and walked away in style.

     Yue Yang saw the Old Daoist Priest flying away, and was greatly disappointed. Then he saw Sword Spirit Goddess and Sword Qi Lolita, they were still there, and had lingering fears patted on the chest. As long as they are still there, the flying sword and everything are gone. Anyway, I can’t use it and I can’t use it. The little days with Onee-san Loli can pass... : "Idiot son, you are so stupid!"

     This knock made Student Yue Yang blessed to the soul.

     He jumped up, raised his arms and shouted: "Master, wait for me!" He turned around and shouted at the girls: "What are you waiting for? Chase with me!"


     End of this testimonial:

     After several years, the summoning is finally over.Xia Fei is very grateful to everyone, especially the book friends who persisted until the end of Inseparable, the name of many people, can not be one by one here, but Eternal in my heart. In the past few years, Xia Fei has been extremely painful, and all the toss in life is almost suffocating. For a time, Xia Fei had the idea of not writing books and code words in the future. But calm down and think about it carefully. Keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks is the most important thing to do in adversity, Ranker is in mind.

     Thanks to those book friends who always give comfort when Xia Fei is in pain, loneliness and confusion.

     For a while, Xia Fei thought that the whole world had abandoned itself.

     I've been confused and struggled.

     When the suffering passed and life returned to peace, Xia Fei felt that the whole world was clear and clear, and once again found the right direction in the lost journey of life, Xia Fei decided to regain her confidence and continue on the road, hoping that in the future, you will be with you all the way.

     The new book "Long Live the Counterattack" will be uploaded on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we will meet again at that time.