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Chapter Directory Chapter 443: Life And Death Contest!
    Chinese Name: 武神  Author: 苍天白鹤(Cāngtiān báihè, White Crane in Sky)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

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     Ye Feng listened to this, still wanting to laugh, the victory in exchange for self-detonation, in the end, it was only both sides suffer, oh no, it was both sides suffer, then, this guy said that he could live to the end, isn't it a joke ?

     "In my opinion, you are deceiving yourself and others. Everyone is dead. Who can live to the end, and who wins is more important?"

     "Haha, hahaha, hahahaha! Feng Ye ah Feng Ye, haven't you seen it until now? Do you really think that I will die with you! Idiot! You are the real idiot!" Luo I couldn't help laughing again, the laughing man baffling!

     But Ye Feng suddenly smelled something strange! He frowned suddenly. Hearing what the other party said, it seemed that he could survive the explosion?

     Do not! This is impossible! No one can live after blew up! Even disability is impossible! The so-called self-destruction is to guide the power of the whole body to explode! The reason why this explosive power is so huge is that it has condensed a martial artist's lifelong strength and super terrible explosive power!

     Therefore, the means of self-detonation, that is, the means of suicide, is taboo by any martial artist. No one will choose to self-detonate until the moment of life or death, because it is equivalent to a means of suicide and is not necessary at all!However, Luo Xin's words at this moment made Ye Feng suspect that after someone in this world could blew himself up, they would protect themselves?

     Perhaps is Seeing Feng Ye’s final doubts, Luo Xin finally did not intend to sell Guanzi anymore, and said with a smile: "I said you were wrong, not that you were wrong at the beginning! But you mistakenly believed that I would use martial artist. The most stupid way to explode against you! It's a pity, if it is necessary, maybe it is really against you, but at this moment, I will not do it, because you are not worth it, but I must explain , Your strength has brought me into the greatest crisis ever! And because of this, you let me choose my most powerful killing move!"

     As soon as he said this, Ye Feng suddenly woke up! Feeling this guy is preparing to release his nirvana! But he couldn't understand it again. He used the Dark Blade to get the opponent through the seventh round of Chaos battle, which was definitely not cleared! So how does Luo Xin gather strength to complete the nirvana?

     Any nirvana is actually the final Battle Skill of the martial artist! And the release of any Battle Skill requires the guidance of the true strength in the body, otherwise, even the god of war, it is impossible to change from nothing! This is the truth and rules of martial artist unchanging since times immemorial!

     But how did Luo Xin break the rules?"Are you curious, I have been sealed by you, how can I release the killing move?" Luo Xin continued, breaking Feng Ye's confusion all at once!

     "I really don't understand, how did you do it..." Ye Feng said with a calm face, inconceivable!

     Looking at the other party's discolored face, Luo Xin seemed to feel extremely proud. He just wanted to see the other party's bewildered appearance, which was tantamount to proclaiming his success and his victory!

     "I said that the difference between martial artists lies in their understanding of the martial artist's path. There are many twists and turns on this path. Instead of one way to the end, there will be many branches. General martial artists follow the compass and go. with the set square, so they can only be mediocre all the way, even if they have cultivated to a certain Realm, they always linger on a hurdle where they cannot become a real strong! But I am different!"

     Luo Xin's body exuded more and more maddening breath, True Qi surging throughout the space, it was even more violent, as if it would explode at any time, but before that, it seemed that there was still some time, Luo Xin said unhurriedly :

     "On this road, I found a different direction. In fact, almost all of the martial artist's powerful secrets come from the Battle Skill, and the learning and use of different Battle Skills are also limited to the Realm and cultivation level of the martial artist. The stronger the martial artist, the more powerful Battle Skill can be released. This is generally the only criterion for martial artists!""Isn't it?" Ye Feng expressed his doubt appropriately. In his opinion, this is indeed correct?

     Luo Xin shook his head contemptuously when he heard the words, and then said: "Generally speaking, it is true, but in my opinion, it is a gravely mistaken!"

     "Why?" Ye Feng frowned puzzledly! He couldn't understand the other party's words more and more!

     Luo Xin then chuckled, "You will ask, it proves that you don't see as far as I am, and your knowledge of martial artist is not as good as mine. Although you are very strong, almost as strong as me, but the path you can take , After all, will not be farther than me!"

     Ye Feng wanted to ridicule the other party a few words. He hasn't seen his true power yet. Why should he say that, if he is not worried about his identity being exposed, if he fights with all his strength from the beginning, with the help of the master, the two gods will be cut and divided Every second, he seems to be able to defeat this guy!

     Of course, thinking of his current position, he still held back. At this time, Luo Xin had already started and continued: "The foundation of a martial artist is to absorb the lingqi of heaven and earth while accumulating True Qi, and squeeze his meridians to complete it. Forging and rebirth time and time again, every time you evolve, you will be stronger. This is the same for everyone!""But on the road of cultivation, almost all martial artists are eager to have some powerful Battle Skill to set off their own strength. Indeed, things like Battle Skill can fundamentally improve the combat effectiveness of a martial artist, but that's just Temporarily! By releasing the true power in the body, to activate a Battle Skill, that is to say, the real strength of this martial artist depends entirely on his Battle Skill! If the Battle Skill is average, his Realm can be high enough to perform The strength that comes out is mediocre!"

     "Yes, so what?"

     "Therefore, martial artists with more advanced cultivation level Realm will seek more powerful Battle Skills. However, they all overlooked one point. The true power of a martial artist does not come from the battle skills learned! Because in the end! Battle Skill is just created by predecessors or stronger guys!"

     "What's wrong with this?" Ye Feng gradually realized that Luo Xin's powerful knowledge of martial artist did stand out from the masses, but he didn't have much time left. He hoped that the other party could hurry up. Finished!Luo Xin seemed to think that the explosion of his own energy accumulation was about to complete, he couldn't help speeding up and said: "There is nothing wrong with Battle Skill! Battle Skill can help the martial artist make the most of his own power, but they all overlook the most important point. , That is, since Battle Skill was created for stronger people and those people thought of it in order to maximize their own strength, then why can't a martial artist think about Battle Skill by himself? In layman's terms, it is self Create Battle Skill!"

     "Create your own battle skill, there is nothing to say about it!" Although Ye Feng has never created a new battle skill, he seems to understand this truth. For example, his Tianhe power is generated by stimulating various forces in the body. Yes, the two gods are in one cut, but they can best use the power of Tianhe!

     And Luo Xin, in this respect, really has the potential to advance!

     His eyes were in a trance, and he exuded an amazing radiance from the depths. He said in unbroken succession: "Then you know, how difficult is the so-called self-created Battle Skill? It is indeed very high and very laborious, which leads to almost all martial Artists are unwilling to develop, think, just think about the dregs left by the predecessors, but I am not, I like to think, to think about the powerful secret of martial artist! In the end, I really found out what is actually called Battle Skill , But they are all derived from the power of martial artist!""This derivation is like you see my fighting method! My bodyguard True Qi, my judgment hammer also includes your magic sword, etc.! This is actually the pure body of Battle Skill! Just for the sake of listening , We gave it a name, it’s like being an unnamed teacher, as if you have a name, you will have more pressure and strength when you say it. In fact, it’s the same!

     Such words make Ye Feng suddenly cheerful and enlightened. Yes, in fact, when you release the Battle Skill, you don’t have to chant the secretly. Except for some real spells, such as summoning spells, that’s a martial artist. The external power needs to be completed with the help of some ancient spells, such as his soul-drawing flag summoning the underworld generals, things like this!

     But more offensive Battle Skills can be completed silently! Thinking of this, he suddenly had an aura, as if he understood how wordless and uncommunicative the ice crack that had hit him hard before was smashed down!

     Luo Xin seemed to have guessed what he was thinking, and couldn't help but smiled: "Yes, the ice crack of the sky is my own creation. I combined my own strength and the gas to guide the heaven dome to complete a surprise attack. Principle Almost, but you still didn't expect a little bit!"

     "what?""That is, the real power of the martial artist comes from the martial artist itself. The so-called Battle Skill is also a kind of derivation! Therefore, if you want to release the real power, you only need to understand the changes in your body and use it cleverly. True power! This is the secret to the power of martial artist!"

     "What do you mean, the martial artist itself is a battle weapon and the most powerful Battle Skill?" Ye Feng seemed to understand what he wanted to express, but he couldn't understand it even more. After all, this means is not to use the truth in the body. force? How did Luo Xin conflict with his seventh round of Chaos?

     "As you said, our martial artists themselves are the most powerful fighting force. We are different from the realm martial artists because they don’t have enough understanding of themselves. The so-called martial artists’ knowledge on the road is actually It is also the cognition of myself, and I, knowing more than you, can arrogantly override the true power disorder that you have caused me, and still burst out even more powerful power!"

     Luo Xin finally talked about the subject, but added another sentence: "However, this does not mean that the influence you have on me will no longer exist. Your gas is still swirling in my body. I want to eliminate it. The resistance is very high. It takes time, but I don’t have such time. Therefore, I intend to use my greatest support, which is also the best understanding of my own path that I have cultivated so far!""What is it?" Ye Feng couldn't help clenching his fists. He could predict that after the other party finished speaking the next sentence, that devastating blow would also come!

     "Hehe, the body of a martial artist is very complicated, different from ordinary people, because to absorb the lingqi of heaven and earth, the function of the body is completely different. The meridians, Dantian, mind, and even some illusory things are all transformed by lingqi, and you The gas can only affect my meridians and Dantian. The meridians and Dantian are the most direct channels for martial artists to exert their strength normally! But don’t forget, no matter it’s the meridians and Dantian, they won’t be where we store our power. They only occupy a small part and are used for the movement of the martial artist during the battle! There is one place that is the root of the martial artist! There is the origin of the martial artist!"