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Chapter Directory Big 0140 Big Ending
    Chinese Name: 刀剑神皇  Author: 乱世狂刀(Luànshì kuáng dāo, Turbulent Sword)
    Original: www.zongheng.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

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     Strands of memory messages suddenly appeared in his mind.

     There seems to be a picture in my mind that keeps appearing and changing.

     And Ding Hao is like a common tourist, watching these images, sometimes marveled, sometimes stunned, sometimes sad, sometimes angry.

     He seemed to have tasted all the states of life.

     It seems to have seen countless years of changes throughout the ages, see through the life and death of all creatures, and see through the mystery of countless universes.

     The chaotic memory thoughts, endless various thoughts, kept showing in his mind.

     Thoughts he had never had before and thoughts he had never had before gave him a unique understanding and insight.

     this moment

     The bottleneck of the Profound Battle Victory Art that had been besetting him was loosened, and it was shattered as Ding Hao realized it.

     He finally realized perfection in the battle, reached the extreme, broke through in one fell swoop, and achieved supreme supreme realm.

     "Is this the power of Boundary of Primogenitor!?" Ding Hao lightly clenched his fist, sensing the changes in his body, feeling the energy that was different from the past, and couldn't help but wonder.

     After feeling for a while, he looked at Ding Tong.There was no fluctuation in his eyes, it seemed that there was no previous enemy, no anger, not even a trace of emotion.

     However, seeing Ding Hao's eyes, Ding Tong's heart tightened.

     In this Plane's ∵⌒, ..peaker, Ding Tong naturally has the eyesight that others do not have.

     He understood that Ding Hao had changed, and it was a change of sky and the earth turning upside down!

     I also understand that facing Ding Hao at this moment, he will not be an opponent.

     "The battle between you and me should be over!" Ding Hao's voice was calm, but Ding Tong's heart shook fiercely.

     At the same time as the voice fell, Ding Hao waved his hand gently, but a force that suppressed any creatures bloomed. That was the power of the Boundary of Primogenitor, and a terrible shock came.

     "How is it possible!" Ding Tong was shocked. He wanted to stimulate the power of [World's Heart], but found desperately that [World's Heart] didn't move, it seemed that something was suppressing common, even his original power , I couldn't move it.

     The next moment, Ding Hao looked at Ding Tong and suddenly stretched out to make a move, palm facing up.

     Clusters of rays of light emerged from Ding Tong's body and gathered in his palm.

     Like a small whirlpool, condensing each other.

     After a while, it condensed into a heart that was beating with only half remaining."No, my [World's Heart], my power!" Ding Tong just roared, the power of Monarch Overlooking The World finally came to him, his body trembled crazily, and his heart was full of horror. But there is no ability to stop it.

     "Ahhhhh..." He roared and screamed, his eyes were full of unwillingness, but his body was gradually melting.

     "I'm not reconciled!" With a roar at the end, Ding Tong's body turned into nothingness and fell completely.

     The confidant troubles are completely removed at this moment, but Ding Hao has no fluctuations in his heart.

     "It's time to solve the continent's problem!" He turned his head to look somewhere, his expression suddenly moved, his body turned into nothingness, and disappeared into the Chaos battlefield.

     The next moment, he descended in [Heaven Road World].

     At the moment continent is still in a big battle, and there is smoke everywhere.

     Looking at the devastated continent, there were cruel fights everywhere, he couldn't help sighing, the power of Primogenitor enveloped the whole continent, with his palm resting, the dark creatures in all parts of the continent were all at the same time, as if they were caught by a palm. With a squeeze, they all flew up, and the body broke free, but still flew towards a certain place.

     "What's going on?!" Martial Artist, who was fighting against the dark forces everywhere, was shocked to see this vision, and didn't know what happened.However, there are still some people who know what's going on, and even look very excited. For example, they have a mutual induction with half of [World's Heart]. They immediately discovered that [World's Heart] changes Lord Mu Tianyang and Xuan Tian Zong, and Ten Palaces Yama King connected with Ding Hao Spiritual Thought

     "Blade and Sword God Sovereign, have you finally succeeded!" Somewhere in the continent, the Xuan Tian Sect, who was still fighting with the enemy army, suddenly raised his head after seeing the dark creatures flying away strangely, showing relief. Smile...

     At the same time, Mu Tianyang also raised his snow-like dashing eyebrows at the same time, showing a rare smile.

     "Tianyang Elder Brother, what's wrong?!" Beside him, Martial God Liu Ling, who was still in a daze, was drunk. Seeing Mu Tianyang like this, she couldn't help but curiously asked: "Tianyang Elder Brother, do you know what happened? "

     Mu Tianyang hugged her and watched Liu Ling's drunk eyes appear gentle and soft, and whispered softly: "My old enemy is back and has become stronger. Maybe I will never be his opponent, but that's fine. Only in this way can I have goals and motivation!"

     Liu Ling heard the meaning of his words and murmured: "Blade and Sword God Sovereign Ding Hao succeeded. No wonder the dark forces will suddenly disappear..." She looked at Mu Tianyang again, and said firmly: "Tianyang Elder Brother, I believe you can beat him!""Master is back, our World can finally return to normal!" Came to [Heaven Road World] to assist "King Qinguang" Jiang, who has been assisting for many years, and the other nine halls of Yama, also descended on this world at Ding Hao, the same When time looks in a certain direction, his eyes are full of worship and excitement.


     "Open!" At this time, Ding Hao, who was somewhere in the continent, had a thought in his heart, and immediately there were huge cracks in the void, such as black holes common, deep and unmeasurable.

     Countless dark creatures shoot from a distance, like one after another flowing shadow, cutting through the sky, but without exception, all of them sink into the cracks and disappear...

     All the dark creatures, including some dark powerhouses with Spirit Wisdom, also entered the black hole. Together, Ding Hao thought of closing the black secretly said, and the void cracks healed again.

     Inside, it was not a place of death, but a dark secretly said by Ding Hao.

     It is not a problem at all that Ding Hao wants to open up a method that is almost god.

     It stands to reason that Ding Hao should kill all these dark creatures, but long ago, he vaguely realized that Dark Force is not an unallowable force, but also a force belonging to this world. Of course, if you want to let these The dark creatures of Spirit Wisdom live here, and there are indeed some drawbacks.Therefore, Ding Hao will develop the black secretly said, drive the Dark Force into the black secretly said, let them emerge and perish on its own inside.

     Also in this brief moment, [Heaven Road World], which has been turbulent for a long time, calmed down at this moment, and all the conquests and battles also subsided.

     Ding Hao Spiritual Thought has emerged again, moving quickly, from the beginning and beginning of the animal road, scanning [Six Roads World] everywhere...

     After a long time, he suddenly sighed: "The extent of the collapse has become more serious!"

     After years of war with the dark forces, the extent of [Six Roads World] collapse has become more serious, and Samsara cannot be formed. If this continues, I believe it will not take long for these six Worlds to completely collapse, which is World Doomsday.

     However, Dark Force has been expelled and [Six Roads World] has temporarily returned to peace. As long as it can accommodate [Six Roads World] and let Samsara fully operate, then the collapse of [Six Roads World] can be prevented.

     Luckily's current Ding Hao not only achieves the true Boundary of Primogenitor, but also has half of the 【World's Heart】. It is not difficult to open up a World that can accommodate 【Six Roads World】.The mind turned, he appeared at the top of the [Heaven Road World], reaching directly above the atmosphere, and then half of the [World's Heart] appeared in his hands, a vitality that was so strong that the peak bloomed, forming a stream of light, divided into pieces Flying out in six directions.

     "Light, now!" Ding Hao said as if made by heaven, as if made by heaven, in the nothingness, thunder and lightning appeared. After a while, a brand-new World appeared out of thin air under his loud shout. .

     "Light, Rong!" spit out another word, the World that just emerged, like a mother hugging her own child, tightly wrapping Six Roads, containing these six roads, and embracing them in the arms of the owner.

     As soon as Light said, [Six Roads World], which was on the verge of collapse, suddenly became like a spring rain on the ground that had dried up for a long time, revived...

     "Samsara!" The voice fell, invisibly, as if a huge chain appeared out of thin air, stringing Six Roads together, clinging to each other, one after the other, closely connected.

     "Running!" Another word was spit out, Power of Samsara covers six Worlds, [Six Roads World] has a connection with each other, if there is a long dusty wheel, it is turned again, a new Samsara , Finally formed.[Hungry Ghost Dao], [Animal Dao], [Hell Dao] Some of the three paths have reached their sentence, but Samsara’s ghosts and other existence cannot be carried out. They all cheered at the same moment, and their expressions were full of excitement. , Some even cried directly and burst into tears.

     At this point, [Six Roads World] re-entered a new Samsara.

     Seeing this change, Ding Hao couldn't help but smiled knowingly, and immediately looked somewhere, his expression a little serious.

     "Samsara is finally finished... By the way, since there is a secretly said, the tael|two races have been restless, wild ambition, just can drive them out there!" Ding Hao murmured, his mouth began to move. Then, it seemed that he was talking to someone in the air, his voice was calm, but full of majesty, irrefutable, and in the end he suddenly stretched out his hand.

     At the same time, in [Heaven Road World], Feather Race’s new Clan Head Nie Qu, with three elders, including a large group of Feather Race people, is now somewhere in the continent, shiver coldly kneeling on the ground with a face full of horror. , Occasionally a voice came to their ears, and they all responded with trembling, not daring to hide anything.

     After the last voice fell, they all, such as the amnesty, repeatedly kowtow to thank you.

     At the same time, a huge crack appeared in front of them.

     It is the entrance to the black secretly said!They didn't dare to hesitate, and with all the people, they fluttered their wings and flew into it.

     At the same time, the Human Race is the same scene.

     At this point, the Feather Race people and the shark Human Race were also expelled into the black secretly said by Ding Hao.

     Their World has finally returned to the peaceful era, this time there is no further trouble!

     Darkness and Light finally merge into this World.

     Feeling relaxed, Ding Hao looked at [Heaven Road World] somewhere, which was the direction of Inquiring Sword Sect's. There are four shadows on the top of the mountain, looking up at the sky, waiting like a husband’s stone. With their husbands.

     Behind them, there are still Ding Tianshuang, Ding Luoxue, Ding Chunqiu, and Ding Lingfeng, following their mother's eyes, looking into the distance.

     Looking at these four sweet wives and four children, his eyes were gentle and soft, and his impatient wanted to hug them, with one's heart set on speeding home.

     "Little Lan, Little Yu, Qianxue, Yiruo, Tianshuang, Chunqiu, Luoxue, Lingfeng, I am back!" With a thought, his figure immediately appeared in front of the Inquiring Sword Sect's mountain and his family, smiling.

     "Brother Hao, father!" The four wives and four children were all in ecstasy. They rushed over and hugged him. The reunion was full of warmth.

     ...After the dark catastrophe, the World returned to peace, many things waiting to be done, and many emerging forces rose rapidly. However, Sword Sect and God's Court are still the most powerful forces in the World. They both protect the continent and maintain it. The peace of continent.

     One day after half a year, I asked Sword Sect, I asked Sword Summit. In the hall, there were many figures who were drinking and chatting and had a great time talking.

     They are all friends and family of Ding Hao, even Mu Tianyang is among them.

     At the wine table, they told each other the stories of the past, the blood, the touching stories, and the embarrassment of the past, and they all laughed heartily.

     "I've let you wait for a long time!" At this time, there was a loud laughter, everyone's attention was concentrated together, and they all looked at the door of the palace. The men in the blue shirts who were slowly approaching all showed joy... …

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