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0 Chapter Directory 1836 100,000 Years Of Closure! (End)
    Author: 逆苍天(Nì cāngtiān, Against the Sky)
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"Nie Tian!"

At this moment, countless eyes gathered on him!

"" "Ah!" ""

Suddenly, the existence of the strongest between heaven and earth screamed.

Nie Tian in front of them, they just stared at it for a little longer, then they felt their eyes hurt and their minds were all chaotic.

It's as if they were going to understand the principles they studied, and they felt obscure and unpredictable.

Looking at Nie Tian, like looking at the avenue, like worshipping the law.

It was a very profound and profound realization.

Zhao Shanling, who is in trouble, has dark eyes, and suddenly sinks like a black hole.

In the pupil of the eye, a very deep and deep black light shimmered, suddenly bright.

Just a moment!

Zhao Shanling made a tremendous tremor, screaming in a slightly embarrassed posture: "The origin! The origin of darkness!"

Reincarnated as a human race, after the awakening of the mark of the soul, he received the dark magic energy into Dantian, and he who concluded the magic Dan, without the dark bloodline, can smell the scent of dark origin.

In Nie Tian's body, or in the soul and blood, there is darkness Origin Aura.

This made him blankly and gave the illusion, "Nie Tian, are you ... with its help, taking the Dark Avenue as the supreme achievement?"

Beside Nie Tian, there are black mysterious turtles, violent giant beasts, and even those five evil spirits are scattered, all have dark smells.

Those, the original blood, correspond to darkness.

Zhao Shanling also mistakenly believed that the darkness in the chaos might have given up Dong Li and turned Nie Tian into another king of darkness.

"Oh, how about you look again?"Nie Tian smiled slightly, and the breath of his body changed instantly.

His body without showing the original body, sometimes dressed in Shining Star, sometimes golden, and sometimes icy, and sometimes flowing with time energy, and sometimes it seems to be in the body, opening up tiny spaces ...

This is a more thorough change than the original Demon King.

All the strong men present at the scene, staring blankly at Nie Tian, were somewhat lost.

Among them, like Yuan Jiuchuan, repairing Thunder Avenue, like You You, repairing flames, Force of Ice, and ancestors like Guangyao, who feel the stars are reasonable.

But almost everyone, all on Nie Tian, sensed the avenue they pursued for life!

It seems that Nie Tian in front of them is their ultimate truth!

"Why is this? Why?"

"Impossible! In a person, it is impossible to concentrate so many attribute breaths, and each one corresponds to the origin, which is the strongest way!"

"I must have made a mistake!"

Those strong domains of the gods and sacred domains of human races were heartbroken and murmured.

"Little Lord!"

Thunder Demon Yuan Jiuchuan, with fierce eyes, shouted: "I can have everything I have today, thanks to the gift of the young master, young master, you don't agree with the chief's proposal, but have other ideas?

As soon as this remark came out, all the people who had talked about it suddenly returned to reality.

They forcibly forced themselves to stop thinking about the feelings they had just produced, and they all seemed to be there for an instant.To stay below the eighth level and to cut off the aliens above, so as to ensure the supremacy of the human race, is the policy of extinguishing Xinghai Qin Yao, and also the strategy they nodded and agreed after weighing them. Does Nie Tian want to overthrow?

"All human races, return to the human world. The human world is the home of the human race. As for the ruling world, the spiritual world, within 100,000 years, the human race must not get involved." Nie Tian said indifferently.




The powerful of the four ancient ancestors suddenly blasted the pot, and Brahma Zee almost jumped away.

However, after they saw Nie Tian, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and Xue Lingzi, as well as violent beasts, black mysterious turtles, and the five evil spirits, they calmed down again.

"Young Master, you?" Yuan Jiuchuan also stayed.

"Nie Tian!" Zhao Shanling couldn't help himself, "Why?"

The demons, white bones and ghost souls of the ruling world are also at a loss.

"This is the new rule, whether you agree or not, it is so." Nie Tian said calmly.

As soon as these words fall, great changes are born!

Those who poured into the ruins of the market, dispersed in the realms of the Demon Race, Wraith Race, and White Bone Race, plundered the spirit materials, and burned the robbed priests of the second-rate sect, suddenly their souls were out of control.

Around those human races, there are cracks in the space, they are like marionettes, their souls are occupied, and they stepped in one by one without knowing it.

No matter what state it is, there is no effort to fight back.

The human world, the phantom sky mountains in the land of the meteor star, was thrown out of the figure in the cracked space gap.

They are all human races.Those people and tribes were still in the ruins of the ruins, the spirit world, the sea of extinction stars and the sea of death stars, but inexplicably, they were instantly thrown here.


Sitting here, the powerful sacred domains of the Shenhuo Sect and the Imperial Beast Sect suddenly discovered the boundary gate leading to the ruins in the island, and silently exploded into a sky of rain.

"Broken door!"

At the same time, between the Dead Star Sea and the Extinct Star Sea, the land where the human race is bordered with the spirit world and the ruling world, suddenly there is the Canguang River, which seems to be formed by the smelting of the sword.

In Hanoi, the power of time and space circulates.

For example, the barrier that separates the two heavens and the earth makes it difficult to pass between the world and the ruling world and the spirit world.

Someone who is a cultivator of heaven sees Daomang drawn from the territory of the Bone Clan of the Ruins, across the boundless void, and appears directly in those two places.

Extinct sea of stars.

Qin Yao and Nie Jin, driving the rainbow boat, will enter the market.

Daomang, carrying the power of time and space, suddenly changed into a splendid river of light, blocking the only way to the ruins from the extinct sea.

"Head leader! This is the power that the young master released before!"

Snow Demon looked at the river of light, felt the power of it, and whispered softly.

"Xiaotian is back!" Nie Jin burst into tears.

In the depths of Qin Yao ’s tiger ’s head, a little bit of astral light, shining brightly, he looked at the light river in front of him that he dare not dare to cross, and secretly used divine power to try with his soul to contact the origin of the stars.

Soon, there was a response ...

Qin Yao was suddenly shocked, and suddenly there was starlight around him, like a river flowing down like sand.He stood quietly for a while, then nodded and said softly, "Everything is up to you."

Then he waved his hand, motioned the rainbow boat to turn around, and then issued the order: "From this moment, within 100,000 years, the ruins and the spirit world are closed. We will no longer be involved in the two realms."

"The leader, why?"

"Even if we don't kill those aliens, we still have to dominate the market and spirit world!"

"Head, what happened?"

The demons outside the Xinghai Sea are shouting, which is obviously difficult to understand.

Qin Yao did not give an explanation.


In the depths of the Dead Star Sea, there are many remaining ancient beasts and Qingtian giant spirits, who are moving the Xinghe ancient ships and avoiding the pursuit of the human race.

Things changed for the stars, and time and space reversed. They suddenly discovered that they had been sent to the place where the spirit world and the dead star sea contacted.

And there is an inexplicable place, there is a gorgeous river of light.

The river of light gathered by the power of time and space isolates all powerful creatures under the supremacy!

On a broken beast bone battleship, the lost blood Phoenix Stella suddenly heard a familiar voice that sounded in her soul.

After listening for a while, she suddenly turned towards the Silent Star Sea and howled with Fengming.

The Silent Star Sea is the land where the spirit world and the ruling world are connected, and it is not sealed off.

In the midst, there is a hand that allows the two worlds to communicate with each other.

"Master Bingfeng, what's wrong?"

"From today henceforth, you don't have to keep hiding, tell all the people, we can go home!"

"Adult, how can we go home?""Human races are no longer able to step in. Those strong human races who entered have been expelled and thrown back into the human realm. Even our spiritual world, the lost World Energy, will slowly gather again."

Ice Phoenix Stella, said so.

There were tears in her silver eyes, and she whispered in her heart: "Thank you, thank you Nie Tian."


Market sector.

Brahma Zee and other strong human races watched Nie Tian take out the handle and cut the blade of space and time with the blood father of the spirit world.

The two knives fall towards the Extinct Star Sea and the Dead Star Sea respectively, and the sword light condenses into a World Barrier, separating the two realms.

Those two swords, showing the magic and horror, showed that Nie Tian bombed the blood father of the spirit world in a dark place.

The blood father of the spirit level of the supreme level, the soul that can be cut is scattered, now a stronger knife, who can block the three realms?

Originally, I wanted an answer. Nie Tian asked one or two, and all said nothing.

"It's irrelevant, let's go."

Nie Tian waved like a fly.

I saw that the holy domain level of the human race does not belong to the four ancient sects, including the four ancient sects, even the humans and the realm, all flew into the cracks of the cracked space.

Those gaps in the space were opened by Zhao Shanling, which was originally a secret place to communicate with the ruins.

But at the moment when those strong men escaped, the gap in space suddenly changed suddenly, causing those visitors of the human race to go directly from the ruin world, without crossing the star sea, and without crossing the seven-star sea, and fall back to the human world.

Three barriers, boundless space, only between Nie Tian's fingers.Zhao Shanling, who mastered the power of the void and created the void, is the most powerful patriarch in the history of the void spirit.

However, Nie Tian came in handy.

With the clan of those human races, one by one was sent away, this piece is left, only those top strong.

Or the four old decision makers, or the generations of You Qi Miao and Thunder Demon, and there are Zhao Shanling, the few surviving lords of the three great families in the ruins.

Everyone muttered.

What Nie Tian has shown is beyond all supreme, than the blood father of the spirit world and the ancient tree of life do not know how much level of horror and mystery, shocked everyone.

Heaven and earth sentient beings, looking at him, naturally want to prostrate here and worship.

Even in the late stage of God Realm, Dazun only used his great perseverance to restrain his inner urge.

How could this be?

Throughout the ages, how can there be such a height?

They urged to ask for an answer, but they were all silent.


Nie Tian stretched out his hand suddenly and drew a third knife. The knife light instantly turned into a most mysterious stream that runs through the future.

The river is flowing, the most mysterious is the power of time.

But inside, there are more mixed with other Origin Aura.

A scene after scene emerged in it.

The picture presented seems to be the future, and it seems to be the deduction of Nie Tian, which is what he perceives and is about to happen.

In the picture, the interracial beings who have lost their blood are gone into slavery due to the disappearance of the strongest, and they can no longer threaten the dominance of the human race.Before waiting for those aliens to find new ways to practice and become stronger, they were wiped out by the clan.

Finally, one day, all the aliens disappeared, and only the unwise beasts could survive.

The human race is rooted in the ruling world and the spiritual world. The terrible reproductive capability of the human race broke out after losing its natural enemies.

In the Three Realms, more and more human races have emerged, and more and more human races have become gas refiners. The vast human races are everywhere.

The tribes of the human race, like locusts, appear densely and densely in any territorial star that is not dead.

They swallowed World Energy and started the Beginning of the Universe. All the celestial treasures bred in the Three Realms were reclaimed and plucked, so that the spiritual veins were cut off, and the territorial stars were dead.

In the eyes of everyone, the human race that has lost its natural enemies, like a virus, spreads in the Three Realms and breeds wildly.

Until the stars in the Ten Thousand Realms of the Three Realms were reduced to death stars.

Within the human race, they are always fighting each other. Those fierce conflicts, fighting, cruel and bloody levels are more exaggerated than this cleaning of aliens.

The human race destroyed itself and destroyed the Three Realms and Ten Thousand Realms.

At the end of the picture, the world is gray and silent.

"do you understand?"

After a long time, when everyone was still silent, Nie Tian spoke again.

Yin Xingtian tightened his shirt tightly and said, "It's cold. The stars are dim, the silence is cold, and there is no life, no vitality in the future, it's really cold."

Mo Heng nodded gently, "I see."

Even Brahma Zee looked gloomy and said, "So, is it the most likely future?""If I didn't intervene, the future I deduced was like that." Nie Tian said seriously, "The human race without natural enemies, the human race that controls the Three Realms, is ten million times more terrible than the foreign races of the ruins. Human race, in External interference will destroy everything when there are no foreign enemies. "

Everyone was silent again.

"Go back." Nie Tian said lightly.

Brahma Zee, You Qimiao and the like, the best of the human race, seem to be bewitched by Nie Tian's words and take the initiative to enter those cracked spaces.

It disappeared.

"Zhao Shanling, whether it is a person or a demon, you choose it yourself, you can't change it." Nie Tiandao.

"I stay in the ruins." Zhao Shanling stated that he knew this decision would not be changed for 100,000 years.

"Okay." Nie Tian nodded.

"What did you do?" Mo Heng said.

Yin Xingtian and Zhao Shanling all stared at him in a daze.

"What is it?" Nie Tian stunned, "I can't tell clearly. It may be the final formulator of World's Natural Law. All the original consciousness collections, I ... are also looking for answers."

"Let's go back individually."

He whispered, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying and the like went to the human world.

The five evil spirits stay in the ruins.

Yan Mo Da Zun, as well as the Fire Dragon Agas, went to the spirit world.

Furious beasts and black mysterious turtles emerged from the most terrifying areas in the Extinct Sea and the Dead Star Sea, respectively.

Nie Tian went to the spirit world.

He appeared in the woodland domain of the spirit world. As soon as he fell, all the withered plants, spirit grass, and trees sprouted magically again.

The domain of the wood tribe, because of his arrival, reappeared vitality.The spirit world, also magically, reverses time and space, from the vast expanse of star sea, once again breeds a variety of chaotic and chaotic energy, and those energies can be incorporated into the stars of the domain.

The return of World Energy has enabled thousands of domain stars to rejuvenate and regenerate their vitality.

"For 100,000 years, I hope you will stand in front of the human race in a new way and be qualified for positive dialogue." Nie Tian murmured softly, "After 100,000 years, the two realms will be unblocked!"

All former aliens are strong, human race god domain, no matter where, the soul has heard this voice.

(End of the book)


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