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Directory 'The Most Beautiful Wife In The Sky', The New Book Sets Sail!
    Author: 千翠百恋(Qiān cuì bǎi liàn, Lovely Green)
    Original: | Translator:

Like the title, the new book has been opened, the starting point and QQ are updated synchronously, everyone rush to collect a wave, remember to follow up in real time,

Because QQ has the operation of inverting V, for example, about 100 chapters are on the shelf. If it is on the shelf, some public chapters of the previous 100 chapters will also become part of the VIP. Therefore, if you want to fuck me, you will follow up in real time. Hehehe ...

New book introduction:

When Jiangliu found that he could traverse the world of major movies and TV dramas, anime, and the world; he can also fight monsters to upgrade equipment ...

What? Whoever gets this treasure will cause big trouble? Give me quickly! This is a strange mascot!

What? This guy's identity is not simple, want to destroy the dead? Don't do it! Remember to leave a clue, don't let the revenge people can not find me!

After I die, remember to scatter my ashes into the sea, because I will wave even if I die!

I swear to be the most beautiful (ng) boy in those days!

It is still infinite flow, but the character of the protagonist is more sloppy, which is a bit different from the previous two protagonists.

Then quietly tell everyone that the original new title was intended to be named "The Most Waves of the Heavens", but the audit department changed it to "The Most Beautiful Wife of the Heavens" myself, crying, whining ...