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    Chinese Name: 宠魅  Author: 鱼的天空(Yú de tiānkōng, Fish Sky)
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The tall blue reed swayed gently in the wind, one after another ripples quietly wandering away. .

     Among the reeds, a hat woven with petals, long purple hair under the hat, and a tender and lovely smiling face.

     This smiling face is very delicate and charming, and its flashing eyes are as smart and beautiful as the purest spring water.

     The little girl held the blue reed fluff in both hands, her pinky mouth leaned over, and with a light blow, suddenly all the fluffy fluff of reed flew up, like patches of blue fluffy feathers, very beautiful.

     The little girl immediately let out a natural laugh.

     "Mom, mom, look quickly..." The little girl ran out of the reeds and shouted excitedly at a woman sitting on the grass.

     The trotting girl is surrounded by the fluttering of the reeds. I don't know why. They follow her, surround her, and surround her, like the Little Princess who protects and supports them.

     The woman on the grass sits quietly. She has long purple hair that is as beautiful as a waterfall like a girl. The long hair is scattered on the grass with her sitting posture.

     She didn't care about the little girl's play, but slightly raised her head, looking up at the sunset that was gradually sinking in the sky.The little girl was very obedient and didn't bother her. After a while, she seemed to be a little tired from playing. She lay down on her mother's lap cutely and well, curled up into a kitten.

     The setting sun fell, and the last ray of light disappeared from the ground. The beautiful mother thoughtfully placed her hand on the little girl’s head and gently stroked her.

     "Thinking of concubine, we are going back."

     "Go back? Will you be able to see Dad after you go back?" The little girl smiled immediately.

     "You have no father."

     "Mom is a lie, I'm not a little girl who knows nothing."

     "he died."

     "Liar. Lie, lie!"

     "I will take you to see him."

     "Really??" The girl's eyes twinkling immediately.




     In the dark night, a black demon fox covered in black ran extremely fast among the mountains of the earth.

     On the back of this Junyi evil charm is a pair of mother and daughter with purple hair. The mother is so beautiful. Like a fairy who fell into the mortal world from the moon palace, her daughter is exquisite and lovely.

     "Where are we going, mother?" the little girl asked, tilting her head.

     "Ten Thousand Vaulted Dragon Abyss."The Dark Mourning King runs very fast in the dark. The mountains disappeared behind in a blink of an eye.

     The towering mountains of the Dragon Abyss of Ten Thousand Vaults are right in front of you, and the peaks of tall and erect, reaching through the clouds are daunting. Yuan ran to the top.

     The mountain top was right in front of him, and the Dark Mourning King stepped heavily on the mountain top, and the surrounding sand and rocks suddenly dispersed.

     There are time stones everywhere on the mountain. It is said that the time stones are the remains of certain creatures. Their souls travel through time and space, leaving their bodies here.

     "Where is Dad?" Xiaosi concubine asked softly. As if afraid of disturbing something.

     Mother took the hand of the little concubine. Slowly walked towards the edge of the mountain. The Dark Mourning King followed by their loyal ministers.

     The eyes of the little concubine were always searching, she was a little expectant and more nervous.

     She has been with her mother all these years. She knew she had a relative who was as close as her mother, but she had never seen it.

     Walked to the edge of the mountain. Some messy stones and raised gravel made a slight noise.

     On the edge of the mighty cliff, alone shadow sits there!

     The little concubine was stunned, looking at the person's back with some surprise.

     He sat there, like a stone sculpture, without any breath of life.He sat there, as if he had been alone for countless years, suffering from the sun, the wind and the rain.

     Moonlight prolonged his figure, and an inexplicable sadness poured into Xiao Si concub's heart, making her have an urge to cry.

     Is this man his father?

     But why did he sit there motionless, as if he had lost his soul.

     "He... is he father?" Little Siqi asked timidly.

     Before seeing her, she was always looking forward and excited, but when she did see it, she started to be scared again.

     "Yeah." She nodded blankly.

     "Why is he sitting there alone..." the little concubine whispered.

     The little girl's voice seemed to disturb the lonely figure, and finally he moved.

     He slowly turned around, watching the mother and daughter with a pair of dark eyes.

     The little concubine hurriedly grabbed her mother's hand and hid behind her.

     After a while, she poked her head out to look at the moving stone sculpture.

     Suddenly, she discovered that there were two lines of tear marks on the cheek of the statue, which were very obvious.

     The little concubine didn't understand why he was sad and why he shed tears. They didn't mean that big men couldn't shed tears."Why... why are you?" The man stood up, barely showing a bit of bitterness on his ashen face, and he was embarrassed with a smile, as if he was about to wash away his fragile appearance of tears streaming down the river. .

     Never, never been so lonely like crying, and never cheeks streaming with tears like a child who lost his sense of security. He never expected that he would become so vulnerable after losing the weight on his shoulders. , Even if he controls the power to destroy the world and possesses an immortal body, that heart is too fragile to withstand a little memory.

     "Cry if you want, I didn't see it." Yu Suo said calmly.

     There were people, Chu Mu wouldn't cry, especially in front of this woman.

     He stared at Yu Suo, and Yu Suo was also looking at him, looking at each other for a long time and couldn't find a little topic to break the silence.

     Finally, Chu Mu found the timid little girl behind Yu Suo.

     She is so cute that people can't help but want to hug her, and she is exquisite and sighs how there is such a beautiful little girl in the world.

     "She is..." Chu Mu reluctantly found a topic and asked.

     "The little girl I picked up." Yu Suo replied faintly.

     "I...I didn't pick it up! I am mother's daughter, who came out of her mother's belly!!" Xiaosi concubine said angrily.However, it seems to notice that someone else is there. The little girl felt it was rude to shout so loudly, and hid behind Yu Suo.

     Chu Mu was stunned, suddenly realizing something, looking at Yu Suo in disbelief.

     But after thinking about it, I feel wrong. In the past year or so after Tiangong's reconciliation with Yu Suo, there was no sign of Yu Suo's pregnancy. Chu Mu felt that she should have done something afterwards. After all, Chu Mu knew about this woman. It is impossible for her to be a mother.

     Just when Chu Mu thought it was impossible, he suddenly thought of something.

     At the beginning, why did she give all the energy of Chi Huo Yao said to herself, she obviously can absorb it to become an Unending Rank, Is it possible because she was pregnant at that time? ?

     Good and Evil Queen is the Abnormal Human System. If the time of conception differs from human beings to some extent, isn't the little girl in front of her just her own daughter?

     Chu Mu was stunned. This sudden fatherhood made him not expected at the outset, most importantly. I turned out to have a child with the most disgusting and disgusting woman...

     difficult to accept. Chu Mu was really difficult to accept at this moment.

     His ideal is to have children with Ye Qingzi. Then you can spend the rest of life in Crescent Moon Land safely and watch your children grow up.But... But why is Yu Suo...

     Why is she!

     Chu Mu still couldn't tell what the relationship was with Yu Suo, and it was so complicated that it made him feel a headache. Even apart from that inexplicable combination in Tiangong, they didn't even have any emotional foundation at all. In this way, Baffling has a child, she is a mother, she is a father...

     It's ridiculous, really ridiculous.

     To know the past, their previous hatred has reached the point where either you die or I die.


     Chu Mu's thoughts were struggling violently, indeed, he was somewhat unacceptable.

     Yu Suo is still expressionless, in fact she has experienced a very long and difficult acceptance.

     However, with the birth of the little concubine and the continuation of life, this little girl slowly became Yu Suo's most important person, and could not tolerate her being hurt a little bit.

     Whether it can be accepted or not is Chu Mu's business, and Yu Suo doesn't need Chu Mu to take this responsibility at all. She just agreed to Xiao Si concubine to come and see him.

     "Mom, he... he doesn't seem to like me." The little concubine said quietly.

     She hid behind Yu Suo, never daring to come out.The man in front of him is his father, but this father has a pair of lonely eyes and a serious face, which makes people difficult to approach.

     She was a little scared... This father was not as charitable as she thought.


     Chu Mu glanced at this little girl who looked like a five or six-year-old girl, and looked at her timid and unfamiliar eyes.

     He wants to turn around and leave, he needs a period of time to slowly accept this fact.

     But suddenly, for a moment, his heart touched.

     The little girl’s eyes look a lot like Alone, this person is just her childhood...

     Chu Mu clearly remembered that when his mother Liu Binglan appeared, he was also hiding behind Chu Tianmang, because this woman made Chu Mu feel strange and felt that she refused to be approached.

     At this time, the little girl's eyes looked very much like herself.

     She was actually looking forward to seeing her father, because Chu Mu remembered that she actually wanted to see her mother...

     It was like a reincarnation. Suddenly, Chu Mu discovered that he had replayed the story of his father and mother, inexplicably combined with a different surname who was difficult to accept and had no emotional foundation...At the beginning, Liu Binglan's indifference and not say a word's turning around caused Chu Mu's heart to be seriously injured, so that Liu Binglan needed to pay more and more efforts to repair.

     If Liu Binglan had not been silent at that time, but had a smile, then Chu Mu would definitely think that it was the most beautiful smile in the world, and it was deeply rooted.

     What about now?


     After a long time, Chu Mu's tear-stained face slowly and slightly stiffened with a smile.

     This smile is the ugliest smile Yu Suo has ever seen, but it's also a smile...

     Yu Suo not say a word, just watching Chu Mu quietly.

     "Let her come over. I'll talk to her." Chu Mu said.

     "You guys talk." Yu Suo didn't say much, turned around and left.

     The little concubine stood there and twisted for a long time, but still didn't dare to go forward.

     Chu Mu didn't say too much, just sat on the edge of the cliff again.

     For a while. The little concubine finally took a small step and walked quietly on tiptoe to Chu Mu's side.

     She was sitting on the edge of the cliff as Chu Mu's, her white migratory legs swayed gently on the high cliff.

     "Why are you crying?" asked the little concubine cautious and solemn.

     "The very important things are lost," Chu Mu said."Will you cry if you lose it?" Xiaosi concubine asked, tilting his head.

     "En. Anyone knows." Chu Mu said.

     "Oh." The little concubine nodded, seemingly understanding. Said: "My mother is gone, I will cry too."

     "Did she not abuse you?" Chu Mu asked.

     "Mom is the best mother, and never bullies me." The little concubine said seriously.

     "Oh, I don't really see it." Chu Mu muttered.

     "She said that Dad was a big badass... She always lied to me that I don't have a father, and then she said that Dad is dead, and my mother is really still the same. She is such a big person, she can't tell lies."

     "..." Chu Mu was speechless.

     "Thinking concubine!" Yu Suo's extremely dissatisfied voice came not far away. The voice was still somewhat cold.

     The little concubine hurriedly covered her mouth. Don't dare to speak anymore. Those eyes twinkling looked at Chu Mu cunningly, as if the unspeakable joy after sharing some secret with Chu Mu.

     "Where have you been these years? Why not be with your mother." The little concubine continued to ask Chu Mu.

     "I am trapped in a prison," Chu Mu said.

     Chi Huo Yao said lonely. Chu Mu was completely mad.

     "Then how did it come out?" The little concubine had a lot of questions."There is a person who has been imprisoned for a longer time. He asked me to swallow his soul. After I swallowed his soul, my strength became stronger and broke the restraint of the imprisonment." Chu Mu slowed down. Said.

     "Ah? Then...who is that person?" asked the little concubine.

     "A person who has lost something important. He also swallowed the soul of a person who had been imprisoned for a longer time. It was a pity that the power was not enough to break the restriction at that time." Chu Mu said.

     "If there is no one who has been imprisoned longer, wouldn't Dad be able to escape?"

     "En." Chu Mu nodded.

     "Then I would also like to thank the person who has been imprisoned for a longer time. It was she who allowed me to see my dad." The little concubine closed her eyes and began to thank her like a wish.

     Seeing the seriousness of the cute smile of Xiao Si concubine, Chu Mu was filled with sorrow...

     They are really worthy of Chu Mu's thanks.

     One reincarnation, one self.

     With each new cycle, one disappears by itself.

     I don’t know how many times, this reincarnation swallowed that reincarnation, and he carried his last wish, just for a certain reincarnation to escape...If after swallowing the soul of that voice on the Red Fire Yao said, Chu Mu's power still cannot break the restriction on the Red Fire Yao said, then one day, Chu Mu will not hesitate to give his soul to the next one. He came to complete himself and countless his obsessions.

     No one knew that such a tragedy had been staged on Chi Huo Yao...

     However, when the tragedy ended, it was still too late.

     When Chu Mu broke free from the red fire Yao said, Mo Xie had already entered the cycle of reincarnation. They no longer belong to a time and space.

     All he can do is sit on the edge of the cliff and cry...


     "Can I find what I lost?" Xiaosi concubine asked.

     "I can't." Chu Mu returned to his senses and said bitterly.

     The little concubine thought for a while, and suddenly she stretched out a little hand, took off the purple pendant hanging from her neck, and then handed the little pendant to Chu Mu's hand.

     Chu Mu looked at the purple pendant with a familiar feeling.

     This seems to be Yu Qie’s purple pendant. He collected the fragments and returned it to Yu Suo."My mother told me a story. She said that there is alone in this world. She is the only totem goddess who has mastered the power of time. This necklace belongs to her, and my mother said that this necklace has the ability to open time and space... …" The little concubine said very seriously.

     Chu Mu looked at the little concubine in a daze.

     It seems that Yu Suo once said that Totem Goddess can control time!

     "Don't be sad, go get it back. It must be waiting for you in some time and space," said the little concubine.

     It is waiting for itself in some time and space! !

     The words of the little concubine caused Chu Mu to suffer Thunderbolt.


     Holding this necklace, Chu Mu held Xiaosi concubine tightly in his arms...


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