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Directory 1625 Celestial Gu
    Chinese Name: 神控天下  Author: 我本纯洁(Wǒ běn chúnjié, I Was Pure)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

readx(); A storm-like the pleasure of close intimacy in a couple, so that a man and a woman are all satisfied and embraced.

     Yao Qingmin's naked body, like a crystal, lays on Ling Xiao like an octopus. The Rossy color on his face has not faded for a long time.

     After many years of hard work, every time she has sex, she will inevitably ask for it until she feels body weary and strength exhausted.

     Ling Xiao couldn't help but caress Yao Qingmin's clear as ice and clean as jade shoulders softly and said, "Did you suffer you all these years?".

     Now, he has more or less the idea of wanting to live a quiet life for a period of time, not to run around, not to find the heaven and earth, not to seek the most powerful peak, but to cherish what he has now and take good care of it. They do it.

     "How come, we sisters all know that you have many things to do and don’t want to hold you back, but sometimes I can’t help thinking about you, wanting you to sleep with me, going crazy together, without you. It's too tasteless!" Yao Qingmin said emotionally.

     "Well, I'm sorry for you, but... all this will pass soon, as long as you find the other three Origin Stones and rescue the Old Ancestor, I will accompany you all over the heavens, even if you are going outside If you go, you will be fulfilled!" Ling Xiao said seriously.He said that it was fast, but how could the other three Origin Stones be easy to find?

     Yao Qingmin no longer entangled with this topic, and slid down towards Ling Xiao's side, the full chest still squeezed on Ling Xiao, and the two strong blushes seemed to tease Ling Xiao's chest playfully.

     "Husband, did you have anything to do with the Nujia before? I don't believe you come back here. The first thing you will think of is me!" Yao Qingmin asked with blinking beautiful eyes.

     Ling Xiao smiled and stretched out his hands to hold the full chest, playing with the two blushing points from time to time and said, "Why can't I think of you first? The husband is the characteristic to compensate you."

     Yao Qingmin was soothed by the caress, there was a faint sign of emotion again, she stopped Ling Xiao's hand saying, "Think about it, every time you come back, either you will find Elder Sister Yun first, or your Xin Er or Those two fairies, which time is the first one to find me, people don't believe it."

     Ling Xiao gave a wry smile, but he has not paid much attention to this.

     Every time he returned to the peak, he would try his best to take care of every woman's mind, and would not neglect any of them. He didn't want the woman in front of him to have this kind of comparison.

     "Okay, I will find you more for your husband in the future, but if you can serve with other sisters for your husband and wait for bedtime!" Ling Xiao said jokingly."Husband, you are still as bad, but I like it!" Yao Qingmin patted Ling with a smile.

     "Okay, now I have something for my husband, you can enjoy it with your master!" Ling said with a smile, and handed a Spatial Ring to her.

     Yao Qingmin was not polite with Ling Xiao either, and took Spatial Ring over, and then the impatient looked inside.

     Her expression condensed for an instant, and then whispered, "This... a lot of ice genus put Divine Object, and that cold stone, how do I feel that there is a very powerful ice cold power?".

     "That is the Mingxue Ice Stone. I believe it will allow you and your master to condense the Mingxuehan energy, but you must not overstep it when refining. You must refining a little bit, or it will be troublesome by freezing. "It's not small" Ling Xiao reminded, and then he said, "There are some Ice Attribute Divine Objects, which are enough to give you further strength, but you can't be lazy anymore. Now the weakest strength is you!".

     Yao Qingmin happily gave a long kiss on Ling Xiao’s cheek and said, “If you still have a little conscience, remember to think about me and the master, if the sister is here, she can also refine these Divine Objects with us to become stronger, I don’t know. How is she now!".

     "She should be okay!" Ling Xiao responded.He also wanted to know the traces of Bing Ruoshui. She was with Yun Mengqi and the two beauties were traveling. He had to worry a little bit in his heart. He just hoped that they would have a chance!

     After Yao Qingmin obtained these Divine Objects, he once again took the initiative to ride Ling Xiao on one's heart's content and went crazy again before taking the Spatial Ring and looking for her master with great joy.

     After Ling Xiao sorted it out, he went to meet with her daughters one after another.

     Their cultivation bases have improved a lot, and a few of them are still in retreat or going out for training.

     Ling Xiao just tried to accelerate their cultivation level as much as possible, but they must have experienced a little, and it is impossible to reach the Sovereign level like him.

     That requires a lot of understanding and accumulation.

     Even if Feng Xianyun has an extraordinary physique, her current cultivation level has also slowed down a lot, staying in the High Rank God King realm.

     Unless she goes out to practice for a while, enhance her perception, and make the foundation of divine power more solidified, perhaps she can accelerate further.

     Among many women, Yu Roufei and Dongfang Jing are the hardest to cultivate. The former is the oldest among all Lingxiao women, but the strength was once the strongest, and now it has maintained the strongest momentum and reached the peak of God King. .

     It's a pity that the Divine Object of Light Attribute is missing, otherwise she can definitely try to hit the Half Incipient God realm.After all, she often went out to practice with the monk over the years, and she was definitely the strongest among the women above her combat power.

     As for Dongfang Jing, it is late-comer lives above. She almost forced herself to practice. Since she came to Tianyu, she seldom stayed with other people. She often went out to practice, and returned to a state of retreat, which is called practice. mad Men!

     Every time I know that Ling Xiao is back, he will take the initiative to accompany Ling Xiao for a few days, and let Ling Xiao remind her of her practice from time to time, even Ling Xiao has to secretly sigh Dongfang Jing's efforts.

     And the Divine Material he gave her to practice is more than that of other women, which can be regarded as some comfort to her!

     After Ling Xiao stayed in Heavenly Dragon Sect for a month, he chose to travel far.

     This time, he did not bring Dragon Woman. It has been requisitioned by the Ice Dragon King. It must also bring the Ice Dragon King to Profound Spirit Continent to meet the Old Dragon King of the Water Dragon clan.

     Ling Xiao first rushed to the Sky Sparrow Region, allowing Prodigal Zi to go to Nirvana Space to practice with God Beast of Vermilion Bird.

     The Nirvana space is full of Fire Attributes, which can help Prodigal Zi to speed up.

     Now Ling Xiao can't think of him alone, he must make the God Beast and the holy beasts who follow him become stronger and can't bury them.

     As for the ghost, he couldn't break through for a long time, and he was put back into the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain Range.In the Ten Thousand Demons Mountain Range, there is a Divine Object that can promote supernatural power, allowing it to make the last breakthrough and reach the realm of 11th Rank High Rank.

     The three holy beasts, Xiaojin, Meng Nan and Dragon Horse, are now following Ling Xiao.

     Ling Xiao had to mention them all to the 11th Rank Intermediate.

     In the Sky Sparrow Region, Ling Xiao not only met Xianyu Ye, Xianyu Xiangmo and Xia Xuanxuan, but also went to Yanzu and Gu Race.

     I can only say that I went to the Yan clan to make a good relationship with them, and by the way, exchange some alchemy techniques with the Yan clan Medicine God.

     As for going to Gu Race, it was for his son Feng Lingtian.

     Feng Lingtian was recognized as the young patriarch by Gu Race and let him stay in Gu Race to lead them to grow stronger together.

     This is actually a good thing, but Feng Lingtian's temperament has always been unstable, and he doesn't want to be the young patriarch in his mind.

     Gu Race is a relatively hidden place in the Sky Sparrow Region. They are rarely born. They are self-sufficient, recuperate and support Gu seeds.

     Ling Xiao also got Dugujin's guidance before knowing that they were living in this mountain range called Thousand Poison Forest.

     There are many poisons and sources, and many poison masters are from Gu Race.This is a mysterious race, a race that makes people jealous. No one wants to provoke them easily.

     Now Feng Xianyun's grandfather High Priest has already taken root here.

     Compared to Heavenly Dragon Region, High Priest prefers to return to the lifestyle of their tribe.

     After Ling Xiao descended on this world, he immediately felt a cloud of mist filling.

     A trace of corrosive poison began to invade his body.

     Although these poison sources are very weak, they can reduce the lifespan of ordinary warriors.

     "No wonder that kid is so popular here. He likes poison the most. The source of the poison here is right for him!" Ling Xiao smiled slightly.

     He calmly walked towards the Gu Race clan, many sources of poison spread to the left and right, completely unable to get close to a hundred meters in front of him.

     When he came to this Thousand Poison Forest, he could occasionally see some Gu Race people roaming here.

     Ling Xiao's Spiritual Mind swept across here, and almost tens of thousands of miles in a radius were within his envelope.

     It was just that when his spiritual thought swept across the Gu Race clan and left, it was blocked by a corrosive force.

     "Who would dare to spy on my Gu Race?" An old voice faintly rang.Immediately afterwards, a figure was like a cloud of green ink before Ling Xiao.

     "High Rank Sovereign!" These four words immediately appeared in Ling Xiao's mind.

     Only with this level of existence can he perceive his divine will and possess this level of speed.

     "Xiaotian? Hey, you are not Xiaotian. You actually look three-pointers similar to him. Could it be that you are Xiaotian's father Ling Xiao Medicine God?" The man let out a soft cry.

     The visitor was skinny and looked extremely old. He was dressed in a black robe, his face was wrinkled in piles, and there were not even a few white hair on his head, but the smell of the whole body was so Ordinary people will be poisoned to death if they absorb some!

     Ling Xiao said in his heart, "It's that kid who looks three points similar to me, this Old Fart really can't speak."

     "Yes, it's Ling Xiao who has seen seniors next!" Ling Xiao said with a slight bow.

     "Haha, good, you are good, Xiaotian said all day that I am not as strong as you, let me defeat you before I am willing to stay in the clan to practice, today I will defeat you, let that The kid was delighted to (do sth, idiom) as the young patriarch!" The Old Fart exclaimed with a hearty laugh.

     Immediately afterwards, he locked Ling Xiao's breath and shouted, "You and me fight outside the territory!".