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Directory 1625 Celestial Gu
    Author: 我本纯洁(Wǒ běn chúnjié, I Was Pure)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

readx (); A storm of fish and water that makes a man and a woman embrace each other.

Yao Qingmin was naked with a crystal-like body, lingering on Ling Xiao like an octopus, and the ruddy color on his face had not faded for a long time.

Years of hard work, and every time she has sex, she will surely ask for it until she feels exhausted.

Ling Xiao couldn't help but caress Yao Qingmin's pure as jade and clean as ice shoulder softly, "Did you suffer all these years?"

Now, he has given birth to an idea of wanting to live a quiet life for a period of time, not going to run around, not looking for Heaven-Earth Spiritual Object, not to seek the most powerful peak, but to cherish all today Take good care of them.

"How come, our sisters know that you have a lot of things to do, don't want to drag your hind legs, but sometimes you can't help but miss you, miss you sleeping with me, go crazy together, without your days Too tasteless! "Yao Qingmin said emotionally.

"Well, I'm sorry for you, however ... All this can pass quickly, as long as you find three other source stones, and after rescuing the ancestors, I will accompany you through the heavens, even if you want to If you go outside the territory, you will all succeed! "Ling Xiao said seriously.

He said quickly, but how could he find the other three Shiyuan stones?

Yao Qingmin didn't bother about this topic anymore. His body slid down to Ling Xiao's side. The plump chest was still squeezed on Ling Xiao's body, and the two strong reds seemed to playfully tease Ling Xiao's chest."Husband, did you call the slave family before? I don't believe you came back here. The first thing you will think of is me!" Yao Qingmin asked with a wink.

Ling Xiao lightly smiled and stretched out his hand to hold the plump chest. From time to time he lightly played with the two points of Yan Hong Road, "Why can't you think of you first? Fu Jun is the characteristic to compensate you."

Yao Qingmin was whispered softly, and there were faint signs of emotion again. She stopped Ling Xiao ’s hand. “You think about it, every time you come back, you ’ll find either Sister Yun or Xiner. Or the two fairies, which one was the first to find me, they did n’t believe it. "

Ling Xiao smiled bitterly, but he hasn't paid much attention to it.

Every time he returns to the peak, he will try to take care of every woman's mind, will not neglect any of them, do not want the woman in front of him but actually have this kind of comparison psychology.

"" "All right will find you for Huduo in the future, but if you can serve the Husband together with other sisters!" Ling Xiao quipped.

"Fujun, you're still the same, but I like it!" Yao Qingmin patted Ling with a smile.

"" "All right Weifu now has something for you, you can enjoy it with your master!" Ling Xiao said with a cry, and then gave her a space ring in her hands.

Yao Qingmin did not politely with Ling Xiao, took the space ring, and then impatiently looked inside.

She instantly froze, and then whispered, "This ... a lot of ice belongs to the gods, and there is that cold stone. How do I feel a very powerful force of ice and cold?"."That's the Mingxue icestone, I believe you and your master can condense Mingxue's cold energy, but you shouldn't overdo it when refining, you must refine it a little bit, otherwise you will be frozen and trouble It ’s not small, Ling Xiao reminded, and then he said, “There are some ice-type artifacts, enough to make your strength go further, but you ca n’t be lazy anymore, and now you are the weakest!”

Yao Qingmin happily kissed Ling Xiao ’s face and said, “Fortunately, you still have a little conscience, remember to think about it for me and the master. If the sister is there, she can also refine these gods with us to become stronger, no Know how she is now! ".

"She should be okay!" Ling Xiaoying said.

He also wanted to know the traces of Bing Ruoshui. She was with Yun Mengqi and the two beautiful women were traveling. He had to worry a little in his heart. He only hoped that they would have a chance!

After Yao Qingmin obtained these artifacts, he took the initiative to ride on Ling Xiao again. Merry and lively went crazy again, and then took the space ring and went to her master with great joy.

After Ling Xiao sorted it out, she went to meet her daughters one after another.

Their cultivation practices have been greatly improved, and several of them are still in retreat or going out for training.

Ling Xiao just promoted them as quickly as possible, but they must have experienced a little less, and it is impossible to reach the supreme level like him.

That requires a lot of comprehension and accumulation.

Even with Feng Xianyun's extraordinary physique, her current cultivation practice has slowed down a lot, staying in the realm of high-level god king.

Unless she goes out to hone up and enhance her perception, so that the foundation of the divine power becomes more solidified, it may allow her to accelerate further.Among many women, Yu Roufei and Dongfang Jing are the hardest to practice. The former is the oldest among all the women in Ling Xiao, but the strength was once the strongest. Too.

It's a pity that the light attribute is missing, otherwise she can certainly try to impact the semi-originated realm.

After all, she often went out to practice with the mad monk all these years, and the combat power is definitely the strongest among the women.

As for Dongfangjing, she came to the top. She almost forced herself to practice. Since she came to Tianyu, she rarely stayed with others, often went out to practice, and returned to retreat, which is called a cultivation maniac!

Every time I knew that Ling Xiao came back, I would take the initiative to accompany Ling Xiao for a few days, and let Ling Xiao mention her practice from time to time. Even Ling Xiao had to secretly lament Dong Jingjing's efforts.

And he also gave her more cultivating talent than her other daughters. This is some comfort for her!

After Ling Mo spent a month in Tianlongmen, he chose to travel again.

This time, he did not bring the dragon girl, it has been requisitioned by the ice dragon king, it must also bring the ice dragon king to the Xuan Ling mainland to meet the old dragon king of Water Dragon Clan.

Ling Xiao first rushed to the Sky Sparrow Region, so that the prodigal family went to Nirvana to practice with the Suzaku beast.

Nirvana space is of a full-fire nature, which can help the defeated family to speed up.

Now Ling Xiao can't think of him alone, he must make the gods and holy beasts that follow him become stronger, and they cannot be buried.

As for the ghost, he could not break through for a long time, and he was put back into the Wanxian Mountain by him.Within the Ten Thousand Demon Mountains, there are gods that can boost the divine power, allowing it to make the last breakthrough to reach the eleventh-order high-level realm.

Now the three great beasts of Xiaojin, Macho and Longma are following Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao had to mention all of them in the eleventh order and intermediate order.

Came to the Sky Sparrow Region, in addition to meeting Xian Yuye, Xian Yuxiang Mo and Xia Xuan Xuan, Ling Xiao also went to the Yan and Gu tribes.

The only way to go to the Yan Clan is to make a good relationship with them, and to exchange some Pill Concocting Technique with the Yan Clan Medicine God.

As for going to the Gu people, it was for his son Feng Lingtian.

Feng Lingtian was recognized by the Gu people as the chief of the young people, so he stayed with the Gu people and led them to grow stronger together.

This is actually a good thing, but Feng Ling's temperament has always been uneasy, and he does not want to be the young patriarch in his mind.

The Gu people are in a relatively hidden place in the Sky Sparrow Region. They have rarely been born.

Ling Xiao also got the guidance of Du Gu Jin, only to know that they survived within the boundary of the mountain range called Qiandu Lin.

There are many poisons, there are many sources of poison, and many poison masters are from Gu people.

This is a mysterious race, a jealous race, and no one wants to easily provoke them.

Now Feng Xianyun's grandfather's high priest has already taken root here.

Compared with in Heavenly Dragon Region, the high priest prefers to return to the lifestyle of their people.

When Ling Xiao came to this heaven and earth, he immediately felt a mist like a cloud.A trace of corrosive poison began to invade his body.

Although these poison sources are very weak, they can reduce the life of ordinary warriors.

"No wonder the kid is so popular here. He likes poisons the most. The source of poisons here is just right for him!" Ling Xiao said with a slight smile.

He walked lightly towards the Gu family, and many sources of poison spread out to the left and right, completely unable to reach the land in front of him a hundred meters.

When he came to the Qiandu Forest, he could occasionally see some Gu people swimming here.

Ling Xiaoshennian swept here, and almost a hundred thousand miles of land was within his envelope.

It was only when his divine thought swept across the Gu family land, but it was blocked by a corrosive force full of corrosion.

"Who dares to spy on my Gu family?" An old voice murmured.

Immediately afterwards, a cloud like a green ink came to Ling Xiao in an instant.

"High-level supreme!" These four words immediately appeared in Ling Xiao's mind.

Only at this level of existence can he perceive his mind and possess such speed.

"Xiaotian? Hey, you're not Xiaotian. You actually have three points similar to him. Could it be that you are Xiaotian's father Ling Xiao Medicine God?" Then the person whispered softly.

The person was very thin and looked very old. He wore a black robe, his face was wrinkled into a stack, and there were no white hairs on his head, but the strange smell from the whole body was to let Ordinary people absorb and kill some of them!Ling Xiao said in his heart, "It's that kid who looks like me by three points, this old man really can't speak."

"Yes, it is Ling Xiao who has seen his predecessors!" Ling Xiao said slightly.

"Haha, well, you came well. The kid said that I was not as strong as you all day, and let me defeat you before willingly staying in the family to practice. Today I will defeat you and let the kid willingly become the young patriarch! Exclaimed the old man with a hearty laugh.

Immediately afterwards, he locked Ling Xiao's breath and shouted, "You and I are outside the domain!"