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0 Chapter Directory 2234 Double Star Parade (The Finale)
    Author: 妖夜(Yāo yè, Demon Night)
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"So it seems that Ye Qinghan is your first person on the so-called god plane, which is really nothing!"

Speaking of this, Zhang Wuji shook his head, as if he felt sorry for Ye Qinghan's status and reputation, but felt very sorry, just like Ye Qinghan, the person he mocked, was not his enemy, but his He was so close to friends and relatives, so he was so distressed when he saw Ye Qinghan being despised by this ally.

"Don't stay overnight and stay cold, don't be sad, especially the guy who was unable to differentiate good from bad has been killed by me, and it's also a bad breath for you, so you should never be sad."

Zhang Wuji waved his hand again, as if to say to Ye Qinghan that he should never thank him for this.

"So according to Zhang Daoyou, Yemou should also thank Zhang Daoyou?"

Ye Qinghan looked at Zhang Wuji with a smile instead of a smile. After looking at Zhang Wuji for a while, his eyes finally fell on the infinite halberd in Zhang Wuji's hands.

At this time, after the Wuji Battle Halberd in Zhang Wuji's hands was particularly killing, and after destroying the Transmission Formation, the magic power on the Wuji Battle Halbern apparently began to decline. It was only two or three sentences of kung fu, which was originally ten. The multiplied power of the legal world is now only about nine times larger.

"That's not necessary."

Zhang Wuji smiled and said: "Zhang Mou is also planning to send Ye Daoyou to see You Daoyou. If Ye Daoyou feels what else is there, she can go to You Daoyou to take revenge on her own without having to thank Zhang Moudao."

"Zhang Daoyou still wants to send Yemou to see You Daoyou?"Ye Qinghan raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Wuji, who was a bit yin and yang, said: "Since this is the case, what is the Daoist still waiting for?

"as you wish!"

Zhang Wuji's expression frantically holding the Promise War Halberd again cut into the night light cold.

Behind Zhang Wuji's crazy look, no one noticed the deep cautiousness in Zhang Wuji's eyes.

It turned out that in the Great Shift Transfer Formation, Ye Qinghan took Deng Jie out of the Great Shift Transfer Formation at the limit of speed. Zhang Wuji could n’t even touch Ye Qinghan ’s figure, and he was in the night. After Qinghan left, Zhang Wuji carefully checked with his Profound Law, and found no trace of Ye Qinghan's escape. Zhang Wuji knew that Ye Qinghan's body speed definitely didn't belong to oneself.

It's just that what kind of body speed can reach the point that even the person who controls the eighth-speed body style is not aware of it at all?

Thinking of this, Zhang Wuji couldn't help raising a strange thought in his heart, thinking whether Ye Qinghan had used some secret method to make him unable to grasp his figure and trace.

And if Ye Qinghan uses the secret method, then after Ye Qinghan's use of the secret method is over, it is impossible to use the speed of the body method that makes Zhang Wuji elusive.

It is precisely because of this that Zhang Wuji dared to stay in the plane of the idol to fight against Ye Qinghan, otherwise, if Ye Qinghan escaped from the Transmission Formation before the escape, Zhang Wuji would converge on his own The power of the law world, as far as possible, will not kill you if you will destroy the Transmission Formation and destroy it.Afterwards Zhang Wuji will choose to tear the space barrier of the idol plane directly and run away. He will no longer mean to be infatuated with the traveling stars of the 216 dharma world.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Wuji can clearly know that if he doesn't escape, he will most likely die in Ye Qinghan's hands.

Therefore, after some deliberations, Zhang Wuji is still going to continue to explore Ye Qinghan. If he ca n’t kill Ye Qinghan, he will tear the space barrier and run away. At any time at this time, Zhang Wuji Taking advantage of the Promise War Halberd in his hand, he is not afraid of Ye Qinghan dare to chase himself.

"Wuji Promise Halberd ......" Thinking of this, Zhang Wuji had fit himself in front of Ye Qinghan, and cut him off against Ye Qinghan.

But Zhang Wuji's Wuji Battle Halberd was slashed against Ye Qinghan's face. Obviously Zhang Wuji was preparing to take Ye Qinghan's spirit platform directly, preparing to kill Ye Qinghan with a single blow. Not ready to give Ye Qinghan any chance to react.

"What about people?"

Zhang Wuji's halberd fell through, and his heart was shocked, which suddenly made the sense of vigilance in his heart even stronger.

You should know that although the magic power of Zhang Wuji's hands has begun to weaken, it still has a nine-fold increase in magic power. Ye Qinghan will naturally not be stupid enough to resist Zhang Wuji's attack. When Eun left, he never thought of fighting Zhang Wuji at this time.

Zhang Wuji's attack of the Promise Halberd in the hand was naturally instantaneous.

"Eight times!"

After evading Zhang Wuji's attack, Ye Qinghan also showed his figure in the distance.Ye Qinghan especially noticed that after Zhang Wuji made an attack, the increase in the magic power of the Wuji War Halberd once again weakened twice.

Ye Qinghan instantly knew that Zhang Wuji's control of the Promise War Halberd had reached the limit, otherwise there would be no such situation as it is now, and every time he used a trick, the increase in the magical power of the Promise War Halberd in Zhang Wuji's hand appeared Double the weakness.

This rate of weakness is destined to take a long time for the Wuji halberd in Zhang Wuji's hands, and it will become a piece of scrap iron, which can no longer threaten Ye Qinghan.

"Ye Daoyou killed him and avenged You Daoyou."

Ye Qinghan didn't actually make any decision about whether to kill Zhang Wuji at this time. After all, Ye Qinghan felt worthless for his death, but he didn't feel any guilt. After all, Ye Qinghan had already given the opportunity This is especially true, especially because I do n’t cherish myself, and finally cause myself to die under Zhang Wuji ’s halberd.

No one can blame Ye Qinghan on his head, so Ye Qinghan did not blame himself or feel guilty, nor did he ever think of revenge for him.

At this time, when Deng Jie suddenly heard the sound from the Qiankun space in his sleeve, Ye Qinghan realized that Deng Jie had such great resentment against Zhang Wuji's murder.

"It seems that Deng Daoyou is indeed a simple person."

Ye Qinghan couldn't help but nodded slightly.

Deng Jie can be so sad for such an ally who has joined the team, which means that at the moment when he joined the ally team, Deng Jie has regarded him as his own, so Ye Qinghan feels that Deng Jie is indeed a Simple people."Relax, Deng Daoyou, I will avenge You Daoyou."

But since Deng Jie opened his mouth, Zhang Qingji would naturally not let Zhang Wuji go away at night, and at the moment Ye Qinghan rushed up to fight Zhang Wuji.

"Seven times ..." "Six times ..." "..." "Three times ..." After just a few strokes, Zhang Wuji's Wuji War Halbery had only threefold increase in the power of the magical world. At this time, Zhang Wuji couldn't jump on the string in his heart anymore, and a very nervous expression appeared on his face.

It turned out that when Zhang Wuji's Wuji War Halberd had a five-fold increase in the power of the magic world, Zhang Wuji already wanted to escape from the plane of the idol.

Whether it's picking the star flag or the paradigm of the 216 French world, Zhang Wuji doesn't want it all.

Even Ye Qinghan once insulted Zhang Wuji, and Zhang Wuji didn't care any more. As long as he could immediately leave the plane of the idol and save his life, everything would be enough.

After all, at this stage, Zhang Wuji and also don't understand his previous conjectures were all wrong. Ye Qinghan did indeed have a stronger body speed than himself, and it was not a secret method at all.

Perhaps even if Ye Qinghan is really the secret method used, Zhang Wuji feels that he can't wait until the power of Ye Qinghan's secret method is exhausted, so Zhang Wuji must quickly escape from the plane of the idol.It's a pity that Ye Qinghan at this time is like a dogskin plaster. When Zhang Wuji attacked Ye Qinghan every time, Ye Qinghan would escape far away, and because of the huge gap in body speed, Zhang Wu Ji, let alone chase Ye Qinghan, was even unable to grasp Ye Qinghan's figure.

When Zhang Wuji's attack stopped, Ye Qinghan would immediately appear beside him, entangled him to death, and wouldn't give him a chance to escape.

"This cold night will kill me!"

In an instant, Zhang Wuji knew that Ye Qinghan's attitude was to kill himself. Zhang Wuji felt a chill deep in his heart.

"It's almost three times!"

Ye Qinghan carefully observed Zhang Wuji for a while, and could not help but mutter to himself.

Ye Qinghan had discovered that Zhang Wuji was frightened, and Zhang Wuji's Wuji War Halbery had only three times the increase in the power of the magic world. The Wuji Halberd in his hand hurt himself.

Thinking of this, Ye Qinghan immediately assaulted silently behind Zhang Wuji, and imprinted silently on Zhang Wuji's back, instantly making Ye Qinghan very surprised, and did not expect victory to come So easy.

Until this moment, Ye Qinghan laughed dumbly, only to realize that she had always overestimated Zhang Wuji.

Although Zhang Wuji can rely on the Promise halberd in his hand, he can look in the plane of the idol, but in fact Zhang Wuji's own strength is far worse than that of Ye Qinghan.In fact, no matter how many times the Wuji War Halberd ’s hands have increased the power of the magic world, whether it is ten times, or one hundred times, Ye Qinghan actually looked at an opportunity early to launch an attack and a sneak attack on Zhang Wuji, then Zhang Wuji was already killed.

"Void is broken!"

The magic powers of the law realm in the night light cold spirit platform came out together, and every trace of the powers of the law realm brought the true meaning of void destruction, instantly making Zhang Wuji's flesh explode directly.

In response to his request to promise Deng Jie, after Zhang Wuji's soul emerged from the exploding body, Ye Qinghan killed Zhang Wuji's soul without any hesitation.

Only in treating Zhang Wuji's true spirit, Ye Qinghan still gave Zhang Wuji a lifeline. Instead of killing Zhang Wuji's true spirit, he let Zhang Wuji's true spirit go.

"Pick the Star Banner!"

"Double Star Parade!"

At the moment of catching the Star Banner, Ye Qinghan felt a strange feeling, and instantly understood everything. When he became the paradigm of the paradise of the 216 legal world, plus the original 572 legal world Of the parade star, he has become a unique double star parade.

Ye Qinghan's status is now comparable to that of the top 100 legal circles.

After digesting these messages, Ye Qinghan turned his attention to the transmission formation that had been destroyed by Zhang Wuji.

As long as the Star Picking Gate moves the Transmission Formation to be repaired again, Ye Qinghan will go out from the plane of the idol, and there will be a wider world and a bright future waiting for himself!