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0  Chapter Directory 3014 Extra Two
    Chinese Name: 武神天下  Author: 禹枫(Yǔ fēng, Yu Feng)
    Original: | Translation:

"Where did we talk last time?"

     Seeing a group of little guys sitting in front of him, like one by one, looking at him with bright eyes, expectantly, Old Yi said this softly.

     "Grandpa Doctor, last time you talked about the changes on the Ancient Wasteland continent, the Beast League and Human Race Temple there were rebelling, and then my father was able to forcefully settle it!"

     The young boy who seemed to be the oldest raised his palm and said excitedly, his eyes with excitement.

     Next to him, a dozen other little guys are hearing this, all nodding like a chicken pecking rice.

     Yiwuming told them a lot about Du Shaofu's stories, as well as stories on Ancient Wasteland mainland.

     When these little kids heard about the frightening battle, they clenched their fists, and were extremely nervous, especially because of the strength of the Yanfeng clan, the Eight Desolate Demon Dragon clan, and the Gulan Tiandiao clan at that time. , As well as the toughness of the Human Race Yu family, it is a great challenge for Du Shaofu.

     So even if you are listening to the story, the little guys will feel extremely dangerous.But at the same time, when Yi Wuming tells these stories, he focuses more on interesting and interesting things, such as the Beast League Food Festival where people not to know whether to laugh or cry. He prefers to talk about Du Shaofu. Things that do harm to people everywhere, about those terrible fighting scenes, although the talk is intense, the description is not bloody.

     "Good, good, grandpa doctor knows!"

     Yi Wuming smiled and nodded, and said.

     He narrowed his eyes lightly, with infinite emotion.

     About Du Shaofu's deeds, he has heard more from others, but as long as he grasps the character of that kid and knows the outline of a thing, he can imagine how he really acted.

     After pondering quietly, Yi Wuming thought in his heart what kind of stories should be told to these children today.

     He didn't intend to instill too many fights and fights in these children. He wanted them to listen to some interesting content, so he was very selective when telling stories.

     After thinking for a while, Yi Wuming suddenly frowned his head slightly, and asked a group of children: "Grandpa Yi will talk to you about a different person today?"

     He suddenly thought of some people, and he couldn't help feeling throbbing in his heart. Even though tens of thousands of years passed in a hurry, once he remembered it, he was still full of blood and tears!"Grandpa Doctor, who are you going to talk about?" a little guy asked crisply.

     "An old man named Fire Old Lei, and a young man named Lei Tianhuang! They are the great heroes of all the creatures in our entire world, and the eternal pride of our Wasteland Country!"

     Doctor Wuming looked a bit serious, and said.

     "Are they the two highest tablets enshrined in the ancestral temple?" Another little guy answered.

     "Not bad!" Yi Wuming nodded and said affirmatively.

     The tablets of Old Lei Zu and Lei Tianhuang are enshrined in the ancestral temple of Wasteland Country and are the highest position.

     The ancestral temple of Wasteland Country is different from the ancestral shrine of Du family. The tablets placed there are strong people who have made outstanding contributions to Wasteland Country.

     "I asked Dad and Little Demon Uncle them before, but they said they would know when I grow up!"

     It was another child who spoke.

     And this kind of words made the other little guys interested in the fire Old Lei Zu and Lei Tianhuang.

     Both their father and Little Demon Uncle didn't want to mention it easily, which of course aroused the curiosity of many little guys.

     "Grandpa Doctor, talk about it!"

     "Grandpa Doctor, tell me, I really want to know the story of these two heroes!"Suddenly, the little one by one started urging Doctor Wuming, wanting to listen to him.

     Seeing such a scene, Old Yi suddenly relaxed a bit.

     He didn't feel that these things could not be told to the little guys on the other side, and what was more feared was that they didn't have any interest in it.

     The reason why Du Shaofu and Du Xiaoyao are reluctant to mention it is that the grief in their hearts must be more, even tens of thousands of years have not been able to be washed away!

     "Okay! Grandpa Doctor will come to give you a good talk today!"

     Yi Wuming returned to his recliner again and leaned down gently.

     His eyes slowly became hollow, and slowly became distant, and the muttered words slowly uttered from his lips: "The first time I saw Old Lei Ancestor Huo..."

     Old Yi said slowly, this time is very different from the past, because he did not wink, making the atmosphere of telling the story cheerful and interesting, but leaning on the recliner, bit by bit brewing something mood.

     A dozen little guys, one by one, supported their cheeks and listened carefully.

     Following the medical grandfather's narration, the images of the two main characters began to become active in their minds, as if they had seen them in person.For the old and disrespectful ancestor of the fire, he can play the same role as the god of the sea at critical moments. His existence has deterred many powerful enemies for Wasteland Country!

     The honest and honest Lei Tianhuang looks harmless to humans and animals, but in fact he is very powerful!

     Especially the image of the ancestor of the fire Old Lei makes a bunch of little guys throbbing, and the various mismatches between Du Shaofu and Du Xiaoyao can make others overjoyed.

     Yi Wuming was uncomfortable talking about it, but time passed quickly, and the sky gradually darkened, but the little guy didn't mean to leave at all.

     They listened quietly, often laughed and were amused again and again; occasionally they also exclaimed and whispered for all kinds of shocking things.

     As Old Yi said, the atmosphere began to look a little dull.

     Things are piled up with the narration, like piles of huge rocks, pressing on people's hearts, and when people react, they already feel a little hard to breathe.

     "After ordering the nine families, the Shaofu boy suffered a frightening blow from the demon god and almost fell, but he finally relied on the powerful immortal profound body to fight it down! At this moment, the old Lei ancestor, who had disappeared for a long time, suddenly Come back! And at the same time, he also brought back eighteen spirit thunders!"Old Yi's eyes were exquisite, with a strange brilliance, as if he returned to the foul wind and bloody rain of the year, watching the fire with his own eyes Old Lei ancestor brought back eighteen spirit thunders and gave them to Du Shaofu.

     At this time, a group of little kids are also wandering beyond the sky, just like experience it for oneself, staring at the occurrence of this war as a third party.

     Later, when I heard that Lei Tianhuang was also returning and bringing all the remaining spirit thunder back, everyone became nervous, and the light in their eyes surged.

     "Daddy can defeat the Demon God by fusing all thirty-six spirit thunders?"

     Someone whispered and asked.

     Yi Wuming ignored this question, and told himself: "After fusing all the spirit thunders, Shaofu did not reach the expected realm, which made everyone very puzzled! At this time, the old Lei ancestor Huo suddenly hissed Laughed, like crazy..."

     "It turns out that the spirit thunder of the Tao of the Ancient Heaven is not limited to thirty-six, but thirty-seven, which is Thunder Heaven! In addition, the life of the ancestor of Fire Old Lei is also derived from a certain spirit thunder. ..."

     "So, they finally disintegrated themselves, turned into the purest power of the law of lightning, bloomed with the most dazzling light, entered the body of Shaofu boy, supplemented the law of lightning for him, and made it surpass Heavenly Saint, and the demon god World War I..."Having said that, Yi Wuming only felt that his pupils were a little moist, and couldn't help but want to roll out crystal clear tears.

     In the dark night, a little guy was sitting in front of a recliner. At this time, it was already one by one, his eyes flushed red, and teardrops fell in strings.

     The passing of Old Lei ancestor and Lei Tianhuang also touched their young hearts and made them moved and sad.

     However, none of these little guys cried out, all of them clenched their teeth strongly and clenched their small fists.

     Yi Wuming suddenly choked in his throat, unable to speak, and did not continue to tell the story.

     "Old Yi!"

     At this moment, a figure emerged out of thin air from the darkness and stood in front of everyone.


     When a group of little guys saw the person coming, they wiped their eyes with their sleeves and shouted.

     The person who appeared was Du Shaofu, the Emperor of Great Peng.

     Today, he no longer wears the purple robe he used to be used to, but a clean white shirt cover, looking very quiet and dusty!

     "You guys, don't go back so late, be careful of your mother spanking!"

     Du Shaofu turned his head, knelt down, touched the heads of these little guys and said.Such words made these little kids shrunk their necks in fright. They couldn't care about being sad because of the story told by Grandpa Doctor, and suddenly one by one rushed out of the courtyard.

     "Father, I'm going back first!"

     "I'm leaving too, goodbye, grandpa doctor!"

     At this time, the most important thing is to keep your ass.

     If it hadn't been for the sudden reminder from the old man, they hadn't realized it was getting late.

     If he doesn't go home obediently, he will be spanked.


     Looking at more than a dozen young figures, leaving here like a gallop, Old Yi put away the previous sadness, his eyes became relieved.

     "Old Yi, have a few drinks with my father and son!"

     Du Shaofu walked to the side of the hard stone table in the corner of the courtyard, and with a light wave, the table was filled with one by one sprinkling jars.

     "it is good!"

     Doctor Wuming readily agreed and walked to the table and sat down.

     The two did not grind, and started drinking each other when they picked up the wine bowl.

     In fact, Du Shaofu has been paying attention to the situation here, and the stories told by Old Yi have been heard by him.

     The past deeds of Huo Old Lei Zu and Lei Tianhuang made Du Shaofu's heart suddenly become painful.As in today's Jingping, the world is prosperous, and countless creatures live comfortably in this world. All of this is indispensable for the contributions of the heroes who died in the Demon Religion catastrophe.