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0  Chapter Directory 3014 Extra Two
    Author: 禹枫(Yǔ fēng, Yu Feng)
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"Where did we talk about last time?"

Seeing the little guys sitting in line in front of them, they looked at each other like a good baby, their eyes shining brightly, looking forward with expectation. The doctor said gently.

"Grandpa Medical, last time you talked about the changes on the ancient wasteland, where the Beast League and the Human Race Temple were rebelled, and then my father was forced to settle down!"

The little boy who seemed to be the oldest raised his palm and said excitedly, his eyes filled with excitement.

Beside, a dozen other little guys heard that they all nodded like chickens peck rice.

Yiwu Ming told them a lot of stories about Du Shaofu, and many stories about the ancient wasteland.

When these little fart boys heard the horror war, they all clenched their fists one by one, and they were extremely nervous, especially because of the power of the Yantian and Fenghuang clan, the eight wild demon dragon clan, and the Gulantian Diao clan The inhumanity of the Yu family of the Terran is a great challenge for Du Shaofu.

So even if you are listening to the story, all the little guys will feel extremely dangerous.

But at the same time, when Doctor Wuming tells these stories, he mainly focuses on interesting anecdotes, such as the ridiculous Beast League Food Festival and the like. He prefers to talk about Du Shaofu ’s scourge of people everywhere. Although those terrible fighting scenes are intense, they are not described as bloody.

"Good, Grandpa Medical knows!"

Doctor Wuming smiled and nodded, so he said.

His eyes narrowed gently, with emotion.About Du Shaofu's deeds, he heard more from other populations, but as long as he grasped the character of the kid and knew the general situation of one thing, he could imagine how he actually acted.

After quietly pondering, the doctor Wuming thought about what kind of stories to tell these children today.

He didn't intend to instill too much fighting and fighting among these children, and he still wanted them to listen to some interesting content, so he was also very selective when telling stories.

After thinking for a while, Doctor Wuming suddenly knit the brows and asked towards a group of children: "Is Grandpa Doctor talking to you today, OK?"

He suddenly thought of some people, and he couldn't stop feeling throbbing in his heart. Even if tens of thousands of years passed by, but once he remembered, he was still full of blood and tears!

"Grandpa Medical, who are you going to talk about?" A little fellow asked briskly.

"An old man named Huo Lei Zu Zu, there is still one young man named Lei Tianhuang! They are all great heroes of all creatures in our entire world, and they are the pride of our barren country forever!"

The doctor's lifeless expression looked somewhat serious, so he said.

"Is that the two highest cards enshrined in the ancestral temple?" Another little guy answered.

"Good!" Doctor Wu Ming nodded and said affirmatively.

The tablets of Huo Lei Patriarch and Lei Tianhuang are enshrined in the Ancestral Temple of the Abandoned Kingdom and are the highest positions.

The Huangguo Ancestral Temple is not the same as the Dujia Ancestral Hall. The cards placed there are all the powerful people who have made outstanding contributions to the Huangguo country."I have asked Dad and Uncle Little before, but they said they will know when I grow up!"

Another child spoke, so he said.

This kind of discourse made other little guys present interested in Huo Lei Pao and Lei Tianhuang.

Neither their father nor the little demon are willing to mention it easily, which of course arouses the curiosity of many little guys.

"Grandpa Medical, please tell me!"

"Grandpa Medical tells me, I want to know the story of these two heroes!"

Suddenly, the little guys began to urge the doctor to die, and wanted to listen to him.

Seeing such a scene, the doctor and old man looked suddenly relaxed.

He didn't think these things could not be told to the little guys on the opposite side, and he was more afraid that they didn't have any interest in it.

The reason why Du Shaofu and Du Xiaoyu are reluctant to mention it is more because of the grief in their hearts. Even tens of thousands of years have not been able to wash it!

"Okay! Grandpa Medical comes here today to give you a good talk!"

Doctor Wuming returned to his recliner again and leaned back gently.

His eyes began to slowly become hollow, slowly becoming distant, and the muttering words slowly spoke from his lips: "When I first saw the ancestor of Huolei ..."

The doctor said slowly, this time is very different from the past, because he did not squeeze his eyebrows, making the atmosphere of storytelling cheerful and interesting, but the whole person leaned on the recliner, brewing something bit by bit mood.

A dozen little guys held their cheeks one by one and listened carefully.Along with the medical grandfather's narration, the images of the two main characters began to become active in their minds, just like seeing them in person.

For the old and inferior Huo Lei ancestor, he can always play the same role as stabilizing force at the critical moment. His presence has deterred many powerful enemies for the barren country!

The honest Lei Tianhuang looks harmless to humans and animals, but in fact it is very powerful!

Especially the image of Huo Lei's ancestor made a little guy throbbing, and all kinds of aberrations between Du Shaofu and Du Xiaoyao could make others happy.

Doctor Wuming was unsatisfactory, but time passed quickly, and the sky gradually darkened, but the little guy did not mean to leave at all.

They listened quietly, often making laughter and being amused again and again; occasionally they also made some exclamations and whispered all kinds of shocking things.

As the medical elders talked, the atmosphere began to look dull.

Things are piled up as the story continues, like piles of boulders piled on people's hearts, which makes it hard to breathe when people react.

"After ordering the nine families, Shaofu boy suffered a terrible blow from the demon god and almost fell, but he finally contended with the powerful indestructible mysterious body! And at this time, Huo Lei, the ancestor who disappeared for a long time, Suddenly came back! And at the same time, he also brought back eighteen thunders! "

The old medical doctor has a clear eye and a strange brilliance. If he returns to the turbulent blood and blood of that year, he watched the Huo Lei Patriarch bring back 18 Dao Linglei to Du Shaofu.At this time, a group of little fart children also wandered around the world, as if they were immersive, staring at this war as a third party.

Later, when I heard that Lei Tianhuang was returning again, and brought all the remaining Linglei back, everyone was tense, and the light in his eyes swelled.

"Dad merged all thirty-six spirit mines, can he defeat the demon god?"

Someone murmured softly, asking.

Doctor Wuming ignored this question and said, "After the fusion of all Linglei, Shaofu did not reach the expected level, which made everyone very puzzled! And at this time, Huo Lei's ancestor suddenly hissed Laughing loudly, like crazy ... "

"It turns out that the spirit thunder transformed by Taikoo Tiandao is not only thirty-six, but thirty-seven, it is Lei Tianhuang! In addition, the life of Huo Lei's ancestor was also differentiated by a certain spirit thunder ... "

"So, they eventually disintegrated themselves, and turned into the purest Thunderstrength of the Principle. Battle of the Devil God ... "

Speaking of which, Yiwuming just felt that his eyes were moist, and he couldn't help but want to roll out crystal tears.

In the dark night, a little guy was sitting in front of the recliner. At this time, his eyes were all red, and tears fell down in a string.

The passing of Huo Lei Patriarch and Lei Tianhuang also touched their young hearts and made them moved and sad.

However, none of these little guys cried out, all clenched their teeth firmly, clenched their fists.Doctor Wuming suddenly had a choked throat, unable to speak, and did not continue to tell the story.

"Medical doctor!"

At this moment, a figure emerged out of the darkness and stood in front of everyone.


When the little guys saw the person coming, they immediately wiped their eyes with their sleeves and shouted.

The man who appeared was Du Shaofu, Emperor Dapeng.

Today, he no longer wears the usual purple robe, but wears a clean white shirt cover body, which looks extremely quiet and dusty!

"You guys, don't go back so late, be careful of your spanking!"

Du Shaofu turned his head, crouched down, and touched the heads of the little guys.

Such words scared these little farts and shrunk their necks. They couldn't bear to be sad because of the story told by the medical grandfather.

"Daddy, I'm going back first!"

"I'm leaving too, goodbye grandpa!"

At this time, the most important thing is to protect your ass.

If it were n’t for Dad ’s sudden reminder, they had n’t realized it was too late.

If this does not go home obediently, it is designated to be spanked.


Seeing more than a dozen young figures, they left here as if they were fluttering. The doctor and doctor collected their previous sorrows, and their eyes became relieved.

"Medical doctor, let's have a few drinks!"

Du Shaofu walked to the hard stone table in the corner of the courtyard, and waved his hand gently, and the table was full of sprinkles.

"it is good!"

The doctor Wuming readily agreed, went to the table and sat down.The two did not grind, and picked up the bowl and began to drink together.

In fact, Du Shaofu has been paying attention to the situation here, and the stories told by the medical elders are also heard in his ears piece by piece.

The past deeds of Huo Lei Patriarch and Lei Tianhuang made Du Shaofu suddenly become painful.

For example, under Jingping today, the world is prosperous, and countless creatures live comfortably in this side of the world. All of this is indispensable to the contributions made by the heroes who died in the war of demons.