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0 Chapter Directory 1670 The World Is Expanding!
    Author: 观棋(Guān qí, Watching Chess)
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Daqian World, Beizhou!

Ling Xiao Tian Ting returned to Beizhou again, looking north and looking south, looking down upon the world!

On the 〖Guang〗 field of the Hall of Eternal Life, there are a large number of ministers standing together, the queens with a sense of curiosity, and the princes with a look of anticipation towards Zhongshan.

In addition to the great heroes, there are heroes such as Emperor Yu, Mo Zi, and Zhuang Zi of Tianwai Tian.

Bo Huang also regain one's strength and brought a large number of children from the Bo family to Lingxiao Tianting!

Jian Ao, Xuan Yuan, and even Fei Ge and Zhu Gan received Ling Xiao Tian Ting to watch the forthcoming grand ceremony.

Everyone looked forward to watching, Zhong Shan stood at the forefront of the 〖Guang〗 field in the Changsheng Hall, looking at the whole world.

"Attention all the world!" Zhong Shan solemnly said.

The voice spreads all over the world.

For a time, the entire world of thousands, infinite creatures stopped everything at hand.

In a city.

"Are you going to start?"

"Shut up, Do Not Speak, listen to God!"

"Pay attention to your own safety!"

For a time, Daqian World was left with the sound of wind and water, quietly.

Zhong Shan looked at the world and knew that it was time.

God world and abyss suddenly appeared. However, at this moment it is not very big, like a sphere floating in front of Zhong Shan.

Looking at the Eye of Heavenly Punishment in the God Realm, Zhong Shanshen xī said: "From today on, you will set the chaos of heaven and earth for a new number of days and grow a thousand worlds!"

"Yes!" Eye of Heavenly Punishment's tribute came from God Realm."Eye of Heaven's Punishment, I will blend God Realm and Abyss into the Great Thousand Worlds and expand the territory of the Great Thousand Worlds. You are responsible for protecting the Great Thousand Worlds and not letting it collapse and dissipate!" Zhong Shan said again.

"Yes!" The Eye of Heaven Penalty answered again.

Detective Zhong Shan waved his hand.


God Realm spread out. Melt away with the world.


From the beginning of the Lingxiao Heavenly Court, the voids piled up dàng, like a burst of bō, spreading round and round towards the world of thousands.

Countless auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, countless Swiss qi soared into the sky, and the sky was full of phantoms of beasts and fairy birds.

In the roar of the earth, the jiāng river was constantly widened, increased, and lengthened by the roaring!

The Great Thousand World is getting bigger and bigger as it merges with God Realm and Abyss.

The appearance of the earth is undergoing changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down.


As the sea expands, one by one islands float slowly in the sea, and the islands continue to grow larger and larger, until finally, they reach the size of a territory.

Starry sky, stars are increasing, and starry sky is also expanding.

In Promise, the sphere of the Thousand Worlds is rapidly expanding and expanding.

The rise of the world, this is the rise of the world.

A super dragger not only represents a huge strength of a party, but also represents the world where he is, because he has become stronger and stronger.

Ling Xiao Tian Ting.

The sky, the clouds are rolling, the clouds are constantly changing, and the people in the Lingxiao heavenly court watching them all sighed repeatedly.

"The expansion of the world!" Emperor Yu said."Unexpectedly, in my lifetime, I can still see!" The holy emperor exclaimed.

"Yes, expand, expand!" Yan Huang nodded and exclaimed.


In the south of Lingxiao Tianting, the Eye of Heavenly Punishment suddenly appeared, obviously, it has already merged with the world.

"Next, you continue to improve!" Zhong Shan shouted.

"Yes!" Eye of Heavenly Punishment respectfully said.


The world is still expanding, and Zhong Shan is no longer in charge.

"Father qīn? Daqian world has expanded?" Zhong 19 could not conceal his movement.

"It has been expanded a hundred times, but it is not over yet. Next, it will become much slower and wait for a thorough improvement, about two hundred times!" Zhong Shan laughed.


Longevity Hall 〖Guang〗, the crowd roared.

Dajie, this is Dajie!

Two hundred times?

It turns out that Yangzhou Jiuzhou, after that, isn't it going to reach 1,800 continents? This is only the sun room, and the yīn room will reach as many as 1,200 continents.

The expansion of the territory means that the space for the enhancement of the strong will increase, and there will be more and more powerful in the world.

"Daqian invincible!"

"Daqian immortal!"

"Long live millions!"

The Hall of Longevity 〖Guang〗, all cheers.

Looking at this scene, Zhong Shan also smiled.

Turning his head, Zhong Shan passed through the world of thousands of eyes, seeing the infinite.

There is no comfort in Zhongshan's eyes.


"Lian Shen?"

"Also, win!"

After a few years. Lingxiao Heavenly Court, Harem.Bei Qingsi wēn softly caressed his stomach, twice as big as before.

Zhong Shan was with him.

"Fu Jun, guess, is it a boy or a girl?" Bei Qingsi wēn judo.

"Let's see!" Zhong Shan said immediately.

"Not allowed to see!" Bei Qingsi immediately covered her stomach.

Zhong Shan smiled slightly.

Sorrowful Qingshen softened, and immediately said: "Don't look good? Our sisters bet, no one is allowed to watch, wait for the time of departure, and see the result."

"No wonder, neither Kwai'er nor Bao'er are allowed to watch." Zhong Shan smiled suddenly. MP

Sad Qingsi blushed.

Zixiao Palace, above the earth, China, a city!

In a family.

A teenager took the phone and pressed a string of numbers with trembling fingers.

"Admission ticket number! Enter the admission ticket number first!" The teenager lost the number.

After losing a series of numbers, silent for a while, the boy's face was pale for a while.

"It's gone, it's over!" The teenager put down the phone in his hand, with a sad expression on his face.

Looking at the Xí test paper like a hill not far away, the young man felt sad.

"Broken language! Broken English! Broken mathematics! I did so many homework, and I just passed the test. Now I can't even study. What to do!" The young boy's mind roared.

"Boom boom!"

At this time, the door was knocked for a while.

"Who!" The teenager walked to the door without a shuǎng.

The gate counts.

At the gate stood a robe man's hand grabbing the dust, and his face smiled politely.The boy ’s first thought was ‘filming? "Second thought" neuropathy? "

"Cultivation name, this way does not work? Your Excellency can come to my Datong Heavenly Court, you can modify Feng Shui, cultivate yīn virtue, repair luck! Of course, with your roots and blessings, I can also take you into the south of the world My Datian Heaven Court no longer expands, you can also fix your life there! "Daopao man smiled.

"" "Who are you?" "" "Said the boy suddenly.

"Below, Dawei Tianting, the eleventh jun head, Shen Gongbao!" Said the robe man.

In a city, above a residential area.

A girl grabbed two goose ropes, a little husky was tied to one rope, and a big teddy dog was tied to one rope.

"Barbie, don't bully Xiaopi, it will step on sǐ you when it grows big!" The girl shouted at the poodle.

"Wang! Wang! Wang!" The teddy dog kept calling at Huskies.

The young girl keeps scrambling for Ergou.

Finally, Er Gou's head was lifted, and suddenly, a man in costume appeared in front of the girl. The man in costume smiled at the girl for a while.

"You, what are you doing?" The girl said slightly.

"Are you called‘ Zhong Mengxi, ’?” The man in costume asked.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" The girl surprised.

"My name is Zhong 19, my father Zhong Shan!" The man in costume laughed.

"Zhongshan? My second largest yé? Is he still alive? Isn't he missing? Are you lying to me?" The girl said with extreme caution.

"No, my father ordered me to come and take your whole family into the world!" Zhong 19 laughed.

In front of a building.A man walked out of the building with a small bag on his back.

"Withholding my salary again, braised iron public base, if I hadn't had money recently, I would have copied you!" The man walked out of the building without a face.

At this moment, suddenly a white robe blocked the man.

The man in a white robe, with a fan in his hand, was in a strategic position.

"Who are you, why do you block my way? Wearing a costume and holding a lupin, I thought I was Zhuge Liang!" The man was in a bad mood.

"Below, Datong Heavenly Court, Water Mirror, I think your Lord Fu Yuanshen Hòu is willing to spend His Excellency to the world of Thousands of Thousands and strengthen yourself to fight the sky!" Bai Yishui Jing laughed.

man:"…………"! "

A small mài department entrance.

A little fat man about four years old, naked holding a popsicle in one hand, constantly tiǎn. Grabbing a small bell in one hand, shaking and playing.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of me.

The little fat man kept tiǎnbing gùn's posture and looked blankly at the suddenly black man in front of him.

The man in black looked at the little bell playing in the hands of the little fat man and took out a bell himself.

"This‘ town hún bell, to you, remember, from this day on, I am your master, and outsiders call me Mr. shī ”

Some river.

"Don't stop me, let me sǐ, huāhuā she doesn't want me anymore, woo woo, I'm so good to her!"

"Sǐ, can't solve the problem. In Xia Nangong Sheng, I watched the pavilion's blessings and deep hòu, and my physique fits my veins very well. I don't know if I would like to worship me as a teacher?" Nangong Sheng stopped the man and smiled."Ah? What did you say?" The man said in a daze with tears.

An internet cafe door. !

A group of teenagers pushed out.

"Xiaoming, SStǐng is awesome. I have the ability to pick tomorrow!" Said one of the teenagers.

"Follow me at any time, come again, bào your head again!" Another teenager smiled.

Suddenly, a man with a huge bow was blocked in front of him.

"What are you doing blocking me?" Xiao Ming shouted suddenly.

"I've seen your shooting. With your eyesight, I can barely be my disciple of falling stardust, but still not apprentice?" The back bow man said in a deep voice.

"Ah?" A group of teenagers were at a loss.

A piece of Tanaka.

"My name is Zhao Suoxiang, I see your blessing is deep, and the posture of grasping the hoe is very consistent with my qiāng way. Would you like to worship me? .