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0 Chapter Directory 1219 Postscript
    Author: 猫腻(Māonì, Fishy Cat) | Translator:

For some reason, this postscript is very loose and short, report it to you in advance.

1. Life is sometimes necessary, and life must be forced from time to time. This is what the story of the Chosen Heaven wants to write. This story was originally prepared to take pictures of real people like Long Zhenfeng, but because he was worried that Qiu Shanjun had written so well, he had been forcibly reducing his drama. At the same time, this story is also about Li Li, whether it is Li Gong or Li Shan. Of course, this story is also a thank-you story. But in the last few chapters, I hesitated for a long time and concealed these six words because I did n’t want to leave again.

2. Why write a teenager's story? Because I am getting old and losing my blood, I am afraid to become a fat carp that gradually sinks into the mud as written in the book many times. I want to remind myself that I cannot rot or fear, even if I dare not fight, Silence is also an attitude. Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong said that he was willing to give up his life in the war against the Devil, but he didn't want to change the way he got along with the world. Xu Yourong reminded him that this can't be said outside. That's what it means.

3. Deleted.4. The following miscellaneous plots are not included in the text because of space, but it is more interesting: Black Dragon likes to eat braised chicken wings because he hates Phoenix. Nanke and Xu Yourong have no poultry in their recipes. The Tianshu monument is a fragment of the world, connected to each other, and can now be used to transmit sound, and can be used to travel through space in the future. When the last few chapters mentioned that Wang Po did not avenge the Chen dynasty, he asked Xu Yourong to say that it was a dead country. That was something that was thought about before the book was opened, and it was forcibly used. Regarding Tang Thirty-six, in addition to being rich in spirit and material, I am going to let him say: I am not targeting anyone, everyone here is ... Chen Changsheng is sick, so whoever cares about this at first sight, I feel that the other party is sick. Mo Yan, Su Li, Nanke, Xuanyuan, including the night when Tang Thirty-six was injured, were also seen at a glance.

5. Shu Youqing asked for more than a year: You are so tired, you said at the end of Chapter 110 a flower in the world, you have determined who Tang Thirty-six is in reality, and said that you will wait until the book is finished before publishing it. I'm afraid you won't see it the day it is over, so I sent it out in advance. Answer: That person is my good friend Butterfly Blue.

6. When I wrote novels in the past few years, I love readers very much. Now it is not love, but respect. It is very important for everyone to live a good life.

7. I should still love this world more and do better.

8. In August, a new book will be issued, and the theme name, temperament and spirit have not been thought of yet. Oh, I suddenly thought of a story at this time, and it feels very windy ...

All of the above are sincere, and there is nothing false at all.

I wish you all good health and good luck.

This sentence looks very routine, but it is also true.