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0 Chapter Directory 775 Volume Su Xing Romance Final Chapter Goodbye
    Author: 她酷的像冰(Tā kù de xiàng bīng, She Cool Like Ice)
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() No one thought that Lu Xiao's heavenly order "Throughout Time The Worry Disappears," instead of killing Shi Xian, let her use the nearly extinct Liangshan Continent's heavenly order.

"Xing'er, use this book to save your life." Chai Lingyi gave Su Xing her Red Book Iron Certificate without looking back. Although I don't know if it is useful, Tian Guixing can only bet, everyone can feel Shi Xian. The power of the Heavenly Order, without a doubt, after the formation of the entire Liangshan Continent, hundreds of millions of souls will perish.

"It's over." Master Li is desperate. "Song Jiang, only you can deal with Shi Xian!" Tian Yanxing suddenly remembered something, but Tian Cuixing Song Celadon was completely at a loss.

"Using your alternative way to the heavens." A voice suddenly appeared.

"Chao Gai !!"

Chao Gai's expression was heavy: "Shi Xian's Heavenly Rank will destroy Liangshan Continent, and the Juyi streamer can be used to break into her Heavenly Rank, and she will stop it when she has not fully absorbed the billions of spirit energy and formed the most red blood field. she was."

"Am I?" Song Celadon said.

"You can't go there, there is no doubt that the final blood field will die." Chao Gai shook his head, Song Celadon was too weak, she couldn't break through the ninth blood, of course, no one else, either Lin Yingmei or Lu Xiao, the more The higher the general, the more unable to get close, and finally the eyes of Qianfo Xing Chao Wu fixed on Su Xing. "Su Xing, did you ever say that you are going to end Dou Xing? As long as Shi Xian is killed, I believe you can do it. But if you want to stop her Heavenly Order, I am afraid ..."

"I think it's only me who has gone. Do you want to die with her?" Su Xing behaved calmly, completely saving life and death.

"But Su Jun ..." Song Celadon was surprised.Su Xing shook his head and took the girl's Juyi stream for the heavenly path. He said softly: "If I die, you promised that I must end the fighting star and fulfill your sister's wishes."

Song Celadon was shocked and lifted the face of weeping beauty. Xuan Yun was inconceivable and looked at Su Xing. If he had said to Su Xing that the end of the fighting star was just a way to confuse their sisters, now he heard Su Xing without the slightest hesitation Wanting to replace Song Celadon to go to a land of nowhere, this courage made Xuan Yunsi feel suffocated.

"Do you want to die?"



Su Xing's ladies are firmly opposed, everyone is willing to replace Su Xing.

"You are only true spirits, and you are still on Nvliang Mountain. After going up the mountain, celadon, I promised that I must make Yingmei safe and sound." Su Xing said seriously.

Song Qingci stared blankly at Su Xing.

"Promise me !!!" Su Xing shouted.

Song Celadon's tears shed again, and Tian Kuixing dared not look at it again.

"Let me go!" Gong Caiwei stood up. "You can't go to die!"

"I go."

Zhao Hanyan, Xiyue also said.

"This kind of thing should be borne by men."

Su Xing smiled without fear of death.

He finally took a quick look, the ladies present, passing them by Lin Yingmei one by one, all the girls, even Lu Xiao, had red eyes. The last glance is deep in his mind. Su Xing did n’t look at it more. If he looked at it again, he was afraid that he would not be willing to sacrifice, so Su Xing without the slightest hesitation used the escape method to rush into Shi Xian ’s final blood field. ."You must come back, Xiao'er hasn't been in the cave with you yet." Lu Xiao screamed exhaustedly behind his back.

All sounds disappeared.

All the girls are miserable.

Chao Gai sighed, Master Li was moved, she didn't expect Su Xing to sacrifice herself to complete Song Jiang, Tian Yanxing's heart hurt, the Phoenix flame faded, turned into a maid, and two lines of tears shed tears from Zhu Hong's eyes.

"Can't be like this ..." Song Qingci looked at Tianxing's birthday flag, and suddenly remembered Su Xing's words before, the girl's heart was decided.

By converging the Yixing streamer Su Xing into the final blood field for the heavenly path, that is the endless world of blood, Shi Xian is above the nine days. Too Far Out Of Reach, Liangshan Continent The blood of countless creatures are recruited Condensed towards Shi Xian in the blood field. Su Xing gritted his teeth and flew towards her.

As if flying for thousands of miles, Su Xing has been unable to move a single step, the blood around him is thick, and the flight has reached the limit. Su Xing runs the star power with all his strength, and the star symbol keeps flashing on his forehead, trying to break through the sea of blood. The power of Shi Xian Tianjie is terrifying, Su Xing feels that consciousness is passing.

Oops, you die before you get close.

Su Xing struggled to stay awake and flew a little bit towards the nine days, but it was just getting harder and harder.Suddenly, Su Xing saw a young girl with golden clothes, and the shadow of Tiangang star Yu Qilin Lu Xiao appeared in front of him. The girl smiled, stretched out her hand, and held Su Xing. "Beloved, Xiao'er is still waiting for the cave with you, but she will come back alive." The girl reached out and shook a powerful force into Su Xing's body. The original stagnant body immediately flew towards the sky by unknown means How far, the forehead unicorn star symbol is also dimmed at the same time, when Su Xing's body stopped, the figure of the earth star Gu Tong also appeared behind him, and the mother worm roared out the sound of a deafening ear.

"Go, my man! Sugar candy cannot be without you."

Sonic used the power to make Su Xing soar.

The star star is white, waiting for the big watery eyes to stare pitifully at her father. Little Loli grasps Su Xing's fingertips hard, her heart is clear, and she suddenly enters the nine-day blood field .

The fourth one appeared was Tian Yingxing, Li Guanghua, graceful, elegant woman with a smile of trust, she elegantly grabbed Su Xing, broke Su Xing again through the shackles of the bloody sea, and watched Su Xing ’s back, the illusion of an elegant woman It quickly dimmed.

"I wait for you, Lord."

Immediately after Hua Wanyue appeared, Wu Siyou, the star-wounding star walker, and the cool Yanxing star and Su Xing gazed at each other. Needless to say, Wu Siyou's long black hair poured like a ribbon running water, making Su Xingfei higher.

White stripe Zhang Yuqi holding Su Xing in the wave of the eleventh star's starry sky is like a mermaid soaring in the sea of blood. Although it is only a fleeting shadow, Su Xing can still feel the softness of the girl's heart.

"Yu Qi is so happy to know Sulang ..."Shi Xian is getting closer and closer, the blood sea is becoming clearer and bringing more powerful pressure, Su Xing is more difficult to move forward. The melancholy beauty of water mist appears in the sea of blood, and the most beautiful one almost forgets this bloody scenery. The comet of the earth is a tender model of the green lady, with a soft whisper of love: "The lady is willing to live together with her husband dead."

The girl caught Su Xing's arm with this love and sent him into the Fifth Heavenly Layer of the Nine Heavens Blood Field.

The eighth appearance of Lu Guqing, a lone star in heaven, the woman's face is like an ancient well, and she is immovable, but her eyes clearly show her reluctant attachment. The powerful Lu Shaqing used her full strength to throw Su Xing into a higher level. sky.

Then the relay was Diguxing Tang compassion.

The blood of the sky suddenly exploded into a powerful murderous force, preventing Su Xing's advance to press him into the ground. Tian Qiaoxing Yan Yizhen and Di Zixing Shi Yuan appeared at the same time around Su Xing.

"Hah hah hah hah."

The girls did not look back at the same time. "Miss Ben, but your third-star general, hasn't been with Su Xing you yet, Miss Ben is so unwilling." Shi Yuan's depressed voice sounded in his mind.

In the end, the 4th Stratum blood of the blood field showed countless sword lights strangling Su Xing. An extraordinary and refined little Loli suddenly appeared to disperse the cháo water like sword light. The little girl gently took Su Xing's hand.

Su Xing went home to the Third Heavenly Layer.

Earthling star An Suwen greeted Su Xing at the Third Heavenly Layer.

When Su Xing had no way to do more one step further, the forehead star symbol flashed again, and the Tianji star Wu Xinjie was in front of him. "Yingmei is waiting for you!"

The last white light flashed in front of me.In the blood sea, there is a unique frost.

Lin Yingmei, the leopard head of Tianxiong star, looked at Su Xing, and the girl hugged him and bowed her head to kiss.

I still remember the meeting on the Kiyanohara, the girl said the sentence seems to be yesterday. "From today on, my leopard head Lin Chong is your woman ..."

"Young Master, Yingmei doesn't want this fighting star, only wants you, Master."

Lin Yingmei said softly, with a crush of ice and snow, the girl forced Su Xing into Jiuzhongtian.

Shi Xian was indestructible, and no one could shake the final blood field. With the resonance of more than ten Su Xing's ladies, Su Xing finally broke through to the last day. It's just not enough. The sea of blood on the last floor is like a huge gate, locked in front of Su Xing, leaving him nowhere to go.


A green light bloomed on Su Xing's chest, and Zhao Hanyan's shadow even appeared in the side. Zhao Hanyan smiled slightly, and a green light came out. It was the Millennium Intertwined Branch Pair Swords, Intertwined Branch Pair Swords broke out unimaginable resonance, Blast the door of the blood sea.

Finally, Chai Ling, who had served Bi Yi Huang Quan, appeared.

With a proud gesture, the queen finally sent Su Xing to the void.

boom! ! ! !

The endless blood sea emits an ancient breath, and on top of the blood sea, the killing Shi Xian stands majestic in front of his eyes. The woman's eyes are red and blood is thousands of miles away, and she is shocked to see Su Xing break through her realm of spheres layer by layer, which is something that is difficult for your Highness.

"Even so, what can I do. Let Liangshan Continent be buried with you !!!"Shi Xian screamed, the sea of blood tumbling and converging in her sword erupted with a strong red light, which enveloped the entire Liangshan Continent four realms in fear. Su Xing lifted up to gather for Yi Tian, and was ready to die together, but at this moment, the shadow of Song Celadon also appeared strangely, and the girl shook up the Star Birthday Banner and said, "Su Jun, please go up the mountain with Celadon!"

The two merged into one, and Su Xing's mind was shocked in an instant.

I saw Su Xing killing Shi Shixian, holding with one hand. Actually want to face your heavenly order empty-handed, then die without a burial place, Shi Xian sneered, ready to fight, but at this moment, the scene changed suddenly.

A ray of light fell into the void around Su Xing, and each beam of light was actually a Xingwu.

Jinxian Lianminghuan, Qingdi Taihao sword, colorful Yanling sword, Shuangyue afterglow, Shuanghuaying moonsword ...... Whether it is an opponent, an ally, or a partner, all the star girls' star Wu Appeared in Su Xing Void around.

Lin Yingmei and others were surprised to feel the power of their Xingwu. The girls looked at each other without the slightest hesitation and released their Xingwu.

Cold Moon Star Spear, Golden Unicorn Spear, Guishuang Fairy Lotus, Jinfeng Yulu, etc. Xingwu ascend with wind's support, entered Jiuxiao Cloud and fell around Su Xing. Not only them, Xuan Yunsi also felt that he was stupid, and Chimi Mōryō bows and arrows were sacrificed without the slightest hesitation ...

Xing Wu of Dong Junqing, Zhu Sha, Zhang Feiyu and others went with him, and Xing Wu obtained by Zhao Hanyan was also sacrificed.

A colorful rainbow of one by one flew out near Nvliang Mountain, and continued to gather towards Su Xing.

It seems that the entire Star Girl's Xingwu has been summoned, and even Chao Gai is stunned.Su Shengxiang walked barefoot in the desert soil, and was close to Nvliang Mountain. A ray of red light flew from behind her and flew into the sea of blood in the sky. Su Shengxiang didn't understand what happened, but also felt that Xing Wu, who had defeated the star girl in the Star World bag, was moving stupidly. Su Shengxiang hesitated and seemed to feel something.

Still released these Xingwu.

Bai Ye carved dragon sword, golden hook seized the soul gun, one hundred thousand flame dragon axe, asked for directions Huang Quanshi and so on, each of them turned into a rainbow.

"This is ..." Shi Xian's eyes widened, unbelievable.

One hundred and eight pieces of Xingwu were revealed around Su Xing, and these Xingwu also transformed the masters of each weapon. Burning the nine prison swords, even the dog star Jinxian Lianhuan also appeared a cute girl holding it, whether it was against Su Xing, inadvertently fell or Su Xing's star.

One hundred and eight pieces of Xingwu appeared. Although every girl was just a phantom, it was vivid and lifelike.

World Romance! ! !

Shi Xian shook and shivered all over. "Impossible, impossible ..." the woman yelled, and immediately waved Tianjie's final blood field.

Su Xing also waved in the void, and the 108 Star Maidens of Niang Mountain turned into a monstrous offensive and Shi Xian's ultimate bloody field met.

Bloodlight and starlight collided with each other, flooding the heavens and earth, and spreading to the four realms.

All Liangshan Continent kneels down on the ground, only feel tinnitus, vomit a mouthful of fresh blood.

The blood of the sky finally disappeared, and the world was clear.Shi Xianmu looked at Su Xing in front of her, unbelievable her heavenly rank actually failed to succeed for lack of just one final step. The phantom of the 108-year-old girl behind Su Xing is like an invincible legion. Is this the existence that the emperor wants to pursue? Shi Xian thought so.

"His Royal Highness has been handed over to you from now on ..." Shi Xian's eyes were gloomy and turned into dust, leaving only a dim chopping phoenix mourning.

An unspeakable sadness permeated Su Xing's heart.

He looked back at the true spirits of the 108 star girls behind him, and nodded to them.

The girls smiled slightly, and the true spirit dissipated, leaving only Xingwu.

Su Xing returned to Nvliang Mountain.

His lady was already waiting for him, and he was relieved to see him safe and sound. Lin Yingmei even hugged Su Xing, tears and kisses before the eyes of the sisters.

"Is everything over?" Su Xing said.

Song Celadon and Xuan Yunlu came.

Su Xing frowned. "how?"

Chao Gai yù stopped, and sighed: "Song Celadon is a unity, and the unity and contract cannot go up the mountain at the same time."

"What do you mean ..." Su Xing's eyes were cold, his murderousness was that Chao Gai began to chill.

"So don't you have to go up the mountain? Douxing just go on like this?" Lin Yingmei asked, of course the girl didn't mind this.

"Then fight the stars to Su Jun. Su Jun cares more about our sisters than celadon." Song Qingci smiled.

"In fact, as long as the celadon Juyi sisters leave, they can also lift the Juyi." Chao Gai said.

Everyone was stunned.At present, the only one of Song Qingci ’s sister-in-law, Juxuan Maxuanyun, laughed. "Yun-Ear has long said that he should n’t get together with his sister.

"I won't kill you." Su Xing shook his head.

Things have developed to this point, Su Xing does not want to see casualties anymore, especially this.

"You don't have to be sad, as long as the celestial physicist who has comprehended the heavens can resurrect even a little real spirit," Chao Gai persuaded.

"Stop talking." Su Xing interrupted her.

Xuan Yunxi smiled and walked to Su Xing. The beautiful face of Ugly Junma was full of complicated gaze: "I think this is good. To be honest, Yun Xi should also go with her sister."

"Xuan Yun Si ..."

"Remember that Yun Shi owes you a kiss at the Crystal Dragon Palace banquet, so, if you go up the mountain to end the fighting star, if Yun Shi is still alive then I will give you back." Xuan Yun Shi smiled.

"This step has already been reached. Could it be because of my irrelevant outsider fail to succeed for lack of just one final step, are you worthy of being those sisters?" Ugly Junma shook his head to stop Su Xing's persuasion.

"Yun Shi's dreams, but the flower festival is in the wind ... Awakening the sister's love, the star world is gathering ..."

Xuan Yunlu looked up at the sky, slowly chanting, and his figure quickly dimmed. Chi Xing fell into Su Xing's body, leaving only Chimi Mōryō.

Everyone burst into tears, and Song Celadon had a pain in his head. With Xuan Yun's demise, Juyi declared defeat.

"The slave family is sorry, sister." Song Qingci to regret one's past deeds.

"Don't say this now, didn't Chao Gai say it? Just go up the mountain and let Su Wen save the life." Wu Xinjie comforted."Now sign the contract with the young master, celadon." Lin Ying frowned.

Su Xing walked over and Song Qingci closed his eyes.

Su Xing bowed his head and kissed Song Qing's lips. The girl's body shook, her sobbing came out of her throat, and the sky star shone.

"Does our beloved kiss the devil ..."

Lu Xiao asked the sisters.

The girls are ashamed.

In this way, there are only seven red stars in the sky, which coincides with the seven stars.

No, there is one less.

Everyone's eyes looked at the ninth generation Star Battle final phase, a star girl-Tian Gui Xing Xiao Whirlwind Chai Ling.

Being watched fiercely, Chai Ling blushed, and the Queen's shameful eyebrows dropped.

"There is no way to disturb the world this time, but Ling'er, would you like to unwilling to do my lady?" Su Xing asked affectionately.

"If you can't be your first house, be your last one." Chai Ling was inaudible, and the girls laughed.

The two kissed, this was not the first time they kissed, so the kiss was quite lingering ...

"By the way, is this palace your last lady?" Chai Ling stared at him in shame.

"I think Chai Ling is afraid that your wish is going to fail." Zhao Hanyan smiled lowly.

Just then, the sky suddenly flashed a white light.

Fang's family and Wu Jinghao appeared.

The women are like enemies.

Fang's family looked sadly at the phoenix in Su Xing's hands, but the girl said, "Major, please cherish her carefully. A family is waiting for you in Star World."

"" "Un." "" Su Xing responded cautiously.

Fang's family looked at Su Xing's ladies and smiled slightly. The girl turned and walked into Nvliang Mountain."Your Highness, wait for us, we want to follow you, Wushuang, we can finally go home." Wu Xiaoniang ran over.

Uesugi Musou also walked.

"Thank you." Su Xing thanked her.

Uesugi looked sideways, her eyes were stunning and indifferent, the woman nodded, her long hair like water, and walked into Nvliang Mountain.

"I didn't think you really killed Shi Xian. It's so powerful. That Fang's family is so powerful that you can't beat the scumbag." Wu Luanhao smiled boldly, "Ling'er, you finally have a man, not bad not bad."

"Sister Huang," Chai Ling blushed. Suddenly Chai Ling found that the atmosphere was a little stiff, and she looked at Su Xing with a serious expression.

"As the eighth-generation overlord, if you don't die, you can't go up the mountain." Wuluan shrugged.

"Senior." Chai Ling's face changed.

"Kylin snow is red, white waves are rising from the golden wind, Mingyue invites a cup to get drunk overnight, and the broken arrow lady plays 箜篌, the voice is quiet in the millennium-without her, life is just a dream of Huang Liang." Wu 箜篌 smiled slightly, "now this prediction There are only scumbags left. "

"Can't I sign the contract?" Chai Ling asked anxiously.

The answer is naturally impossible. The eighth generation of Wu Song does not belong to the ninth generation of fighting stars. The signing of the contract is naturally a fantasy, and because of her existence, other people cannot go up the mountain even if the seven stars gather together.

"Broken Arrow, the beautiful lady plays the sword, then Yu Yu." Hua Wanyue walked out and took out the Ruby Split Star short gun.

"Okay, take the trick." Wu Luan smiled.The body swayed and rushed past. Hua Wanyue had two short guns in hand. Two swords punctured each other. Hua Wanyong short guns unloaded each other. Tian Yingxing walked a graceful step to avoid the attack of the nine-star Guishuang monster, woman With an elegant piercing of the short gun, no one thought that a scene had happened, and Wu Luan didn't hide or let the two short guns pierce his body.

"Senior Huangchi?" Everyone was stunned, never expecting Wuqing to give up.

"The despicable person's wish has been fulfilled, and there is nothing to linger. It is time to see her." Wu Luanchi of her naturally refers to the eighth generation of Dou Xing and her life and death, but ultimately the life and death of the leopard head Lin Qingxue. Now that Su Xing's growth has reached the point where even Wu Luan must be to far inferior, possessing a phoenix sword that laughs and kills immortals, Wu Luo believes that this man will finally live his wish in the astral world.

Although it is a pity not to go to Star World in person, at least she witnessed a legend.

Everyone paid high respect to this senior.

Wu Luzhu finally dissipated.

Su Xing stood under the Nvliang Mountain and waited for Qixing Juyi. Zhao Hanyan, Xi Yue, Gong Caiwei accompanied him, and the dragon girl quickly came to the downhill from Mingyue Palace and saw Su Xing. Su Shengxiang is a bit far away. She used the poisonous means of the Soul Umbrella to make some people hate her, but she finally released Xingwu to help Su Xing complete the unprecedented "World Romance". Helped, other things can only go up the mountain and do some care.

"There is still one, I don't know who it is." Zhao Hanyan looks at the sky, the last red star.

Su Xing was looking at the twin short swords in the hands of Shuangyue afterglow, very sorry and distressed."Nuliangshan will see you again." Lin Yingmei held Su Xing's hand.

"We will see you again," Su Xing said firmly.

Soon, a hot girl in the distance was cautious and solemn. She came to the foot of the mountain reluctantly. When she saw Su Xing and others, she was startled. Su Xing laughed when she saw the girl.

Was n’t she the original Yan Princess Tuobayan of Suzakuyama?

"Fusion, we'll see you again." Tuobayan sniffed.

Ding Xinghuoyan Deng Rongxin took out angry Tianxinghuo hammer and said: "Kill me first!"

Zhao Hanyan blinked, thinking they were really cute.

The original contract had long lost its function, but Su Xing still had a good impression on her. Su Xing smiled and said, "Tuo Bayan, go up the mountain together."

"Ah, do you know me?" Tuoba Yan casts a puzzle.

"You are that man?" Deng Rongxin was stupid.

Su Xing smiled and turned around.

"Girls, are you ready?" Su Xing asked them.

"Let the Star Realm be surprised!" The girls laughed.

Then everyone walked into Nvliang Mountain.As soon as she entered Nvliang Mountain, a mist surrounded her, and Su Xing felt her own body became very light and had been rising. During the ascent, Su Xing saw the sky as if it were at his fingertips. The dazzling stars just opened a beautiful picture of the Milky Way in front of their eyes. The girl image of Outstanding Beauty stared continuously in the picture. With him, some were heroic, some were resentful like the sea, some were gentle like jade, and some were magnificent ... the vague picture was clear this time. The heroic image was Lin Yingmei, and you were resentful. The sea is Wu Xinjie, the gentle and jade is Song Celadon, the magnificent is Wu Siyou ... Su Xingweiran, filled with warmth in her heart.

It turned out that when I broke into Liangshan Continent, it was already a bond.

The road to the astral world has no time or length. Su Xing knows that the next road will be long and difficult, but Su Xing does not care. He knows that there are also some people on Nvliang Mountain waiting for him.

Waiting to see him again!

A hundred years later.

Liang Huang in Jiangshan Tower looks at the sky, and like all other people in Liangshan Continent, he showed a pitiful expression, but he was a little happy. His current practice is already Transforming Star of Annihilation, and it won't take long to meet Su Xing in the Star World.

Don't know daughter doing fine?

Emperor Liang went to an astrological pavilion.

A girl with purple hair is looking at the sky with fascination, and her slim gesture all reveals the girl's softness.

"Dou Xing didn't appear, it seems that Su Xing really did it, ended Dou Xing, ha ha." Liang Huang smiled.

The girl turned around, revealing her allure, she was Hu Mi."Hu Mi knew that he would do it." Hu Mi choked her hair and smiled faintly, her thoughts could not help but return to the battle star 100 years ago, and finally unexpectedly shed tears of the Weaver Girl and ended the contract, becoming The first person to break away from Dou Xing since the nine generations of Dou Xing and Qi Xing.

"Jingshu, you must be waiting for me." Hu Mi said softly.

"Haha, I really look forward to how Su Xing will be in the astral world." Liang Huang looked forward to it.

Hu Mi smiled and wanted to see him very much.

She imagined that Su Xing was going all over the astral world. When she heard that there are millions of stars in the astral world, would she seduce some good family girls, or let the young female emperor's tears turn around, or say the astral world was conquered by him What.

However, no matter what.

That is another story.

〖End of the Book〗