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Chapter Directory 2429 Free Announcement For A Limited Time!
    Author: 傲天无痕(ào tiān wú hén, AoTian Traceless)
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@@ In order to give back to the vast number of book friends who have always supported the "Warlord" and Wuhen, Wuhen discussed with the editor, and decided to be on this Saturday (January 2o) at 1o am-next Monday (Mono 22 ) At 1 o'clock in the morning, all VIP chapters of "Warlord" will be opened for free for ad enthusiasts.

"Warlord" is more than 7 million words, and there are more than 500 chapters in the paid chapters. All the puzzles are solved in these chapters. You can come to see them when the time comes. In addition, you will be in the group and book review area. Interactive.

In the future, depending on the actual situation, we will continue to engage in such activities!

Finally, I ’m making sure that all the book friends who have read "Jie Huang" know that the new book "Jie Huang" is better than "Zhan Huang", and accept all the questions raised by you about "Zhan Huang" If you lose it, you can also take a look at "Jie Huang", 2o days, an update of 500,000 words, it is still free ~~~

Let's have fun together!

"Jiehuang" link: .17k. / Book / 399539.htm1 @@