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Chapter Directory 2241 Fanwai: Ziwei Star Fanyu
    Author: 妖月夜(Yāo yuèyè, Demon Moon Light)
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Nine Yangs out, Emperor Xing is dark!


Dayan universe!

Just because of a prophecy, the people of the old emperor Haotian were chased and killed by the ancient people.

Haotian exiles everywhere in the universe!

However, the old ministry of Haotian Emperor still believes that the emperor is not dead.

On that day, it will be Jiuyang in the sky, shining on the universe!

On that day, the mountains and rivers will inevitably change color.


A Dayan era, 60 million years passed!

Ziwei star field, in the old imperial palace that has been turned into a ruin.

In front of Xiao Zhantian, there was a magnificent Haotian mirror suspended.

The mirror is golden and engraved with ancient dimples. The breath that seems to communicate with the world.

At this time, the light flashed in the mirror, and a picture evolved in it.

This is a vast sea of boundaries.

At this time, among the sea of this realm, there was an imperial seal rising from the sky.

This emperor's seal resembles the sky and the sky, and the radiant light shines all over the world.

If you look closely, there is nine rounds of Tianyang floating above the emperor seal.

Nine Yang is in the sky, it shines!

This is the emperor seal of Jiuyang!

Jiuyang Emperor Seal is the Emperor Seal held by Dayan Universe and Haotian Emperor!

"Jiuyang Emperor Seal ... Old partner, you are finally born!" Looking at the Emperor Seal that appeared suddenly, Xiao Zhantian couldn't help but sigh.

Among his eyes, there are vicissitudes of life.

Beside him, Xiao Yun and Hengdi stood sideways."Jiuyang Emperor Seal ... Father, this is the Emperor Seal you made?" Next to it, Xiao Yun couldn't help but see the glory of this Emperor Seal. Now, when they come to the Lagerstroemia It's been a million years. In this million years, too many things have happened, and the identity has changed dramatically.

Especially Xiao Zhantian ...

The inner world of Shenfeng Realm is not the starting point of Xiao Zhantian.

Xiao Zhantian's true identity is the Great Emperor Haotian of Dayan Universe!

Haotian the Great Emperor, who ruled the 12 great Yanyans of the Great Yan Realm, but because of the exhaustion of Shou Yuan, in the future, it is going to die in meditation.

At this time, a new emperor rose up slowly, trying to replace it.

In his twilight years, Haotian the Great had to leave behind for himself and fight again.

He cut away the fruit of the Dao, attempting to resurrect the life, reassert the throne, and rule the eight directions!

Because he cannot die!

If he died, Haotian would die!

For the continuation of the tribe, Haotian the Great lays out millions of years!

Xiao Zhantian was the remnant of his soul that escaped into the inner world of Kamikaze Realm in an attempt to reincarnate and come again.

He did this in order to avoid the chase of the enemy and leave a hope for himself.

In fact, this emperor seal is also his follower.

It is a pity that in the Emperor Seal, his remnant soul was wiped out and he could not be born in another way.

Instead, it is the most unassuming ray of remnant soul, and finally the reincarnation proved successful!

Now Xiao Zhantian and Xiao Yun, planning a million years in Dayan Realm, finally entered the old palace of the crape myrtle again.

At this moment, they also had a trace of capital against the new emperor.Now Emperor printed out, so Xiao Yun was a little excited.

Because this is the emperor's seal of his father. If he can get the palm, his father's combat power will soar.

Furthermore, in the Dayan universe, there is still one prophecy!

That is, Jiuyang is out, Emperor Xing is dark!

Countless powerful deductions, this prophecy indicates that the Emperor Jiuyang will be printed, and the New Emperor will be in danger!

At that time, Dayan Universe, the supreme emperor, was afraid to change the Lord!

"Yes, this is the Emperor Yin who was in charge of his father back then!"

Xiao Zhantian stared at the imperial seal that had evolved in the mirror and took a deep breath.

"Father, can I get the Emperor Seal?" Xiao Yun smiled.

He glanced at the Emperor Seal lightly.

Jiuyang Emperor Seal is a godless soldier.

However, Xiao Yun belongs to his own Dao and his own imperial soldiers. He has little interest in the so-called Emperor Jiuyang.

"Oh, this emperor seal is the twelve godless soldiers that were refined for the father at that time. The power is indeed good, but now it is no longer necessary for the father to live a lifetime again!" Laughing loudly, did not mean to get the Emperor Seal.

"This ..." next to Emperor Heng, surprised, "If this seal falls into the hands of others, it is also a trouble!"

If this emperor's seal falls into the hands of the enemy, it's not good!

In addition, if the Emperor Seal is obtained, they can also have one more Emperor-level strong!

"Tian Dao is ruthless, but in the dark, but has its own number, this emperor printed out, and those who have fate have it." Xiao Zhantian smiled slightly.

But he could see his eyes, locked in that piece of sea.Xiao Yun's eyes could not help but continue to look away.

This boundary sea is called Tongtianjie Sea!

At this time, an ancient emperor seal shining on the entire world of sea, that dazzling light seems to penetrate everything, through the world of sea, into the divine realm, the dazzling light enveloped the entire god realm, a vast emperor The power burst out, making the cultivators of the whole God Realm tremble.

Even the supreme, can't help but want to prostrate to the ground to worship.

That kind of power makes people involuntarily respectful.

At this time, Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the ancient seal in front of his eyes.

Even if it is him, he has already surpassed the supreme realm, and when facing this emperor seal, he still produces a feeling of ants looking at the sky.

"What level of divine seal is this?" Jiang Chen made a lot of waves in his heart.


At this moment, he felt his soul resonate with this emperor seal.

At the same time, the emperor's seal was also trembling.

The entire boundary sea is resonating.

resonate with the Heaven and Earth ...

In the whole world, it seems that only Jiang Chen is left, only this Emperor Seal!

"This world of sea contains supreme rules, and even power can't break into it. This kid can actually make this world of sea rules resonate with it?" In the palace, Hengdi's eyes condensed and couldn't help but think about Jiang Chengao takes a quick look.

Today, Hengdi has also stood at the pinnacle of this universe.

With just a glance, he could see the extraordinary nature of this world.

This boundary sea is a sea of Dao, formed by the rules of the universe.

This kind of boundary sea, even if the emperor enters, may be lost.However, the descendants in front of him could make this world resonate with him, how could he not be surprised.

Beside, Xiao Zhantian nodded slightly.

"Jiuyang Emperor Seal?" At this time, in the boundary sea, Jiang Chenxia sent the immortal Emperor Seal with an endless divine power, a wave of information poured into his heart.

Afterwards, the light pattern bloomed in his eyebrows, and a god pattern rose into the sky, and evolved a vast world.

In this world, a giant tree, standing in the sky and earth, seems to be hundreds of thousands of feet high, supporting the heaven and earth galaxy!

When the emperor's seal flashed, carrying a dazzling light, he entered the world evolved by Jiang Chen, and finally suspended on the giant tree!

It seems that this emperor seal is extremely proud and unwilling to succumb to the tree.

Then, in the boundless sea, there were endless ways whizzing, blending into the imperial seal, and into the giant tree.

Melted into Jiang Chen's soul.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen fell into a mysterious state.

He felt that he was in the sea of avenues, and that the endless avenue rules were swimming inside him.

"Emperor Yin, was taken by him?" Seeing this, even the Emperor Emperor could not help but set off some waves.

But he knew that it was Emperor Seal!

Even the emperor-level strongman may not be able to control!

At this time, it was accepted by a later generation!

"This young man has some skill!" Xiao Yun smiled, "However, this emperor seal is, for him, just a scourge.""Oh, good fortune and calamity goes hand-in-hand, why worry?" Xiao Zhantian smiled aloud, and said, "This heaven and earth, which one is not a tribulation, only to prove the Grand Dao, even for the father , Have you stood at the top of this heaven and earth, have you not experienced ups and downs? "

"That is, only if you go forward, without fear of the wind and waves, will you have the opportunity to step on the top of the avenue, otherwise, it will only become annihilated in the long river, and no trace of existence can be found. I hope this young man can get out of his own path "Xiao Yun nodded slightly.

"However, I think there is a familiar breath in this metaphysical body. He will not be, your ..." Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes and looked at Xiao Zhantian.

"Haha, it's exactly what you think, but it's not what you think, hehe, when he enters my Dayan universe, you will naturally understand!" Xiao Zhantian smiled.

"Oh!" After hearing this, Xiao Yun couldn't help narrowing his eyes and glanced at Jiang Chen in the boundary sea. "It seems that this kid has some heads!" At this time, he is also for the afterlife in the boundary sea. Full of interest, looking forward to his arrival.

"He?" Emperor Heng was surprised, not understanding what Xiao Yun and Xiao Zhantian said just now.

It seems that this young man has some connection with Xiao Zhantian.


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