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Chapter Directory 1144 Chapter 1144: Dapeng Spread His Wings And Hate 4 Days Low
    Author: 月如火(Yuè rú huǒ, Moon Like Fire)
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Several decorations in the room were cut into pieces, ping ping pang pang kept ringing, and the original quiet hut suddenly became messy.

Xia Luo stood outside the door with anger and stood handily, said coldly: "Your boy, really be fool enough to reject a face-saving offer, what Yue Bingyun came to your room to do, give Master Young one five one Say it in ten. "

The killing intention flashed through Xiao Chen's heart, suppressing his anger, and got up faintly said: "Is it necessary to tell you?"

"Oh, well, good!"

Xia Luo's whole body turned upside down, and the whole person sneered. He stared at Xiao Chen: "It's really ignorant. It was originally intended to keep your boy's life. When I arrive at the Blackwater City, I will pick you up. Necessary. "

"Die to me!"

With a scream, Xia Luo's body ignited a raging fire, and a violent electric light rushed out of his body, and the entire inn was smashed-up in an instant.

The staying warriors in the inn suddenly ran out like panic birds and beasts, daring to stay in place for a moment, afraid of being involved in the war between the strong.

Xia Luo in the electric light, like a thunder god, has a powerful momentum, and punches out, pulling out thousands of lightnings burning with flames.

It was a punch towards Xiao Chen, and his anger was skyrocketing. This punch almost exhausted all his strength, and he never thought of any reservation.

The violent thunder and the rumbling sound never stopped for a moment. Xia Luo's punch showed a strong and terrifying explosive force, which was clearly to beat Xiao Chen's rhythm with one punch.

Yes, the legendary thunderfire king's veins are indeed not necessarily underestimated, even if they don't fall a lot.Xia Luo's strength is still remarkable, with some arrogant capital.

Of course, just a little knowledge is still far from enough in Xiao Chen's eyes.

Sitting in the morning, Xiao Chen suddenly rose, the heavenly seal moved with his heart, and tens of thousands of Strength of Principles, in a single thought, drove its energy of heaven and earth like a torrential river.

Dapeng spreads his wings and hates the sky!

It was also a punch, and Xiao Chen took off behind him a huge Kunpeng, smashed-up inn that covered half of the sky, and was smashed into powder, disappearing and invisible.

If you don't move, Xiao Chen is above the momentum and instantly suppresses Xia Luo to Shengsheng.

Without giving him surprise time, an instant when the two fists met, spit Xia Luo spitting blood.

In the high altitude, Yue Bingyun hovered above him, and behind him stood a terrifying Great Emperor Wu Yuan who was a terrifying man.

"Is that your friend?" The old man pointed to Xia Luo, facing the moon ice cloud road.

Moon Bingyun shook his head: "Naturally not."

"That's good, this character is terrible, and its reputation is in the Black Sea, and it's not very good." The old man nodded, and then asked Xiao Chen: "What is the relationship between the man and the young lady, our first batch He was the leader of the human blood wolf pirate group. "

Yue Bingyun whispered, asked for the details, and understood, he said: "He is my friend, this should be just a misunderstanding, he will not have anything to do with Emerald Mountain Villa, have all the plans been made?"

"It's done." The old man whispered, "It can be guaranteed that Emerald Mountain Villa will definitely lose more than the next month."Between the two talking, the battle below gradually came to an end. When Xiao Chen punched and fell into the summer, he fell into the rhythm of beating.

Many warriors who lived in small towns recognized Xia Luo's identity and saw that he was beaten so miserably, his face was full of unexpected colors.

"What is this young man in white, and how dare the Xia family dare to fight."

"The strength is really strong. This Xia Luo is a young generation in the Black Water City. It is also a character. He was beaten so hard at the door."

The beaten Xia Luo, who was really temperless, and after a few painful wailings, without any previous domineering, looked at Xiao Chen angrily and rushed towards the Black Water City.

Xiao Chen stood hand in hand and did not chase, so Xia Luo was embarrassed to go away.

"I'm afraid it's a bit troublesome now. The Xia family's power in Blackwater City is very big, and you are still a bit impulsive." Yue Bingyun drifted down, slowly said.

Xiao Chen didn't take it seriously, saying: "Hundreds of millions of people in the city are comparable to a big country. No matter how powerful the Xia family is, it is not so easy to find me."

"In the Black Water City, there will be a quasi-imperial auction, are you interested in going there?"

Obviously, Yue Bingyun didn't pay much attention to Xia Luo's affairs, and he sent another invitation to Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen now has hundreds of millions of Black Star coins, and he is still looking forward to this quasi-imperial auction, and may be able to find some of his favorite equipment.

At dawn, Xiao Chen and Moon Bingyun came to the Black Water City at the same time. The black city wall resembled a cast iron dragon cast on the ground.There is no sunlight on the dim space, but it has a restrained luster, shining above the city walls, which is extremely mysterious.

This circle of city walls is afraid of another mystery. It contains a lot of magic materials. Even if the Emperor Wu strikes, it may not be able to destroy the city in an instant.

Looking at the city wall, Yue Bingyun was also very emotional: "This city is not low-grade, and it can be regarded as an eight-grade city, and it can hold ordinary Wudi."

"Is the city also divided into grades?" Xiao Chen curiously asked.

Yue Bingyun smiled softly and said: "That is natural. The greater the number is from one to nine, the better the grade. After the ninth grade is the most powerful holy city."

Xiao Chen thought about it and remembered that he was building a new Tianlong City. Hearing Mo Chen's words was no worse than Mingyue City, he asked, "Which grade does Mingyue City belong to."

A trace of pride flashed on Yue Bingyun's face, saying: "Moon Moon City is of course a holy city that surpasses the Ninth Grade, and it has passed down tens of thousands of years. One of the strongest holy cities. "

It seems that the level of the Dragon City is not bad, and can be regarded as the grade of the Holy City, but there is still a distance from the immortal Holy City.

In the future, we can see if we can think of other ways to catch up with the accumulation of these immortal holy cities.

"In other words, among Sea World, there are several immortal holy cities, which deserve the title of the strongest holy city."

After paying the entry tax, the two entered the city and chatted casually.

Yue Bingyun knew a lot about this kind of information, and Zhangkou replied: "There are seven immortal holy cities in every vast sea area.""Mingyue city is in the starry sea, Penglai city is in the Penglai fairy sea, and the dark city in the dark sea in the core sea is in the black sea."

Xiao Chen was slightly curious when he heard the news in this regard for the first time, and continued to ask: "The other four, besides these three sea areas, are there other sea areas."

"There must be, but it is useless to tell you at the moment. Sea World is almost endless. Even the Super Hegemon, he does not dare to say anything about every sea area."

During the talk, the two entered an inn, and after ordering food, they walked towards the mutually agreed room.

Stopping the little guy who came to the costume, Xiao Chen gave a hundred black star coins, so that the other party could figure out the whole sequence of events of the Emerald Mountain Villa in four hours.

These are public information. Emerald Villa is well-known in the Blackwater City. It is easy for locals to take some time.

Dian Xiaoer looked at the hundred black star coins, just like Bai took. He smiled quickly and promised to stop.

Sitting cross-legged on his legs, Xiao Chen continued to hone, blending five different attributes into his own soul.

At the same time, in a compound belonging to the Xia family in the Black Water City, Xia Luozheng was sullenly talking to an old man.

The old man was named Wang Zhen. Three years ago, he successfully broke through the Dacheng Quasi-Emperor and became the perfect Quasi-Emperor who cultivated the Heavenly Seal from his soul. Thus became the Xia Family, the principal in the Black Water City, and coordinated all the forces of the Xia Family in the Black Water City.

Just wait for the accumulation enough to survive the robbery, and then you can attack the Emperor Wu.However, once the wind and fire looting fails, it is nine deaths and a lifetime. Even if the accumulation is completed, he may not have the guts and grasp to go through the wind and fire disaster.

"Audacious in the extreme, dare to bully our Xia family in such a flagrant manner, you can rest assured that the second master, I will leave this to my husband, as long as I find this person, I will scrap him in person."

A trace of murderousness flashed in Wang Zhen's eyes. With his successful practice of the imperial emperor, he killed a Dacheng imperial emperor, but it was a matter of hand.

After the soul is integrated into the Heavenly Seal, not only can the energy of heaven and earth be mobilized, it is much more pure than Dacheng Zhundi, but it is also more handy.

The most important thing is that, after the soul of God is integrated into the Celestial Seal, the Celestial Seal has become the prototype of the heart of the emperor.

At this time, unless the damage to the physical body of the warrior was severed and broken, it would be difficult to cause fatal damage to the Perfect Emperor.

The vitality was further reduced, and the Holy Body of the Quasi-Emperor was strengthened once again, which was infinitely close to the Golden Body of the Emperor.

Xia Luo looked fierce and said in a deep voice: "For the time being, the Blackwater City will hold a quasi-imperial level auction three days later. At that time, I will shoot a few treasures, and my strength will advance by leaps and bounds."

Wang Zhenxin thought carefully and immediately understood the meaning of Xia Luo. The second young master wanted to defeat the white man with his own hands.

"No problem, everything listens to the second master."

In the inn, Xiao Chen withdrew from the state of cultivation. Among the five advanced attributes, death and killing have been perfectly integrated into the spirit of the sword by Xiao Chen.

The power of forming a 100% agreement between the Killing Sword Soul and the Death Sword Soul is not much different from that of the Thunder Sword Soul.If these two moods can be cultivated into will, then it will be no worse than Thunder Blade Spirit.

At that time, the combat effectiveness may not be much different from that of the general Perfection Emperor.

Boom Boom Boom!

When the knock on the door rang, Dian Xiaoguo smiled and plucked his head, and then handed over a complete piece of information to Xiao Chen.

The work efficiency was faster than expected, and Xiao Chen rewarded some black star coins before sending out this little fellow.

Look at this Emerald Mountain Villa, what kind of magical soldiers they have.

Looking carefully, turning down page by page, the expression on Xiao Chen's face became more and more dignified, and a trace of excitement appeared even more uncontrollably between the eyebrows.