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Chapter Directory 1251 End Of The Book
    Author: 坏宝(Huài bǎo, Bad Babe)
    Original: | Translator:

(To vomit, it must be at least 1,000 words to be sent to the VIP volume. It will trouble you to spend three starting coins to see the nonsense of Xiaobao.)

After writing the four words of the testimonial, Xiaobao felt that there was a lot of words to say, but he didn't know where to start with a pen.

Then, according to the timeline.

Jian Ling, December 2, 2013, uploaded the first chapter, and finished the book today. This writing is three and a half years, in fact, Xiao Bao did not expect to write for so long, because before that Xiao Bao wrote two books, one million words and one 2.5 million words, a total of It took more than a year.

In such a long time, many things have happened, and Xiaobao has also experienced many things. The biggest change is that he walked out of the ivory tower and stepped into the workplace. When Jian Ling published the book, Xiaobao was still a junior, and now he has been working for two years now.

Speaking of which, it must say Sword Spirit's update. When I was in college, Xiaobao's update was still stable, but then I graduated and went to work, and I entered this industry. I work overtime every day, and it is 996 every week. , Not enough.

Therefore, the book originally planned to have at least 5 million words is now finished, and I haven't finished writing Tianyu for everyone. I am really sorry. I am ashamed of waiting for you for so long.Because of going to work, it is necessary to make a change. Because of the change, the readers will be lost and the grades will drop. Because the grades will drop, the effort and gain will become less and less proportional. However, there is no way to blame others. This is Xiaobao's own choice. If Xiaobao chooses to write books full-time when he graduates, it may be another situation.

It is estimated that not many people can see the end of this chapter. Most of the readers have already been lost in the middle.

The plot of Tianyu, in fact, Xiaobao had already had an idea, but unfortunately there is no way to write it.

A great disaster will not die, waiting hard for Ru Xuan's dependence;

Peony fairy who loves Ye Tianwannian for years, but eventually fails to achieve a positive result;

Ambitious, the hypocrite Duan Hongchen who betrayed the emperor to the throne;

Successfully returned to the sky, return to the ice spirit of Ice Phoenix Clan;

The fire unicorn passed to Lu Xuan's unicorn arm;

Did Ling Tian, the ancestor of Ling Jin, the Tianmo Ling family, really become the Devil Emperor?

In Ling Jin's stomach, is Lu Xuan's child really pregnant?

In fact, a lot of lines have been rolled out long ago, so let the rest of the rest of the matter be imagined. Perhaps nothing happened is better.

Xiaobao will definitely continue to write the new book. After so many years of writing, I ca n’t lose it and I will feel itchy.

However, the new book has not been published. First, I did not expect a story that satisfied me. Second, I did not do a good job to meet the update for several years. At two o'clock, the new book is time of departure.Finally, thank you for your companionship for nearly four years, thank you for your support, thank you HYLiu Dabi, Shenrong, the brother of Ritian brother, thank you for all the rewards, subscribe to Xiaobao's book friends, and especially thank "Zhangyu swordfish", from the book to the present, the rewards of all sizes have never broken, thanks.

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