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Chapter Directory 389 End Of The Book
    Author: 鱼丸酱醋米(Yú wán jiàng cù mǐ, Fish Ball Sauce Vinegar Rice)
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When writing the three finale words, the fish ball is full of complex looks. This book is the first book of the fish ball, although the grade is still moderate, but it has completed an alien world naruto dream. . (Many people in the Pingnan Book Friends Group persuaded Yu Wanzi that they could write the plot of Ren Tianyou's return to the city, but Yu Wanzi felt that it was not necessary, because if this is the case, the essence of the book will change, and the ending Ren Tianyou didn't mention the matter of returning to the earth, just to leave a suspense. Everyone can think about Ren Tianyou's life on the earth according to their own imagination.

In addition, the fish balls would like to thank the people who have always supported the fish balls, Youyou, Inverseness, Melody, Out-of-fitness, Yueyue, Hongchen Sister, lrun, mvp_Reverse Love, Bloodthirsty Kai Shao, Xiao Taoist, King Wang, Xiao Bao Fish Balls thanks all the book friends for their support. It is precisely because of your support that Fish Balls can come to the present.

In addition, I would also like to thank my editor-in-chief expedition greatly, it is precisely because he gave fish ball a lot of recommendations, he can only get to the point where he is now, thank you expedition greatly.

In addition, the new book of Yuwanzi is uploaded after about a week. The new book is also a fantasy type. It is the history of the young people of the earth who have taken the martial arts secrets on the earth and struggled in different worlds. The title of the book is Rong Yuwanzi.