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Chapter Directory 1401 After Writing This Book
    Author: 西贝猫(Xī bèi māo, Sibe Cat)
    Original: | Translator:

When I typed (end of the text) three words on the keyboard, I felt that the whole person was more relaxed. % It's like bites down hard, running the whole course, and relaxing just after passing the finish line. Tired and excited, but also a bit reluctant.

In fact, when writing this book, I was also very troubled.

"Sword of Summoning" is the first upgrade stream I wrote. To be honest, this is a very big test for me, and the time of this book is also very long, it took me more than two years. Before this, I had never spent two years of experience in a book, so there were some problems, some places I did not grasp, and some places were a little anxious. But it also brought me a lot of valuable experience and prepared me for the next book.

The score of this book is the best one I have ever written, which really surprised me. Because before that, I have always written niche books, but everyone wants to read as many people as possible, right? It is a pity that in this book, due to problems such as insufficient experience, it caused some disconnection in the later period, and I did not expect that if the time of a book is too long, it will make people feel so stressed. One book a year, I have never thought about a book that has not been written after two years. But with this experience, when I open a new book, I will make more preparations, I hope the next book will also bring you enough happiness and enjoyment.Of course, I would also like to thank all readers for supporting me, to be honest, because the delay is too long, and I am not mentally prepared, causing me to think about giving up more than once. But seeing the support of readers for me, I stuck my teeth and persevered, and finally finished the book.

Of course, I would also like to thank all the editors, especially the expedition. Although it was taken over halfway, it is still very responsible to me. Otherwise, it is estimated that my book will not be finished. Of course, the great help of black tea is also very important to me.

At the same time, I would also like to thank Dao, because of his rigorous review and spur, I only got better grades.

The release of this new book is still a test for me, even more twists and turns than before. I have thought of many themes, including the construction of alien bases and chariots, or the protagonist entering the dungeon to deal with the devil. The brave men who explored the maze and so on, but in the end, after several revisions and selections and discussions, I still chose the theme of virtual online games.

Yes, it is a virtual online game, not a game outside world! Although it sounds similar, it is completely different.

As for the specific content, I will explain it when the new book is released.

Before the new book is released, I will also open a new chapter in advance, please continue to pay attention.

The reservation is to open a new book at the beginning of March. At that time, readers are invited to continue to support it ~~

Well, that's it, we will see you in the new book in March! (...)