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Chapter Directory 842 Please Try Harder
    Author: 咸鱼上岸(Xián yú shàng'àn, Salty Fish Ashore)
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High school students ... youth ... Tiandao Zhaoxiang wanted to say negative words, but suddenly she didn't know what to say.

That's it.

Of course he can say that, whoever feels powerless can say so, but is it really okay?

She has no obligation to Save the World, but she has to say if she can do anything ...

"... may be able to destroy the fusion of the God of Scourge." After Zhao Xiang blurted out her words, she realized what she said.

"Destroy the fusion?" Qing Si heard the words, blinking, "You mean, repeat the interference you caused to him ten years ago !?"

Asuka spent two seconds regretting unconsciously saying this method, and then sighed: "Yes."

"Ten years ago, the god of evil was disturbed when he absorbed his soul, so he suffered damage and fell asleep."

"Now ten years later, he is also absorbing souls, and maybe as you said there is flesh and blood. If this large-scale fusion process is interrupted again, then the damage he should suffer far exceeds the extent of ten years ago. Will fall into a longer sleep. "

"However, the problem is how to reproduce that interference."

"I lack memory, and I don't remember exactly what I did at that time ... Even if I remember what to do, it should be a special method that can only be done during the process of being absorbed by the God of Scourge. It is very dangerous.

"A step back, even if someone can do it and survive, the result is likely to be what I am now, or even worse ... In other words, this is also a method that requires sacrifice."

Haruka is silent."It doesn't have to be sacrificed." Bai Yingshen said, "If Asaka cooperates with me, he can protect the soul and body of the surgeon.

Haruka flashes again.

"I cooperate with you?" Asaka looked at the cherry tree, her eyes flashing.

"Asaka is similar to me, a special existence for him." Bai Yingshen explained.

"So Zhaoxiang cooperated with me and could keep some people during his deprivation."

"But there is a limit. If he is deprived too much, it won't work."

"Are you sure?" Qingji asked carefully. "As long as you don't absorb too much, but only absorb a small part, you can completely save your soul and body !?"

this point is very important.

As long as there are safety limits, he can try!

"Okay." Bai Ying God assured.

Yoxi, a good card!

"To be able to guarantee safety, then the rest is the way." Qing Si looked at Asaka.

Asuka silent for a while, shook his head.

"I really want to do not raise."

"Please work harder again ..." Haruji asked, "Yes, how about communicating with Kotaro and other remnants? Maybe it will come to mind?

Facing the request of the young high school student who wanted to deal with Save the World, Chao Xiang sighed.

"Okay ... I try."


The technique is continuous, and the shells continue to bomb.

Heaven Taoist has turned into a hell-like battlefield!The bright red giant tree and the gray shadow dragon give people a great sense of oppression visually, not to mention the spiritual pressure caused by the extremely powerful force, if ordinary people will absolutely collapse at the scene! Those with low-level spiritual abilities are also difficult to resist. If there is no enchantment protection, the falling speed may not be much different from that of ordinary people.

The bright red cherry blossoms that are continuously sprinkled by the canopy of giant trees are as beautiful as rain and snow, but the beauty is extremely dangerous.

Being eroded by Red Sakura will not die immediately, but will fall into a deep sleep like death, and maybe never wake up again! High-strength enchantment must be maintained to resist.

However, Hong Ying's killing is not its most terrifying point, its most terrifying is its scope!

Although the scope is not as large as the entire city, it also covers almost all densely populated areas. In other words, a large part of the people in the city are in the affected area, and it is too late to evacuate! !

If not resolved in time, how many people will die?

That's a number that Zonglun Mingshi dare not think about.

The situation is very bad, the only thing that is fortunate is that it has not reached the worst level, and it is too late to recover, as long as the dragon in front of you is resolved in time, it is the God of Scourge!

Scourge, the strongest spirit with a danger level above the level of "Devil King", Tian Dao Zongwu becomes ... or has summoned this monster.

Regardless of how it came from, it is not easy to deal with this highest-level evil spirit.

Fortunately, the consequences of the unsuccessful raid had been expected by Ming Zongshi, and the most urgent situation had been prepared. At this time, it had been used, and the follow-up combat power was being concentrated as quickly as possible.Scourge is undoubtedly a disaster, but this is also an opportunity. If the Tiandao family is used as a battlefield to solve it, maybe the whole thing can end.

Due to the lack of relevant information, Zong Lun Mingshi could not judge whether the dragon in front of him was the culprit who dominated the cherry blossom realm. Even if it is an ontology, there may still be problems after being defeated here. At this moment, it is really impossible to determine what will happen, but one thing is clearly certain-

Without killing the monster in front of you, the city is over! ! !

In the temporary headquarters, he continued to command combat troops and personnel to cooperate in combat, and he had to take action when necessary.

The battle is difficult, and there are constant casualties. After all, the power of the dragon's every attack is comparable to the bombing of the director cluster! There will always be times when you cannot resist and avoid.

Regardless of the outcome of this battle, the surrounding terrain will completely change.

As for whether the Taoists should fix it, that is their problem. Before that, the family still had to face the blame of the spirit court ... Even the seven people, this time the pot might not be able to bear it.

Suddenly, Zong Lun Mingshi and others with strong spiritual abilities at the headquarters had a hunch and changed their complexions.

In the next second, with the roaring sound that shook the world, the white glow shrouded the position of the headquarters, followed by a more shocking explosion, a dazzling mushroom cloud rose ...

"The headquarters was destroyed !!"

"Don't panic! The command is handed over to the reserve command post !!! Continue to fight !!!"

In front of the giant gray shadow dragon entrenched in a giant tree, a single human is as small as an ant.But in the face of the God of Disaster far beyond one's own body, people can Teaming up and face up with careful planning and united courage!

"It's our turn."

The girl who has received her strongest weapon in urgent transport said solemnly.

She activated the weapon, and a pair of cold inhuman eyes in the dark lighted up a bluish blue glow, which shone with a mysterious rune, followed by a golden red curse flash, which outlined a huge outline far beyond the human body, and finally accompanied by a plurality of smart The buzzing sound of the high-level smart organs started by the core and the crunch of the steel structure running, the huge outline stretched out, and it was like a giant.

"Go on, Huang Xing!"

Weimeng pulled the joystick hard, and the dazzling gold and red flames sprayed from the back of the psionic mech "Huangxing", driving the steel giant with the shield and the energy particle gun to fly out of the hiding place at high speed, straight into the sky, towards the gray Shadow Dragon! !

"Roar roar roar roar ~~~~~~~" The dragon burst out countless light beams towards the mech!

Weimeng uses a heavy spirit shield to expand the enchantment to resist the light beam and raise the gun to counterattack!

While flying at her almost at the same time, there were two other mechas. The three mechas launched attacks on the dragon from three directions, and immediately caused obvious damage to the latter. People are boiling blood!

The dragon roared, the giants flew, and the gods and people fought fiercely in the sky of cherry blossoms.