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Chapter Directory 5263 Fear
    Author: 风青阳(Fēng qīng yáng, Feng QingYang)
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Li Tianxiong's broken rock shook the body of the demon god of the mountain, flew away, crashed on the stone wall beside the gladiator field, and the whole fell to the ground.

You and I have fought countless fists against each other, but in the end, Jiang Shenwu completely defeated Li Tianxiong with this move!

The audience was in an uproar.

"What's going on? Is Litian Xiong too weak?"

"I just evenly competed, there was a lot of contact, and the result was that Li Tianxiong was suddenly broken through the defense!"

"Is it Li Tianxiong's release of water, hoping that this Jiang Shenwu can win the championship of this ranking contest?"

"Impossible. Have you seen the people of the Litian clan, have you ever released water in such a competition?"

Everyone is guessing what is going on.

Everyone knows the strength of Litianxiong and recognizes his combat strength.

But now he was repelled by Jiang Shenwu's move. Although it was a move for so long, it was so awkward that it seemed a little unreasonable.

But this situation actually happened. Jiang Shenwu defeated Litian Xiong with one stroke, and Litian Xiong was unable to fight anymore!

"I lost, haha! Happily!"

Li Tianxiong felt a feeling of powerlessness. He had never experienced such a merry and lively battle, as if he had poured all his strength into it.

Although he lost, he was very cool! Unlike fighting with some other people, every time I feel the strength is hit in the empty space, there is no such effort, so that he can not play the same.

Of course, for Litianxiong, he has never lost to his peers, this is also the first time he was defeated when facing his peers.This makes him very agree with Jiang Shenwu's strength!

"Jiang Shenwu, you are a respectable opponent."

Li Tianxiong left such a sentence, barely got up from the gladiatorial field, lifted the body of the demon rock shattering mountain demon, and restored it to a nine-foot strong man.

He looked scarred all over his body, but the whole person's face was full of satisfaction. Obviously this battle made him very comfortable.

"each other."

Jiang Shenwu also felt that Li Tianxiong had a good personality and strength, and was a friend worth making.

He also fought very well in this battle. After all, the other party went straight, without any bells and whistles, so that he could bursts out all his strength.

Although he only used the power of the flesh and the power of swallowing, he has already felt a sense of pleasure, but this force Tianxiong can persist for so long under his offensive, and his strength is not't bad.

In the Dragon God Race, I am afraid that no younger generation can have such a strong physical body.

Jiang Shenwu won and retired.

In the next game, Tuoba Lu played against another person, and the outcome was almost determined.

Before playing, Tuoba Qu provocatively took a quick look at the seat of the Su clan where Jiang Shenwu was located.

Obviously, he was very disdainful about Jiang Shenwu's performance.

He wants to defeat Jiang Shenwu by himself!

as predicted.

It took less than one 5 minutes of time for the battle to begin, and Tuoba Qu had already crushed his opponent with absolute advantage and won.

The next game is the last ... the battle for the championship in the ranking competition.

Both sides are bound to win this battle!Either side has a reason to win, so Jiang Shenwu and Tuoba Qu have no escape route.

At this moment, everyone in the field was nervous, and finally it was the last moment.

The final battle was to determine the resource allocation of the Devil God Clan in the next three years, as well as the two gambles between the Tuoba Clan and the Su Clan.

As long as Jiang Shenwu wins, then the Su Clan will receive two pieces of heaven and earth sacred goods!

As you can well imagine, no matter how shameless Tuoba is, it is impossible to deny in this kind of thing, because the Su clan will not let them deny.

And if Tuoba Qu wins, then the price to be paid by the Su clan is not small. Su Zhiyu and Su Yiyi will be sent to each other's clan royal family to get married.

This is something that none of the Su Clan could be willing to see.

At that time, will the Su Clan perform the contract?

Many people are thinking about this matter, and Tuoba Motian is also thinking about this kind of thing.

This old man is very clear that Su Zhiyu and Su Yi will not be married to their Tuoba family, but in contrast, they can put forward more excessive conditions in exchange for the two. Female.

They are equally profitable!

In short, as long as Tuoba Qu can win this battle.

Everyone is watching this decisive battle.

Bingyue Ling also cares. She wants to know if it is the strongest person who beat her in this ranking contest.If Jiang Shenwu lost to Tuoba Qu, it means that she has a long way to go, even among her peers, she is only ranked third.

Both Jiang Shenwu and Tuoba Qu can defeat her!

How does she lead the rise of the entire Ice Clan?

But if it only lost to Jiang Shenwu ... it would make her pick up some confidence.

After all, Jiang Shenwu is a close disciple of Xihuang Shenlong. This identity already means that Jiang Shenwu has a very strong talent for cultivation, but he didn't expect him to have such a talent in the inheritance of Demon God Race.

"Go on."

Tuoba Qu rested for 5 minutes of time and then went on the court.

Jiang Shenwu also walked towards the arena in the field.

Both sides are directly transformed into the inherited body of their own demon god clan in the gladiatorial arena, and the body of thousands of demon gods appears suddenly!

Whether it is Jiang Shenwu or Tuoba Qu, they all attach great importance to this opponent. After all, there will be a loser in this battle.

Once the loser is himself, it will face extremely serious consequences!

Even if Tuoba Qu is very confident in his strength, his expression is very dignified. After all, he sees from the beginning to the end, and he is very clear about Jiang Shenwu's strength.

This guy ... has a weird ability!

Take Tiantian Xiong, who was just evenly matched, but Jiang Shenwu suddenly let Litianxiong collapse.

what is this?

Did he have any magic skills? No!What he relied on was a weird ability, an ability that seemed to restrain all opponents, and it was this kind of ability that made people invisible, making Tuoba Qu extremely cautious.

He could not despise any opponent.

Even in every previous battle, he never underestimated his opponents, but the strength of those opponents was not strong enough, and he really did not allow him to exert his strongest fighting power.

But now, he knows that in the face of Jiang Shenwu, he must explode to fight from the beginning.

Otherwise, it may be inexplicably suppressed by Jiang Shenwu, and then lost in a wave! After all, Jiang Shenwu's strange ability, he doesn't know at all what he is now, this is what worried him the most.

Of course, the overall strength of Tuoba Qu is extremely strong! When he wants to explode from the beginning ... it is hard to imagine, who can resist it!