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0 Chapter Directory 778 The Real Ending
    Author: 蓝领笑笑生(Lánlǐng xiào xiào shēng, Blue Collar Laughing Boy)
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The meaning of Xiangkong is obvious. I want to use people from the entire city to threaten Yelang. Yelang can escape, and the Ye family can also escape. But what about the other people in this city?

Ye Lang has many friends here, Fenghuaxueyuelou is a representative. Can he take care of so many people? No, this is impossible.

At the same time, even for other civilians, could Ye Lang approach them to die? This amount is too large.

This voice is not Emperor Xiangkong, but everyone knows that this is the meaning of Emperor Xiangkong, except for him, who can have so big movement.

"What do you want?" Ye Lang looked at the sky and asked coldly. The sound did not sound loud, but spread all over the city and over the city.

"It's still that condition, you join Xiangkong, and then you can enjoy the glory and wealth! This is good for you, me, and everyone, but it is not a very difficult thing. You can get benefits and save the people in this city. "The voice continued.

"It sounds good, as long as I enjoy it alone, I can save everyone." Ye Lang asked lightly.

"Yes, that's it !!"

"Good! I promise you !!" Ye Lang said.

"Ye Lang ..."


"Little King ..."


"You don't need to say, now the best way is this, and it is the only way. They just want me to be alone, what does it matter." Ye Lang said indifferently."I'm with you!" Zhao Yarou said first at this time, not only because she didn't want to leave Ye Lang, but also because she was also responsible for this matter.

"me too!"

At the same time, the girls all expressed the same attitude and wanted to be with Ye Lang.

Their meaning is obvious. Even if Ye Lang died, they would die with Ye Lang! !

"What do you do with me, I will go alone!" Ye Lang shook his head.

"No, I'm going to go with you! Last time, we let your one person go, and you will go for ten years. We don't want to lose you for another ten years, we can't break this heart !!!" Princess Qi grabbed Ye Wave, clutching desperately.


"Don't do this, I can find a way to solve the problem when I go out !!" Ye Lang frowned, indifferently said.

"Now what can you do, don't lie to us, even if you are an alchemist genius, even if you are the lucky son of the goddess of luck, you are helpless, you are facing the power of an empire!" Zhao Yarou held Ye Lang Hand, said calmly, and in the calm, there was a frightening anger.

"You no need to be worried about me, I still have a lot of hole cards, Xiaorui can help me ..."

"Yeah, and Xiaorui, she can control these things ..."

At this time, everyone seems to have found a glimmer of hope. Although Xiaorui's ability has not been shown in front of everyone, at this moment, no matter how much they have, they choose to believe.

However, at this time, another message came from the sky, making them lose this hope."Do n’t think of using that puppet to control us. Every spaceship here has explosives. If anything happens, it will cut off all the alchemy devices and hit your city with the hull. Explosives will definitely make your city change. It ’s beautiful. "


"Forget it, it seems that I can only do tricks. You guys look at the city carefully. I will let you see the landscapes you have never seen before. Remember to pay attention to security and start defense!" Ye Lang said with a smile, then Ready to leave, there is a tragedy song of the brave man who is windy and sloppy.

But, he didn't take two steps, he stopped, just because the group of girls followed him.

"Don't follow me, I'm really going to do the trick. With you there, I still have to take care of you, too distracted." Ye Lang said.

"I do not want!"

"You believe Don't believe me !!"


"Then wait!"



"Look, spaceship!"

"It's all in the sky, what's so beautiful, don't try to lie to us !!"


"" "All right I beg you, let me go alone, I will come back, if I was taken to Xiangkong, you can also go together, at most we are Xiangkong's stooges!" Ye Wave said helplessly.


Everyone is silent for a while, but it seems that Ye Lang's remarks are a bit reasonable. As long as Ye Lang is on the side of Xiangkong, it is not very safe, and when Xiangkong dominates the world, there is no need to distinguish who is who. Running dogs, because everyone is flying.Ye Cheng this was originally so neutral, it doesn't matter which side it is!

As for Suzaku and Ella, in such a situation, they can blame Ye Lang again. I believe they will also let Ye Lang go to the sky, so that Ye Lang can live a safe and stable life.

"Then we will be Xiangkong's running dogs together ..." Zhao Yarou said.


These two are also true. Is it glorious to put the running dog to your mouth? Also, there was one of you who was originally so Xiangxiang, even the queen.

"" "All right can let me go alone now, you can watch the drama outside, but you have to help take care of the fat lady, she is not You these people, she has no power to protect herself ... Oh, take care of this Sharan, my new student. "Ye Lang saw Shalan prompting his presence on the side, and he said smoothly.

Huh, who is your new student, I just came to learn alchemy, but I didn't say to be your student.

"What are you going to do?" When seeing Ye Lang's command, Zhao Yarou felt that Ye Lang seemed to be doing something, maybe there was really a trick. Sailing update team Tianhuo Longjun offered "You know it when you look at it!" Ye Lang smiled, and then flashed people, stepping on the spare small spaceship on the spaceship, and he took off again.

"Well, where is the Emperor Xiangxiang? If it's there, just come out. I have something to discuss with you!" Ye Lang rose into the air and said to the people in the air.


"Don't hide, I know you are here, I can feel it." Ye Lang said.

"Why do you feel it?" Emperor Xiangkong's voice appeared, and he didn't hide anything."Because, after all, you are Xiaoqi's father, my dad's friend, I am familiar with your breath." Ye Lang said with a smile, looking at the emperor Xiangxiang on one of the same airships.

Although the Emperor Xiangkong was a little crazy, he was very courageous and he was on the front line.

"Don't tell me this. It doesn't matter if you want to please me now. Do you know how much I will pay because of you!" Said Emperor Xiangkong.

"What you paid is also worth it! Let's stop talking on it, otherwise go on, I will go to Xiangkong with you." Ye Lang said with a smile.

"Xiaoye Lang, you want to twist your mind to me, you are still early! You think I don't know, with your ability, if I am with you, you will definitely be taken down." Emperor Xiangkong looked alertly Ye Lang.

"You can tell it! Hey, you asked someone to be with me, and you go down, the wind is high." Ye Lang said with a smile.

"There, Chu Jiu is waiting for you. He didn't just have something to tell you." Emperor Xiangkong pointed to the bottom and said that it was not far away from the city, where there were most people in Xiangkong.

"Also, you swear, you have to follow me to Xiangkong, you can't be distracted."

"I swear, I will go to Xiangkong with you, and I will not be distracted by Xiangkong!" Ye Lang immediately swore, and this feeling makes people seem to feel that this oath has no effect.

But no one will doubt Ye Lang's oath, because Ye Lang has never foretelled, as long as he has said, he will definitely fulfill it.

"?"After hearing the oath of Ye Lang, the following people felt that things were a little different. Everyone felt that Ye Lang had compromised and sacrificed himself to fulfill everyone.

He said the trick before, is this the case?

Although everyone feels very depressed, but now things have reached this point, there is no other way!

"Okay, you can go, I will let the troops here evacuate!" Emperor Xiangkong seemed to get what he wanted, and he no longer continued to threaten Ye Cheng, which was also a bad thing for him.

"Let's evacuate for a while, I haven't really left yet." Ye Lang said with a smile. "Let's go down and say, I will not do anything to you, so you can rest assured."

"..., good ..." Emperor Xiangkong always felt Ye Lang what else is there, but it seemed that there was no need to be afraid of Ye Lang, because even if Ye Lang repented, he could strike Ye Cheng at any time.

But even so, Emperor Xiangkong kept this distance from Ye Lang and landed a hundred meters away from Ye Lang. At that time, Ye Lang was talking to Chu Jiu.

"That, Chu Jiu, what did you tell me?" Ye Lang asked casually while looking at Emperor Xiangkong while landing.

"I want to talk to you about one thing, one thing that will give Da 6 peace, this thing, only you can do it." Chu Jiu said.

"Don't take me so important, I can't stand it!" Ye Lang frowned."But it is true, because only you are related to all parties and can all get the support of all parties. As long as you say, this matter is not impossible." Chu Jiu continued, originally When he still wanted to say something, Ye Lang had already spoken with Emperor Xiangkong, and what he said was still a bit inexplicable.

"Emperor, there is actually one thing. I want to tell you! Do you know that alchemy is magical? Everything in the whole world can become a touch item of alchemy, just like this earth ..."

Ye Lang's hand moved lightly, and a huge pillar was born under his feet. This was a combination of earth elements, which was extremely hard!

The pillar also lifted Ye Lang from the flat ground to a high place, a place where others could not reach him temporarily.

I don't know if it was lucky or unfortunate. Chu Jiu, who was by Ye Lang, was also brought by Ye Lang ...

"What are you going to do, you don't want to do anything ... I will let people attack immediately ..." Emperor Xiangkong felt that there might be bad things happening, and this feeling is also felt by everyone.

At this time, Zhao Yarou and others looked at Ye Lang and looked forward to it. They expected Ye Lang to create a miracle and solve all these people.

Although this makes people feel inconceivable, but if it is Ye Lang, they think all this is possible.

"Don't worry, this is just the beginning, this is just alter the shape, the next is the most exciting, alchemy is a molecule that can Alter Matter, such as in the air ..." Ye Lang said lightly.

air? What do you mean? What can air do?Everyone didn't understand, I saw Ye Lang's drawing an alchemy array in the air with his hand, and this alchemy array is getting bigger and bigger, each stroke in Ye Lang will increase a little, if you don't say anything else, just say In this landscape, the scene is very beautiful, so beautiful that it will be unforgettable for life.

That beautiful alchemy array rose into the air, in everyone's eyes. This process seemed to be slow, but in fact this process was extremely short, just completed in a flash.

In the sky, when the alchemy array reached its position, it showed a strong light and had a twist that seemed to break!


Ye Lang said softly!

At this moment, perhaps because of Ye Lang's tone, everyone seems to feel that this explosion will not be too big, only gently, gently ...

It's just that things are beyond everyone's expectations. Even if someone thinks that this explosion will be huge, they would never think it would be so strong! !

When the alchemy array exploded, it didn't explode outwards at the beginning, but sucked in everything nearby. At that moment, everyone can feel the suction power is terrifying at the movement of the airship above.

And in a flash, the alchemy burst, and the explosion like a disaster appeared in front of everyone. At this moment, everyone felt that between Heaven and Earth seemed to be destroyed.

The dazzling white light destroyed everything nearby, and the approaching spaceship vanished at that moment, but this was only a small part. What really made people feel the horror was the next shock bo.

A strong explosion will definitely carry a shock bo, and this shock bo is also a manifestation of the power of the bomb! !The overwhelming impact bo is raging everywhere. This impact bo is hundreds of times stronger than the storm that everyone knows. In an instant, all the airships that had originally gathered in the sky were all dispersed, and they were heading towards the four sides with a very rapid degree. Disperse.

Believe that these airships are unavoidably falling as a result of such an impact bo, and the people above, at the moment of impact bo, have died! !

And the impact bo is not just affecting the airship, and the ground can also be felt. The dust on the ground and the flying troops surrounding Yecheng are all blown away, and they land far away and far away.

At that moment, the weaker ones had already been killed by this flying force!

This ... this is terrible! !

When the dust disappeared, everyone stared blankly at the scene outside. If they had n’t seen it with their own eyes, they absolutely did n’t believe that someone could even destroy the nation ’s power of the strongest empire on the Big 6 with one person. Off, in that instant.

At the same time, if Ye Cheng does not start the defense, it is estimated that it will be destroyed by all. !

What kind of alchemy array is that, is it really just using air? This question revolves around everyone's minds, and even makes Alchemist such as Sharan crazy.

The alchemy that Ye Lang just showed is that it has the power to destroy the world. Now who dares to say that Alchemist is weak?

"Yelang people?"

At this moment, everyone suddenly realized that the original big pillar was also swept away by the horrible shock bo, and Ye Lang went missing.

"This little bastard !!"A group of celestial girls dispatched, rushed to the place where Ye Lang was just with lightning, and then calculated the distance of the impact bo to find Ye Lang's whereabouts.

At this moment, Yecheng's army was also dispatched. While looking for Ye Lang, he was also dealing with the battlefield.

"Ye Lang!"

"Little brother!"


"Brother-in-law ..."


The girls are screaming, looking anxiously ...

"Cough ... I'm here! It's all Chu Jiu, nothing to hold me to do, it made my mirror of Shuiyue a little late and was blown here !!"

Ye Lang's gray-headed face appeared in front of everyone, there is still one very sorry for the inconvenience of Chu Jiu.


The girls were silent for a while, and then made the same action, rushed over to hold Ye Lang, and Ye Lang ’s area was limited, and could only be held by one or two, but later did not care so much, holding The girl holding Ye Lang, everyone hugged together.

Ye Lang, who couldn't stand the power, fell to the ground, and then the story of the stacked Luohan appeared.

This picture is really bloody, a group of beautiful girls holding Ye Lang, the girls here are one of the most beautiful existence on the Big 6.


"It's over, now it should be a big 6 and it should be peaceful, and I can play around again !!" Ye Lang thought, Xiang Kong had no power, the result was obvious, either eaten, or keep the original 6 will restore the original calm.Arrived at this time, it should have been the ending of this matter, but, because of one person, this thing has a new continuation, with a brand-new ending, this ending is very interesting! !


"Fuck, I don't do it. You leave it to others to do such things. Cousin, you can do it, and Zhao Yarou, you can do it. You have done it !!"

Ye Lang was very opposed to this ending. He did not want to accept this matter, nor did he want to accept the good results negotiated by everyone.

"I can, but others will refuse to accept, only you are the most suitable!" Princess Long Ji said with a smile.

And then, Zhao Yarou said: "I did it, I can help you deal with it, but you can sit in this seat a little bit, and others will not obey me."

"Does anyone else be convinced if I sit?" Ye Lang frowned.

"Yes! You are the only one we share with each other, and only you will not disagree with this !!" All said at the same time.

What seat do you want Ye Lang to sit in?

The seat of the emperor, the emperor of the entire 6-human race! !

This is something that everyone has discussed. The only person you think is suitable is Ye Lang, because each of them supports Ye Lang. It is possible that the sailing update team Tianhuolongjun provided the original recovery, but there are still many problems, and it may still continue to explode the war!

So many years of war have brought Suzaku and Ella together, and now if they are to be separated, there must be a fight. This may be a funny thing. It ’s okay to be together. But if they are separated, they will start to make noise.In fact, it is just like some people divide their family property. If you divide, you have to average. And how does this average mean? Everyone has a standard, and there will be a noisy start.

No one had noticed this, but some people put forward this statement, and this person is Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu not only pointed out this, but also pointed out that Sokong has been controlled by Xiangkong. Some countries have disappeared. The ownership of those countries is also the same problem. Xiangkong now has no strength. It is difficult to guarantee that others have the right to Xiangkong. Peep.

Ye Lang's eradication was too thorough. Although this solved Ye Cheng's troubles, it caused trouble for the entire Big Six. An undefended country is bound to be scrambled by countries.

In other words, this world is still not peaceful, and will continue to explode in war!

And the only way is to turn the whole world into an empire, as if Xiang Kong was annexed by Suzaku and Ella, then an emperor should be elected now, whether to let the emperor of Suzaku come, or let Ella The emperor came, or other people.

This issue has been debated for a long time, and many people have been raised, but in the end, some people were dissatisfied!

No one will be convinced of anyone, so it does n’t make sense to discuss it in this way. At that time, the war will still explode, so it ’s better to return to the original territory, we'll talk about it later.

And at this time, someone suddenly remembered Ye Lang, and as soon as the name Ye Lang came out, no one seemed to object anymore, because they all supported Ye Lang. Besides, if they did n’t accept Ye Lang, then Ye Lang would With alchemy down, you have nothing to use.

This is a very unexpected result, it is also a result of eye-popping!They don't think Ye Lang will be a good emperor, but they are currently the most suitable. As long as Ye Lang can be this emperor, it can bring a buffer period and can maintain peace.

And they will divide the empire into three regions, Xiangkong, Suzaku, and Ella. The three places are still managed by the original forces. The only thing is that there is no title of emperor. Wang, the title of these three kings.

Although it seems that there is basically no change in nature, it at least checks and balances the entire Big Six conflict. This is the best result! !

Next, all they had to do was persuade Ye Lang to make Ye Lang the emperor.

Obviously, Ye Lang would definitely not do it, he didn't want to cause this trouble ...

However, after everyone's explanation, he promised that Ye Lang didn't need to deal with those troublesome things, just need to be named as a free emperor, and they would deal with other things.

Ye Lang reluctantly agreed to make it difficult, which made many people have an urge to beat people! !


Ye Cheng ushered in the most legendary day, that is, Ye Lang will hold the throne ceremony here and become the only emperor of the 6-person race.

Although this is a dramatic result, it is also an indisputable fact.

On this day, Ye Cheng was immersed in joy, and people from all over the Big 6 gathered to witness this historic moment!

"Emperor, long live long live long live long ..."

..."Brother Emperor, you are really the son of the goddess of luck, why do you have such a good thing!" Ye Lanyu, the emperor of Ye Lang, feels a lot, and his brother seems to be so lucky in his life. But, this is also her favorite.

As Ye Lanyu thought, Ye Lang was lucky. If it was not a kid's joke, Zhao Yarou would not engage in such a war. If it were not for him and Zhao Yarou disappeared for ten years, the form of Big 6 would be complicated. , This big 6 is already in the air, so it is impossible for him to be the emperor.

And if Emperor Xiangkong had such ambitions, he must dominate the world, then things would not become like this ...

if not……

There are too many ifs, too many coincidences, and the result of all this is to create Ye Lang, the luckiest emperor ...

He is not only the first emperor to rule the world, but also the most free emperor. His life is to play the world and live a happy life with the girls around him, carefree! !


"My emperor's brother-in-law, what do you most want to do now!" Zhao Yarou asked when Ye Lang ascended the throne.

"Since I have become an emperor, I will build a harem and have three thousand beauties ..."



End of the book