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0 Chapter Directory 882 Yanhe Easy Policy 2
    Author: 陈词懒调(Chén cí lǎn diào, Old Words Lazy Tunes)
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When Yi Ce was very young, she knew that she was not a Yanjiao person. She was the same as Yi Si. She moved from another continent, Wang Chengyi's family.

At this point, the Yanjiao people never hid, including his father's affairs, and Shao Xuan never concealed him.

Born in the Yanhe River Basin, the Yanjiao people are still very friendly to him. Although Shao Xuan confiscated him as a disciple, he also taught him many things. In Yi Ce's mind, Shao Xuan became a master.

The fleet of the Changzhou tribe set sail again after a short stop.

With the trust of Shao Xuan, the people of the Changzhou tribe also take care of this special guest.

The fleet will sail along the river, some days before going out to sea.

At night, a fleet of flaming torches sailed on the river. From a height, a stream of fire flowed across the river.

The scene of Chuanhehuohuo is still known by the large, medium and small tribes along the coast, which is the iconic sight of the long boat fleet.

The wind was a bit strong, roaring like a roar of the beast, the sailors drank their own brewed ale, sang songs in their voices, their tanned faces with some hot red.

Just as the hunting team in Yanjiao sings hunting songs before hunting, the people on the long boat will also sing to celebrate their voyage again.

However, unlike the tragic lyrics of the fans in the Yanjiao Hunting Song, the sailing lyrics of the Long Boat are more inspirational, bloody, and warm, and the crew will be excited when singing. They enjoy life on the ship and enjoy the wind and waves.

Under the torch, there was a collision of wine glasses, a loud crew, and a soldier who wiped the blade quietly.Not far from Yi Ce, there is also an old warrior who does not know which tribe, sings in a whisper, a simple tribal instrument made of bones and skins and tendons with tribal characteristics.

When finally reaching the estuary, some tribes in the fleet who saw the sea for the first time roared excitedly.

At the estuary, there are other ships of the Changzhou tribe waiting. After the two teams meet, they will take a short break and then set off again. This time it is really going to sea.

Life at sea is uncomfortable for others, and even the trade caravan that travels frequently to the sea may not be able to adapt.

The Black Bear Caravan told Yi Ce that every time they cross the sea, they have to shrink one circle, from fat fat fat bears to thin bears. Of course, the physical burden is still the second. Factors, every time you go to sea is to gamble. However, the huge gains in trade made them willing to bear this torture.

Yi Ce just smiled and listened to these experienced caravans talking every time.

This morning, Yi Ce opened his eyes and looked at the sea, his brows frowned, and the fingers that naturally fell on his side moved.

Seeing the slave next to him, he immediately looked around with vigilance.

The short but very smart half-orc tried to raise the thorn root on the back. Not only he, but also the other half-orc slaves around Yi Ce also reacted the same way.

"in danger!"

Soon, the people of the Changzhou tribe also discovered anomalies. After all, people who have lived on the sea for a long time can feel the danger of approaching earlier than other tribes.


The beast horn sounded.

"There are sea beasts!"

"Merchant ships rely on the inside, battle ships rely on the outside!""Preparation of the animal repellent! Archer preparation!"

Despite the tension, the actions of the people in Changzhou are very orderly. At first glance, they have rich experience in coping.

Some people in the caravan often travel between the two continents. At this time, they did not forget to brag with others. "When sailing at sea, there are a lot of encounters with giant sea beasts, but sometimes it is very troublesome to encounter sea beasts who are curious about the fleet. We met once, that sea beast, this—what a big tooth! But I cut a large piece of meat from it, hum, that tastes good! The most troublesome thing is to encounter the sea beast group, that way May turn a few boats ... "

He hasn't even finished his sentence, and heard the people of the Changzhou tribe yelling: "Sea beasts!"

The caravan's man cursed, too, to brag, looking extremely difficult to look at, let the other caravan enter the cabin, he quickly found a firm place to hold firmly.

When a fast-moving ship turns sharply, or collides with a sea beast, if it is not held firmly, it is likely to be thrown out, and in such an emergency, no one will rescue it, and it will be too late Save, the person who fell into the water is basically the end of the body buried in a fish belly, then die more injustice.

"Master, you'll hurry into the cabin!" Fang said to Yi Ce nervously.

Yi Ce looked at the figures of the sea beasts exposed on the sea, frowning slightly, "No."

Instead of walking into the cabin, Yi Ce walked towards the nearest warrior of the Changzhou tribe.The warrior was a little surprised to see Yi Ce coming, but he remembered the leader ’s advice that this big elder from the horns asked them to take care of him, so the tone of his speech also slowed down a little bit, “There are sea beasts coming here, they have already Be curious about the fleet, the fleet that may be chasing for a while, just in case, please enter the cabin arranged for you immediately, we will save you in a critical moment. "

"Thank you, but please inform the leader of the logging, I have a way to avoid these sea beasts fleet." Yi Ce said.

Upon hearing this, the warrior of Zhouzhou was stunned. The first reaction was unbelief. He felt that the young man was talking big. However, considering that the other party was an important person, he still went to the main ship to find the leader, Mu Chu, and reported Yi Ce. if.

Soon, Mu fell over. He was the leader of the Changzhou tribe and the leader of the nautical fleet. If there is really a way to make the group of sea beasts give up chasing the fleet and avoid a hard fight, naturally it is the best.

"You really have a way to make the group of sea beasts actively give up chasing the fleet?" Mu fell solemnly asked.

"It can't be said that let them give up chasing the fleet immediately, but let them deviate from the fleet." Yi Ce replied.

Wood cutting doesn't understand, is it not to give up actively by deviating from the fleet? Is there a difference?

"Boss, the group of sea beasts are getting closer and closer! They are accelerating!" There was a warrior beside him urging.

The closer to the fleet, the more excited those beasts are, as if they have found some fun toys.Yi Ce pulled off the animal skin cloak, and the slave next to him took out four jade stones with big baby fists and four crystals with big pinky nails, and looked up at the lookout on the mast. The tall and strong half-orc slave next to the gray crossbow said: "Send me there."

Mucha Jian Yi Ce ’s goal was the lookout on the mast, and was about to ask if they needed help. He saw Yi Ce jumped up and stood on the palm of the tall half-orc slave, and then the slave jerked. Lifting his arm, Yi Yi cast out.

Cast out ...

Changzhou Warrior: "..." This person really grew up in Yanjiao, acting directly and violently.

"Head, do we really have to believe him? Although he is the blood of the Yi family, he grew up in the Yanjiao tribe, and the Yi family has fallen." A warrior of a long boat whispered to Mu Fa.

"You forgot? He is still an apprentice brought out by Yan Jiao Xuan Xuan. Although he has not publicly admitted it, as far as I know, he has always followed Yan Jiao's Shao Xuanxue skill. Let me see if he learned Shao Xuan What a score !!! "

Speaking of Yan Xuan Shao Xuan, the hearts of several long-boat warriors around were awkward.

Shao Xuan in Yanjiao is the only one who dare not mess with the royal city and the desert rock!

It can be said that if there is Shao Xuan, the Wangcheng would not dare to openly fight with the tribe, and the Yanhe River Basin was also a place where the Wangcheng and the desert rock maul did not dare to start.

Since it was Shao Xuan from Yanjiao, it should not be too bad. Everyone in Changzhou thought.

However, Mu Chu did not put all his hopes on Yi Ce, so that the navy fighters of the fleet would always be prepared. Once Yi Ce failed, they continued the previous action plan.At this time, Yi Ce, who was already standing at the lookout, ejected four jade stones and four fire crystals in eight directions.

Although the order of ejection of the four jade stones and the four fire crystals is different, they seem to have been precisely calculated and touched the sea at the same time!

At the moment when the eight spars fell into the water at the same time, Yi Ce raised both hands.

A burst of violent and bizarre strength fluctuation suddenly emerged.


An arc-shaped fire light doped with orange and red was just in front of Yi Ce, and came into the sky!

In front of the arc fire, there is a fire there. The flame is orange-red above and white below. The orange-red flame and the white flame each occupy half. At the same time, behind Yi Ce, there are three shadows elongated.

The flames appearing and the three cast shadows form the totem shape of Yijia! This is the Yi Family, the totem of the Yi tribe once!

The moment the totem appeared, the powerful strength fluctuation spread out, as if a huge wave was suddenly set off. The momentum was Panic-Stricken. It seemed that there was an incomparable strength of rival that quickly expanded to all corners in a very short period of time. trembling!

The fire was moving, and the orange-red and white flame in front of the totem was more dazzling than the sunrise.

Such a large movement naturally attracted the attention of more people in the fleet. The people who were originally in the cabin, after feeling the strength fluctuation, protruded out of the head and looked up, and this look was shocking. Quickly stared out of his eyes.

The huge totem has an ancient meaning, and the breath of shock seems to spread to every corner of the Inside World, and it also covers the entire fleet under it.

"That is……""Easy Totem!"

"Yi Family Totem Pattern! No, it should be called the Yi Family Emblem! Is there an Yi Family in the fleet ?!" The big nobles in Wangcheng no longer called this a totem, but a family emblem.

"Isn't it saying that the Yi family has fallen? How does it feel so powerful?"

People who often come to Wangcheng know that the head of the Yi family is now a branch of the Yi family, not the main vein. It is said that the people of the main line died dead, scattered, the best group of people in the Yi main line, because some things have been hit hard, most of them are no longer there. Family branch personnel, the skills of divination masters are also unorthodox.

Qiu Cao, Pu Jia, and Gu Bian, once known as the three strongest divination divinations of the Yi family, have gradually disappeared. Now in the Wangcheng City, they will see the divination techniques of the Yi family using coins, jade, etc. Ancient divination skills.

It stands to reason that the person in charge of the Yi family, that is, the person with the highest status of the entire Yi family, must master at least one of the three ancient divination skills. But in fact, the people who are now in charge may not be able to make it out, and making it out is only a half-hanger.

The inheritance is broken.

In the eyes of many people, the Yi family is already semi-genocide.

It's just that they never thought that they would see such a strange scene in this long journey of trade.

"Yi's family, yes!"

"I saw so big Yijia totem for the first time!"

"Such a huge totem ... Who did the Yi family do?" An old soldier exclaimed.Orange and red flames rolled up, and a strange aura filled this area. At a certain moment, all the sights seen by the naked eye seemed to be distorted, so fast that many people thought they were dazzling.

Mu Fa's eyebrows jumped up and down, and the green tendons under his skin bounced.


Just because of this momentum, the huge totem made by this kid ... is indeed an apprentice out of Shao Xuanjiao!

Especially the people of the Black Bear Caravan, they can be said to be the most familiar with Wangcheng in the fleet, and have seen many Yi family members. Before the Yi family had an accident, they gave them an unfathomable sense of mystery. Now, The young man made them feel more mysterious and mysterious. The moment when the huge Yijia totem appeared, they had a creepy feeling, and the goosebumps all stood up, but they couldn't tell why. It's amazing!

However, what shocked the people of the Longboat crew and caravans most was that the sea beast swarms that had been swimming towards the fleet had turned!


"Why do those sea beasts turn?"

"Are they afraid of the Yijia totem?"

"It doesn't feel like it either."

"How do I feel that the group of sea beasts suddenly seemed to be running towards another target?"

Mu Fa watched the sea beasts turn and walked in the other direction. He was surprised and heard Yi Ce above shouting, "Take advantage of this opportunity and leave! Follow the original route!"

Mu fell back to his mind, and he couldn't think about what Yi Ce did to make the group of sea beasts turn. The top priority is to let the fleet leave safely.The fleet continued to sail forward according to the original route. On this way, the sea beast group really didn't swim to their side anymore, and continued to go in the other direction continuously, as if to chase the fleet, but they would never be towards them. Came in the direction of, always deviated, and then chased and deviated again, until they lost interest in the fleet and really left.

In this process, the huge Yi Totem has been suspended above the fleet, like a protective umbrella, covering the fleet under it.

After the safety was confirmed, the totem disappeared, the strange strength fluctuations around disappeared completely, and Yi Ce also came down from the lookout on the mast.

With a full stomach of doubts, Mu Fa asked Yi Ce: "What are you using? The skill of divination?"

"No, it is not the skill of divination, but the formation." Yi Ce replied.

"Array method? What is that? Shao Xuan taught you too?"


"Why did those sea beasts suddenly avoid the fleet just now?"

"Because in their eyes, the direction they are looking for is the direction of the fleet, but in fact they deviate, but they don't know it, they just feel that they can't keep up until they feel tired, and give up chasing the fleet and leave . "

Logging feels magical. Obviously the fleet is here, why did the sea beasts chase the wrong direction? Eye problems?

Although he didn't fully understand it, Mu Fa was more afraid of Yi Ce in his heart. As for how powerful Shao Xuan in Yanjiao possessed, it became more and more incalculable.

And Yi Ce actually, when knowing the formation, also sighed with the wonders of the world.The formation method was calculated by Shao Xuan based on the boundless river and several natural formations discovered later.

A long time ago, the boundless river that once trapped the Yanjiao tribe was actually not as wide and boundless as the naked eye. There was a giant formation formed by Heaven and Earth Nature. The people in the formation have to paddle for a long time.

There are also killing arrays in the giant formations. Even if the huge sea beasts encounter the killing formations, they will be too weak to stand with a single blow, and they will instantly smash their bones and the blood mist will spread.

It was a giant formation formed by Heaven and Earth Nature, which contained vast powers of heaven and earth, beyond the reach of manpower, but even just understanding the corners of it, the power shown was already shocking.

Just like the move Yi Ce just made, it was enough to deter the entire fleet.

The danger is over, and the logging continues to command the voyage on the main ship. At the moment he sacrificed the totem, there seemed to be a voice from the bottom of the sea, over and over again: Come, I have something for you.

But no one heard that voice.

Yi Ce walked to the side of the boat and looked at the sea below. As the fleet sailed, the sea was rippling.

Suddenly, Yi Ce's pupils shrank.

In his sight, a wooden string floated down from the sea.

According to the current ship speed, the wooden string should be left behind soon, but the fact is that the wooden string seems to move by itself and has been following.

Yi Ce asked the person who sought the boat to ask for a salvage tool to pick up the wooden string.This wooden string is composed of small pieces of wood cut into various shapes, most of which are the size of fingernails, drilled in the middle, and then connected by a straw rope to form a string, and finally the straw rope is connected end to end to form a closed loop. Every piece of wood has patterns.

Yi Ce took the string of wood in his hand, and his four fingers flexed toward the palm of his hand. His thumb seemed to be consciously placed on one of the wood inscribed with patterns, and it was dialed like a bead. Immediately, Yi Ce felt the strength fluctuations that only existed in Bu Zun!

This is a ... divination tool?

Which senior of the Yi family left behind? I don't know how long it has been soaking in the sea water, but it is intact.

Later in the sea, Yi Ce had been studying the wooden string that was picked up, and usually wrapped it around his wrist. The more you study, the more you can be sure of Yi Ce, the original owner of this wooden string must be a very powerful Yi family, and his divination ability must be quite powerful!

Every piece of wood, every piece of wood, and every pattern on it contain the essence of divination skills! This wooden string is the crystallization that the predecessor learned throughout his life!

It's just, where is the owner of such a wooden string? Is the wooden string given by the other party? Why give it to yourself? Yi Ce couldn't understand it and couldn't get it out.

The sound I heard when I sacrificed the totem never appeared again. Even if the fleet met a small sea beast group again, Yi Ce once again asked for help again. When I gave the totem the second time, I never heard that sound again. , As if completely disappeared.

As the days passed, the fleet finally reached the coast.The crew cheered for Enron's arrival, and the caravans and adventurers stepped down from the boat and left.

Rejecting the invitation of the Changzhou people, Yi Ce took eight slaves and walked in the direction of the king city.

Wangcheng, I, come back.