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0 Chapter Directory 4153 Eternal Price (1 End)
    Author: 逐没(Zhú Mò, Annihilation)
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As soon as the voice of the Eternal Lord fell, Qin Lang saw a huge finger above his head, like the head of Optimus Prime, rolling down towards him. This is naturally the finger of the Eternal Lord, although the world of the Lord is only its eyes, But it is not limited by space itself, so its fingers can appear anywhere, including this dominating world, if it wants to.

Although it is just a finger, it carries boundless coercion and strength, and there is an immortal atmosphere. Qin Lang knows that this eternal master is genuine, and this guy has indeed achieved eternal immortality.

Faced with this finger, Qin Lang seemed to feel that all vitality could be erased and all existence could disappear, basically unable to contend with it!

But Qin Lang did n’t think of waiting to die, even though he knew that the eternal master could not compete, but Qin Lang still had supremacy after all, and there was a microcosmic hierarchy system in his body. Putting all the Strength Cohesion in his fist, Qin Lang moved towards the Punch with one finger!

Fist of the Supreme Flame!

It condenses the essence of supremacy, and integrates into the supreme will and fighting intention of the Yanhuang people's "people will win the sky".

Bang! ~

The strength of the two sides is confronted, and the entire world is dominated by an unprecedented force. This is the collision of the two top powers, and it is also the collision of the eternal way and the supreme way!The indescribable terrorist power exploded, and the entire world dominated was affected. The worldless monks who remained in the world dominated by the power of this horror turned into powder and were directly wiped out. And the aftermath of power has expanded the defense gap that previously dominated the world, which has made many mysterious things in the world dominate like volcanoes, spraying out countless mysterious things.

For the outside world monks, this is simply a gluttonous feast!

"Wuyoujian Dao, really is name is not in vain!" At this time, Supreme Confucianism still does not know. It has always been Qin Lang's pawn, still lamenting that Wuyoujian is really powerful, and he really dared to provoke the eternal master. It can't beat even the running dogs that are the eternal master.

However, at this time, Supreme Confucian also knew to do something for Qin Lang and shouted to the surrounding worldless monks: "Snatch the mysterious thing! Attack the dominating world! This is a rare opportunity!"

This is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Any powerful person without the world admits this. Although it is very dangerous, it is possible to extract some mysterious things from the mouth of the eternal master here. This is simply an unimaginable good opportunity, even if it is an adventure. worth it. You know, there will be no such opportunities in the future.

There are more and more monks outside the world, like smelling bloody sharks, snatching mysterious things, which brings a little pressure to the eternal master, but the eternal master only wants to suppress Qin Lang at this time because of the suppression With Qin Lang, it can completely control the time!

Create time! Take control of time!Although the eternal ruler always thinks that the appearance of the soul is a kind of accident, a kind of wrong accident, but it thinks that if it can create time, then it is entirely possible to try this accident, not to mention that time is the only enemy of eternity, the eternal ruler This is very clear, so it absolutely does not allow this threat to remain in the hands of ants like ants!

"Qin Lang, it seems that you are the only one worthy of my real body and full strength! But, you must be suppressed by me!" The voice of the eternal master resounded through the world, and then the whole world suddenly collapsed.

Qin Lang hurriedly took the opportunity to get rid of the dominance of the world, but he could feel that the dominance of the world became an eye of the eternal master, and he shot his body deadly. No matter what means Qin Lang used and what rules he used, he could not get rid of this eye. !

In addition, Qin Lang can also feel that another eye of the Eternal Lord is everywhere. It seems that as long as there is nothing and darkness, this eye exists, staring at him all the time, making him creepy! Let him basically unable to escape!

Qin Lang knew that he had no escape, even if there was no boundless expanse of the world, but staring at the two eyes of the eternal ruler, he had nowhere to hide, only to break through the battle!

However, Qin Lang regrets that so far, he has not been aware of the clues of the existence of the universe's hierarchical system, nor does he know whether his own timeline still exists.

Death is not terrible!

However, it is truly terrible to lose all sense of existence as if it never existed!Qin Lang turned his head, and the first thing he saw were the eyes that seemed far and near. These were the eyes of the Eternal Lord, staring at him tightly, binding him, and in the darkness and void, the huge body of the Eternal Lord was everywhere, A huge hand suddenly appeared in front of Qin Lang without warning. This hand seems to have controlled the operation of the worldless world forever, the fate of all worldless monks, and the way of eternity ...

This is the hand of eternal domination, the hand of eternity!

Even more frightening is that there's still one "" "eye" "" above this hand!

No, this is not just the third "" "eye" "" of the Eternal Lord, this is the "Void Gate"! This is one of the most important things in the world without!

Sure enough, the eternal master controls everything, even the nihility gate, which means that it is indeed an eternal existence. Many monks in this world are nothing more than its playthings, and even dominate the mysterious things in the world. , But it's just its playthings, it's just for fun when it's boring.

Most monks without the world think that the Void Gate is only used to "produce" the monks without the world, but only Qin Lang does not think so. He always felt that this thing actually represents the law of the operation of the world, and now he knows its true face. At this time, this thing appeared in the hands of the eternal ruler, naturally representing the entire world without world, carrying the power of the world without world!

basically unable to contend!When Qin Lang was full, it was because he had the Strength Blessing of the entire universe hierarchy; however, the eternal ruler has the power of the entire worldless world, and the world is just one of the accidents, compared with the huge and infinite world, It's just a drop in the ocean!

Qin Lang wanted to contend with the Eternal Master, as ridiculous as the earthworm shook the tree!

However, Qin Lang was not easily suppressed as the eternal master thought. Under the great pressure of the eternal hand, supreme things appeared again around Qin Lang ’s body, just like an ancient, huge light tree, madly extracted The void power of the whole world, wrapped in Qin Lang, tried its best to support a defensive circle, trying to block the eternal hand of the eternal master.

"The light of rice grains!" The eternal master sneered contemptuously, the eternal hand continued to depress, the defensive circle formed by the supremacy collapsed, basically unable to contend with the eternal hand, but when the eternal hand formed the supremacy When his defense was completely torn apart, he saw something that he had known before, but he never wanted to see!

That is the eternal roulette!

The most mysterious machine composed of countless mysteries from the eternal ruler itself is also a machine for creating time! It is the only thing that the Eternal Lord wants to control but has never controlled!

This damn Qin Lang actually "re-built" the eternal roulette!

"Eternal Master, you are destined to be unable to control the time!" Qin Lang stood on the Eternal Sky Roulette at this time, and the Eternal Sky Roulette under his feet became extremely huge, taking him to the eternal hand of the Eternal Master!This time, Qin Lang no longer escapes. He has a nirvana breath all over him, because at this moment Qin Lang really understands the meaning that time gives him, and also understands how to return to the time line he wants!

That timeline has not disappeared, it is always there, just on him! It is himself!

"I am the eternal master! The only master! Since I can't control the time, I will thoroughly destroy you, destroy the time!" The eternal master anger said, the eternal hand pressed down completely, and Qin Lang and the eternal roulette were completely obliterated!

"Come on!" Qin Lang was running the Supreme Road with all his strength, and the Supreme Power urged the eternal roulette. When the two types of Strengths reached their peak, it was like the first light ignited on the wild dark field. Time Appear again!

With Qin Lang and the eternal roulette as the center, the world without surroundings began to collapse. Numerous powers of nothingness and the universe without world were sucked into this vortex. A brand-new time-centric system is rapidly forming.

The eternal hand of the eternal master wants to wipe out all this, but it is like exploring a huge vortex. The eternal hand not only cannot wipe out this new system, but falls into it, but the eternal master still spare no effort Erase Qin Lang! Completely wipe out this hidden danger!

"Qin Lang! I want to wipe you out, at any cost!" The eternal master roared.

"The heart is born with all methods, the heart is destroyed with all methods. The time is already born, and I shall destroy it myself!" Facing the eternal ruler of anger, Qin Lang smiled slightly and was content with himself. Many familiar faces appeared in front of him. He knew After all, they will see you again, including parents, and old poison, although that may be 10 billion, 100 billion years later.At this time Qin Lang's whole body was self-solving and turned into supreme power, urging the operation of the eternal roulette.

The eternal hand of the eternal master has not touched Qin Lang, but has fallen into the vortex of time. The power of time is engulfing its eternal hand madly, giving it an unprecedented feeling, that is the feeling of getting old, that It is the feeling of reincarnation in time.

(End of the book)


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