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Chapter Directory 626 Sanjiuding Reincarnation
    Author: 我吃西红柿(Wǒ chī xīhóngshì, I Eat Tomato)
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"Broken Void!"

"The strongest!"

The entire Baima Lake seems to be boiling, and countless people cheered excitedly. It has been a long time since the Kyushu land has seen the strongest. Since the ancestor of Shakya, there have been no more than two thousand years. This time, in the battle of Baima Lake, two great Xeons appeared, which is too inconceivable.



But when Teng Qingshan appeared in the pavilion beside Baima Lake, Li Jun, Hong Wu, and Hong Lin all ran over and hugged Teng Qingshan. The family embraced tightly.

"Qingshan." Teng Yongfan next to him widened his eyes and looked at Teng Qingshan.

"Dad, mother." Teng Qingshan smiled.

"You, you ..." Teng Yongfan stuttered, "Are you the strongest?"

Yuan Lan beside him also stuttered: "The strongest man like Emperor Yu and Emperor Qinling?"

Teng Qingshan nodded.

Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan, the old couple looked at each other, Yuan Lan stunned: "Old man, my son is the same as Emperor Yu and Emperor Qinling?" This rural couple ca n’t imagine how their son should be. Zi reached the state of legendary Xeon in Kyushu.

Who are Yu Huang, Emperor Qinling, and Sakyamuni? That is the existence of being worshipped as a god.

Teng Qingshan has a family of Neiquan fist handed down and reached the state of the strongest. In the future, he will also be regarded as a god worship by countless people.

"This son, have you reached this point?" Teng Yongfan touched his face. "My God, I Teng ... I Teng Yongfan, there is such a powerful son."

Teng Beast, Yang Dong, Xue Xin and others were also excited.The large number of Xingyimen disciples gathered outside the pavilion cheered constantly, cheering loudly through the sky. Their gatekeeper, their Neijia grandfather, reached the state of the strongest. This is destined to ... Nei Family's fist will rise again and reach an extremely powerful point.

"Grandpa, are you the strongest?" Xiu Xiu's crisp voice sounded.

Teng Qingshan looked down and couldn't help but smiled and hugged Xiuxiu girl.

"But Grandpa, what is the strongest." Xiu Xiu stared at Teng Qingshan with innocent eyes. Apparently she didn't understand the meaning of 'strongest man' at this age.

"Haha." There was a laugh inside the house.

The battle of the White Horse Lake in the 18th month of the twelfth lunar month has passed for a long time, but on the entire land of Kyushu, the legendary battle has long been discussed. In many restaurants and tea shops, you can see a lot of storytellers, constantly narrating the battle of Feixue on Baima Lake. After all, this is the battle between the two great Xeons!

Even if 10,000 years or 100,000 years pass, the battle of Baima Lake will be remembered by the world forever.

Not only that-

Vientiane Gate also wrote a book "On the White Horse Lake, the Battle of the Peak".


Yangzhou Dayan Mountain Xingyi Gate, Donghua Garden.

"Dad, you see what's written in this book, it's really interesting." Hong Wu took a book and went into the study, smiling at Teng Qingshan Road.

"How is it written in this book?" Teng Qingshan put down his brush and said with a smile."That's it." Hong Wu laughed, "The book says that Emperor Yu became the strongest more than six thousand years ago, and Emperor Qinling became the strongest more than five thousand years ago. Four thousand years ago, Li Jianxian Li Taibai became the Xeon. Two thousand years ago, Sakyamuni became the Xeon. Nowadays, two Xeons are born at once. According to time, an average of more than a thousand years, a Xeon should be born. . And after the Shakya Patriarch, for more than two thousand years, no Xeon was born. So ......... accumulate once and now, two are born at once. "

Teng Qingshan laughed dumbly: "Cumulative? Can this cumulative be accumulated?"

"But Dad, what I said, it really makes sense." Hong Wu smiled.

Teng Qingshan nodded: "Yes, really for more than a thousand years, a strong man was born."

"" "All right you go to practice boxing. I will finish writing this cheat book." Teng Qingshan laughed.

"Yes, Dad." Hong Wu immediately obediently left.

Teng Qingshan continued to write cheats. Since reaching the state of the strongest man, after understanding the truth of the chaotic primordial truth, he has already become a master of this inner family boxing. With a little thought, this is a cheat book. He finally understood why there are so many cheats in Mani Temple.

It is because it is easier for the Xeon to create cheats.


After becoming the Xeon, Teng Qingshan was leisurely. Accompany your family, write a cheat sheet occasionally, or pick out some of the real elites of Xingyimen. Those Neijia boxing geniuses who faced Teng Qingshan were very excited. Teng Qingshan has become a "spirit" -like figure of Neijia fist.

In a flash, one year has passed since the Battle of Baima Lake.Qingzhou, in the Tenjin Palace, on the eighteenth day of the first lunar month, everywhere in the Tenjin Palace is decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Because today is the day when Pei San ’s daughter ‘Pei Xuelian’ and Pei San ’s apprentice ‘Li Chao’ became married. On the same day, Pei San said that, turning back and promoting peace, it was Really successful.

The two became married, but it was a major event in Tenjin Shrine.

All the upper class characters of the Tenjin Palace itself rushed over with heavy gifts. Yu Huangmen, Ying Family, Gui Yuanzong, Xueyingjiao, etc. also received invitations. After all, 'Pei San' is a strong man on the ground of Kyushu. His daughter wants to be married, who doesn't give face?

Yu Emperor Yu even if there was a bit of enmity with Tianshen Temple in the past, it would not happen.

"Ying Clan Ying Haitong, come to--" The voice of the welcoming office outside, resounded throughout the Tenjin Palace.

"Haitong Brothers." The virtual powerhouse arrived, and today's groom official Li Chao personally welcomed him.

"Brother Li, you are married today, how can you be here."

For a time, there was constant laughter in the god palace, and it is not surprising that the innate powerhouses are here, and there are many virtual powerhouses. Those who dominate one side everywhere are very good here.

"Master Xingyimen Tengmen, come to--" The people at the welcoming place shook their voices, and he was afraid to call Teng Qingshan's name directly.

"Lord Tengmen is here."

"It's Teng Qingshan." In the empty hall of Tenjin Palace, many people whispered to each other, looking a little anticipating.

"Are the Qingshan brothers here?"A hearty voice reminded me of the other guests, who did not appear, ‘Pei San’ who appeared in person and walked out of the hall with a smile. I saw Teng Qingshan in a white robe, and Li Jun in the same white robe, just like a fairy couple. Pei Sanlaoyuan shouted his hands and shouted, "Brother Qingshan."

"Brother Pei." Teng Qingshan also smiled and arched his hands.

On the ground of Kyushu, there are only two of them today! Naturally, there is a feeling of like-minded people sympathise mutually between the strong. And when it comes to reaching the strongest, that Pei San was also inspired by Teng Qingshan to realize the last step, and Teng Qingshan was also threatened by Pei San ’s leg before he realized it.

"Master Tengmen."

"Master Tengmen."

When Teng Qingshan and Pei San walked into the hall side by side, all the guests in the whole hall stood up to salute. Teng Qingshan also smiled and nodded. In the hall, some young people who accompanied their parents were very excited to see Teng Qingshan. Want to talk to Teng Qingshan but dare not.

"Master Tengmen is so young." In the corner of the main hall, a girl who accompanied her father flushed with excitement.

"Lord Teng Men stepped into the congenital at the age of seventeen and naturally looked young." Her father next to him said with a smile.


Teng Qingshan naturally sat on the main seat, seeing with one's own eyes the scene of Pei Xuelian and Li Qi worshiping the world. This time Pei Xuelian became a relative, Teng Qingshan and Li Jun must come. After all, Li Jun is an apprentice of Pei Xuelian. This time, he also eased the relationship between the two parties. Since Teng Qingshan and Pei San have become friends, Pei Xuelian and Li Jun naturally have no barriers.

"Together in the cave!" With a loud voice, Li Chao took Pei Xuelian's hand and left the hall."Haha, haha." Pei San couldn't help laughing.

"Brother Pei, I rarely see you so happy." Teng Qingshan laughed.

"Snow Lotus is married, and I have settled a wish." Pei San looked at Teng Qingshan, and the two talked, directly isolating the surrounding space from others, "Qingshan, I am going to break the void tomorrow and leave Kyushu heaven and earth. "

"Tomorrow?" Teng Qingshan was surprised, so fast?

"If it were n’t for my daughter ’s marriage, I ’m afraid I would leave soon after reaching the state of the strongest. Now that my daughter is married, I do n’t care anymore ... I really want to know what is exactly outside of Kyushu heaven and earth . Where did Dayu, Yingzheng, and Li Taibai go? "Pei San's eyes had a longing.

Teng Qingshan also raised curiosity in his heart.

Yes, where will it be after the broken void?

That night, Teng Qingshan and Li Jun did not return to the gate, but lived in the Tenjin Palace. After all, Pei San will break the void tomorrow and leave the world of Kyushu. Teng Qingshan will naturally see off.


Li Jun and Teng Qingshan were lying on the bed, Li Jun asked, "This Pei San is broken, leaving Kyushu heaven and earth. You, will you also leave?"

"Don't let the imagination run wild." Teng Qingshan gently hugged Li Jun. "Forcing me to go, I don't want to go. There are no such good wives, such good sons outside of Kyushu heaven and earth."

Li Jun chuckled: "They are all strong, and they are so slick."

Teng Qingshan smiled without saying much.

"Right, Castle Peak. You said ..." Li Jun wrinkled slightly. "After this broken void, where will the strongest one go again?""I don't know." Teng Qingshan shook his head. "I have seen a stone stele left by Li Taibai, and he doesn't know it either. This is an unknown road ... If you don't walk in person, you don't know where the road leads. However, once this path is taken, there is no way to return. "

Li Jun nodded.

None of the strongest in history can come back.

"Sleep, stop thinking." Teng Qingshan laughed softly.


The night passed and it was dawn.

In the open space outside Deity Palace's backyard, Teng Qingshan and others, including Pei Xuelian and Li Chao, who had just become married, stayed here. But Pei San, who was about to break the void, was not there.

"That's Dad's forbidden place. No one is allowed to enter." Pei Xuelian looked at the backyard door. "I only know that it is a mausoleum, but I don't know whose tomb."

"How old are you." Li Chaoyi smiled next to him, "Before you were born, before accepting me as a disciple, the master must have experienced something. Everyone has secrets, Don't think so much."

Teng Qingshan and Li Jun next to him just waited quietly.


Pei San in black came out of the backyard door and smiled at everyone outside: "Brother Qingshan, let you wait a long time."

"Not in a hurry." Teng Qingshan laughed.

"Snow Lotus." Pei San looked at his daughter, and Pei Xuelian couldn't help but threw herself into her father's arms. She knew ... her father would never return when he left. Holding her daughter and letting her cry in her arms, Pei San's eyes were faintly moist. After all, this is the daughter he brought his own."Achao." Pei San looked at Li Chao and smiled, "Xuelian will give it to you, don't let me down."

"Relax, Master." Li Zhao smiled confidently.

Pei San nodded with satisfaction. He watched Li Chao grow up and knew Li Chao's character very well.

"" "Un." "" Pei San looked at the disciple Sumont, the beast king ‘Uhou’, and his brother ‘Pei Hao’, “Lao Wu, I ’ll go first.”

Pei Hao nodded slightly and sighed: "Big brother they and every left, if they know that 3rd brother you can reach the realm of the strongest, you will be very happy."

Pei San nodded, and his mood was complicated.

After all, all his relatives died one after another.

"" "All right Don't talk too much." Pei San looked at Li Chao and Pei Xuelian, "A Chao, my weapons and Xeon Battle Armor are all left. The Xeon Battle Armor will be left to you for safekeeping. Already. "Li Chao nodded.

"Dad, you're broken and empty, where are you going, me, I ..." Pei Xuelian wanted to say, but didn't know what to say.

"You ask Brother Aoyama, even the Xeon, you don't know, where did you go after this step was taken." Pei San laughed, "" "All right Many cheats, Xeon Battle Armor, etc. All stayed. I took this cloth, and this little tripod who has always been with me. "

Pei San took out the black little tripod that was almost exactly the same as Teng Qingshan from his chest, "Past life and life, it has been with me all the time. The treasure is spirited, and for you, it will also go. Since I want to break the void, it has not left . Just go with me. "

Teng Qingshan nodded.He understood Pei San's meaning. Pei San's predecessor was Xiang Fanchen, and there was this little black Ding. After reincarnation, Black Little Ding followed him.

"Brother Qingshan, I'm leaving. I'll ask you one last time. Would you like to join me and leave this world of Kyushu together?" Pei San looked at Teng Qingshan.

Li Jun next to his face could not help changing slightly.

Teng Qingshan smiled and looked at Pei San, then turned to look at his wife, looking at his worried face, but Teng Qingshan was holding his wife's hand, and then smiled and looked at Pei San: "Brother Pei, for me ... … No matter where you are, it ’s more important to have no home! My home is in Kyushu and I wo n’t leave. ”

"No matter where, no home is more important?"

Pei San shook his head and said, "Forget it, you have to leave after five hundred years. Brother Qingshan, I will take a step first."

Immediately turned around, the right hand was raised high, and the power of the chaotic primal instilled the right hand immediately, swiping suddenly!

Hiss ~~~~

Suddenly, a huge black hole with a height of three feet appeared in front of it. The black lacquer inside the gap in the space, I could not see anything at all.

"People come from the stripe, and the stripe goes. I was born with Kyushu tripod and left with Kyushu tripod, Haha ..." Pei San laughed, stepped out, and went directly into the black cave. Afterwards, the black hole also quickly converged until it turned into a black spot and eventually disappeared completely.

"Dad!" Pei Xuelian suddenly shouted in pain and knelt down.

"Master." Li Chao, Su Monte, and Beastmaster Wuhou all knelt down.

Teng Qingshan and Li Jun stood there."Qingshan, Pei San just left, saying that you will leave in 500 years?" Li Junlian smelled.


Teng Qingshan nodded, "It is impossible for the strongest to stay in Kyushu forever. If you live up to 500 years old, you must leave Kyushu. Otherwise, even if I do n’t leave, Kyushu Tiandi will drive me away. This is World's Natural Law. . Then I will leave Kyushu just like Pei San. I'm afraid I will also take Xiao Ding together when I arrive— "

Teng Qingshan's expression immediately changed.

"Qingshan, what's wrong?" Li Jun was shocked by Teng Qingshan's expression.

Teng Qingshan waved a hand and easily marked a black hole next to it, black. Teng Qingshan stared at the gap of the black hole, mysteriously, he could not see what exactly is it inside, and murmured: "I never knew how Kyushu Ding appeared in that world, now I know ..."

"Qingshan, Qingshan?" Li Jun was frightened by Teng Qingshan's expression.

Teng Qingshan looked at Li Jun and smiled slightly: "Xiao Jun, I'm afraid I know where the Xeon has gone after breaking the void."

End of the book