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Chapter Directory 1661 The Final Postscript
    Author: 晓夜圆舞曲(Xiǎo yè yuánwǔqǔ, Dawn Waltz)
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Here is the sixth floor of the abyssal world.

It is the capital of the former Demon Empire.

Twenty years ago, the abyssal world was still filthy and dim, and the land was barren with only fierce, cannibalistic grasses. However, under the rule of Hongxia, the abyssal world was recovering rapidly. Great results, green grass and verdant trees, "High Mountains can be seen everywhere ...

Especially the abyssal world has also moved a part of the earth people, where they are engaged in technology construction, mining, mining, coal mining, and people here are engaged in real estate, as if they want to assimilate the abyss world of the devil empire into technology. Times, technology, omnipotence.

And the devil also married with humans, did not know, did a startle, and the offspring born were exceptionally good, fully absorbing the excellent genes of both sides, and possessing the devil ’s strong physique and human intelligence, As a result, more humans are willing to marry the devil, and more humans move to the abyssal demon empire.

however ...

Although the devil has a high status in the abyss, it is no higher than the female Luo Teng. This race is already a relative of the emperor in the abyss, and it is very respectable. It's really a double payment ...

Female Luo Teng This was originally so famous, and the new Queen of Female Luo Teng is the master of the Abyss Realm, so soon, the management of the Abyss Realm will be taken over by the female Luo Teng ...

However, the rights of the female Luoteng family are actually not great, and there is no way to do anything. Who will let their immediate superior be a just red dye? Which female Luo Teng dared to have a private pocket in the underworld under her eyelid, only fearing how she would die doesn't know at all.As if, the female Luo Teng has become a public servant of the people in the abyssal world ... People in the abyssal world praised them and praised them.

But the female Luo Teng does not care about hard work, what they long for is honor and glory, after all, their vanity is too prosperous, as long as they can let them have a head and face, even if they are tired and hard, they will not complain ...

In a yard full of beauty, whether it is a few white plum blossom petals floating in the yard, dyed Hongxia closed his eyes and meditated.

"Queen, your friend is married and has sent you three invitations and five urging letters. Are you really not going to congratulate ..."

Catherine, the queen of the female Luoteng, the queen controlled by Bai Jiayu more than 20 years ago, she has stepped into the epic under the cultivation of dyeing Hongxia, and is also the second master of the female Luoteng race.

She is very loyal and respectful of dyeing Hongxia, everything is for dyeing Hongxia, just like dyeing Hongxia's deputy.

"I want to go too ... but I don't have that mood, and I don't want to see an acquaintance ... maybe it's a kind of psychology near hometown ..." Ran Hongxia reached out and took a white plum blossom, her eyes were hollow and deep With a sigh: "Twenty years are enough to change many things. They have married and have children. Jiayu's children have grown up ... Even my brother Long Wu is a strong and handsome young man ... But I still Of course, if I see my mother, I do n’t know what to say, but there will be endless embarrassment ... "Dye Hongxia still has a pimple in her heart. After all, her beloved mother became her "sister", even her beloved aunt had an affair with Bai Jiayu early, and her superb cultivation was also given by her mother and aunt If it weren't for the "Green Hat Divine Sword" relationship, she might have fallen thousands of times.

Xie Ling must also be the bell person, if Bai Jiayu does not appear ... her heart will never be able to untie, let alone face Xiao Wanqing and Xie Qingmei.

In fact, the three views of Hongxia are too correct.

Like others, Yan Zisu is completely less entangled with her, what kind of mother and daughter. Together serves a husband and what is it, the mermaid mother and daughter are still happy, and then look at others Liu Yinsha, Liu Yinsha ca n’t help Fang Fang with She teamed up for pets ...

Therefore, it is still dyed to Hongxia for Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, which is more troublesome, but it is also because of her stubbornness and persistence that she will create her achievements today, and only she can manage the dirty abyss boundary It ’s all Becomes Clear and Orderly. Of course, the surface of Dye Hongxia seems to be gentle and upright. In fact, she has n’t known how many dissidents have been eliminated in the past two decades. How much blood of aliens stained underneath ...

"Queen, I have a question in my heart for a long time, our ... cough, our empress dowager, which is Jiayu, she is a man or a woman, why do you still miss it for so long, if she is a man Is n’t that dirty ... uh, I ’m wrong, please the queen forgiveness ... "Female Luo Teng is a race with serious cleanliness, and it has strong sexism. They often only accept women, but they do n’t like men, because they feel that the person who leads them is easily overwhelmed by lust, which is why female Luo Teng is very The reason why it is difficult to marry someone is probably that only Love Saint can soak up a female Luo Teng.

"Catherine, is there a difference between Jiayu's being a man and a woman? At that level, it can be a man or a woman, and it is extremely simple to transform thousands and hundreds of avatars ..."

"Then, the queen, are you still waiting for the empress dowager, if the empress dowager turns out, uh, according to humans, it is hanging, wouldn't you just ... break it off ... the tradition of our female Luo Teng is Unbreakable ... "

"Catherine, do you want to drive me down to usurp power?"

"Ah, no no no ... I don't dare to give me a hundred guts!"

Catherine was so scared that complexion had a big change, she quickly bowed her head to plead, and her forehead oozed out with cold sweat. What a joke, if you dyed Hongxia improperly, the consequences would be unthinkable!

Dye Hongxia gently placed the white plum petals in her hand on the stone table and said lightly: "I just said it casually ... I wish Jiayu could come back and come back as a man ... I always gather with Jiayu It ’s hard to say a few words. If you really have a chance to wait until Jiayu comes back this time ... I will marry him unhesitatingly, even if there is more resistance, I do n’t care! "

Catherine was anxious: "Ah, the queen doesn't want it ... what do you do with our female Luoteng Empire ..."

A stern flash in the eyes of dyed red xiaxia: "The rules are dead, people are alive, whoever dares to have an opinion will be put in jail, or, if I abdicate, I will be tired of whoever loves and should be.""" "No no no", Queen You ... "

"I'm tired and need to rest. You go down."


Catherine opened her mouth, and finally didn't dare to nag any more, so she obediently left.

Zhanhongxia looked up with regret, and looked at the white plum tree she planted in her yard. That was the proof that she missed Bai Jiayu. Now, this white plum tree also grows seven or eight meters high, with blossoming flowers. It is particularly beautiful against the backdrop of ice and snow.

"Tired, am I really tired, and I still don't understand Jiayu's attitude towards me, if Jiayu really comes back, will he come to me, or will I be passionate from beginning to end ? "

Dye Hongxia sighed, but was full of endless sadness and bitterness. Recalling the bit by bit of the two, they were always arguing and cold wars. There were few chances to sit down and talk ...

The cold wind blew, and suddenly a piece of white plum blossoms sprinkled on the red dyed clothes, like dotted flowers.

And in the soil under the white plum tree, two pieces of broken iron were inserted, which was the Peerlessly Godly Weapon dream breaker ...

Although the broken dream knife has been destroyed and the divinity is dying, even the seal of the kingdom of God has been destroyed, but the sword is spirited, even if the sword is broken, the broken sword can still feel the mood change of dyeing Hongxia Buzzing slightly, it seemed to comfort the former master ...

"Dreambreaker, you don't have to comfort me, I'm strong now."

Zhanhongxia whispered softly, and returned to her deep palace warm pavilion, where there was a Shenshui hot spring, with petals scattered in the hot spring, and Linna raised a plume of white smoke.Dye Hongxia eased Luo Shang, took off the ribbon and put down her long dark hair like a waterfall, revealing her beautiful and tempting figure. Compared with 20 years ago, Dye Hongxia was too beautiful Even the double peaks on the chest are full of circles, and the twenty years of being in a high position has invisibly cultivated the temperament of the queen, which undoubtedly makes the red hongxia off the girl ’s greenness and becomes a dignified and elegant. Lady, it's just ... she's still a virgin.

The hot spring was very warm, but when I soaked in the red rosy water, I felt that my heart was still cool. There was always a lonely and empty lingering ...

"I don't know why my life will become like this ... if I can really repeat it again ... I really, really want to go back to the original point again, not to meet Li Wuxin ... but to touch Jiayu back then ... At least I wo n’t feel lonely ... "

Stained Hongxia mutter to oneself bitterly, but suddenly, a familiar voice came inconceivably behind her:

"Why is it so troublesome, it's not too late to think of the present as a new starting point? The bitterness and hardship of the past can bring out the sweetness of the future, right? You are right, my son?"

Dyed big?

Under the sky, who else dares to call her to dye her son?

Only Li Jiayu, who scolded her for justice just every day!

Dye Hongxia was shocked in vain, like she was blown up by Wu Lei, she burst into tears and her eyes turned red. She did not turn around or turn her head, but just made a whimpering cry:

"You ... you're back, am I dreaming ... if it's a dream, I'd rather listen to your voice more ..."Dye Hongxia did not dare to look back, she was afraid that she would wake up this dream.

"Yes, of course it is a dream. You will live in a dreamy sweetness in the future. I am free now. I can be separated and can stay with you every moment, and I will not leave you one step ... Hey, I just heard what you said to Catherine. You said, if I come back, you will be unhesitatingly married, right? "

Dye Hongxia said blankly: "Ah, when did I say ..."

"I heard it with my own ears, can there still be fake?"

Zan Hongxia wanted to say something. Suddenly she felt a warm carcass behind her, and a pair of soft and elastic double peaks squeezed her back, which was very comfortable.

But at the next moment, a pair of hands stretched out to cover the plump chest with dyed red xia, gently flicked, rubbing two pink cherries with her fingertips, and gave her an electric stimulus.

"Let ’s go to the room tonight. We will make up the wedding in two days. You can see how far you are behind your mother and your aunt. Their children are of marriage age. You are still an unmanned person, too pitiful. Is that right? "

Dye Hongxia was both excited and ashamed. At this moment, she could understand that she was not dreaming. It was indeed Bai Jiayu behind her. It is no wonder that the fragments of the broken dream knife will buzz and vibrate today. It turned out to remind her that Bai Jiayu Come back!

She let the tears slip from her eyes, sobbed silently, and quickly turned around in the hot spring. What she saw was still the snowless long hair and the beautiful suffocating cheeks, and the pair of A deep blue eye enough to suck away all human souls.Isn't this Bai Jiayu in the yearn morning and evening!


Bai Jiayu is still a female body!

When she discovered that Dye Hongxia was staring at her breasts in a daze, Bai Jiayu laughed, awkwardly said:

"Oh, I forgot for a while, I will go back as soon as I go ..."

The next moment Bai Jiayu tore the space from the hot spring, the space came out of the second Bai Jiayu, but this man is a man with short white hair, looks more handsome than the female version, and there is a hint of masculinity in the faint.

The dyed red xia was dumbfounded, looking at a man and a woman, two Bai Jiayu, with a blank mind, not knowing what to say.

"Aha ... sorry for the inconvenience. In the two decades of being trapped in the world tree, my soul has also split, and both men and women have become two individuals independently ... Although the memory is shared, it has been divided Home now ... "

Man Jiayu touched his nose awkwardly, and then walked into the hot spring, holding in his arms the unreacted dyed red xia.

"But, but ... but she ..."

Dyeing Hongxia is still a short-circuited brain, and a pair of eyes are still glancing at the female Jiayu with a super hot body next to him, God, Bai Jiayu split? That was really shocking, but looking at female Jiayu in male Jiayu ’s arms, she felt weird. She always felt that male Jiayu and female Jiayu were the pair of Jintongyu girls, she was reduced to a third party. ...

Although they share the memory and share the soul, they are still the same person, but Ye Hongxia has such a strange feeling ...

"What's wrong with her? Yo, Hongxia, don't tell me, in fact, you like female Jiayu instead of me."Dye Hongxia hadn't had time to speak yet, but female Jiayu looked at him angrily, grimacing, and raised her fist:

"How to drop, Hongxia likes me to ask you to take care of me? The old lady has infinite charm, how about charging a few more cute girls, be careful I will also grab your harem!"

"Oh, I'm so scared, but the next scene is not suitable for children. Could you please avoid it? It's not too early, should you go and find your old friend?"

"Huh, I want you to control, I will go to Hei Jiayu and Jasmine, I hope they are well!"

Female Jiayu quarreled with male Jiayu again, and then she put on a bright gauze and left, but before she left, she still stuck out her tongue and said to Hongxia:

"Hey, dye your son, two days later, I want to drink your wedding wine, you can enjoy it tonight! * A night is worth a lot of money!"

"Ah, wait ... I have something ..."

Immediately after dyeing Hongxia wanted to be retained, female Jiayu twitched away and the space disappeared, leaving only the male Jiayu and the dyed Hongxia in the deep palace.

Dyeing Hongxia's cheeks were flushed, as if drunk, looking at Nan Jiayu embarrassedly and embarrassedly, Zhiwu was annoyed:

"Let me, let's get on with each other normally ... We can't even count a couple."

"Okay, let's go to bed and talk about life."

"Don't move, just stay here ... I have something to tell you, what do you plan to do with my mother and aunt, you must give me an explanation."

"Accounting? I can't explain, or I can only give you an explanation with arrogance!"

"Arrogant?"Ye Hongxia shouted and immediately kissed Jia Jiayu's mouth, sucking the Xiangjin Qiong pulp in her mouth, hugging each other tightly in the hot spring ...

The finale. The book is over.

[Author's remarks: It is finally over, and the chapter of the whole book is finished. Five hundred "250 words in the whole book, which lasted three years.]

[Although there are still many regrets for the ending, but in any case, the main line of writing should be considered quite complete, and some of the pits should be filled. 】

[Perhaps some readers will ask, oh, I wiped, also some people, how come things are not explained, black Jiayu, Yang An, octopus, Jasmine, and so on. The ending did n’t show your face. What's going on?

[These characters will naturally be written ... However, the appearance in the outer chapter, that is, the sad and sad article, is not the same as the happy ending of everyone ’s attractive spectacle. 】

[So the orthodox ending will end here, so that readers with perfectionist psychology can accept it, but for this part of book friends ... I can only say sorry, because the next ending will be a bit troublesome, and I ’ve finished reading If you are not sure, you will write a letter and hack the author (laughs)]

[This book is most regrettable, it should be forced to cut a lot of plot lines. In fact, there are still many urban articles of Hei Jiayu in the original plan, but the majority of readers do n’t like to write cities, so they can only reluctantly write Hei Jia. The jade thread is broken ... As for Lin Jia, well, I'm really sorry for you readers. In fact, Lin Jia is our name and Lin Jia is based on us. This is why Lin Jia plays so much. , But the pen is not good enough, the conception is not perfect, so Lin Jia is disliked by book friends][As for the black and white double jade that the book friends like to see ... Dwarf oil, sorry for the inconvenience, I feel so sad and mad, so I close it in time to save the few remaining rituals ... and the problem of bellflower I can only say sorry, there are so many fans of Bellflower, they all went to the book review area to quarrel, in order to not blame the Bellflower fans, I can only delete all the dramas of Bellflower ...]

[Finally the last ... Thanks to the vicious curse of many bookmates, this book can reach the finale under the irrigation of many saliva stars, not to mention the longest essay and the longest transformation, but it is always here There is a thick ink in the two categories, which is also gratifying to the author. 】

[I believe that this wonderful alternative niche article will be very different from the rest, rather than simply upgrading Xiaobaiwen, even after three, five, and ten years, will it still be mentioned by book friends? 】

[Then you are here, thank you book friends for seeing here steadfast loyalty. Let's see our new book, the new book is still the end of the world, it is an extension of the end. 】 R1152

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