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Chapter Directory 683 About Shenwen Yuhe Creation
    Author: Unknown
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It's the seventh year of the starting point.

The snail is a person who sells stories, and one book is displayed on the shelf, with a total of 15 million words.

There are good and bad stories in them. The passing princes randomly selected one or two of them. When they were happy, they subscribed, and when they were unhappy, they cursed a few words.

The readers of each issue go back and forth, some people know, some don't know, some leave, and some become friends of snails.

There is too much bitterness and bitterness behind the writing of the book, doesn't know at all, where should I start, and recently I said that during the period when the god pattern was updated, because of kidney stones, I vomited five or six times and hung up Several stitches. I couldn't lie down for two or three days in a row. I got up and jumped until I was too sleepy to lie down and go to sleep. But have you ever seen God's pattern broken? Everyone is just seeing the text, not seeing the life of the author behind.

Sometimes I will also lament my choice and do other work, my body will definitely be much healthier, but that is to think about it, the snail will still continue to work on the computer code word every day.

For some reason, Shenwen Dao chose to finish at this time node, but Ye Wei ’s story in Shenwen Dao will continue. Just like leveling experts and thieves, Ye Wei's story will continue in the demon god. I think this should be a relatively satisfactory explanation for Shenwen Dao.

As for the new book Yao Shen Ji, the snail will return to the creation method of Jiuxing Tianchen Juice, which should be a very beautiful work. The snail does not require everyone to give their full support, but just take a look at it. If you are happy, cast a few votes.Snails will continue to create stories one by one, and do n’t expect all stories to be liked by everyone, as long as one or two of them can make everyone laugh. (...) R1292

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