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    Author: 耳根(ěrgēn, Ear Roots)
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[燃 ^ 文 ^ 书库] []. [774] [buy]. [] Chapter 11 Sand Monk ’s Helplessness to the Pig Bajie (this chapter is free)

Sharp and Shen Zhi, Xia Qi, and Xiao Yunzi are doing market research on the future wealthy plan on Yingbin Street in Longjiang City, but the sharpness in contemplation is interrupted by a vicissitudes and low voice.

"Uh ... the ground is round? It's the earth! Sister Feng! Sister Furong! That's not a celebrity on the earth decades ago!" This old man is talking about words on the earth, is it just as unexpected as himself? Earth people who have crossed here? Thinking of this, Xili quickly walked along with the sound. As he approached gradually, Xili saw a beard under the high wall, and his face was loose with Ling's messy hair, slack and basking in the sun.

The sloppy old man saw sharply coming through the slits of his eyes that could not be opened by the sun, and could not help but bright light flashes, and then shouted weakly: "The sky is blue, the ground is round, and in the dark We are destined, Sister Feng is crying, Sister Furong is in trouble, brother only hopes that those who are destined to come early, and peerless cheats are only for those who are destined! "

"Old man, why is the ground round? Do you know Sister Feng and Sister Furong?" Sharp walked to the old man, leaned down and asked quietly, "Are you a pig brother?"

The sloppy old man heard sharp questions, his eyes were not earned, and he sneered: "Where is the brash boy, why are there so many boring questions."

"Uh ... old man, what are you talking about? Hurry up and talk back." Shen Lu anxiously followed behind Sharp.

Seeing this sharply, he squatted and turned back to stare at Shen Ma, and then said with patience, "Old man, these questions are very important to me, tell me please?""The gift is a gift!" The sloppy old man suddenly pushed a yellowed threaded book into his sharp arms squatting in front of him, and then stood up, shaking, and said to himself, "Oh, I will go too! "

After the sloppy old man finished speaking, he only saw a movement, leaving only a residual image, and lost his trace. Sharp and others looked around, where the shadow of the sloppy old man could still be seen.

"Ah ... I'm fucking, master!" Shen Zhi opened her mouth in shock, with an inconceivable look on her face.

"My master is Zhu Bajie? Isn't it a super-popular death on Earth, and the best son has no place to see it when he sees it? I have a dazzling eyebrow ..." The performance of the sloppy old man was more than shocked by Shen Lu. At this time, the sharp man who had been squatting was also completely "thundered" and sat on the ground at once.

When Xia Qi and Xiao Yunzi were talking at Lao Wangtou, they often heard this kind of god man who came and went without a trace, but it was a different matter to hear and hear. The first sober little Yunzi stuttered. Pulling sharply on the ground, said: "Big ... Big ... Big Brother, hurry up ... Hurry up and watch ... Look, this ... what the old fairy gave you?"

"Yeah, have a look?" Xia Qi also asked quickly.

Pulled by Xiao Yunzi, the sharp left and right shook ‘er’, and gradually recovered his sobriety. He quickly held the yellow threaded books in his hand, and Shen Yun and Xia Qi, Xiao Yunzi also came close."Uh, why doesn't the yellowed book cover have the name of the martial arts cheat book? It's different from the TV show!" Sharply looked at the blank and yellowed book cover and said to himself, then opened the first page, and saw the above Content, a sharp "Ao" voice yelled out, and suddenly stood up and scolded: "I'm fucking, pig head ball, play with me? Is there such a fucking like this? Don't bring such a joke?" ! "

"Oh, mother!" Sharp and sudden madness shocked Shen Zhi and Xia Qi, and Xiao Yunzi.

"Boss, what is this written above? Why haven't I seen such text?" Xia Qi looked at the page that was turned sharply in her hand and asked a few words that she didn't know.

"Day, if you know him, you'll see a ghost." Sharp white Xia Qi glanced.

It's depressing in Sharp's heart at this time. The text on the first page is actually the Chinese characters on the earth. What's more annoying is that these Chinese characters are actually ‘Do n’t die, nothing to practice! ’Eight characters.

At this time, I was completely entangled in the sharpness of the tangle, and my fingers shuddered and turned the second page. I saw the four Chinese characters "chasing the stars and catching the moon" on it. Without looking at the content in detail, I turned to the second page. Next page, turn to the fourth page, which is the last page, which is full of some content related to "chasing the stars and catching the moon", and I am too lazy to take a closer look. The sharp words scolded: "My day, what the hell is this? Rely, what is this about? What is this bitterness, cups, and entanglements in Sharp's heart? Sharply shocked his heart, angrily spent the power of ten bulls and three tigers, and then slowly calmed down when he saw When Shen Ma, Xia Qi, and Xiao Yunzi looked confused, he said, "What are you looking at, then go shopping."Although there are doubts about one belly, but after seeing the sharp, twisted and sauced facial expressions, no one dared to speak.

But at this time, the sloppy old man who had just given a book to the sharp is standing above the high sky of the Dragon Continent, and transformed into a red beard, a black and blue face, and a handsome sand monk. He and the Ba Ba Jie standing side by side are staring. Down below, taking a sharp and crazy scene in the entire scene.

"Hey, hey, the second sentence you taught me really works. Brother II is indeed smarter than me." The sand monk scratched the loose hair on both sides of the hair, and said to Han Bajie Han Han.

"Hahaha, don't you look at who the brother is, kind of, with this ability to escape, this kid shouldn't die!" Zhu Bajie had a full-faced expression.

"Second Brother, how do I feel that this kid has the same" sex "style as you, how do you ..." The sand monk was interrupted by Zhu Bajie before he finished speaking.

"Brother, there is no way." Zhu Bajie heard the sand monk and began to grind endlessly, quickly 'plug' mouth.

"Who complains, who asked you to peek at the fairy Chang'e taking a shower, and let me show you the wind, I never wanted to be caught by Erlang God, let us go to the lower realm to do galaxy watch, and seal With our magical powers of change, alas, you say we are so bitter! "The sand monk shook his head helplessly.

"That old Jade Emperor received our magical powers, aren't we afraid that we will change into handsome looks and secretly leave our office to enjoy them? Thanks to my cleverness, I ask my brother to teach us how to change one by one. It ’s been a hundred years of chic, hehe ... "Speaking of this, Zhu Bajie's eyes only flashed 'kinky' light."This isn't that great, but you have a lot of trouble. Put this kid into my vertical and horizontal galaxy, alas ..." Sha Senghan sighed.

"Brother wants to be more troublesome? That monkey's transformation spell to the brother, but it was the spoken language of such a stupid boy in the Milky Way galaxy that he was guarding, brother cups! The first day he took office, he was completely changed by this kid. It ’s been eighteen times. ”Speaking of this, Zhu Bajie seemed to be guilty again. He thought,“ Is it all because the monkey deliberately arranged it? Or why would there be such a coincidence? ”

Everything is destined, is it really just a coincidence?

"Oh, it's really a coincidence." The sand monk took a quick look to the Dragon Continent below.

"You said that if I were to become a little pretty boy, when I was changing my sister, the verbal language by this companion pitted was changed all the time, and I wouldn't freak out the girls and daughters, how could the brother still be mixed, so the brother's spirit was moved, Just arrange him to your vertical and horizontal galaxy. Anyway, for thousands of years, no devil has come to "harass" the mortal world. Brother is idle and nothing happens. It just changed into his appearance to enjoy the mortal world. This kid's underworld identity can be quite a lot of beautiful women! "Zhu Bajie bit his finger, looking very much.

"Ah, it's been so many years, Brother Two, you are still like this. You are like destroying the normal order of the lower realm. Are you not afraid of King Yan Luo going to court?" Sha Seng reminded Pig Bajie."So, I came to talk to you, he can't have an accident on your side. With this little self-defense skill, he can protect himself and don't hang it. When we return to Heaven after our tenure, then It wouldn't be over to pick him back. "Zhu Bajie felt that his arrangement was perfect. He couldn't help but bragging and asked again:" Brother Sha, is your brother very smart? "

"" "Uh ......" "" The sand monk was speechless, he was on the thief ship of these two brothers again.

It turned out that Zhu Bajie had told lies last time to Shili. The real reason for the lower bound was that he was punished for peeking at Chang'e in the shower. If a conversation between the two was heard by Xieli, he would definitely go out of his way.

On the Yingbin Street, the sharp party who continued to do market research has regained the cheerful atmosphere at the beginning. Xia Qi and Xiao Yunzi jumped around and looked at this one. Then look at that one. The look of Luo.

"Boss, I want this, come with money!" Xia Qi pointed to the small ornament on the stall next to him and asked for money.

Sharply following Xia Qi's fingers, when she looked at what she pointed to, her eyes lighted up and asked quickly: "Does your girl like this kind of thing?"

"What is this, such a good thing, that girl doesn't like it!" Xia Qi urged sharply in a hurry: "Hurry up and get money!"

"Oh, this lady has good eyesight, but this is a new product that I came in from" Xiangweiju ". You smell this fragrance and it will last for a long time." The vendor at the stall is a middle-aged 'women' girl, look When a business came to the door, he quickly sold his goods to Xia Qi who was standing in front of her booth."Second brother, what is this thing called?" Sharp pressed the excitement in his heart, and asked Shen Zhi who was standing beside him.

Shen Sha was surprised when she heard the sharp question, looked up and down like a monster, and said: "I said elder brother, no wonder Sanmei said you, you said you, why don't you even know this? what?"

"Where is there so much nonsense, hurry up?" The sharp voice changed slightly.