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0 Chapter Directory 2544 Special Chapter 4
    Chinese Name: 很纯很暧昧  Author: 慕容小杰(Mùróng xiǎo jié, Murong Fella)
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"Brother Lin, since this person is stubborn, let's do it!" Yang Ming said lightly.

     Lin Dongfang nodded and walked directly to the stunned Dragon Patriarch. He suddenly punched, and with a loud bang, the Dragon Patriarch was flew out by Lin Dongfang and flew out tens of meters directly. He landed heavily on the ground, suddenly exuded a mouthful of blood, and there was no sound, and the air intake was more and less air...

    This is the result of Lin Dongfang’s daring not to work hard. After all, Rapid Cicada Gu nutrient solution is limited. He and Yang Ming and several Ancient Sects are going to run. It is impossible to run out of energy at once and drink nutrient solution to supplement their physical strength. So he had to take it easy.

    Silly! Everyone present was dumbfounded! Grandpa Leopard Patriarch and Grandpa Patriarch looked at this scene in amazement, and felt incredible and could not believe it!

    "Return my brother's order!" Mad cow ancestor responded first, True Qi suddenly violently in his body, a move to Lin Dongfang! Although Lin Dongfang took the full version of Vajra Gu, but after taking the full version of Herculean Gu, there was a mutual contradiction, so Yang Ming didn't dare to carelessly, and quickly stopped in front of Lin Dongfang, and easily took the mad Master Niu's trick!


     Yang Ming didn't move his lines, and looked at the mad cow ancestor indifferently, said coldly: "Will you follow me, or die?"

    "Crazy cow, come back." The mad leopard ancestor spoke at this time, looking at Yang Ming with some shock: "Are you... a master of heaven?"

    "You can understand this." Yang Ming said lightly.

    "You came back from Heaven Step Island?" Mad Master Leopard was a little unbelievable, and there are still Heaven Masters outside Heaven Step Island."What Heaven Step Island?" Yang Ming froze slightly.

    "It's nothing, it doesn't seem to be anymore..." Mad Master Leopard smiled bitterly: "It turns out that there is a way to promote Heavenly Path without going to Heaven Step Island...Forget it, I'll go with you, but Mad Cow is just a Master of Heaven Realm advanced stage , Hasn’t reached the advanced stage, great completion, he..."

    "He doesn't need to go." Yang Ming shook his head: "I only need Heaven Step advanced stage, the master of peak strength is useless."

    Grandpa Leopard nodded, but he was relieved. After all, Grandpa Dragon Patriarch died, leaving him and Grandpa Patriarch. If both had gone, what would happen to the Mingrui Fumingrui sect? The next generation of disciples who can provoke Daliang have not yet grown up, so Mad Leopard Patriarch also wants Mad Patriarch to stay.

    "The next goal, God Fist Temple! I heard that the two masters of God Fist Temple relied on one hand and the God of Heaven and Earth did not put the ordinary Heaven Step advanced stage. The peak strength master was very hated in the eyes, everyone complained that he shot Too heavy?" Yang Ming glanced at the information on the phone and said lightly: "Since that is the case, the next target is him. I see if he can kill me or we can kill him! Please lead the mad leopard ancestor. , We have searched according to the map!"

    "Yes..." Kuangbao Patriarch nodded quickly. He knew that Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang were "Tian Dao masters". They didn't dare to have any violations. Tian Dao masters, killing them was just a lifting of their hands. Why not promote to heaven?

    After a rì in front of the God Fist Temple.

    "Whether the invincible boxer and Wushuang boxer are here? The master of heaven is here, and he hasn't rushed out to meet him quickly?" The mad Master Leopard shouted, and he was quite professional as a dog.If it was someone clamoring, it was already beaten to death by the disciples of God Fist Temple but the clamor was the mad leopard ancestor. The disciples of one of the three great priests of the Ming dynasty, the Ming dynasty, also knew. The two grandpa masters of the invincible boxer and the unparalleled boxer of the God Fist Temple, and these two grandmasters who were heard to be Ming rìfuming rì sect came, they were both frowned, but they still got out the first time!

    "Crazy Leopard, are you here to kick the court? Why? At the Heaven Step martial arts trial conference last year, we lost to God Fist Temple, and I was not convinced? Come to the court when I am injured? I think you are there? Suffering hard enough, and want to go back and lie down for a year to heal?" The invincible boxer is the master of the Heaven Step advanced stage of the foreigner, and the fist punches the mountain and splits the sea, which is naturally better than the Heaven Step advanced stage of the same level. The master is much better.

    Last time, he punched the mad leopard ancestor into the ring with a punch, and went back to lie for a year before he recovered from the injury! Therefore, God Fist Temple is capable of self-contained boxing, and is unreasonable and unreasonable. Even Tiandan Oh dare to provoke God Fist Temple. He also tries his best to cooperate with God Fist Temple to ask for the medicine. Therefore, God Fist Temple has a bad reputation.

    "Kick the court? Don't use those who are useless, I don't have time to talk to you, I don't have to play the court now, do you know who I am? I am now the master of the master of heaven, now I am the master of the master of heaven. You don’t want to die, just give me a little honesty!” Mad Master Leopard said disdainfully.

    "Tian Dao master?" Invincible boxers and Wushuang boxers only turned their heads to look at Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang, with a trace of surprise in their eyes!"Are you masters of heaven?" No wonder they do not believe, and their tone is a little disrespectful. After all, masters of heaven and heaven have disappeared for thousands of years in this world. Tiandao master is very skeptical.

    "Give you a chance, punch me, and then follow me! If you don't go, I will kill you!" Yang Ming didn't have time to talk nonsense with him, and said directly.

    "Fight you? Good Ah!" The invincible boxer readily agreed that someone came to die, how could he fail?

    "Brother, let me come and fight this kind of guy who doesn't know the sky and the earth. My outer expert, the Heaven Step intermediate stage peak strength, can do it. Why do you, the Master of Heaven Step advanced stage peak strength, do it yourself?" Wushuang Boxer said Said.

    "Okay, then you go and see what tricks this crazy leopard is playing!" The invincible boxer nodded calmly, but he soon became calm...

    ...Ten minutes later, the invincible boxer followed Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang with shock and admiration, and went down to the next goal, Heavenly Pill Sect ......

    For more than half a month, Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang finally managed to finish all the Ancient Sect and Ancient Family, except the master who did not believe in Heaven Step advanced stage killed by Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang, others It's all around Yang Ming's!

    And the further back, the easier and simpler it is. At this time, Yang Ming and Lin Dongfang have gathered a lot of Heaven Step advanced stage peak strength masters, they are all famous figures from all walks of life. , But saved Yang Ming nonsense, only a few stubborn ones were killed by Lin Dongfang...After sending off Lin Dongfang, Yang Ming took these people and embarked on a private jet to Island X... Liu Yezi, hold on, your old friend came to support!