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    Chinese Name: 将夜  Author: 猫腻(Māonì, Fishy Cat)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Seven Noodles

     Two days before the end of the night, I did an award-winning question and answer on the WeChat public platform. Readers are asked to guess what the last line of the book is. I thought no one could guess it, so the budget was The local tyrant gold, the result did not expect, in the end there were four strong guesses that were basically the same word, and two dear friends also guessed more than half of them, so the prize was changed from local tyrant gold to kindle...

     Speaking of this matter, it is of course not to promote my generosity (the money is privately paid by myself), nor is it self-deprecating to be stingy like Ning Que Sang Sang (although I changed my mind temporarily, is it money?) I want to express my admiration.

     In the last line of the Ye Quan book, Sang Sang asked Ning Que in Lao Bi Zhai: "Are you hungry? I'll give you something to eat below."

     Don’t be obsessed with understanding those ways like some friends do. I just want to say that noodles are the most important thing in this story.

     This sentence comes from the great secret agent in the big house, from the great Carina Lau, from the omelette noodles and hot and sour noodle soup in the book.

     In Zhou Xingchi’s movies, the odd hair is definitely not the best, but it is one of my favorites. Carina Lau’s acting skills have always been well evaluated, and Di Renjie finally won the award, but for me, the most The good Carina Lau is the woman in the big inner spy.What the movie showed was the love, marriage, and family that I made for. A bowl of noodles. From TVB to the end, I started to write stories by myself. Homely taste is always my top priority.

     Watching TVB with a bowl of noodles is naturally the most commonplace.

     Most of the readers can guess the last line of dialogue. It may be because I have mentioned omelet noodles too many times in the night, or because we have similar growth experiences, we can remember those things, and we have similar likes and dislikes. There is a common aesthetic.

     Jiang Ye is a romance. It is about the parents' shortcomings. Even if the heavens and humans are at war, they are still the parents' shortcomings. The same is true for Academy.

     In this story, I have written a lot of pictures, all of which I like. One of my favorite pictures is that Ning Que is locked in a cliff cave. The Senior Brother Senior Sisters of Academy come to play. Then there is noisy there, like a spring outing. The cliff is beautiful, you can see Chang An from a distance. There are dozens of thin waterfalls between the cliffs, pouring into the sea of pure white clouds. I am not talking about this.

     Sang Sang cooks food for Ning Que on the edge of the cliff, for everyone to eat, splashes the dirty water after washing the vegetables into the cliff, and dumps it into the sea of clouds-my favorite picture is this.In a place like a fairyland, you still have to eat. The Academy is a group of foodies from Master to Scalpers. I like to paint the perfect oil painting with the colors of life, and even paint it all over.

     As mentioned earlier, I don't write about solemn and sacred things, such as becoming a god, and Yan Nan's Fengyue Chengshen is strong enough. I can't do more now, so of course I won't touch this one. So on the banks of Surabaya, I only gave Sang Sang a very short picture, so I stopped writing more, but started writing the opposite journey.

     What I want to write about is the process by Shen Chengren.

     Before Surabaya, the Master took Ning Que and Sang Sang to travel around the world to see the most beautiful scenery, eat the best food, spend the most interesting days, and finally let them get married in the bridal chamber by the snow sea.

     It is the four characters of diet, men and women.

     That is the means of the Master. Ning Que took Sang Sang around the world, and took her to meet the parents and deceased of the world, which is a continuation of this method.

     In the end, the mentor and apprentice succeeded.

     Vast Sky became a human.

     The story of Jiang Ye, in fact, has already determined the outcome or outcome from that moment.

     A bowl of noodles can also change the world.

     Life is always the strongest.

     Eight Wei CityThe controversy about Ning Que mainly appeared in the second half. He took Sang Sang as an enemy to the world and killed many pious and innocent people. After the grassland period, he caused some negative opinions.

     I always feel that there is no need for discussion. There is no problem with negative opinions about Ning Que, because the things he did are of course a great danger for us as ordinary people, and he was scumbed. Yes, because we are not Sang Sang, we are not from Wei City, and we have never studied at Academy.

     However, some readers doubted his reasonable surname and felt that his surname has changed. I want to make some explanations. In fact, he has never changed. He has never been a good person. If he judges morally, his hands are always What's the good thing about being stained with blood?

     Ning Que himself said that First Senior Brother is a benevolent person, Second Senior Brother is a man of lofty ideals, and he is definitely not a gentleman aspiring to benevolence.

     I have not written positively about the life of him and Sang Sang before Wei City, because the timeline of the night starts from leaving Wei City. Before that, he has killed many people and done a lot of evil things. He will search for the dead. He even ate human flesh.Everyone should remember what he had eaten, and he must remember who he killed the first and second person. He is different from Fan Xian in Qing Yu years. He is more sober and helpless. He was pushed to start. Doing things that he didn’t necessarily recognize, so he always felt that his hand when holding the knife was wet and sticky, and it was covered with blood that was about to coagulate, until the revenge in the East City, until After killing Xia Hou, he was relieved a little bit.

     I want to write Ning Que like this because I think that human beings need the animal surname to survive. Of course, if human beings want to live better, they must not be limited to this, so he will change.

     At the beginning, he just wanted to live. After he picked Sang Sang, he wanted to live with Sang Sang and got love in Wei City. So he wanted to live with Wei City. He entered the Academy in Chang An. He wanted to live with his fellow sect members until he met the ordinary painter named Yang Erxi in the southern frontiers of the empire, that he had a strong desire to live happily with Tang Country.

     The Master once said that First Senior Brother loves the world, so it’s hard to figure out who he loves the most. Ning Que has only Sang Sang and doesn’t love the world at all. This judgment is accurate, but his elder didn’t talk about the back of Ning Que. These changes have occurred.Love is never a one-sided thing, it must echo each other, you have to love me and I love you, or I love you first and then you love me, but a certain connection must be established in the process. Always love unilaterally or always love unilaterally regardless of the reason, how much self-abuse?

     Ning Que was very likely to become a common unloved child in literature and art, a perverted child, death from a young age, and too many deaths. It is indeed easy to train an excellent teenager into a cold-blooded guy like him. Fortunately, He still met some love.

     She loves him, he loves her, so he can carry her against the whole world, Wei City loves him, he loves Wei City, and destroys the world of Wei City, so he will naturally be destroyed by him. From this point of view, he is still a The child who doesn't love and needs love, we're returning to this chariot... I sympathize with him, so I agree with him.

     Jiu YikuThe reason why Jiang Ye is the best-looking is that it is really good-looking and good-looking, the story is the funniest, the picture is the coolest and handsome...I am not trying to sell cute to get your consent, I really think so, of course, Compared with what I have written myself, in terms of cool and handsome, I have written about Uncle Wu Zhu, Heiqi, Jiankeli using mecha to light cigarettes in the Qing Yu years, Shi Qinghai, and those in the book of Vermilion Bird. The beautiful Bodhisattva, thank Jiang Ye for helping me accomplish more. The world background and tone of this story ensure that I can write more of those pictures.

     The term "cool and handsome" has some heavy metals in agriculture, so I won't mention it. I will tell the story below. Although everyone has read it, there are still some past events that people may not notice, so I missed it.

     The story of Jiang Ye was completely thought through from the day I started the pen, and the ending was set long ago. What I want to write is Genesis.

     Sang Sang is Vast Sky. Naturally, it was decided first. Otherwise, why should I let her be so black and have a pair of white feet like lotus flowers? Why can Ning Que dream of a sea while holding her?

     Step on the light and be in the dark. Vast Sky and King of Hell are one body two sides, which is also fixed. In Lanke Temple, she chose the black chess piece. From Qi Shan Grandmaster to many people, they thought she was the son of King of Hell. However, in the carriage of the wasteland, the chess piece turned white.

     I don’t know if any readers noticed it.Of course, the Master noticed it at the time, so there was a vision between Heaven and Earth, and the world was shattered and reborn in the Master's eyes. Then she traveled around the world, a long time later, she changed back to Vast Sky.

     To explain this, I want to explain to you again that I really never write randomly. You can say that I write very messy, but when I write, my heart is always very determined. I know what I want to write, no matter what I write. Things you like or dislike, but I am serious.

     This is just an example.

     An example to illustrate my hard work.

     The physical problem will not be repeated again. Although it was a bit painful last year, it was my personal matter. If you talk too much, I am bothered.

     Ten Si Tian

     Is it pretty? It should be, if my own perception is beyond count, then there are always relatively objective standards.

     Such as subscriptions, such as monthly passes, such as copyright sales.

     The results of the night are really good, all kinds of good, all the honors that can be obtained on the web, and the copyrights that can be sold are basically sold out.

     I made a lot of money, really.

     I don’t drink Red Bull now, isn’t my body important? I now drink Oriental leaves instead, or soak Pu'er myself.

     Should it be bitter or slightly astringent?

     No, I drink it really sweet.

     Thank you Nong.

     Eleven thanksThe shorter the credit list, the better.

     Thank you readers, and the same sentence that has been repeated countless times, the subscription income that you genuine brings me is all the truth about my support one's family buying a chariot, and everything comes from you.

     Thank you girls for sending me beautiful photos when I can't write, so that I can find so much beauty in the world.

     Thank you colleagues, the book you wrote is my main entertainment life these years, and is the source of most of my pleasure.

     Thanks to Taeyeon, the best discovery in the past two years, whether it is to fight for a monthly pass or to get sick, kill time with me.

     Thanks for a lot of beautiful words: that spring, I cut the peach blossoms by two catties, Nature Provides You Freedom and Space Like a Fish in Water, The Flower Blooms on the Heavenly Shore, and there are so many sentences in the books that are particularly awesome. It all comes from the Internet, and it also includes a chapter name that I never found a chance to use—and it stewed the time. It was all from my view on Weibo or elsewhere, and it was explained at the end of the chapter buried in the book. Thank you again here.

     Thank you for writing a lot of good sentences.

     Thank you for your hard work, not much to say.

     Thank you family, not well-known.

     Twelve new books

     The new book is a good story.Yes, I haven’t thought about the new book completely yet. At least it’s not as clear as I thought at the beginning of the night writing pen, but I can basically confirm that it is a good story, because thinking about it will excite me. Say, this is the best proof.

     The subject matter is still fantasy. Although you know that my classification has always been random and random, and the guest is also fantasy... But the new book will be really dazzling and fantasy... right... there will be something I am best at, and there are some that I have not written. Those areas in the world are very exciting.

     The actor in the new book is too interesting, that person is too interesting, and the heroine is too boring. Of course, the encounter between the two people is really interesting. The plot I can confirm now is this. When I talked to my friends, it was really Will be trembling with excitement.

     Look, Older Wu appears in my text again.

     I forgot to thank him just now, so add it here.

     There will be dragons, demons, monuments, and worlds in the new book. Of course, most importantly, there will be people.

     The reason why I only say it’s a good story is because I haven’t figured out the theme or the central idea yet. To be honest, after writing a book for so many years, I always feel that everything I want to write is almost finished, just like Jiang Ye As before, but as I write, I will probably find out what I want to write most at that age.This process should also be interesting, let's look at it together.

     The new book should be released at the end of the month. I will inform you of the specific situation as soon as possible. I really need to trouble you to pay attention to my Weibo and WeChat. We need to keep in touch.

     As mentioned in the last postscript, the person who wrote the book is really afraid of being forgotten, so I will keep writing the book to ensure that you can remember the book I wrote before. It turns out that this is right Yes, I write about the night, you can remember the guest, celebrating the year, Vermilion Bird, and even the promise of five million. So in the last month of the end of 2012, all these books actually appeared on the front page of the monthly ticket list. No one has been as amazing as ours.


     thank you all.

     I tried my best to make up the number thirteen.

     Three years are over, and there are three more.

     This was said by Tony Leung, and also by Shi Qinghai.

     It is Lian Sheng said.

     Life is suffering?

     We are happy to live like this.

     In a few days, let's come back together and hold hands to sing a little love song.
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