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0 Chapter Directory 5228 Mo Dao Is Dusty And Unstained, But Spring And Hate A Lot—On Xiao Hua ’s Love In The Cultivation Of God
    Chinese Name: 修神外传  Author: 小段探花(Xiǎoduàn tànhuā, Xiao Duan the Third)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

--"Heavenly Dao"

     "Legend of the Cultivation God is a huge structure, its ups and downs storyline, magnificent cultivating the Truth life scroll, fearful want to stop but can't adventure scenes, love, hatred, grievances, hatred and hatred. They all revolve around one by one, the four major elements recognized in cultivating the Truth. If "Dao, Dharma, and wealth" make Xiao Hua's experience like a rolling river, although the "couple" is a few waves in the rushing river, it is intertwined with Xiao Hua's Karma. The rare peace on the River of Experience and the nothing more beautiful can be imagined scenery, and because of these little condiments, the "Legend of the Cultivation God" feast is even more delicious. Next, I will use the poem that I wrote before, "I don't know how to be a flower, but I hate it when I come to spring," to talk about the women around Xiao Hua and their love in "Legend of the Cultivation God.

     Not only Legend of the Cultivation God, but everything else on the Internet is dominated by men. Three wives and four concubines are as it should be by rights. Although it does not meet the moral requirements of love and marriage in the real world, but I do not consider this kind of moral conflict, nor entangled their right and wrong. I just discuss the matter. I only talk about Xiaohua’s love to the female in "Legend of the Cultivation God who has trouble with Zhang Xiaohua (Xiao Hua)." Talk about the female around Xiao Hua and the ending.Zhang Xiaohua of "Legend of the Cultivation God, Xiao Hua in Light Escape, female around him, Volume 1 of "Legend of the Cultivation God, Divine State Ruin" interface includes Meng, Nie Qianyu, Little Orange Master, Kong Que│Peacock, Yang Chen, Zhang Ping'er, Xia Qing; "Legend of the Cultivation God's Light Escape Vol. 2 includes Fairy Hongxia, Xue Xue, Xun Shu, Huang Mengxiang, Zi Ming, Ming Yue / Bright Moon, Jiu Xia ; The third volume of Light Escape of "Legend of the Cultivation God" has Li Jing, Xinxin (the nine Princess Zixia), and the heart of Ming Yue / Bright Moon in Moon God Market. A careful analysis of Xiao Hua's process of getting acquainted with them reveals that the females around Xiao Hua have five types of love for Xiao Hua.

     The first type, the knot of one heart, is bound by love: Dream, Fairy Hongxia

     Zhang Xiaohua and Meng are due to the concentric knot of the Dao Heart Demon of the Emperor Shitian (ie Ya). Their acquaintance, love and each other are all designed, but this love has come so deep that Zhang Xiaohua's splendid drama of fighting with swords and surviving the fragrant scent, which also gave birth to his love with Fairy Hongxia, the dream of Karma, the beauty mole, may even continue in Immortal Realm or even Great Desolation Divine Realm.

     The second kind, there is no return for salvation, but the body promisesThere are many ways to cultivate to divinity, Nie Qianyu was rescued by Xiaohua and escorted all the way, Zhang Ping'er, Zhang Xiaohua rescued four times, Xue Xue got started, Yu Lei Zong Xiao Hua rescued and supported, Xun Shu Feather Immortal Great Competition Xiao Hua saved him from the claws of a monster, Fairy Jing, Xinxin, Ming Yue / Bright Moon were all saved by Xiao Hua, and then they were grateful.

     The third, the worship of the strong and the hero in the girl's feelings

     In fact, there is a certain connection between the second and the third, but there is no direct life-saving grace of the second. Kong Que│Peacock and Yang Chen's love for the impression of Heavenly Dao on Xiaohua's body, Xia Qing in the first Huan Ruins that everyone may forget, is the worship of power. Her love for Xiao Hua is not only Xiaohua, but also readers. Forgot; Fairy Hongxia's Uncle Master Ming Yue / Bright Moon's love for Nascent Soul Wu Ming / nameless;

     Fourth, the families are well-matched in terms of social status

     Nie Qianyu’s maid Xiaojuzi’s love to Xiaohua, Immortal Emperor Gou Chen's ninth Princess Xinxin and Xiao Hua’s love are the kind of love that the families are well-matched in terms of social status. Xiaohua rescued Nie Qianyu's master servant as a small servant. In Xiao Juzi's simple heart, I was afraid that this servant's identity and Xiaohua could only be paired up with Xiaohua, but it is a pity that the love that can't be said is over or even impossible to begin.

     The fifth, love due to an unexpected turn of eventsBetween Zi Ming and Xiao Hua, there is just the kind of intimate feeling, maybe there is love, but there is no love yet. After all, besides the love of love at first sight, more love is the care and habit of the ear and eye Xiao Hua and Zi Ming are in the world of six desires, due to an unexpected turn of events, not a lover but also a lover.

     Sixth, Prediction of Love

     The love between Jiu Xia and Xiao Hua is a bit baffling in my opinion. However, in life, the female with insight and vision is not only Gao Huan’s wife Lou Zhaojun. As a descendant of the nine-tailed fox, Jiu Xia can predict Xiao Hua’s future extraordinary, in its lowliness. Time to focus on support. Therefore, the love between Xiao Hua and Jiu Xia is the most difficult to keep up. Jiu Xia and Zixia will be Xiao Hua's good help in the future.

     Love is the eternal theme of life. It is a thousand people with a thousand faces, anyone can define, but the definition of each other has nothing in common with each other. Perhaps it is very simple to have love between men and women. A glance at each other, his intellectual talent, his humor, her gentleness, and her bright and generous, etc. can all become the cornerstone of love. Let me talk about the most important love of Xiao Hua in Legend of the Cultivation God.

     1. Xiaohua's love with dreamsXiaohua’s meeting and love with the dream are the result of the concentric knot design in the Dao Heart Seed Demon ** by Emperor Shitian, and Xiaohua is an ignorant piece of white paper, the sweetness and shyness of first love, the fear of gain and loss honor does not allow one to glance back, all in Zhang Xiaohua, all in Xiaohua, in order to eliminate the elegance and dreams of one body and two souls, change the pursuit of dreams into the plot of punish dreams, and become the readers' heartache, heartache, and want to stop but can't tears. Maybe the romantic love you dream of is like a little bit of honey on the edge of a knife, you will not help youhuo stick out your tongue when you are not deep in the world, but I tell you, when you feel a little sweet, you are actually hurt.

     2. Xiao Hua's love with Fairy Hongxia and Xue Xue

     Xiao Hua's love with Fairy Hongxia and Xue Xue is the love that Tanhua has spent so much to describe. In my opinion, whether it is Fairy Hongxia's jealous play of petty temperament, or Xue Xue's change or grievances for Xiao Hua, Fairy Hongxia and Xue Xue are insecure people. Their reaction lies in their love for Xiao Hua. Inside, they are all insecure, all about Xiao Hua's achievements, cultivation speed and performance strength, and they cannot match the sense of loss or inability to grasp that they cannot catch up. This is also the reason why the two have different performances.

     a, Xiao Hua and Fairy HongxiaXiao Hua first saw Fairy Hongxia. It was because of the long memory and the almost the same face as the beauty mole, that Xiao Hua had a little admiration for Fairy Hongxia, so that Tan Hua said in the article "Xiao Hua is thinking of spring"; and Fairy Hongxia’s feelings about Xiao Hua, in the 434th chapter "He is the person I want to wait for, it’s not just Xiao Hua who sent Cai Zhuoxia’s relics to the last piece of "Rinse Flower Faction" "Good karma" was given to him. It was also because Xiao Hua’s pure eyes and the feeling of peace in her heart filled her with such a wonderful feeling: some people have white heads as new, and some people fall in love at first sight. . Therefore, the Feather Immortal Great Competition, Fairy Hongxia will "the king's will has been decided, concubine and the king".The love of mutual affection, in the time of each other, the easiest to produce the flowers of love, but Fairy Hongxia practiced the Ice Phoenix Heart Law in Frozen Valley, and Xiao Hua fell into Ximing by Kun Feiyan. With Xiao Hua’s Avatar being led by Peacock Avatar, the relationship(s) between the two have advanced by leaps and bounds, surpassing the height that should not be reached in the current time period (in fact, in real life, there are also the easier to get, the less you cherish) According to Byron’s famous saying, “Love is nothing but a thing outside of the body for a man, but the whole life for a woman.” Various causes have caused Fairy Hongxia's love with Xiao Hua to be full of crisis, insecurity, and even suffering. In addition to Fairy Hongxia, she has been spoiled by her family since she was a child (look at Zhuoxia's experience and death outside, isn’t it the eldest sister like a mother), so all kinds of jealousy have come out, even because of Li Zongbao His long-lasting obsession with Elder Sister Zhuoxia contrasted with Xiao Hua, and even had to calm down with each other, which created a seven hundred years separation between the two people (in Xiao Hua's view, it was a few 10,000 year(s)) .Xiao Hua saved the world, the king returned to Dawn Rain Continent, and rescued Fairy Hongxia from the Four Spirit Blood Array in Sky Survey City. Hongxia's separate reaction to Xiao Hua's Human Race supreme strength was not so much a proud self-esteem. It’s better to be insecure; of course, there are things more important than security. The lover in the imagination increases the imagination that is beneficial to oneself, or imagines the object of one’s love so perfect, as if lost in Like children in online games, they are often seriously out of touch with reality. Fairy Hongxia and Xiao Hua disappeared for seven hundred years, and what happened was in the middle. In fact, this phenomenon is not isolated. The love between Yin Li and Zhang Wuji in Jin Yong’s "The Legend of the Dragon Slayer

     Zhang Wuji suddenly understood that what she really loved was the Zhang Wuji she had imagined in her heart. It was the Zhang Wuji she met in Butterfly Valley in her memory. The stubborn and fierce Zhang Wuji who beat her and bit her, but not the real one in front of her. Zhang Wuji is not the grown up, forgiving Zhang Wuji.He felt three points of sadness, three points of nostalgia, and three points of relief, watching her disappear into the darkness. He knew that Yin Li would always remember the fierce young man in Butterfly Valley in this life, she was going to find him. She naturally couldn't find it, but it can also be said that she had found it a long time ago, because the young man had been hiding in her bottom of the heart. Real people and real things are often not as good as they think.

     Not keeping Fairy Hongxia, but letting everything go, may be because many readers criticized Tanhua and Xiao Hua for doing everything, changing their fate against the sky, and fighting for the first line of opportunities, and Xiao Hua’s should not have the word "struggle" in it, so that Readers don't like it. Soon to ascend, Xiao Hua, who did not have Time to accompany Fairy Hongxia, despite the bitter heart, put Tongtian Great Dao at the feet of Fairy Hongxia, giving the Fairy Hongxia Four Spirit blood scent that even Book Immortal envied from entering the magic , Gave the blood of Peacock Bright King Bodhisattva and asked Huang Tong to build the Ice Phoenix Palace for Fairy Hongxia cultivation. As for whether Fairy Hongxia can meet Xiao Hua at Immortal Realm, Xiao Hua has given everything, and the rest is only I can rely on Fairy Hongxia. As for the Hongxia after the customs, and Xiao Hua after the ascension, I think only Dalgo Mizhsky’s famous poem can describe it:

     At that time we parted proudly

     I don't have to sigh

     No words

     Blame you with jealousyWe broke up forever,

     But I just want a chance to meet you!

     I wish I had a chance to meet you!

     I don't cry

     Don't complain

     Facing Fate, I bend my knees speechlessly,

     I don’t understand that you love me,

     Why did you abuse me again,

     Let me just ask for a chance to meet you

     I wish I had a chance to meet you!

     b. Xiao Hua and Xue Xue

     The acquaintance of Xue Xue and Xiao Hua is like the love of men and women in the mortal world. Once they met, the purchase of Spirit Pill gave Xue Xue a lot of spirit stones and also received Xue Xue's favor for Xiao Hua. We met again and participated in the selection of the Royal Lei Zong. Xiao Hua supported and looked after Xue Xue all the way, and between several times of life-saving and crisis, the girl’s love for the hero was tied to her, and Xiao Hua was young and admired Shaoai. Coupled with the female chasing the male compartment yarn, so a love is staged.The love between Xue Xue and Xiao Hua was sublimated by the experience together, and Dawn Rain Continent's spiritual energy mutated, causing Xue Xuelei's bloodline to awaken, and then the ability to predict, awakened, I saw the quicksand in Xiao Hua's hand on the beach and saw his mortal Predestination , And just as in the past loves Xiao Hua, and when Xiao Hua Jindan Boundary was chased and killed by two Nascent Souls, he resolutely chose to blew himself up, leaving the chance of life to his lover. Plato said that "love, only love, can make people dare to give their lives for the one they love." Xue Xue's love for Xiao Hua can be described as embarrassing.

     Xue Xue's soul was used by Xiao Hua to use the Sacred Object Other Shore of the Saint Light world to earn Divine Magnificence Continent, which led to Xiao Hua's space between Yin and Yang, and Xue Xue's soul was connected to the entire shadow surface, and would never be presented again Dawn Rain Continent, I believe that as Xiao Hua's achievements become higher and she becomes a Beginning God, she and Xiao Hua have a chance to meet again. At the moment Legend of the Cultivation God is about to finish the book, Dawn Rain Continent has too many Karma, maybe the search has forgotten Misty Mountain Xiao Hua's thunder and lightning technique from Xue Xue, and also forgot Xue Xue's confession of Xiao Hua to his cousin Ling Feiyun In short, not only I, but also many readers will be disappointed.

     3. The love and love between Zixia and Xiao Hua is not only walking side by side in the moonlit night, but also walking hand in hand in the wind and rain.The love between Zixia and Xiao Hua is a bit like the real Phoenix man falling in love with Kong Que│Peacock woman. It is a typical love of the families are well-matched in terms of social status. Of course, Xiao Hua, the Phoenix man, is a potential stock, while Zixia Fairy is a gentle woman who is gentle and generous and knows well. Perhaps some readers question Zixia Fairy’s calculations, etc., but Zixia Fairy was born as the Immortal Palace Princess , Her experience, education, vision, and so on are not comparable to Fairy Hongxia, so she was soaring towards Xiao Hua and wishing to live and die with Xiao Hua under the thunder, and at Xiao Hua’s crisis of saving the world, and She is willing to commit danger with her body, and strive to support the crisis and the reputation of loving love. She is Daoist Xiao's fully deserving, without any reservations, because love is not only walking side by side in the moonlit night, but also walking hand in hand in the wind and rain.

     4. The love between Jiu Xia and Xiao Hua, because we understand you, we support each other when negligible

     Jiu Xia is one of my favorite females, not only because she has a magnificent style unmatched in his generation, she has an unmatched beauty, but because she is very decent and good at controlling degrees, so that you can feel like a spring breeze without being aware. This is a female with very high emotional intelligence, and Xiao Hua's Karma has just started.Jiu Xia is a mysterious female. It is very abrupt and natural in front of Present Xiao Hua. It is a kind of pleasant enjoyment to watch her deal with Fairy Hongxia, Xiao Hua, Li Zongbao and Xiao Mao. People understand human relations, know things, know people and discuss the world. She and Xiao Hua's love began with baffling, which made people enviable and jealous. When Xing Yue Palace appeared, Xu Zhi gave Xiao Hua "Azure Mound Mountain: The Inheritance of the Nine-Tailed Fox", that passage seems to explain Jiu Xia’s love for Daoist Xiao "Nine-tailed Fox is the most beautiful place in the world. Monster of condense(s). It is fatal to every existence with Yang Qi! However, they never seem to reveal their true colors to anyone or Monster Race. Normally, they have a magical appearance, unless they I decided to follow this person or Monster Race for the rest of my life!" Jiu Xia, who showed his true face to Xiao Hua, saw the great Destiny and stand out from the masses in Xiao Hua.Xiao Hua passed the Xiantian Divine Restriction and was suppressed in the Buddha Array space of Meru Mountain. The appearance of Jiu Xia is not just accidental. Personally, I feel that it is not just Shaman King’s Inheritance and the birth of the new Shaman King, but I also know Xiao Hua’s body. In danger. All in all, in Liuyutian, I had a substantial relationship(s) with Xiao Hua, and was saved by Xiao Hua in Million Mist Mountains, and then the relationship between the two people was due to Karma, and Xu Zhi taught Xiao Hua Azure Mound Mountain Nine Tail Fox Inheritance's prudence, Jiu Xia and Xiao Hua's Karma are very worth looking forward to in Immortal Realm, and with Jiu Xia's potential, they are also people who can accompany Xiao Hua for a long time.Belinsky said, "Love needs reasonable content, just like a raging fire requires oil to maintain; love is a harmonious blend of two similar natures in infinite feelings." In the final analysis, love is a person's self-worth. Reflections on others. For Xue Xue, love is the life of her life. She regards the happiness of her lover as her own happiness, and shows her life for it; and for Fairy Hongxia, love is not only the salt in life, but also full of With all the unpredictable factors, she longed for everything about Xiao Hua, but she was unable to grasp and control everything about Xiao Hua. She was insecure, and the joy of love was mixed with tears; for Huang Mengxiang, a girl The admiration and admiration of heroes makes the young female's love grow like Jack's beanstick, growing so fast that it can rise to the sky overnight; for Fairy Jing, love is a hesitant timidity, so love can produce dread (ful), love can cause worry; people can leave love without worry and fear, so Fairy Jing drank the water forgotten; Xiao Hua, who can’t guess the heart of female cultivator, has a long road to become God, love is just life The episode is just this episode. Not only is it colorful and warms the heart and delights the eye, but it is also very tiring, but it is also very tiring. He has a lot of hatred after the spring heart, so he can only treat Ming Yue / Bright Moon said in his heart, "moisten with spittle, it is better to forget Jiang Hu."If martial arts is an adult's fairy tale, then as a kind of martial arts novels, Xin Xian Xia is a kind of imagination and pastime of modern people. It is only human history. For a long time, men have occupied the right to speak. Therefore, Lord Weng Three wives and four concubines abound, and Legend of the Cultivation God is no exception. In cultivate to divinity, Xiao Hua, although there are many confidantes, love has never been the theme of Legend of the Cultivation God, because cultivate to divinity is not a novel of stallion harem, so I don’t follow the moral standards of the real society. Judging Xiao Hua, after all, it's just something in the novel. After you and I are happy in the novel, the class should still go to class, and the one who should go to work still goes to work.