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0 Chapter Directory 2129 【Cultivation Of The Immortal Realm 4】 Talk About Li Moyi And Bai Xiaotu's Former Li Shijin
    Chinese Name: 修神外传仙界篇  Author: 小段探花(Xiǎoduàn tànhuā, Xiao Duan the Third)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

【Cultivate to divinity Immortal Realm Big Start 4】by Heavenly Dao Xiao Hua

    Tanhua's "Cult to divinity Gaiden" is a huge world: the martial arts "Forgetting about Jiang Hu", cultivating the Truth "Light Escape", Immortal Realm "Supreme Fairy", Divine Realm "Immortal God" The style of each one is different; and the "Cultivate to divinity Gaiden Immortal Realm" which is being written is a stacked bed frame, so that cultivate to divinity, which has always been good at forbidding and layout, is interlocking. There are a lot of big things in the layout, and these big things are the layout, the players, the disruptors, the game-breakers, and the puzzlers. In the "cultivate to divinity rumor Immortal Realm" full of conspiracy and dark official fighting style, his opening and dark lines are all around the experience of Xiao Hua, Xu Zhi, Xing Yue Fairy discovering Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion in Xing Yue Palace It is the "cultivate to divinity Zong Mirror" found next to the two deadly Heavenly Venerate corpses, which makes Xiao Hua and the entire Immortal Realm story involved in a weird vortex, and this vortex also exactly accomplishes cultivate to divinity Obscure and wonderful.

    1. The design of Li Moyi and Bai XiaotuTo a large extent, cultivate to divinity is not under the control of exploration, but is driven by the story. For example, Huang Mengxiang and Xun Shu, as Xiao Hua’s former confidantes, did not plan to go to Huang Mengxiang and Xun Shu to ascend Immortal Realm at the beginning of Immortal Realm. After all, according to Li Moyi’s words, both Immortal Realm can be promoted. There is nothing out of hundreds of millions, not everyone can soar. However, with the development of the story and the closed logic of the story, everything is not under the control of the exploration. Taking Huang Mengxiang as an example, Xiao Hua once obtained the technique of ghost repair from his elder Huang Yi, and in the Immortal Realm, the book is condensed. The role of Huang Xiaoxiao, together with Huang Feihu, who was sealed in Taishan's Ten (h) Layer Inferno in the Romance of the Seal of God, a vein of an ancient Aristocratic Family stood out. The three Immortal Restrictions of Dawning Rain Continent cultivating the Truth need to be filled, so Huang Mengxiang’s Fate is reversed and brought to Immortal Realm by the ancient Aristocratic Family Huang Xiaohuang, and then as the story develops, Huang Mengxiang becomes Xiaohua Buddha State's Baotanhua Bodhisattva; there are many similar characters, such as Xun Shu, such as Li Moyi and Bai Xiaotu to be discussed in this article.

    1. Li Moi and Bai Xiaotu's early characters and storiesLi and Bai, in the early part of Immortal Realm, are just supporting stories required by cultivate to divinity Alliance Master. Li Moy was the first to admire Xiao Hua in the Immortal Realm, which opened the Faith gold wire for Xiao Hua; Bai Xiaotu has a life-saving grace for Xiao Hua. The three people met in such a small time, and it was this mutual supportive relationship. Li Bai's relation(s) was particularly good. According to the words of Present, it was called brothers. And what drove the story variables of Li and Bai was a small chat with Tanhua: If Li and Bai were Past for Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion, the two Heavenly Venerates-the enemies of Past, the life and death brothers of Present, wouldn’t they? It also highlights the fantasy and strangeness of Heavenly Dao, and can increase the vividness and twists of the story. In this way, Li and Bai were set as the two Heavenly Venerate reincarnations of Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion: the carefully thoughtful and decisive Li Moi was set as Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate, and Bai Xiaotu was set as another A Heavenly Venerate. In this way, Tanhua and I want to watch a comedy on earth, but under Heavenly Dao, all beings are ants, and our good wishes are not what we want!

    2. Many variables that affect the direction of the storyAccording to the general rate, the development of the story and the ending of the characters should be logically closed. The ending of Li and Bai is not only influenced by the Faith of Present character, but also by the memory of Awakening Past, the identity of Past Heavenly Venerate and the current environment. Take Li Moi as an example, and Li Moi Past is Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate. According to Xu Zhi, “Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is the most trusted Heavenly Venerate by Immortal King”, and it is precisely the “most trusted Heavenly Venerate”. The "cultivate to divinity Zong Mirror" of "Immortal King"; and the first life of Li Moyi, whose qualifications are not high, have become Human Race supreme among countless conspiracy calculations and killings. Think about it, can a man with a masculine character trust naively and unconditionally! But Bai Xiaotu Past is unknown, this First Life is Chi Zi's mentality, plus the information disclosed in the title of the exploration chapter, Li and Bai Present are very different.

    2. Li Moi and Bai Xiaotu's personal plot and layout in Immortal Realm

    The variable in the story of Li and Bai lies in the awakening of Past memory. The True Immortal Awakening Past memory is roughly divided into one-time awakening and gradual awakening, but no matter which kind of awakening, you must find your own Tibetan god monument. In fact, the Immortal Realm article revolves around the awakening of Li and Bai, and Tanhua spends his time in doubt, trying to mislead the reader.

    1. How did Li and Bai awaken Past memoryImmortal Realm reincarnation of the true fairy, awakening Past memories, no matter whether it is Qingge Ergu Sheqiu, or Li and Bai both have no express words, but Xiao Hua entered the space in Qinggeer (Past for Gu Sheqiu) and found Something on the corpse shot (Tibetan God Monument) disappeared, and then dusting the Outer Sea, the younger brother was directly transformed from Dust Immortal into a Nine Palace Immortal, allowing Xiao Hua to escape the life-and-death crisis. Compared with the one-time awakening of Qingge'er, Li Moyi and Bai Xiaotu's awakening is gradual. But the three people, no matter which one awakened Past memory, must find the Tibetan god monument of Past, and their Tibetan god monument, such as the younger brother on the body of Gu Sheqiu, and the two of Li and Bai, It was also picked up by Xiao Hua from the two Heavenly Venerate corpses of Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion and put into space. All in all, Li Moi and Bai Xiaotu awakened. Past's memory opportunity is to enter Xiao Hua's space.

    a: Li Moi's Past Memory AwakeningLi Moyi’s Past memory awakened. I speculate that it should be when his people were unable to find Xiao Hua to make a vow of poison. According to Li Moi himself, after the vow of oath, all the barriers that were covered in my heart were There is no more; and the second step to awaken Li Moyi, that is, the opportunity for Xiao Hua to give Li Moi the magic ban at Xiaoyun Cave in Yuhong Mountain, it was this opportunity that allowed Xiao Hua to collect the magic ban by the way. The Li Moi on the forbidden income is in the space, so that the Tibetan god monument is automatically integrated with Li Moi; it is this opportunity that completely changed Li Moi’s Fate, it not only allowed Li Moyi to engrave immortal marks It also allowed Xiao Hua to grab a fairy mark for Li Moyi in front of Dao Zun, and then communicated with mystery known only to heaven, which caused the cracks of Moyushan Zhenyu Mingshi. The consequence of the cracking of Zhenyu Mingshi directly caused Brother Great Master to destroy 38 cents with one arrow. And Li Moyi changed from the previous two fairy marks (one each of Dao Zun and Xiao Hua) to only one. Quite humorously, Li Moi Past's Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate did not want to engrave his name on Zhenyu Mingshi in order to control his own Fate, and this First Life just didn't have a name.

    In short, Li Moi, who has a deep and thoughtful personality, awakened Past memory, and suddenly found that he was a little different from the Da Nuo issued by Xiao Hua. Xiaotu, followed by Zhao Ting, and then Xiao Ming, etc. issued Da Nuo. Li Moi's actions seemed to be loyal to Xiao Hua at the time, but in the follow-up it was mischievous.

    b: Bai Xiaotu's Past memory awakeningBai Xiaotu's Fate is worse than Li Moi. A child whose father didn't want was hurt by the mother's leak-free environment. It can be said that before Bai Xiaotu met Xiao Hua, his qualifications were very poor. The change of Bai Xiaotu's qualifications, like Li Moi, was in the Xiaoyun Cave of Yuhong Mountain, and he got the immortals of the countless Immortal Being who were demolished by the blood ban, so that in a short time, Bai Xiaotu entered from Nascent Soul Boundary. Order to the high order. It is also the Xiaoyun Cave of Yuhong Mountain. Xiao Hua put the magic ban into the space, and by the way, Bai Xiaotu on the magic ban was also included into the space, so that the Baishen Tu Pastor’s Tibetan God Monument was automatically integrated and found the awakening. Opportunity of Past memory. Bai Xiaotu gradually awakens Past. There is another opportunity for Past's memory, that is, the Eighth Grade Xianjiu. Like Li Moi, Jiuxian's Eighth Grade Xianjiu is the essence of years and the essence of memory, and can draw countless memories in the reversal of the annual ring. If measured in proportion, Jiuxian's Eighth Grade Xianjiu has at least 60% effect on the memory of Li and Bai's awakening Past.

    c: How did the Tibetan stele be discovered by Xiao Hua?The Tibetan God Monument is a jade-shaped object. Xiao Hua had obtained from the two Heavenly Venerate corpses of Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion, and had also seen them from the corpses of Gu Shezuo who had died with the Green Cow. But Xiao Hua didn’t know what the jade pillar was. It wasn’t until the younger brother entered Xiao Hua’s space that automatically merged the Pastor’s Tibetan Monument that Xiao Hua discovered that the two jade pillars from Heavenly Venerate were missing, because of Nine Heavens The girl disappeared strangely, Xiao Hua took the pot for granted to Nine Heavens. It was not until Xiao Hua personally saw that Jiang Meihua had merged with his own Tibetan god monument, and then discovered this mystery, thus letting the reader know that Immortal Being reincarnated to awaken Past memory must find his own Tibetan god monument, and the Tibetan god monument will Automatically merged, then the missing two Heavenly Venerate's Tibetan god monument is missing, in other words, the two Heavenly Venerate of Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion have been reincarnated. Despite the misunderstandings, we still found some clues in Li Moyi and Bai Xiaotu who lost contact with Xiao Hua after the dusty sea: such as the sudden disappearance of Bai Xiaotu and the means by which Li Moyi captured He Qiong And so on, it is enough to show that Li and Bai are the two Heavenly Venerate reincarnations of Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion.

    3. Why did Li Moyi betray Xiao HuaTanhua doesn't like routines and doesn't like to repeat herself, so the style of Immortal Realm is very different from the martial arts and cultivating the Truth. It is the history of the company's growth in the atmosphere of conspiracy and dark officials. Like reality, not everyone can accompany each other through the years: Li Moyi as the first Faith Xiao Hua is also the first to betray Xiao Hua Yes, no matter in the Heavenly Dao sense of cultivate to divinity or in the real sense of life, there is a sense of ritual. In other words, Li Moi's betrayal is not as abrupt as some readers think, but it is more in line with the logic of the closed-loop reality in highlighting Heavenly Dao's mysterious and life reality.

    1. Personality factors

    Whether it's Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate from Past, or Li Moi from Present, they are killed from countless conspiracies and tricks, and they will not be silly and naive to trust others.

    2. cultivate to divinity

     Although Immortal Realm has nothing to do with cultivate to divinity, cultivate to divinity is everywhere. Borrowing the words of Mobanshan Junior Brother, "I'm afraid there is only that one immortal", Immortal Being wants to get away from longevity and wants to control Fate in his own hands, sometimes facing many things that he doesn't want to face. After Li Moi discovered the strangeness of Daunuo, he realized the power of this poisonous oath. A sense of uneasiness that Fate was manipulated by others made Li Moi not want to be Fate's slavery-let the fall of slavery himself, the one who enslaved himself You will never enslave yourself again.

    3. Heavenly Venerate identity and Xiao Hua's own strengthHeavenly Venerate is a peerless billionaire. Heaven's chosen has its own self-esteem and pride. Commitment to strength is far inferior to one's own. Commitment to a strength far beyond one's own is a completely different feeling. What's more, when Li Moyi and Xiao Huachen broke up, Xiao Hua was still a fairy baby. For Heavenly Venerate Li Moi, he must know all the key points of the fairy infant condensate. In Li Moi's opinion, Xiao Hua may not be able to condense, even if the condensate succeeds in this life, the highest achievement is not true fairy. Let Heavenly Venerate commit himself to be a slave to Golden Immortals. Li Moi, who can't survive this hurdle in his heart, can only find a way to kill Li Moi with a knife without violating the oath.

    4. Li Moyi's perception of rebirth

    As Heavenly Venerate, Li Moyi must have a certain understanding of rebirth and reincarnation, and must know that the reincarnation awakening Past memory needs the hidden god monument. And Li Moyi can learn from this that Xiao Hua must have seen his corpse, and found his own hidden god monument. Based on the need to protect himself, Li Moyi has no reason to keep Xiao Hua alive. In fact, Li Moi also knows that the reincarnation of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is enough to shock Immortal Realm and will let countless conspirators pounce like flies. As a reincarnated person of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate, he would be crushed. So Star Tower City bewitched Zhao Ting's sunspots to see Ye Feng, not only the result of Li Moyi's layout of Zhao Ting's betrayal of Xiao Hua, but also that Li Moyi had already blamed Xiao Hua for a long time, making others suspect that Xiao Hua was Glorious The idea of Sky Heavenly Venerate. It is extremely terrifying that although Li Moyi did not see how Xiao Hua killed Zhao Ting, Li Moi had predicted that Xiao Hua’s method of killing Zhao Ting would be strange.

    5. Covet the Merchant Union resourcesFor Past Heavenly Venerate, the more famous Merchant Union organization of Immortal Realm is certainly familiar. Merchant Union is a blockbuster in the dusty sea and even beyond Yuxian, which not only means Qian Jing but also means various opportunities and cultivation opportunities. Control all kinds of information about Immortal Realm. In this regard, Li Moyi might not have controlled the idea of Merchant Union.

    4. Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate

    Li Moi's Past Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate, the first time to present Present cultivating the Truth, Xiao Hua Xu Zhi Xing Yue Fairy Xing Yue Palace Adventures, found the Glorious Sky Heavenly Mansion in Xing Yue Palace. According to Xu Zhi, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate only achieved Heavenly Venerate in 2000 2000 (this time is not necessarily accurate), and is the most trusted Heavenly Venerate of Immortal King. It is Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate who stole from Immortal King. It took cultivate to divinity Zong Mirror to cause this secret to spread, even though Immortal King never admitted it. So, whether Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is a betrayal or a betrayal, we must start with Huang Moimal King. In the chapter of "Liu Family Revered" in Immortal Realm, Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate, and Heavenly Venerate jointly issued an ultimatum to Liu Family. According to the conversation between Liu Family Clan Head and Revered, we learned that The Immortal King behind Heavenly Venerate is obviously a boye Immortal King, but in fact it is the person of Immortal King. From the scales of Immortal Realm, we can infer that Immortal King is not a simple person. Xu Zhi’s evaluation of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is not necessarily accurate, so whether Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is a betrayal or a betrayal, we can Judging from the recent Xiao Hua’s message from Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate, Xiao Hua’s message from Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate came from the Taoist Temple, and it’s obvious that Li Moi and Li Moi created this message. Past Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate and Daozu Tiangong relation(s) are superb.Based on the conversation between Liu Family Clan Head and Liu Family Revered elders, we draw the following conclusions:

    Heavenly Venerate (master of the Immortal Territory Enlightenment Continent, the Enlightenment Continent is under the jurisdiction of the Immortal Territory of the Emperor Taoism), apparently under the control of the Boye Immortal King, actually under the Immortal King (old) Aristocratic Family Liu Family Revered). The Heavenly Venerate House in Heavenly Venerate, monitoring the Inheritance of Continent and Four Great Continent; also one of the behind-the-scenes promoters of Liu Family’s upheaval. Wang Lang’s this Venerate, Gao Lingsong, was under the wing of Heavenly Venerate, a palace Deputy Hall Master;

    Bomin Heavenly Venerate, Bomin Heavenly Venerate is Ji Xiao Continent (Ji Xiao Continent is located in Zimmuan Immortal Territory and is under the jurisdiction of Heavenly Palace) Heavenly Venerate House Heavenly Venerate; under Li Immortal King, brother of Master Moban The boy is very concerned about it, and was mentioned by the nine-tailed fox ancestor. One of the behind-the-scenes promoters of Liu Family's upheaval;

    Proof of law Heavenly Venerate, Proof of law Heavenly Venerate is Tianqing Continent (Tianqing Continent is located in Tianwu Immortal Territory under the jurisdiction of the ancestral ancestral palace) Heavenly Venerate House Heavenly Venerate, Yuqing Immortal King;

    So whether Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is a betrayer or a betrayer, as long as we know whether Immortal King belongs to Taoist ancestral palace, or to Daozun Tiangong or Taoist celestial palace; if Immortal King Immortal King belongs to Taoist celestial palace, then Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate 80% are traitors; if Immortal King belongs to Taoist Temple or Taoist Temple, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is likely to be a betrayal. But no matter which kind, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate's character is extremely complicated. He may not only trust no one because he is a betrayer, but also be more hated by this Time because he is betrayed. And prejudice.

    5. The ending of Bai Xiaotu's Past and Present

    1. The ending of Bai Xiaotu's Past and PresentBai Xiaotu has a kind of natal Mystical Ability, and his Inborn eyes can see the grade of Immortal Artifact, Rune, Immortal Restriction. Mystical Ability is similar to Huang Xiaoxiao and Duobao Heavenly Venerate in Feng Ronger's mouth, also called Sun Zhi Heavenly Venerate. "I heard that this mysterious Xunzhi Heavenly Venerate only needs to be touched with his finger, whether it is Immortal Artifact, rune or Immortal Restriction, he can know the mystery inside!" Therefore, it can be known that Bai Xiaotu is a treasure. Venerate (also known as Xunzhi Heavenly Venerate) is also the title of the feminine Heavenly Venerate, which is enough to show the flat and weak character of Bai Xiaotu Past. Coupled with Bai Xiaotu's First Life's red heart and Xiaoqi's follow-up and temptation, then Bai Xiaotu's Future achievements are really like what Tan Hua said in the chapter title-"Chapter 465 Interpretation of Future Merchant Union Merchant Union"!

    2. Duobao Taoist and Duobao Heavenly Venerate

    There is no doubt that the inspiration for the setting of the multi-treasure of Heavenly Venerate is from Duobao Taoist people. In fact, it is also preparing to equate the multi-treasure Taoren with Duobao Heavenly Venerate; but this equivalent will make certain settings of cultivate to divinity inconsistent

    a: The Duobao Taoist is the great disciple of the god of heaven in "The Legend of God". After the war of gods, the conversion to the West becomes the Buddha Lord of the Eastern Pure Glass World. Therefore, the destination of the future of the Duobao Taoist belongs to the Buddha State;

    b: The Duobao Taoist is a character named after the Immemorial Twelve Golden Immortals such as Guang Chengzi. In Immortal Realm, Xiao Hua is chased into the Great Array of the Immortal God. The Three Flowers Five Qi of the Twelve Golden Immortals are enough to support Xiao Hua cultivation. Yuan

    c:According to Xu Zhi’s words, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate is the latest Heavenly Venerate from Immortal Realm, so it is definitely not as good as Duobao Taoist in the accumulation of heritage. If Duobao Taoist is Duobao Heavenly Venerate, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate and It is impossible for Duo Dao Ren to die together, but Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate will be killed by Duo Bao Dao Ren.So Duobao Taoist is definitely not Duobao Heavenly Venerate. Why Duobao Heavenly Venerate has Innate Skill similar to Duobao Taoist That is from Fenbaoyan. Then we might as well set Duobao Heavenly Venerate as Artifact Spirit cultivation of Fenbaoyan. Of course, the Battle of Gods is divided, and the treasure rock is broken. Bai Xiaotu is not a complete Artifact Spirit, and a part of it is attributed to Xiaoqi Yang Junke.

    Attached: Divided on the Baoyan Rock to give Lao Tzu: Tai Chi Map, Flame Light Banner from the Ground, Jiulong Golden Rod, Eight Views Lantern, Pocket Purple Flame, Wordless Heavenly Book, Xuandu Tianli, Five Light Box, Feiyun Capsule , Xumihu, Longfengqin, Qiankuntu, Laojunren teaching tablets, etc.

    Fang Baoyan, Hongjun gave treasures to Yuanshi: Pangu Stream, Zhutian Qingyun, Wuji Xinghuang Banner, Jiulongxiangxiang, Yuxu Glass Lamp, Blood Rune Suoshushu, Yinyang Furnace, Taiji Rune, Sky Bell, Hu Leiqin, Nebula stick, Natian bag, Xuan Tian Ling, mystery known only to heaven Prophecy, biting spirit needle, five fire seven bird fan, Yuanshi elucidation monument etc.

    Fangbaoyan Hongjun gave treasure to Tongtian: Zhuxian Sword Array (Zhuxian Four Swords + Zhummortal Array picture), Hundred Yuan whisk, twenty-four fixed Sea Bead, twelve-grade Karmic Fire red lotus, Hundred Yuan gold bucket, wear Heart Lock, Fishing Drum, Purple Electric Hammer, Cang Xian Tu, Jiulong Ding, Swallowing Heavens Hood, Guanhong Suo, Zhao Tianyin, Shattered Spirit Cone, Sixiang Pagoda, Dragon and Tiger Ruyi, Sun and Moon Beads, Jinxiaguan, Duobao Pagoda, Qiankun bag, golden phoenix hairpin, dragon Yinxiao, life command knife, wind thunder scissors, Ruyi bag, Tongtian cut-off monument, etc.

    Six, Li Moi's endingAfter designing Zhao Ting and violating the First Iron Rule of Good Fortune Gate, Li Moyi was almost a mortal ending after violently killing others with the same gate. But how did Li Moi die, died in the hands of Bai Xiaotu, or died in other Heavenly Venerate siege, or died in his own poison vow "Emperor is above, thick soil is below, I, Li Moyi is at With this oath, I would like to take Xiaohua Zhang as my Lord and follow me for the first life in my life, never betrayed. If I violate this oath, I will not enter the cycle of rebirth, and my soul will change into the sky, but it is still full of variables. However, according to the current clues in Immortal Realm, Li Moyi used Xiao knife to kill people in other words. In other words, Li Moi always stayed on the cliff that violated the oath and did not jump down. Very little.

    With Li Moi's design and the ancient Aristocratic Family Liu Family's recruitment of relatives attracting the attention of major forces, Xiao Hua's exile in the Seven Realms became inevitable. And Xiao Hua's "Li Moi is the reincarnation of Glorious Sky" through Gao Lingsong will also become a countermeasure, but in any case, Immortal Realm is still not safe for Li Moi, and Li Moi's Fate Because sooner or later he was found by Heavenly Venerates, maybe Li Moi’s death would have nothing to do with Xiao Hua. Before Xiao Hua did not see Li Moy, Li Moy was the Disciple of Good Fortune Gate. Li Moy could be punished for betrayal. Good Fortune Gate was cleaned, but Li Moi could not be cleaned by others. Of course, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate's story variables also make Li Moi's ending full of variables, but there are two points of black humor:

    1. When Brother Great Master killed 38 Dust Immortal with one arrow, Mo Banshan no longer has the name of Li Moi. The black humor is that this is what Past Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerate wanted to do.2. Bai Xiaotu said, Brother Li, do you know? My biggest life First Life luck is that you let me take a vow to the old man;

    I don’t know if Li Moyi will be annoyed when he knows all of this. Of course, according to Li Moyi’s male character, he may not be annoyed. In any case, Li Moyi is the most exciting and outstanding character in cultivate to divinity Immortal Realm. In other words, Li Moi's thoughts, Li Moi and He Qiong, Bai Xiaotu and Yang Junke, Zhao Ting and Hei Zi, and even the Fate of Xiao Hua and more people, were just reversed! In short, Li Moi created a huge vortex, everyone in this huge vortex without freedom to act independently, we can say "No snow in an avalanche is innocent", yes, no snow in an avalanche Is innocent!