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0 Chapter Directory 2130 Make Waves Again (3)
    Chinese Name: 修神外传仙界篇  Author: 小段探花(Xiǎoduàn tànhuā, Xiao Duan the Third)
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"Good!" the fairy said coldly, "if this is before the Taoist Temple..."

    "No, sir," Lian Xue hurriedly laughed with him, "I want to say that before Dao Zu Tiangong leaked the news, Xiao Daoist was the reincarnation of his old man, and Dao Zu Tiangong didn't know Ye Feng's identity."

    "Then why did you say Present?" The fairy's voice slowed down a little.

    "Report(ing) to Sir, I know Xiao Daoist is the shock after his old man reincarnated, and I also know that the adults want to know more news, so I continue to investigate, but Xiao Daoist is in the boundary, I It was very difficult to detect, and when I got some assurances and prepared to inform the adults, the news came from the Taoist Temple..." Lian Xue said bitterly, "I know I was wrong, but the error is not here !"

    "Alas," the female fairy stared at the fairy crane boy for a moment, and sighed, "I hope your little cleverness will not irritate adults, and I hope that the world will fight for the report, and Wang Xuan's things will give adults more opportunities for you."

    "I'm going to ask the adults to deal with this matter!" Xianhe whispered when she saw sweat on his forehead.

    The fairy raised her hand gently in the air, and the purple rosy cloud flew off, still changing into the shape of a butterfly. The fairy said in his mouth: "Adult, Lian Xue has been proved, Xiao Daoist Xiao Hua is the reincarnation of that person, but, This news has already come from the Taoist Temple, and even Xue Xue Primordial Spirit is here. If you want to know more details, if you come here, I will not tell you!"

    After the fairy said, the butterfly spread its wings in the air, flickering pleated ice flowers flew into the void and disappeared."The adult's heart is careful" The female fairy saw the ice butterfly flying away, and she never forgot to tell Lian Xuedao, "Except for the order in which things are discovered, don't hide everything else!"

    The female fairy gave a few words one after another, and then closed the pair of eyes slightly, her fingers flicked slightly, it seemed that she was performing some fairy tactics. After about a meal, the "boom" one sound lightly sounded, a ray of Star Radiance in Groto Heaven There was a flash in the inside of a flower, and then it grew silently. After counting the interest, a shadow that looked like tens of thousands, but when looked closely, appeared a shadow of almost nothingness. This shadow has no momentum at all, and it is not as good as ordinary Immortal Being. However, as soon as the shadow came out, the female fairy did not dare to hurry up and hurriedly stood up. She and the fairy crane teenager respectfully said, "I've seen an adult!"


    The figure does not pay attention, only spit out a word.

    "Yes, adult" Lian Xue vest sweated, hurriedly and carefully told what he knew narrate systematically and in full detail, and finally said, "He has now gone to Monster Oath to participate in the election."

    "How can Daozu Tiangong have his news?" the humanoid asked sharply.

    "I don't know," Lian Xue could only shake his head, and said, "I also looked at the eye line of Daozu Tiangong, they said they didn't know, and I also think that even Daozu Tiangong, they would not dare to offend him? Even if they would Secretly investigating, and absolutely daring not to announce his reincarnation to the public!"

    "This is the key to the problem!" The humanoid looks at the female Immortal Dao. "Hu Yanming, you have to investigate this matter. Lian Xue fears that she has limited ability."

    "Yes, Master," the female fairy named Hu Yanming replied.

    "Adult" Lian Xue said hurriedly, "I want to ask my lord for help, so that I can punish you!"

    "What are you doing?"The humanoid coldly said, "Things are made by you like this, the old man is so passive, do you still think it is not enough?"

    "I ordered to go to the two realms," Lian Xue argued. "I personally invited him to come!"

    "Lianxue!" Hu Yanming scolded hurriedly, "What are you talking about?"

    Who knew that the humanoid did not speak, and seemed to be thinking, but it surprised Hu Yanming. After a while, the humanoid asked: "What strength is he in this world?"

    "It should be between Jiugong Gao and Daluochu!" Lian Xue replied.

    "So powerful?" Both the humanoid figure and Hu Yanming were surprised.

    "Yes," Lianxue nods said, "This is what I have repeatedly confirmed. He once raised his hand to kill the Long Dome in the land of the boundary, and the Doppelg?nger, the captive demon. Such strength is at least Jiugong high. In addition, he is good at concealing his strength, and may have some discounts.

    "Adult, he... is so powerful!" Hu Yanming smiled bitterly. "How long has it been? Isn't it Jiji?"

    "For us, of course it's less than a mile!" the humanoid coldly said, "but for him, I'm afraid it's already passed First Generation!"

    "Could it be..." Hu Yanming looked at Lian Xue and then the human form, his eyes flashing eagerly.

    "He's Heavenly Venerate!" said the humanoid faintly. "It's so normal to find Time Immortal Artifact of his Past after reincarnation!"

    "So, there is no absolute genius in this Immortal Realm!" Hu Yanming nods said, "Geniuses are made up of opportunities and resources!"

    "Perhaps," the humanoid's sound sounded a little bit louder, and said, "This opportunity should be ours!""Big...Adult" Hu Yanming was startled, and just about to ask again, Lian Xue was excited, "Yes, my lord, you agree with me."

    "That's it, know how to do it?"

    "Yes, I know," Lianxue nods agreed, bowing and giving the gift, "I will go now, please wait for good news!"

    Seeing Lian Xue change into the immortal crane, Hu Yanming whispered: "Master, since the news from the Taoist Temple is out, the power to go to the two realms will naturally not be lacking. Our Present should be a step late!"

    "It's never too late to make up for it!" the figure laughed. "I know that those immortal officials are sending factions. When they don't confirm the true and false news, they will not actually send people over, and they really want to take action. Don’t know Heavenly Venerate first? Don’t forget, this is him!"

    "Adult said the same," Hu Yanming nods said, "He feels like the beginning of the big Luo, even if those immortal officials want to arrest, at most sent Da Luo Middle Rank, Da Luo Gao is not necessarily, and even Xue is Taiyi fairy! "

    The humanoid nods, and said: "In fact, there is the most crucial point. If Xiao Daoist is him, I will know it all. How could those Heavenly Venerate not know? How could they all be so calm?"

    "Perhaps Heavenly Venerate, the actions of the adults, can I know if you are not?"

    "Heavenly Venerate's thoughts Present might not be here," the figure began to distort, and the voice became more and more low. "Let Xue Xue take a look around! Everything... there will be a moment when the truth is revealed!"

    "Where is Lord Heavenly Venerate's mind?" Lian Xue was a little surprised, said in surprise, "This is his reincarnation! Is there anything more important than this?""Master Heavenly Venerate's layout, I can actually wait to know?" The figure is dim, and the sound is like a faint flute. "But I know that several adults are staring at the ancient Aristocratic Family!"

    The human form is right. In the Chengtian Palace in Chaotianque, Liu Hong did not deal with the affairs of the family, but looked at the stupid Daoist standing in front of the temple with a smile, and asked: "The chant of Ziyuejinri Xuanshen, you Remember all?"

    "Patriarch," the stupid Taoist respectfully said, "The Disciple has been fully remembered, but the Xin marks Ninth Layer, Disciple have only realized the fourfold, and the others are still ignorant, allowing Disciple to realize."

    "Haha," Liu Honghong laughed and said, "The old man can only understand the Seventh Layer. If you realize the Ninth Layer, you might be confused."

    "Yes, brother Zi Ming Bai," the stupid Taoist hurriedly nods, "Disciple must fully understand cultivation and strive to enter early to reach the Ninth Layer."

    "Well, you realize it slowly," said Liu Honghong. "This Yuanri day brings you over, not only to ask you about the Purple Moon and Golden Sun Xuan marks, but also to tell you the method of palmprinting..."

    "What?" The stupid Daoist was shocked and anxiously said, "Patriarch, are you always talking about the control of the emperor's official seal? Brother... Disciple How can he, dare to practice such Mystic Technique?"

    "Oh, fourth son, you think too much," Liu Hong said with a smile. "Didn't the second child get the phantom of an official seal from Yunyuan Xiaotianjing? The old man controlled the phantom with Mystic Technique, always There are several obscure points. The old man thinks, maybe it is the problem of forging the soul. Didn’t you cultivate the complete Yuan Xing gods article, the old man just let you help the ponders and see what went wrong!""Um, um," stupid nods said, "Brother Zi Ming is white, Disciple must be exhausted."

    "Actually," Liu Hong took out an ink fairy pupil, and the emperor official seal virtual shadow handed to the stupid Taoist, hesitated and said, "Yan Yu's complete "Original Yuan Qi" is also excellent, but unfortunately she ..."

    The stupid Taoist was supposed to receive Mo Xiantong and the emperor official seal imaginary shadow, but Liu Hong heard this saying, but his hand was stopped in the air, it was very straightforward: "Patriarch, then the "Yuan Qi original article" is Yan In exchange for the Magical Treasure, Disciple is afraid to ask for it, and Yan Yu has several in her heart. Even if she can't leave the "Yuan Qi Original" in Chaotianque before she gets married, she will never bring it to the supplement. Tianque!"

    "Oh," Liu Hong threw Mo Xiantong and the emperor official seal phantom into the arms of the stupid Daoren, laughing, "The old man wouldn’t count that way. Yan Yu, she sacrificed her happiness for my Liu Family. I don’t know how to make up for her in this way, how can I covet her?”

    "Yes, it's Disciple's thinking too much!" The stupid Taoist received Mo Xiantong, raised his hand and patted himself on the top door, and the top door released Jin Guang, putting the emperor's official seal virtual shadow into his body.

    "Alas," Liu Hong sighed one sound, drove out of the hall, and whispered, "Even if you think it's a must-have, other people are afraid to think the same way!"

    "Patriarch?" The stupid Taoist puzzled, said in surprise, "The ancient Aristocratic Family is just like some Disciple, who doesn't know who yet? That Sun Yueben still has the strength to compete with Fengxue, how can I know..."

    At this point, the stupid Daoist froze for a moment and hesitated: "Patriarch means...""This is clearly Feng Cang's means," Liu Hong answered with a panic on his face. "That's how the second son's marriage was, and I know it well. But Feng Hua is really good. Although she misses the Feng family, she is open-minded, Compared to Xi Mujing. Because the second son was thinking of Xi Mujing, so I pushed the boat along the water, and facts also proved that Xi Mujing's obsession is too strong. If she is married to my Liu Family, Chaotian Que might be restless."