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Chapter Directory 1317 Xiaohan's New Book Is Here! 'Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap Dad Yang'
    Chinese Name: 奶爸的文艺人生  Author: 寒门(Hánmén, Poor Family)
    Original: | Translator:

I have been pigeons for a few days, but finally, Xiaohan made a new book~ The title is "Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap House-dad", everyone has a lot of collections and votes to support it!

    It is still a familiar house-dad article, but this time is slightly different, because there will be some special mysteries, please allow Xiaohan to sell a pass first, you can find it in the introduction. In addition, don’t worry about too many bells and whistles, although there are some special ones in it, but it won’t have much impact on the real world, so it is still our ordinary city and ordinary cute people child.

    In short, Xiaohan will work hard to tell this warm and happy story, I hope everyone can like it!

    The introduction is as follows:

    On the summer night when the cicada songbirds sang, Yang Yan stood at the door of the community, holding a big bag high, and shouted with a loud voice: "Let down, go home and eat iced watermelon!"

    Whoo! A short-legged Corgi can't wait to get out of the bushes, shaking his little ass and running towards him excitedly.

    Then, a little girl sat on the shell of a big turtle and slowly walked out from behind the big tree. Her bright big eyes found Yang Yan, her mouth laughed happily, and she cried out crisply: "Dad! "

    After her, a big orange cat jumped lightly out of the flowers, then a parrot walking with its wings on its back, a white hamster looking left and right...

    Looking at this scene, a collapsing grandmother on the road turned to Yang Yan in surprise: "Little Yang, your daughter, it seems a little special!"