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Chapter Directory 827 The New Car 'Private Clinic' Is Coming, Please Get In The Car! !
    Chinese Name: 妹子,我教你修仙  Author: 看门狗(Kān mén gǒu, Guard Dog)
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     The new car is tender and needs the support of all riders to achieve the integration of people and cars!

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     "My dear, I opened my room in Shangri-La, opposite the hospital, when will you come..." Suddenly seeing such a WeChat message, Ye Zhengqiu was so scared that Ye Zhengqiu almost dropped the phone.

     It was Feng Yuanyuan, a nurse in the same department who sent the WeChat message. This young nurse is not only beautiful, she is also very coquettish, she speaks utterly, and she always gives away to Ye Zhengqiu.

     Ye Zhengqiu has long felt that this young lady is interesting to herself.

     Is this about to enter the substantive stage?

     "Come when you are done..."

     and many more.

     Ye Zhengqiu remembered one thing.

     A few days ago, Feng Yuanyuan's husband came to Kori to make trouble. Ye Zhengqiu didn't see it during the operation, but it was heard that she came to catch Feng Yuanyuan's rape. Her husband suspected that she had stolen someone.

     "It wasn't her husband who took her mobile phone to send it..."

     "Intentionally probing?"Thinking of this, Ye Zhengqiu broke into a cold sweat!

     It’s very risky, I’ve already edited it on my phone, and I’ll come when I’m busy. Fortunately, I didn’t send this sentence out!

     Ye Zhengqiu quickly deleted the reply, but he still didn't give up.

     If it wasn't her husband, wouldn't it be missed for nothing?

     Turn over in one's mind, Ye Zhengqiu finally said: Are you nurse Feng's husband?

     Feng Yuanyuan: Coward (sticking tongue out)

     Seeing this naughty reply, Ye Zhengqiu was inexplicably excited! He remembered Feng Yuanyuan liked to post this expression!

     Is it really this senior?

     Ye Zhengqiu: (sweating emoji)

     Immediately, Feng Yuanyuan sent a photo.

     The photo was taken in a hotel, with wet hair, wearing a white bathrobe, half-open chest revealing a piece of snow-white skin, due to the opening of the beautiful picture, extraordinarily white, white glow, very attractive, also posing Make a pouting and cute expression.

     Feng Yuanyuan: There are pictures and the truth, are you coming?

     Ye Zhengqiu: If you come out at night, your husband won't find you?

     Feng Yuanyuan: I am on night shift tonight.Ye Zhengqiu looked at the time, and it turned out that it was eleven o'clock in the evening. This little fairy, it turned out that everything had been arranged, tonight he was going to prepare materials for the operation tomorrow, and she happened to be on duty.

     Are you going? Ye Zhengqiu became tangled.

     Feng Yuanyuan: Wait ten minutes for you, being late is not acceptable. (Naughty expression)

     Ye Zhengqiu finally gritted his teeth and made a decision: sneak out for an hour! No one knows anyway!

     It was drizzling outside and the roadside lights were clouded. Ye Zhengqiu walked out of the hospital. The Shangri-La Hotel was on the road opposite the hospital, five-star level.

     A thousand yuan a night.

     The little fairy is quite willing to pay for it.


     As Ye Zhengqiu trot across the road, the harsh horns rang eagerly. Ye Zhengqiu instinctively looked at him, only to see the dazzling high beam.



     With a loud noise, Ye Zhengqiu felt like he was flying up, tumbling in the air for several laps and then falling heavily to the ground.

     A sharp pain struck him, making him instantly unconscious.

     "Doctor Ye..."

     Ye Zhengqiu woke up when he heard the call, it seemed to be Feng Yuanyuan's voice.He remembers crossing the road and being hit by a car, but why does he feel no pain now, and he seems to be unconscious all over?

     Judging from his experience, the injury should be serious.

     Am I still lying on the side of the road?

     The car accident happened at the entrance of the hospital. Dr. Li, who is on duty today, should be here soon. He is a very experienced doctor and a deputy chief physician.

     He must be able to keep me.

     must be able to!

     Bring the oxygen mask first, did you bring it? Help me fix my position and do cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fast!

     Has anyone come!

     People! ! !

     help me!


     "Doctor Ye, I killed you..."

     Feng Yuanyuan's voice came again, as if she was crying.

     "If I didn't ask you to come to me, you wouldn't die!"

     dead? !

     What to die?

     Do not!

     I'm not dead!

     Ye Zhengqiu shouted desperately in his heart, save me, save me, I'm still alive, don't give up, I will definitely survive, I will definitely be able to!

     "What a promising doctor, just like that?"

     "Yes, died on the spot."Then a very heavy but very ritual voice came: "Please grant all the deceased an early release from the shackles of death and enter the heaven of peace and light. Because of your love, you can enjoy the happiness of eternal life, Amen!"

     This is... the funeral! My funeral? !

     Do not!

     You quack doctors, how exactly did you get the death notice, which buried me?


     I'm not dead!

     Ye Zhengqiu shouted desperately, struggled desperately, but it was pitch black all around, and he couldn't see anything, no matter how he called, those people couldn't hear it.

     I'm still alive...alive...

     The crowd gradually dispersed, only the rustling sound resounded. It was the sound of rain. The rain fell on the leaves, tombstones, umbrellas...

     In the darkness, two terrifying figures appeared.

     The sound of their footsteps was so frightening that Ye Zhengqiu was trembling from the depths of his bones.

     Do not……

     Suddenly, he remembered something, and turned around to flee like crazy, and the two shadows also chased like crazy.

     Don't catch me!

     do not!

     Run all the way.He saw the light spot ahead, and he saw the light source clearly. It was a hospital. A red neon light was on: Binhai First People's Hospital.

     This is where Ye Zhengqiu works.


     He is too familiar with the road to the hospital, and he can only have a chance to escape here.

     But after entering, he saw that the entire hospital was dark, there was no sound at all, there was no figure, only the dim lights.

     He didn't dare to stop, just a little slower, he would hear the chasing footsteps.

     When he ran in, he happened to see the elevator going up, and he could only run the stairs. The hospital was a new hospital with more than 30 floors. He first ran to the sixth floor. He just took a breath and chased after him.

     Can only continue to escape.

     Keep running away!

     Ye Zhengqiu doesn't know when to escape.

     But he can only run away.

     "This ward?!"

     He saw a light in a hospital room. Through the glass outside, he could see a young man lying on the hospital bed. He couldn't see clearly, but he could see the 24-hour detector.

     The heartbeat above is very unstable, and is constantly weakening, and the instrument has sounded an alarm.

     The situation is critical!Out of the doctor's instinct, he yelled to save people.




     Suddenly there was a long beep, and an alarm sounded!

     Immediately, Ye Zhengqiu saw that the ECG showed no more fluctuations, the heart stopped, and the person died.

     At this moment, the sound of footsteps came again behind him, and there was nowhere to hide in the corridor. He hurriedly pushed the door and ran in, got into bed, and covered himself with a hospital quilt.

     The footsteps, like tarsus maggots, even chased into the ward.

     Even if they hide in the quilt, the two big men will look quite obvious from the outside. He can only hug the young man on the hospital bed, the young man who has just died.

     Unexpectedly, under this hug, his arms blended into the opponent's body.

     This discovery made him happy.

     If you hide in this person's body, you will never be discovered!

     Immediately, Ye Zhengqiu hid himself.

     I felt warm and uncomfortable, as if I had entered the heating room in a cold winter, listening to the sound of footsteps. The sound of footsteps was very heavy, and the approaching step by step was clearly audible, and there was heavy breathing. sound.The footsteps stopped by the bed, hesitated for a while, and then began to pace back.

     At last.



     After a long sigh of relief, Ye Zhengqiu's tense nerves relaxed, and an unprecedented tiredness swept up, and he went to sleep like this leisurely.

     In the early morning, bright sunshine came in from outside the window and shone on the hospital bed.

     "Xiao Han, are you awake?"

     Ye Zhengqiu woke up, opened his eyes and saw a girl in her twenties.

     Her facial features are extremely exquisite, and her temperament is even more noble and outstanding. She is the kind of beauty who can make people nervous at the first glance, and she is a bit outrageous.

     "I'll call you a doctor."

     Isn't he dead?

     Didn't escape to the hospital?


     Ye Zhengqiu reached out and pulled out the needle. After getting out of the bed, he went into the bathroom mirror.

     He saw himself in the mirror, it was a strange face, no, no stranger, he remembers being killed.

     It's him! ! !

     It was the young man who drove him to death!

     "Last night..."

     "The dead youth."

     "So it was him.""I occupied his body? This body is mine now???"

     Ye Zhengqiu was stunned, feeling very inconceivable, but also a little unacceptable. But it seems that there is a certain number in the world, you killed me, and I took your body to avoid disaster.

     "With a body, it should be safe, right?"

     "I won't be discovered by those two shadows again?"

     Thinking that he was so good enough to flee, and still occupying other people's bodies, his heart burned with anger again.

     It's all you!

     It's all you!

     If it wasn't for you to knock me to death, there would be nothing.

     He clenched his fists in anger, and the eyes in the mirror flashed a terrible black air, like a ghost, he was startled, the anger disappeared instantly, and the black air in his eyes also disappeared.

     How could this be?

     He thought it would be safe to occupy someone else’s body, but the facts don’t seem to be that simple. Although he has a body, he is by no means a normal human being. Thinking of the two shadows that captured himself, his heart Surging with a strong sense of crisis.

     If found, he will definitely be taken away.

     Before getting rid of the two shadows completely, he wants to live a low-key life, just like pedestrians passing by outside, without showing any abnormalities.Can only be cautious and solemn alive.

     He used to be a foreigner, and there was no house or car in the city. Although he was a doctor, he looked decent, but in fact, he was very hard.

     Now, he hopes conditions will be better.

     "Well, cell phone."

     Ye Zhengqiu found a mobile phone in the pocket of his medical suit and took a look at it. His heart suddenly became cold.

     This is a dilapidated domestic mobile phone, at least an old model four years ago. How can people who use this phone have money?

     "One more piece of paper!"

     Opened the paper and looked up, it read: Marriage Letter.

     The content is very rough, as evidenced by the fact that Xiao Han and Lin Xue have made a marriage contract.

     Xiao Han should be his current identity.

     So Lin Xue... Could it be that girl just now?

     Ye Zhengqiu's eyes suddenly lit up.

     If it was the beautiful girl just now, it would be worth it to have such a superb beauty as a wife!

     He immediately unlocked the phone with his fingerprint and clicked on WeChat.

     "Really the girl just now..."

     "Chairman of Gilt Jewellery!"

     "Xue Lin!"

     Ye Zhengqiu's eyes stared out. Now that he has opened a jewelry business these years, he can't play with his assets of less than hundreds of millions.————

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