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Chapter Directory 827 The New Car 'Private Clinic' Is Coming, Please Get In The Car! !
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Chapter One Preview! !

"My dear, I opened a good room in Shangri-La opposite the hospital. When will you come ..." Suddenly seeing such a WeChat, scared Ye Zhengqiu almost didn't drop the phone.

Sending WeChat is Nurse Onee-chan Feng Yuanyuan in the same department. This Nurse Onee-chan is not only beautiful and long, but also very coquettish. She speaks sulkingly, and she always sends Qiuqiu secretly to Ye Zhengqiu.

Ye Zhengqiu has long felt that this younger sister is interesting to herself.

Is this about to enter the substantive stage?

"Come here when you are busy ..."

and many more.

Ye Zhengqiu remembered one thing.

A few days ago, Feng Yuanyuan ’s husband also came to Corey to make trouble. Ye Zhengqiu was not seen in the operation at the time, but she heard that it was to catch Feng Yuanyuan ’s traitor.

"Isn't it her husband who sent her mobile phone ..."

"Intentional temptation?"

Thinking of this, Ye Zhengqiu was shocked by the cold sweat!

It ’s so dangerous. I ’ve edited it on my phone. I ’ll come after I ’m busy. Fortunately, I did n’t send this sentence!

Ye Zhengqiu quickly deleted this sentence, but he still didn't give up.

In case it was n’t her husband, would n’t it just be missed?Zuo Siyou thought, Ye Zhengqiu finally issued a sentence: Are you husband Feng nurse?

Feng Yuanyuan: Coward (Tongue Out)

Seeing this naughty reply, Ye Zhengqiu was inexplicably excited! He remembered that Feng Yuanyuan liked to make this expression!

Is it really a deity?

Ye Zhengqiu: (sweating expression)

Immediately, Feng Yuanyuan sent a photo.

The photo was taken at the hotel. The hair was wet, wearing a white bathrobe, and the chest was half open to reveal a white skin. Due to the beauty of the picture, the extra white, white glow, very attractive, and still posing Come out with a bewitching expression.

Feng Yuanyuan: There are pictures and truth, are you coming or not?

Ye Zhengqiu: When you come out at night, your husband won't find you?

Feng Yuanyuan: I'm on duty tonight.

Ye Zhengqiu looked at the time. It turned out that it was already eleven o'clock in the middle of the night. This little goblin, everything had been arranged. Tonight, he was going to prepare the materials for tomorrow's surgery, and she happened to be on duty.

Would you like to go? Ye Zhengqiu struggled.

Feng Yuanyuan: Waiting for you for ten minutes, being late is not acceptable. (Naughty expression)

Ye Zhengqiu finally gritted his teeth and made a decision: sneak out for 1 hour! No one knows anyway!

There was a heavy drizzle outside, and the roadside lights were obscured. Ye Zhengqiu walked out of the hospital, and the Shangri-La Hotel was on the road opposite the hospital.

Thousands a night.

The goblin is willing to pay for it.

"Buddu !!!"As Ye Zhengqiu trot across the road, the harsh horn sounded eagerly, and Ye Zhengqiu looked instinctively, only to see the dazzling high beam lights.



With a loud noise, Ye Zhengqiu felt like he was flying all over, tumbling through the air for several laps before falling heavily on the ground.

A sudden pain struck him, and he instantly lost consciousness.

"Dr. Ye ..."

Hearing the call, Ye Zhengqiu woke up, which seemed to be Feng Yuanyuan's voice.

He remembered that he was hit by a car while crossing the road, but why can't he feel pain now, and he seems to be unconscious?

Judging from his experience, he should have been seriously injured.

Am I still lying on the side of the road?

The car accident happened at the entrance of the hospital. Dr. Li, who is on emergency today, should come over soon. He is a very experienced doctor and is a deputy chief physician.

He must be able to keep me.

must be able to!

Bring an oxygen mask first, did you bring it? Help me fix my position and do CPR, fast!

Has anyone come!

People! ! !

help me!


"Dr. Ye, I killed you ..."

Feng Yuanyuan's voice came again, sounding like he was crying.

"If I didn't ask you to come to me, you wouldn't die!"

dead? !

What the hell?

Do not!

I'm not dead!

Ye Zhengqiu's desperate cry, save me, save me quickly, I'm still alive, don't give up, I will survive, I will!"A more promising doctor, just like that?"

"Yeah, died on the spot."

Then a very heavy but ceremonial voice came: "Please grant all deceased people an early release from the shackles of death, and enter the peaceful and bright heaven, because your love can enjoy the happiness of eternal life, Amen!"

This is ... a funeral! My funeral? !

Do not!

What kind of death notice did you quack doctors bury me?


I am not dead!

Ye Zhengqiu shouted desperately, struggling desperately, but it was dark all around, he could not see anything, no matter what he called, those people could not hear.

I'm still alive ... alive ...

The crowd gradually dispersed, only the sound of rustling was ringing, it was the sound of rain, the rain fell on the leaves, the tombstone, the umbrella ...

In the darkness, two terrible figures appeared.

Their footsteps were very scary, making Ye Zhengqiu feel terrified from the depths of his bones, and his whole body shivered.

Do not……

Suddenly, he remembered something, turned around and ran wild, and the two shadows were also chased like crazy.

Don't catch me!

do not!

Running all the way.

Seeing the light spot in front, he saw clearly that Spear was a hospital, and a red neon light was on: Binhai First People's Hospital.

This is where Ye Zhengqiu works.

"" "Great!" "

The way to the hospital, he was too familiar, and only had the opportunity to escape here.But after entering, he saw that the whole hospital was black and black, with no sound at all, neither a person's silhouette, only dim light.

He didn't dare to stop, a little slower, he would hear the footsteps of catching up.

When he ran in, he just saw the elevator going up and could only run the stairs. The hospital is a new hospital, more than thirty floors high. He first ran to the sixth floor. He just took two breaths and came after him.

Can only continue to escape.

Keep running away!

Ye Zhengqiu didn't know when to escape.

But he could only escape.

"This ward ?!"

He saw a hospital room with lights on. Through the glass outside, he could see a young man lying on the hospital bed. He could not see clearly, but he could see the 24-hour detector.

The heartbeat above is very unstable, and it is constantly weakening. The instrument has issued an alarm.

The situation is very dangerous!

Out of the instinct of the doctor, he yelled to save people.




Suddenly there was a long beep, and an alarm sounded!

Immediately, Ye Zhengqiu saw that the electrocardiogram showed no more fluctuations, the heart stopped, and the person died.

At this moment, the footsteps behind him came again, and there was nowhere to hide in the corridor. He hurriedly pushed the door and ran in, went to bed, and covered himself with the hospital quilt.

The footsteps, such as Maggot of Tarsus Bone, also chased into the ward.Even if he hid in the quilt, the two big men would look obvious from the outside. He could only hug the young man on the bed, the young man who had just died.

Unexpectedly, in this hug, his arm actually integrated into the other's body.

This discovery made him happy.

If you hide in this person's body, you will never be found!

Immediately, Ye Zhengqiu went into hiding.

There was a warm feeling all over the body, unspeakable comfort, as if the cold winter entered the heating room, listening to the footsteps with his ears, the footsteps were heavy, the steps were clear and audible, and there was a heavy breath sound.

Footsteps stopped by the bed, hesitated for a while, and then began to pace back.

At last.


"" "Hū!" ""

After a long sigh of relief, Ye Zhengqiu's tense nerves relaxed, and then an unprecedented amount of tiredness swept up. He just slept like this.

Early in the morning, bright sunlight spilled in from the window and shone on the hospital bed.

"Xiao Han, are you awake?"

Ye Zhengqiu woke up and opened her eyes to see a girl in her early twenties.

Her facial features are extremely exquisite, and her temperament is even more distinguished. It is the kind of beauty that makes you look nervous at first glance.

"I'll call you a doctor."

Are you dead?

Did not escape into the hospital?


Ye Zhengqiu reached out and pulled out the needle. After getting out of the bed, he entered the bathroom mirror.He saw himself in the mirror, a strange face, no, no stranger, remember when he was killed.

It's him! ! !

It was the young man who drove himself to death!

"Last night ..."

"The dead young man."

"It turns out to be him."

"I took his body? This body is mine now ??"

Ye Zhengqiu was completely stunned, and felt very inconceivable, but also a bit difficult to accept. But it seems that there is a fixed number in the midst, you hit me to death, and I took your body to escape the great difficulty.

"With your body, should you be safe?"

"Won't you be discovered by those two shadows again?"

I remembered that I had fallen into a futile way and wanted to escape, and still occupy other people's bodies. In his heart, I was angry again.

It's all you!

It's all you!

If you did n’t kill me, nothing would happen.

He squeezed his fists in anger. A terrible black gas flashed in the eyes of the mirror. Like a ghost, he was startled, his anger disappeared instantly, and the black gas in his eyes disappeared.

How could this be?

He thought it was safe to occupy other people ’s bodies, at least it was safe, but the facts were not that simple. Although he had a body, he was never a normal human. There is a strong sense of crisis.

If they are found, they will be taken away.

Before getting rid of those two shadows completely, he had to live a low-key life, just like the pedestrians outside, he could not show any abnormality.Only the cautious and solemn goo alive.

He used to be a foreigner. There was no room or car in the city. Although he was a doctor, he looked quite decent. In fact, he was very hard.

Now, he hopes the conditions will be better.

"Well, cell phone."

Ye Zhengqiu found a cell phone in his pocket and took it out to take a look, his heart suddenly cold.

This is a dilapidated domestic mobile phone, at least an old model four years ago, how can people who use this mobile phone have money?

"There is one more paper!"

Opened the paper and read it, and looked up and wrote: marriage letter.

The content is very rough, it is written that Xiao Han and Lin Xue made a marriage contract, as evidence.

Xiao Han should be his current identity.

That Lin Xue ... Is that the girl just now?

Ye Zhengqiu's eyes suddenly light up.

If it were the pretty girl just now, there is such a most beautiful woman as a wife, it ’s worth the hard work!

He immediately unlocked his phone with his fingerprint and tapped into WeChat.

"Really that girl ..."

"Liu Jin Jewelry Chairman!"

"Lin Xue!"

Ye Zhengqiu's eyes were all stared out. Now that he has opened a jewelry store this year, he can't play with hundreds of millions of assets. He is not only a superb beauty, but also a rich girl!


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