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Chapter Directory 1637 The First Part Of The Final Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 次元大乱斗  Author: 晕血的羔羊(Yùn xiě de gāoyáng, Blood Phobia Lamb)
    Original: | Translation:

That's it for the first part.

     Originally, this book was infinite, and the remaining half was unwritten, probably in a lifetime.

     I originally planned to finish the one-way world online.

     The result, various things.

     I didn't intend to write it when I was in the mood after finishing the book.

     Because I want to write an original and innovative book, I can't open a new book if I can't finish it. This book can only do this. After all, the rule of Dianniang is that if you don't finish the old book and the new book, you won't have half a year of benefits.

     I don’t plan to put up the ending of the outline. In fact, after reading this book, I should be able to guess that the ending is inseparable. The wonderfulness of this book is not the spoiler ending, but the fun. The various experiences experienced in Dimensional World, the path that the protagonist walks out with his personality, and the light we see...

     Everyone has their own ending in their hearts, so let's just imagine.

     To be honest, I am dissatisfied with myself by insisting on this, but this persistence is also very interesting. I originally wanted to write the infinite two-part song. As a result, I completed the extra-dimensional chaos after all. Readers wrote this book.Dimensional is not liked by everyone, so the original niche books are even more niche. Basically, they don’t make much money. After all, I have a passion for writing and I have been fishing alone in my own small kingdom. I persisted for a year, unlimited After unblocking and ending the infinity, it feels like it’s about time. I’m stuck in my life. I’m the one who’s holding on to it...

     In fact, in the final analysis, writing a book is a dream and hobby. At first, I didn't want to make money. As a result, writing and writing became full-time, and probably became a dead man in the house.

     At first I wanted to write something original and light, but I had a lot of fantasies about anime, so I became an infinite fan, and then I wrote all kinds of frivolous young people, and there are readers who have a ticket, fluently saying all one wants. Nian really feels great.

     So if I continue to create doujin, I feel a little bit older. Only by trying new things can I be young.

     And in Infinity and Dimension, I have played and played various routines. I want to start a new journey. Recently, writing a book has suddenly become slow. When I think about Infinity, I can write 20,000 a day, because act You can write articles without taking time to think. Writing a book at that time was a pleasure.What is the feeling of continuing to write about the same people? It’s probably just repeating what I have done. I have used too many stalks. If you want to come up with new stalks, everything is easy at the beginning. I understand this way. The more technology you need later The more you come, you won’t be able to write works that satisfy your readers.

     In short, old and decrepit will be boring.

     I want to be cute.

     The new book is being drafted, and then it will probably be handed over to the editor for review before uploading. If you are anxious, you can add my newly created group. If you are already in the old group, you don’t need to add it. If the new book is posted at the starting point I will inform everyone, this is the group number [522833254], and the group name is [Lamb praying].