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Chapter Directory 972 Testimonials
    Chinese Name: 不败战神  Author: 方想( Fāng xiǎng, Just Thinking)
    Original: | Translator:

readx(); At the end of each book, there will always be full of relief and regret. Sometimes it is difficult to say which emotion will be more. In the end, it is always emotion.

    Lamented that he wrote another book.

    I don't know if you like it at the end. I like it quite a bit. I have said everything I want to say. Looking back, this book is still very difficult to satisfy myself. Well, many places are not satisfied. Fortunately, it has been written for almost ten years, and I have been entangled with this dissatisfaction from the past, and I have slowly and frankly accepted it.

    I think that in a few years' time, this book can still be left in my memory. It is estimated that Godlike's young boy is Chong Chong Chong, howling for thousands of years, it is the unknown life and death of the Army.

    I feel that after many years, I should not forget.

    I still remember when I wrote Howling for Ten Thousand Years, I was in a coffee shop. I wrote that my emotions were almost out of control, but fortunately I felt that there were too many people, and the tears were too shameful to hold back.

    I was most moved by writing this book. Although it is often irrelevant to the protagonist, this is my most distressed place. But every time I write about those emotional bursts, they will still be moved by them.

    After writing for almost ten years, I still don't remember much from every book.

    The mentor was breathing, and he was very proud.

    The most clear thing I remember about Kato is a bit strange. At the beginning, Chen Mu looked at the cold streets in the city, but then he felt that this winter will be colder. There is also the name "Bai Zongguan, have you heard of it?", which is probably the most pretending bridge section I have ever written.

    The world of self-cultivation is the best way to skin the zombie little girl Senior Apprentice Brother.There is a lot to say, but I don’t know where to start.

    I hope this book has brought you a little touch and a good time.

    Regarding the new book, preparations have already begun and it will not be too late. Specific news will be released on the WeChat public platform. Recently, the WeChat public platform is also holding some activities, sending signatures and the like. Please pay attention to Fang Fang's WeChat public platform: xiaofangfang1985

    Fang Xiang