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Chapter Directory 2689 End Of The Speech!
    Chinese Name:   Author: Х(Fxiochn, Fu Xiaochen)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Today, on June 1, 2019, "Cultivation Frenzy" is finally almost complete. From July 6, 2016 to now, it is still a month away from the third year!

     I have written it unknowingly, and it is finally over. Thanks to everyone who supported me and the book "Cultivation Frenzy"!

     I have been writing to the present one after another, and finally finished writing the framework under the original layout. It was several months later than the original plan. Basically it also affected the writing of the new book. It was a shortcoming in the initial estimate. The hastily end is also the result of my lack of experience.

     Thanks to all readers who have seen the current "Cultivation Frenzy", no matter what platform or channel you are on, I just want to say, thank you. Without you, I would not be able to go today.

     The end of a book is the end of a story world, but it is also the beginning of yet another world!

     Although "Cultivation Frenzy" is over, my other book "This Earth is a bit fierce" is in the hot update. There are already hundreds of chapters, very fat, you can kill it!

     Finally, thank you all for your support to Xiaochen, this is just a section, not an end!

     Hope to see everyone in the next book, the next one!

     thank you all!
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