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Chapter Directory 434 The End
    Chinese Name: 空速星痕  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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Those are three planet(s) surrounded by the breath of black. In the very center of the three planet(s), is a very small star, only slightly larger than the three planet(s), exuding dazzling rays of light, surrounded by three black planet(s) As it slowly rotated, countless black dots appeared, the most striking of which was a pair of red wings, a person next to her, holding a short stick with dark-red rays of light in his hand. It is the Darkness Speaker who has not released the blade of the demon sword, and the person who controls it is the Darkness Speaker. Two figures, one blue and one purple, then appeared, and a deep and majestic voice sounded, "This is our World. Darkness's World."

    "Yes! This is the World of our Darkness." Luo Jia, who is wearing Blue Spirit Robe, smiled.

     Darkness Speaker looked at the scepter in his hand with a smile. "The demon sword I imitated is very similar to the previous one. Unfortunately, it does not have such a strong attack power."

    Fu'er beside him smiled: "You, why should you imitate?"

     Darkness Speaker smiled and said: "Of course you have to imitate it. With it, you can let others know that I am under the control of Lord Demon God!"

    The red wings converged, and Mei Lisi revealed her pretty face that had been converted from glamour to holiness. "Maternal Grandfather, we have spent a lot of period of time on this great migration, and all that has been brought. "

     Mo Shi (World Ender) chuckled and said, "Now the person who calls me Maternal Grandfather has finally grown up. You few girls, one is sweeter than one mouth. Tian Hen really found some good wives!"

    "Who makes me your grandson." The gold-color figure appeared, and there were blue, white, and red figures beside him.Luo Jia said with a smile: "Tian Hen Big Brother, you are so slow! Why did you come?"

     Tian Hen smiled slightly and said: "I just helped the material troops behind to allocate resources. We have a lot of people coming this time. I think it is better to disperse on the three planet(s) according to the original three Darkness forces. . Now, I feel more and more that life is so beautiful. Maternal Grandfather, I really want to thank you for giving me a chance to be reborn."

     Mo Shi (World Ender) said angrily: "Don't scare Maternal Grandfather anymore."

    That day, just as Black Hole was born, Tian Hen was about to be Devoured by Black Hole for the first time. At the juncture of the crisis, a small Black Hole appeared beside him, forcing him away. It was a fake Black Hole created by Mo Shi (World Ender) and all Trialists. At the beginning, he blackmailed Milky Way Alliance in a fake Black Hole situation. This secret was not revealed until the moment when Tian Hen was rescued. . Although Tian Hen lost almost all Energy, when the real Black Hole appeared, he lost the demon armor, but he still survived with strong vitality. At the same time that the fake Black Hole appeared, Doppelganger insides After the final energy, he sent him in, but instead of Tian Hen, he turned into a flowing light and was truly black hole devour.

    Therefore, Tian Hen is still alive and truly alive. Although he has lost all Demon God's items, he is still Demon God.

    "Maternal Grandfather, let's enter the atmosphere of planet(s)." Tian Hen smiled.

    Everyone's mood is relaxed at this time, the Demon tribe is destroyed, the Darkness people have their own paradise, here will be their paradise.Suddenly, a white ray of light flew out of the black planet(s) in the middle. The speed was so fast that even Tian Hen couldn't help but be surprised. However, when he saw the figure clearly, the surprise in his heart reached its peak.

    "Bai He (Lily), why are you here?" That is Bai He (Lily), indeed Bai He (Lily) who is so good.

    "Why can't I be here again?" Bai He (Lily) looked at Tian Hen a bit mischievously.

     Tian Hen said dumbly: "However, you shouldn't know the location here! Even if we come in contact with our consciousness, it is impossible to walk in front of me."

     The smile on Bai He (Lily)'s face was even stronger, "Why don't I know? You can absorb my Energy, can't I just absorb some of your memories?"

     Tian Hen took Bai He (Lily)'s hand, and he was not willing to think about anything else at this time, "Are you going?"

     Bai He (Lily) shook his head gently, "Unless you rush me."

    "What about your ideal?"

    "Ideal? Not important anymore. I just want my own harbor."


    End of the book
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