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Chapter Directory 489 Seventh League End
    Chinese Name: 超时空黑暗交易网  Author: 秒速九光年(Miǎosù jiǔ guāng nián, Nine Light-years a Second)
    Original: Unknown | Translation: NineTalesFox.com


     The dragon's breath of the black egg exploded the dark body of the giant cosmic insect, and then rushed in.

     Who would have thought that the Dark Net that Han Lang was familiar with was actually a damn bug. Perhaps his mother gave Han Lang the key to log on to Dark Net before his death, not for Han Lang to use it, but for Han Lang to end one day. Him.

     The huge pink passages are the blood vessels of the giant worms. Now, due to the expansion of the giant worms, these blood vessels have become larger. The giant black eggs in the shape of the planet fly in them without any problems.

     "Black Egg! Go to your people!" Han Lang shouted to the Black Egg.

     Today's Dragon Clan has all been sealed in the cosmic giant worms. In this dark space, maps and search devices are all useless.

     All Han Lang can rely on is the perception of Black Egg. As a descendant of Dragon Clan, Black Egg should know where Dragon Valley is and where the dragons are.



     The black egg uttered a roar and quickly shuttled through the body of the giant worm. The giant worm has changed the rules of space and time. There is no such function as a jump in his body, and the space is running according to a law completely different from the universe. .

     Han Lang sat behind the black egg, everyone's expressions were very nervous.This huge worm can swallow the universe. It is conceivable that killing him from the inside is by no means an easy task.

     Therefore, Han Lang needs the help of Dragon Clan. Only this group of the strongest creatures in the universe can deal with this monster that brings destruction.

     However, Dragon Clan is so proud. Although Han Lang has been to Nirvana and warned Dragon Clan, will they listen? Can they live to today's time and space? All this is a mystery.

     If there is no Dragon Clan, God knows how to destroy this behemoth, and the hope of survival is pinned to the obviously unreliable Dragon Clan. This is everyone's biggest worry.

     While the black egg was flying, Chongyang of the Human Task Force found Han Lang, cautious and solemn handed him a crystal, which was the last spore in the universe.

     "From now on, you take care of him." Chongyang said.

     Han Lang stunned suddenly and looked at this crystal carefully. In the transparent crystal, something similar to a tadpole was swimming happily. This was a spore.

     The spore is very small, and ordinary people need to use a microscope to see him. Although Han Lang can see it, he can't see it very clearly.But Han Lang can clearly feel that the spore body is full of breath of life. He swims restlessly in the crystal, playing his own game, sometimes he will chase his tail, and sometimes he will lie down. In the crystal, I sleep well, carefree and without worries.

     "This is the spore that brings life to the universe?" Han Lang asked curiously.

     "Yeah." Chongyang said: "We will protect him in this crystal. He is safe, but also a bit boring."

     Han Lang nodded and said, "Perhaps he also wants to be free. After all, that is the ultimate pursuit of every life."

     Chongyang patted Han Lang on the shoulder and said: "Then give him freedom. All of us believe in you."

     For a moment, Han Lang felt a lot of pressure, but he had no way of retreating, so he could only sigh slightly.


     There was a sound of fighting from the front, everyone looked ahead, and the black egg rushed over.

     This is also a battle between humans and Zerg. Numerous space stations from the five major groups are fighting a desperate battle with a Zerg fleet. The wreckage of dark ships and the corpses of insects are everywhere.


     The black egg ejected the dragon's breath, and the unparalleled dragon's breath was like a dark shadow, passing quickly, taking away the lives of all the worms that were still alive.The fighters of the five major groups raised their heads and looked at the black egg. The five-color dragon dropped from the sky, and quickly wiped out the vital power of the Zerg with his crushing strength.

     Han Lang met many acquaintances here, including Bu Si, Shi Qiqi, Anbei, and Capri of the gods.

     "How are you?" Han Lang asked in a deep voice.

     Capri said annoyed: "What else? What a hell! These bugs suddenly rushed into the Dark Net, and the five major groups were forced to fight against them by the alliance, causing heavy casualties."

     "When we wanted to go back to the universe, we found that we could no longer go back. There seemed to be a powerful force that separated us from the universe."

     This is a very complicated issue, and Han Lang is about to explain it to Capri. At this time, Aria stepped forward.

     "I have the ability to transmit mentally, let me tell you the truth!"

     Xia nodded, and immediately saw a kind of colored light floated from Xiaoyue's body, the light entered everyone's brain, and the information composed of memory fragments remained in everyone's mind.

     In this way, everyone knew the truth, and sweat dripped all over their pale faces.

     "So, the universe is over!?"

     "The so-called Dark Net is actually the body of the giant worm!?""Dragon Clan? Only Dragon Clan can save the universe!?"

     Numerous questions swarmed, Han Lang said solemnly: "It is not Dragon Clan that saves the universe, but it takes the strength of each of us to defeat the Zerg!"

     "Now we are going to Dragon Valley and meet Dragon Clan. If you believe me, please come up."

     Most people are hesitating. After all, the five major groups have leaders, and no one dares to move before the leaders speak.

     "Luo Ying."

     Suddenly, a cold voice came from a distance, and Luo Ying, who was scared, shivered suddenly, and her guardian banshee appeared immediately, protecting Luo Ying to death.

     Han Lang saw Luo Shuihan, who is known as the number one demon of the Milky Way, he has a dense beard, two black eyes as deep as the night sky, joy and anger are invisible, and he carries a strong murderous aura.

     Seeing Luo Ying's fearful behavior, Luo Shuihan did not speak, and jumped on the back of the black egg.

     "What are you?..." Lu Shui asked in a puzzled way.

     "Go to Dragon Valley."


     "Because I am also a person."

     "but...""But I'm vicious and merciless? But my public praise is terrible? It doesn't matter, I don't care what others think, if I survive, I will still be me, but now, I want to do something humans should do."

     Luo Shuihan's statement explained everything, and then he named a few names, called the best fighter of the Wanmo Group, and went together.

     Human beings are indeed not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin species. Only in the face of real disasters will they unite. Even a big demon like Luo Shuihan did not hesitate. Others are vying for fear. Jump on the back of the black egg.

     The masters are here, only one person, he has never appeared.

     Yakai, the number one Yakai didn't even show his face.

     Lu Shui Qiulin patted Han Lang on the shoulder and said, "Let's go, Yakai won't be with us."

     Han Lang nodded, urging the black egg to go on the road again.

     Everyone understands that Yakai is over. Although he is the strongest warrior among mankind, he has no humanity. At this time, even a big demon like Luo Shuihan not saying anything further to Dragon Valley, but Yakai Still hesitating, from now on, no one will trust him, including those who once loyal and devoted to him.

     "Go to Dragon Valley!" Han Lang commanded loudly to the black egg.


     Near Dragon Valley, a battle is underway.To be precise, this battle has been going on for a long, long time. I don't know how many epochs. For a long time, no dragon remembers the development of this war.

     When Han Lang and the others approached Dragon Valley, Dragon Clan was under siege by the Zerg, but the Dragon Clan in front of them had completely different changes from the Dragon Clan that Han Lang encountered through history. They are numerous and full of After Dragon Clan with mixed bloodlines, the younger Dragon Clan looks, the more complicated the colors on them.

     "Han Lang! You are finally here!"

     The huge roar shook the sky and the earth. It was the one-eyed hell fire dragon. He hadn't seen him for many years. He was old and had innumerable scars on his body, but he was so spirited that he rushed over when he saw Han Lang.

     "It's you!" Han Lang was taken aback.

     "it is me!"

     "Didn't you leave Dragon Valley to find freedom?"

     "Under the flames of war, where is there any freedom? I left Dragon Valley, and all I saw was devastation. The Zerg army caused the humans, the orcs, and the kind-hearted Lingzhi clan to suffer huge losses."

     "and then?""Then I finally understood what you said back then. Under the nest, how can there be no eggs? No matter how strong Dragon Clan is, it is impossible to be isolated from this universe. So I came back, my people, they also came back, from the dragon Gu begins, we and the Zerg fight to the death!"

     "How long has this battle been fought?"

     "I don't know, I only know that when the war first started, I just had three partners. Now, my children and grandchildren are countless."

     "Do you have three partners? Doesn't this seem to be compliant?"

     "Fuck the fucking rules! The Dragon Clan nowadays is no longer the Dragon Clan of the swallow ancient learning without digesting it back then. We live freely. We want to find a few partners. It is freedom, what kind of partner we want to find, or freedom. , We are fighting for freedom now!"

     "You came to see us through time and space, and completely awakened us!"

     "Compared with free life, sacred is a fart!" Qunlong responded.

     They spoke swear words, hugged each other and laughed. Compared with the once proud Dragon Clan, they are indeed no longer noble, but more lovely, together like a group of good brothers.

     Watching countless dragons going back and forth on the battlefield, watching those Zerg fleets being repelled by dragons time and time again, Han Lang could hardly imagine that Dragon Clan would become what it is today, abandoning glory and status, not everyone can Did it.Han Lang also found some strange plants, a group of big old trees, and bright flowers.

     "Who are they?" Han Lang asked curiously.

     "Lingzhi, our friend of Dragon Clan!"

     "where are they?"

     "The Orcs are also friends of our Dragon Clan."

     "Those humans..."

     "Humans are, of course, friends of our Dragon Clan. Dragon Clan can be there today, thanks to your human being.

     Now the most powerful dragons among the group of dragons approached Han Lang and surrounded him.

     "Now, what should we do? We have been waiting for you for a long time." the blind Hellfire Dragon asked.

     Han Lang looked at Chongyang, who shook his head.

     Looking at Pluto, Pluto shook his head.

     Looking at 9527, 9527 also shook his head, saying that he didn't know how to end this war.

     "It's okay." Han Lang said: "I believe that as long as we are united and brothers are of the same mind, it will be profitable! We will definitely be able to kill the evil Zerg!"


     "Start now! Call all our brothers and rush in!"

     "If you encounter a Zerg, kill the Zerg!"

     "When you encounter the Zerg fleet, destroy their fleet!""If you can find the brain or core of the cosmic giant insect, it will also destroy him!"

     "I don't believe it, it won't kill these damn bugs!" Han Lang said loudly.


     The dragons set sail, flew, rushed to the blood vessels of the giant worms in the universe, and issued a roar that made the universe tremble.

     Dragon Clan, Lingzhi, Orcs, and Humans have formed an alliance!

     For the same goal, fight to the end!

     full text.


     PS: The story ends here. Although there is a suspicion of unfinished, Jiuer does not want to write about how Han Lang and Dragon Clan defeated the Zerg together. For the author, the ending is always the cruelest, Jiuer would rather not write. Leave the rest of the story to the readers to imagine. For one thousand readers, there will be one thousand endings.

     Han Lang can struggle to this day, survival or death is not the most important thing, because he has already defeated himself.

     Up to now, the ending of the story has become less important, because all the excitement has been left in the story.

     So far, [Galactic Dark Net], finally.

     The new book [My Zombie Brother] will set sail today.

     Thank you so many brothers and sisters for accompany Jiu'er till now. I have nothing to pay for it. I only say a sincere message to you all. Thanks, thank you!

     Nine light years per secondOctober 10, 2016
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