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    Author: 风凌天下(Fēng líng tiānxià, The Blowing Wind)
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Introduction: one person one sword, Transcending the Nine Heavens!

Good boy, when able to support both heaven and earth, looking at the present and the ancient, like a rainbow! When I am angry, the whole world trembles; when I laugh, I want whole nation rejoices! I am crazy, and the situation changes! I am proud to be Myriad Ancient Supreme!

One glance at the wind and thunder and one anger at the sea and cold; one hand breaking the sky, one sword dancing for a long time!

Good boy, just want to ... dance the world, ling tianxia, be a monarch, Transcending the Nine Heavens!

Ask the world's princes: Who will accompany me, Qiongxiao dances? Who is with me, Transcending the Nine Heavens? ! @@