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Chapter Directory 808 The Finale
    Chinese Name: 重生之极限进化  Author: 天机算尽(Tiānjī suàn jìn, Tian Ji Suan Jin)
    Original: | Translator:

readx(); Time flies, 100,000 years have passed.

    In the deepest part of chaos, there is a huge heart beating. For example, the universe of all things is born in this heart, and it is the core of the universe of everything. As if this heart is broken, this chaos will also be broken, and everything will become nothing.

    This heart is actually the heart of chaos.

    In this chaotic heart, there is a young girl like jade, hugging a newborn baby.

    Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes ignorantly, and her memories immediately flashed like a tide, and when she knew everything, she burst into tears, and immediately wanted to find that figure, but only I saw a newborn baby in my arms.


     Mu Xuanyin found the familiar warmth of the baby in his arms, and was shocked and happy at once. He picked up the cute and handsome baby and confirmed that it was his brother's fault.

    "Did your brother burn his fate, and then he came to this strange place and became a newborn baby?"

     Mu Xuanyin thinks more and more possible, after all, burning fate and discarding everything, it is reasonable that Mu Xiao can't survive, only to die one way, but Mu Xiao survived, that must be related to here.

    "Well, it’s okay for my elder brother, but my elder brother has become a younger brother. Hehe doesn’t know what will happen if his brother wakes up?" Mu Xuanyin soon became cheerful again, naughtily and boldly touching Mu Xiao's delicate and cute The little Tintin, as if thinking of something again, blushed his jaws.

    Time passed quickly, Mu Xuanyin held Mu Xiao who became a newborn baby day and night, and took good care of him.Soon after she was awake, she discovered that her evolutionary state surpassed the demigod and possessed a powerful and powerful divinity. It seemed to be connected to countless universe planes. In one thought, she could determine the birth and death of the universe, and she saw everything on the god realm.

    At this moment, Mu Xuanyin knew that he had become a god.

    She saw An Rongru, Shui Bailan, Shangguan Yuanxin... Seeing every familiar person, as long as she had an idea, she could convey the idea back to repay peace, but she did not do so.

    "If they really love their brother, then leave them behind. If they forget their brother, then they will lose their qualifications next to their brother." Mu Xuanyin's expression is majestic and holy, and contains a real divine power, and an ultimate. Emotions.

    She does not allow anyone to forget her brother because it is a betrayal.

    Fortunately, An Rongru and none of them have forgotten, but their lives have calmed down. One hundred thousand years is not a short time.

    Ten thousand years later, Mu Xiao's newborn baby grew up a little bit.

    On this day, Mu Xuanyin, as always, used the power of the gods to explore countless universe planes. Sometimes a thought created a new race, or created something new to adapt to the power of the gods, but until Mu Xiao was in her arms. Moved in a sudden, she suddenly reacted with surprise.


    Mu Xiao woke up for a moment, and found that he seemed to have shrunk. There was no fullness of the source in the body, but he soon discovered that in the arms of a tender and delicate girl, he saw two strong and delicate big white jade rabbits, white shaking. In front of me, I saw the pink plum blossoms on Xuefeng..."Brother, did you wake up? Do you remember Xuanyin?"

     Mu Xuanyin looked at Mu Xiao's eyes nervously and cheerfully and said that she was most afraid that Mu Xiao had forgotten her memory and really became a baby.

    "How could I forget... um?" Mu Xiao finally found out what was wrong with him, because the crotch Nading was so conspicuous, he said, frowning at the shallow brows, "I became a baby?"

    "Hee hee, yeah brother, it shouldn't be the younger brother." Mu Xuanyin kissed Mu Xiao's pink and tender little face and cuddled into Xiang Huan's arms.

    But suffering from Mu Xiao and becoming a baby, the power seems to have been lost, but there is another powerful mysterious force that is nurturing, as if he has surpassed evolution and has the power to change this chaos.

    If you lose your strength, you can rebuild it. The most important thing is that Mu Xuanyin is fine.

    "Brother, when will we go back?" Mu Xuanyin has a graceful jade body, embracing Mu Xiao, a cute baby. But don't avoid the ** jade body in front of Mu Xiao, after all, Mu Xiao is just a baby, not to mention Mu Xiao and her have a real relationship between men and women, she thinks all this is natural.

    "I'll talk about it in more than ten years." Mu Xiao didn't want to go back in this state, but also had to be familiar with the power of nurturing in his body.

    "Well." Mu Xuanyin readily agreed.

    Mu Xiao is her god, she thinks that her brother is always right.

    The next day, Mu Xiao entered the potential training, he knew he was in the heart of chaos.This was when he disregarded everything, in order to detach himself from destiny, and even almost died, and finally planted a ray of soul in the heart of chaos. After burning his destiny, he was guided by chaos and came to sleep in this heart.

    The combination of the source of soul and the heart of chaos gave birth to the chaotic body of Mu Xiao.

    "It turns out that I am chaos..."

    Mu Xiao clearly realized what powerful power he nurtured, and that was the origin of all powers. He could even create a universe, even surpass this chaos, get out of the chaos, and create another chaos.

    At this moment, Mu Xiao is truly immortal, even if this chaos is broken, as long as Primal Chaos Begins to Part, then Mu Xiao can be reborn.

    Constantly creating chaos, he has endless power.

    But Mu Xiao's chaos is still growing, or the chaos where the earth is, is still a baby, otherwise it is impossible for him to be parasitized.

    Mu Xiao became a body of chaos, so why did the ancient evolvers get out of this chaos? In fact, at that time, chaos was broken, which caused the birth of countless Cosmos Will and God Region's Will. In fact, this kind of birth should not exist.

    However, chaos has been reborn, and Mu Xiao is a new era of chaos.

    In other words, he is an unprecedented god of chaos, surpassing the ancient evolutionary, and even Mu Xuanyin cannot kill Mu Xiao, but Mu Xiao's power of chaos can suppress Mu Xuanyin.

    Chaos is not in fate, so Mu Xiao will not be controlled by fate again.I originally thought that after more than ten years, Mu Xiao and Mu Xuanyin left to reunite with the girls, but Mu Xiao became the god of chaos. How old Chaos is equal to how old he is. Chaos is not even one year old now, but Mu Xiao is How old are you?

    However, Mu Xiao still got rid of the body of a baby. He refined the chaotic spirit of the chaotic heart day after day and prolonged the return of thousands of years. His body finally became a 16-17 year old boy.

    Mu Xiao was as handsome and handsome as he was on the moon. However, he has experienced countless things, and he has a bold temperament in his body, but his face is a little tender.


    "I don't know, Elder Sister Rongru. How did they react to seeing you?" Mu Xuanyin held Mu Xiao's arm as if Mu Xuanyin was a sister, and Mu Xiao was just a younger brother.

    "This awful body is a body of chaos. Before this chaos was not an adult, I couldn't change it at will. However, if it was used to clean up them, that would be no problem at all."

    Mu Xiao's words are ambiguous.

     Mu Xuanyin's jade cheeks were red, but she took Mu Xiaosheng for the first time.


    The earth is another once-in-a-lifetime gathering, that is Shui Bailan, An Rongru, Mu Wansu, Shuang'er, Jian Hanyao, Shangguan Yuanxin, Zhou Xuan, Yan Shaonan, Jiang Yue, Jiang Yunwei, Duan Lingling, Sun Xinyue, Dan Miaoyi, Duan Xiaozi, Lü Xiaoman, Zhao Yiling, Tong Jingzhen, Xia Meiqin, You Meifei, Zhong Qing, Shi Jingjing, Bei Mengli, Xia Qian, Ying Caimei.There are Shen An'yao, Catherine, Helen, Guo Xiaojing, Nie Qianqian, God Princess, Saintess Judy, Iris Mayfair, Illya, Hong Xiaohong, Hong Mingyue, Yun Zishang, Yi Jiaoyun, Qian Qiuyu, Xie Qiaoqiao, Yun Shuxue, Eva, Huoyang, Tian Ruoshui, Tian Jueqing, Tianyue, Piaoyun, Piaoyu.

    Every millennium, they will return to the former moon, and they will meet in this home.

    On this day, they thought it was the same day as in previous years, discussing things, and finally leaving silently. After all, there is no man in this family, which is really a warm atmosphere.

    However, when a teenager and a girl appeared, they were stunned one by one, and gradually An Rongru, Shuang'er, Mu Wansu, Shangguan Yuanxin, Lü Xiaoman...they were crying pear flowers with rain, and they flew Mu Xiao's arms. in.

     More than 100 years of Acacia, all released now.

    In the end, they knew that Mu Xiao was a teenager, with tears in his mouth and smiles, and a sentimental light, with a strange and ambiguous light, as if he regarded Mu Xiao as a tender boy.

    That night, Mu Xiao took carelessly, conquered them one by one and begged for mercy, together with Jian Hanyao this nizi was pulled over, she said just and honorable, but pushed back the pretty boy Mu Xiao, the two Rolling into a ball, in full swing.

    For thousands of years, feelings are either fermented or weakened, and Mu Xiao and the girls are undoubtedly the former.

    Perhaps it was Mu Xiao’s last power to Jian Hanyao, which contained the ultimate emotion. Under the influence of this emotion, she truly let go of everything.Mu Xiao and Shui Bailan are cuddling together. Not only Jian Hanyao has an extreme feeling, but Shui Bailan is not the same. She inherits Mu Xiao's greatest strength and naturally has the deepest feelings for Mu Xiao.

    "Mu Xiao, you owe me a fight."

    "Then come again, this time I want you to beg for mercy!"


    Soon after, it was a fragrant passion.



    In the hasty past of the years, under the control of Mu Xuanyin, the god realm and the universe, a large universe was truly synthesized, the order was rebuilt, the laws were reborn, and a cosmic world in which all things coexisted was created.

    Humans have evolved from the Neo-Human era, into the magic and technology era, and into the era of interstellar technology... All kinds of Evolution Era are like ebb and flow. The only constant is that human beings are still evolving.

    Some people are detached and others are forgotten in the long river of history.

    Only Mu Xiao and the girls exist forever.

    In the world of Mu Xiao, all the girls became mothers, and they raised their daughters one by one. After Mu Xiao came back, they asked for one by one, and got their children as they wished. Some of them demanded twins and some triplets... But all of them were born, cute and beautiful little loli.

    Mu Xiao is still a teenager. He often takes a group of little loli with the strongest cosmic empire and abuses the so-called strongest man in the universe... He came in a hurry and disappeared in a hurry, leaving only Countless legends about him and a group of little loli.

    Eternal time is joy, it is because there are relatives who spend eternity with themselves, and that will never be lonely.Mu Xiao wandered the world again, this time he didn't bring the little loli with him. He was just on a whim, and came back to the long-lost earth, and saw the once glorious King Institute, but now the King Institute has become a broken school.

    After the glory, there must be an end.

    The females will not interfere with everything in the world. This is the rule customized by Mu Xiao and Mu Xuanyin. They can play the world and be an emperor or goddess of a cosmic plane, but they cannot break the rules of the game.


    This big universe world is actually a game world in Mu Xuanyin's and Mu Xiao's minds, a game of becoming a god.

    If, after Mu Xiao's chaos is great, he must continue to expand this game and attack other chaotic universes, but such a thing is still too far away. After all, Mu Xiao's current age of chaos is just one year old.

    He came to the King Institute on this day. Although the king is broken, there are many legends here, so there are still many students who come to report.

    "Are you here to report?" An affable female teacher looked at the handsome man in front of him, and asked a polite young man with a spring-like temperament.

    Mu Xiao did not speak, as if waiting for something. At this time, a team of people came over. They were all a group of women soldiers.

    "That's the Twelve Darkblood Groups. Are they going to apply for this broken King Institute?"

    "I really don't understand why they all have extraordinary lives. Why should they apply for this run-down college.""Don't say I don't understand, they are all beautiful like flowers, why do they want to build a bloody battle group, and they fight fiercely one by one, as if they were born to fight."

    "They like challenges, and they seem to be preparing to revive the prestige of the King Institute and create their own legend."

    "Huh... isn't it! Twelve dark-blooded fierce girls, actually looking at the young man crying, shouldn't there be any dog blood!"

    There was a lot of discussion among the teenagers and girls around, but it was found that the girl warrior with a bad name suddenly stood in front of the teenager silly, sad, sorrowful, and attached, and burst into tears.

    "who are you?"

    The mature Anglo-American girl asked longingly, his voice trembling. The girls behind her stared sadly and attached, as if they didn't want to leave the boy in front of her.

    "It doesn't matter who I am, the important thing is that I found you, this is our destiny." Mu Xiao gently wiped the running water from her jade cheeks, and tenderly looked at the other eleven girls, saying: "Together go home."


    Each girl nodded, everything seemed so natural, as if they had always been the shadow around Mu Xiao.

    Mu Xiao rolled up when they were about to leave, and suddenly the King Institute came to a mature and elegant woman who was the dean of the King Institute. After all, these twelve girls are very famous and alarmed her dean.


    Mu Xiao glanced at the mature woman and found that she was also an old man.

    "You are here to report..."The female dean stopped suddenly, staring at Mu Xiao's, suddenly making everyone around him mad, not knowing the origin of this teenager, causing this kind of thing repeatedly.

    "My knight, I am finally waiting for you..."

    The female dean smiled slightly, and there was an alluring beauty in an instant.

    "Sophie, you have become stronger."

    Mu Xiao raised his hand gently, and the twelve girls and Sophie disappeared instantly. Everyone's memories have returned to the original point, as if a teenager has never appeared, the twelve girls have never been, and Sufi has never come out.

    The world is so ordinary in the eyes of mortals, as if all the power is hidden in the ordinary...

    This is an ordinary eternity that Mu Xiao pursues.



    End of the book.





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    Perhaps it is because I have insufficient skills and it is difficult to portray the character of all the heroines, which caused this illusion of ‘stallion’ and ‘vase’. In addition, this book actually has a strong warmth element. There are many words to say in my heart, but I don't know what to say.

    I just want to say that I have done my best for this book.This book is also a book I indulge, almost all the beautiful women have been collected. But I still want to say that it is a harem series. After all, stallions have no emotions, but I at least injected emotions.

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