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Chapter Directory 1078 Chapter I Am You
    Chinese Name: 星河大帝  Author: 梦入神机(Mèng rùshén jī, Dream Machine)
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Chapter 1075: I Am You

     Jiang Li has long thought about it.

    With his last move, Wu limited sacrifices, rid himself of all shackles, and broke himself, only by death. At this moment, he no longer cares about Life and Death.

     For him, Life and Death is just a game of deception. He had realized this for a long time, but at that time, it was not time for devotion. Now, everything is almost done. For the living beings of the world, for the most incredible realm, he can devote himself.

    Moreover, going to death with Jiang Xinyue can indeed resolve hatred.

     Jiang Xinyue's hatred came from him. He died, and the hatred could be completely eliminated.

    In this way, all fate and karma can be resolved.

    Regret is gone.

     Jiang Xinyue heard Jiang Li say this, her eyes suddenly became sharper, and she was speechless. She felt Jiang Li's determined detachment and final destination.

    "Good! Jiang Li, I will watch you die, as long as you die, I will feel at ease, no matter why you are, as long as you die, I will die as long as you are now." Jiang Xinyue's Spiritual hatred is getting deeper and deeper.

     Jiang Li folded his hands together and suddenly turned into a palace. There are everything in the palace, but even if you can't get out of it, Jiang Xinyue is in it.

    The palace spun so fast that it entered the depths of Wu's world, which was equivalent to [一_本_读] which sealed Jiang Xinyue's crackdown, but she did not suffer.

     Jiang Li does not have to deal with Jiang Nalan like she does.

    And now even refining Jiang Xinyue has no meaning.He is tolerant to Jiang Xinyue, but to Primal Chaos, eternity, Primordial Beginning is not so patient.

    "You, I will now give you a chance to convert to the Wu limit immediately, otherwise, it will immediately turn into dust." Jiang Li said: "Especially you, Primal Chaos, we were born in your body, and I am still for you I am grateful that the original intention is to help you get rid of it, but you can’t clearly see the way ahead. You treat the good intentions as malicious, but instead take the maliciousness of the prisoner’s origin as a good intention. In this way, we can’t help but keep you completely awake.”

    "Jiang Li, let your tongue speak like a clever tongue, and I won't obey your bewitches." Primal Chaos's face showed obvious anger, "I have nurtured you, you will not only repay your favors, but also absorb me, this is What kind of Forget is righteous?"

    "I have said long ago that it is not absorbing you, but saving you. You have gone astray yourself. I will save you now, but you have been deeply enchanted and it is difficult to look back." Jiang Li said: "Well, Since you are stubborn, I will not talk nonsense with you, just let you surrender."

    Between the words, Jiang Li's palm appeared, and it was oppressed again.

     Jiang Li's palm, with a wonderful sound, was confused and muddy, and wrapped Primal Chaos, making its whole body in a sealed state.

    "Primal Chaos God Fist!" Primal Chaos shouted again, rushed out of the body, I don't know how many fine awns, each fine awn has the breath of creation, this is the light of creation that he created by opening up the world. .

    The light of creation is the light of vitality.

    As soon as this light appeared, he was able to save all people from danger. He is now trying to save himself.Because he knew that at this moment, he was definitely no longer Jiang Li's opponent. Moreover, it is useless to get out to the Hai corner of Tianya. Jiang Li still cannot escape. Only by escaping into the core Space-Time deep in that prison can he temporarily escape Jiang Li’s pursuit.

    "Do you want to escape?" Jiang Li's both eyes, blazing flames, and when contacted with the light of creation, the light of creation collapsed into an Wu shape, but Jiang Li's body, but Fluctuated, absorbing the energy of Primal Chaos continuously through the light of creation.

     Primal Chaos twisted all over his body, screaming almost unrepressedly.

    Do not!

    He kept struggling, his strength was extracted by Jiang Li, and he entered Wu World again.

    In the depths of Wu's limited world, the Ten Thousand Worlds sphere, or Earth, was first derived. This is not the Earth created, but the real Earth, the essence of Primal Chaos.

    Then, with Earth, it began to derive Ten Thousand Worlds, three Dimension Universe.

    It is also a true Universe, exactly the same as that time, hometown, and finally returned.

     Earth, the universe of the three Dimension, Ten Thousand Worlds, is the hometown of Wu's countless people. That kind of hometown atmosphere is the eternal destination. Since then, there has been no wandering and wandering.

     Wu limits the world to its hometown.

    People live and cultivate in their hometowns, and fall back to the roots."Primal Chaos, you see, your power is combined with the Wu-limited world, and there is a change again. You belong to the Wu-limited." Jiang Li said: "Primal Chaos, you will not die, you will be stronger, why are you To resist me, what I give you is far more than what you want, are you in fear, or thinking, or in self-resistance? You resist me, this is your Heart's Demon, It is also the biggest bottleneck in your cultivation. In fact, any existence and overlord, the biggest obstacle to promotion, in the end is self-resistance. Think about it. Nothing is greater than the obstacles you don’t want to promote. You are now Fear is suspicious and unknown. Fear of losing control of the future. I would rather live like this in reality. This is the biggest bottleneck. I now surrender to you, seemingly persecuting you, but actually helping you, wake up. , Primal Chaos!"

     hōng lóng!

     Jiang Li's palm fell again.

    His hand, blocked by Wu, was severely oppressed. Primal Chaos almost no longer had the ability to contend, and his body actually exploded into a mass of Origin Qi again, restoring the appearance of Ancient. That is a group of Primal Chaos, no longer a humanoid.

     The Primal Chaos of Ancient is itself a group of Origin Qi. The transformation into humanoid Hai represents the cultivation of the highest realm and the humanization derived from it.

    Not any overlord can be transformed into a humanoid.

    For example, the former colorful eyeballs and gray eyeballs, it is impossible to transform themselves into human figures, because their power is too large, even if they are self-evolving, it is impossible to compress the power into the size of a human figure.Only Primal Chaos, the existence of the eternal level, comprehend the ultimate power, can it be forced into a small point and become a human race.

    However, under the pressure of Jiang Li, Primal Chaos can no longer maintain his body shape, and still turns into Ancient Origin Qi, the gas that carries everything.

    Then, this group of gas will be put into Wu's world.

     hōng lóng!

    At this moment, the void cracked and a large hand appeared. The big hand was white and pure, with no impurities, and a delicate luster flashed in the depths.

    This big hand seems to be able to contend with the power of Wu limit. It is a catch that actually broke Jiang Li's Wu limit Origin Qi and his hand.

     Jiang Li's eyes became fierce, because he felt a familiar breath from that big hand. He used to come from Earth and had a deep connection with him, because the breath of this hand was Wang Chao. Once the first person in Earth, and later detached, I didn't know where to go, and Xiu Wei didn't seem to be under him at all.

    And now, Wang Chao has appeared again, and actually wants to rescue Primal Chaos from Jiang Li's hands. This is very different from the past, and it is opposite to Wu limited world.

    What exactly does this mean?

    According to the truth, whether Wu Chao is Wang Chao or Bariming is to help himself, and he will never fight against himself.

    The palm broke the Wu limit and repulsed Jiang Li. He grabbed Primal Chaos and rescued him. At the same time, he entered another Origin Qi to stabilize his body, making Primal Chaos a big man again. .Jiang Li's gaze calmed down and sent Will: "Wang Chao, Ba Liming, you guys show up, I don't know what kind of changes you have in transpire, but since you want to stop Wu limit, there must be a saying, I am waiting for your appearance ."

     Wu voice Wu breath.

    In Wu limited Origin Qi, a young man's shadow appeared.

    The appearance of this young man is exactly Wang Chao. Between his eyebrows, he was still on Earth. The kind of great Wu dare opened up all the courage, but behind him, there was some vagueness about it. Don't understand something.

    "It really is you, no, but not you." Jiang Li looked at it for a while, and seemed to see through something.

    The Wang Chao in front of him was Wang Chao of that year, but not Wang Chao of that year. There was another shadow on him. As a result, Wang Chao has mutated.

    "I am me, but I am not me." Wang Chao, a teenager, sighed: "Or, you can also call me the source of the prison, the king of ten thousand yuan, everything comes from me. Of course it is me, The fusion prisoner had some problems with its origin, and it was not satisfactory."

    "It turned out to be so." Jiang Li moved in his heart: "Your way is toleration. At the beginning, you tolerated the universe's brain, and now you want to tolerate the extreme/peak of 10,000 yuan, the core source of the prison. So, you have already Will Will replace the core source? Will also replace his fate, replace your position.""Yes, this is indeed the case. Although I replaced him. But it was actually imprisoned by him, and Wu Fa detached, and I have already died with him." Wang Chao said: "Now I have to maintain his existence. , As its position, you must suppress you, so I must also fight you. Jiang Li, all you have to do is defeat me and help me get rid of it, you know?"

    "I know this, I have seen it already." Jiang Li nodded, not surprised at all.

    "But I tell you that the source of the prison itself is already the enemy of Wu, and my comprehend is already the enemy of Wu. It will never die. When I combine it with the source of prison, it is the enemy of Wu plus the enemy of Wu. I don’t even know how powerful it is. I’m afraid it’s difficult if you want to defeat me, and my current situation has to be destroyed. There is absolutely no mercy.” Wang Chao sighed again.

    "Wu Wu, come to this realm and be merciful that it is ridiculous." Jiang Li said: "How can I break through without pressure, and I am the same, without breaking the original shackles, Wu law self-sublimation, from a certain theory In general, you are the source of prison, and I am also the source of prison. Our battle is itself a self-mutilation and a realm that defeats us. No matter who wins, we can be sublimated."{Emperor Xinghe is preparing to finish the book on February 14, the day of Valentine's Day. At that time, I will tell you the release date of the new book, and I will also complete the testimonials and sweepstakes on Sina Weibo and WeChat public account. It is an event to send iphone6. See who is lucky and you can get iphone6 Mobile phone, everyone first follow my Sina Weibo and WeChat public account, wait for Valentine's Day to come. Sina Weibo is the Dream Divine Machine, and the one with v is me. The WeChat public account is the same. Click on your WeChat, search Dream Dream Machine, you can join me, and then speak. I will read the message on Valentine's Day , Draw lucky book friends. }