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Chapter Directory 1079 Incredible Finale And Testimonials
    Chinese Name: 星河大帝  Author: 梦入神机(Mèng rùshén jī, Dream Machine)
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Chapter 1077: Incredible

     Cultivation itself is a process of self-sublimation.

     Jiang Li is a person who sees through everything.

    He knew that the source of the prison was that Hai himself was all sentient beings, all sentient beings were heaven and earth, but heaven and earth were Yuan, and Yuan was himself.

    Wu Chao and Wang Chao are different from each other.

    But now they have to fight each other.

    This is an inevitable result of defeating oneself.

    However, this battle is inevitable, and a battle is inevitable.

    Unexpectedly, Wang Chao was so aggressive and actually directly integrated the origin of the entire prison. Although he was now bound by the origin of the prison because of his position, he injected his Will into the origin of the prison after all, and actually controlled the prison. Firmly rooted, the two are still fighting, and he has taken the upper hand.

     What Jiang Li has to do now is to defeat him, that is, to defeat him and the origin of the prison, to help him be freed. This is Wang Chao's final idea.

    "Jiang Li, it all depends on you." At this time, Wang Chao's body conveyed another breath, which was actually the breath of Martial Way of Baliming: "I also joined Wang Chao and fused the prisoner. The source of the prison is now bound by the source. You must use your hands to defeat us and break the shackles, so that you can reach the incredible level of Wu, Wu limit, Wu imagined level."

    Now Wu discusses whether it is Wang Chao, or Bariming, and also \一\本\读\ is Jiang Li, and their cultivation practices have reached the realm that they want to achieve, that is, what they want is what they want. What to have.

    One thought produces all things, one thought creates all things, one thought turns into heaven and earth, and one thought ends the years.However, some things were imagined by their Wu law, so they could not reach it. For example, what is the realm that is beyond the source of the prison? They couldn't think of it, so Wu Law did it.

    Now, the only thing I rely on is Jiang Li. Jiang Li can think of a lot of things, and finally breaks the prison source of imprisonment and sublimates together.

    Of course, whether Wu is Jiang Li or Wang Chao or Ba Liming, after all, it is a battle, and Wu is reserved, wholeheartedly, no one can keep his hand in the life and death battle.

    "It turns out so, it turns out that the secrets of the prison source are all exposed to us." Jiang Li laughed: "The core of the prison source is nothing more than that, everything is so simple. Then we Let’s fight, this time I’m here to surrender to Jiang Xinyue, Primal Chaos, Primordial Beginning, and eternity. No one can stop my behavior." Jiang Li faced Wang Chao and still didn't flinch.

    "Exactly, I also want you to surrender these existences and raise your power to extreme/peak, but now, as Will, the core of the prison's origin, I have to stop this behavior. Primal Chaos You were captured by Wu Law "." Wang Chao's face appeared again with a strange and expectant look.

    "Since that is the case, get it." Jiang Li is no nonsense.

    He urged Wu to limit God Fist. When the sky burst, the hands turned into a lot of shadows, towards Wang Chao, Eternal, Primordial Beginning, and Primal Chaos.

     Primal Chaos was about to be surrendered by him, but was suddenly rescued by Wang Chao, which made Dream embarrassed and went to a great opportunity for promotion, but this was no way.Wu discusses whether it is Primal Chaos, eternity, or Primordial Beginning. All of them contain a final concern. If they can be surrendered, it can make Dream embarrassed and embarrassed. Of course, this is not what the prison itself can accommodate.

    "Very well, come well." Wang Chao also made many changes with his hands, guarding the people, disintegrating Wu Li God Fist of Jiang Li, and finally, he punched hard.

     hōng lóng!

    His punches haven’t changed, all methods are normalized, go straight, go to Wu, and break everything. The rumors of Wang Chao’s punches on Earth are the strongest punches in Martial Way, even exceeding the scope of Martial Way, reaching even more. For the kind of realm that is beyond reach. His fist is now more complete and more Wu-blockable.

    "It's a pity. It's a pity." Jiang Li faced this fist. He made a move and pointed his finger at the middle of Wang Chao's fist, the slight flaw.

     Wang Chao has no flaws.

    But in Jiang Li's opinion, he is flawed.

    In other words, Wang Chao once had no flaws, but after fusing the source of the prison, Wang Chao, who became stronger, had flaws.

    Vulnerability and strength Wu, some are more powerful, the more flaws, the weaker, the fewer flaws.

    For example, a bachelor and an emperor, a single bastard, and there is nothing to threaten him, so he has no flaws, and the emperor sits in the world, but he has a lot of scruples, there are traitors, strong enemies outside, battle in the harem, sons taking the sons The rebels and the natural disasters all made the emperor burned and exhausted.So now Wang Chao, powerful is really powerful, but because the source of the prison has not been completely surrendered, and he is still imprisoned at all times, making him run many powers unsatisfactorily. In this way, Jiang Li will definitely defeat Wang Chao. .

    However, Wang Chao and the prisoner's original fusion also gained a lot of abilities, and their strength is stronger. They have an overwhelming advantage in the face of Jiang Li. You know, although the emperor has many flaws, he can still kill millions of bachelors in one sentence.

    Fortunately, Jiang Li has almost no flaws, maybe he has flaws, but at least he can't think of where his flaws are.

    But Wang Chao's flaw is very obvious, that is, he is out of line with the prisoner's origin, and even imprisoned by the origin's power. Jiang Li can grasp this flaw and can write many articles.


    With fist-finger handover, Jiang Li's Wu limited penetration penetrated deeply into Wang Chao's Fist Technique. Suddenly, the crystal-like transparent Astral Qi around Wang Chao collapsed.

     Wang Chao's punching power also penetrated into Jiang Li's body, but Jiang Li's body was hollow, and all of them were transferred into Wu's limited world.

    That Wu limits the world, all sentient beings connect with each other, and they will work together and stir each other, which can almost resolve all the disasters and disasters, even if the origin of the prison is Wu Wu.

    You must know that Wu's limit world itself has extremely powerful power, and now it has absorbed Wu's limit. Many of the changes are not understandable by ordinary people.

     Wu limits the gate, Wu limits the world, the king of fate, the existence of these Ancient has become a part of Wu limit.

     Jiang Li changes and operates each other, cracking Wang Chao's boxing power cleanly.Then, Wu Wu God Fist trembles again, and Wu Wu cracks down! Five fingers pressed down, condensed into thousands of great mountains, tens of thousands of Eternal River.

    This is the magic of Wu's limit suppression.

    In the moment of playing, Jiang Li suddenly lost his mind.

    Because he thought of it, his target of Wu's suppression was actually Wang Chao. That Earth’s first person, the existence of the Wu enemy forever, even the existence of the Primordial Beginning King can’t resist, and he wanted to suppress him, all of which seemed like a Dream.

    Have you actually reached this point?

    In a trance, he seemed to be back when he was on Earth. He looked up to Wang Chao. This is an invincible existence. Even Jiang Nalan was eager to challenge Wang Chao. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do what he wanted. The crackdown became part of Wu's world.

    Now, Jiang Nalan's resentment is getting deeper.

    When Wang Chao's punches entered the Wu-limited world, the first reaction was Jiang Nalan's resentment. Jiang Nalan did not know how long the resentment had accumulated and attacked frantically.

     Jiang Nalan's most hated person is actually not Jiang Li, but Wang Chao. This has been known since Earth. Even now, it has not changed.

    In Jiang Nalan's mind, Jiang Li is just a small figure, and he has never been taken by him. Only Wang Chao is his rival. It is his long-cherished wish to defeat Wang Chao.

    This long-cherished wish was also his regret and something he wanted to pursue throughout his life.

     Jiang Xinyue's lifelong pursuit is to kill Jiang Li for revenge, hatred is her driving force, and Jiang Nalan's long-cherished wish is to defeat Wang Chao, which is also his driving force. In order to defeat Wang Chao, he can give up everything.Therefore, although he was now suppressed, he still couldn't help being crazy when he met Wang Chao's breath.

    The resentment is boiling.

     Jiang Nalan's grievances are almost immutable, and even Wu can't melt the world, but he met Wang Chao's breath, but he melted away.

    This is actually very simple. Jiang Xinyue's hatred cannot be eliminated unless Jiang Li is dead. Hatred is extinguished.

    The same is true of Jiang Nalan's grievances. Only by defeating Wang Chao will his grievances disappear.

    When hatred disappears and resentment, then there is no regret.

    At this moment, Jiang Li actually used Jiang Nalan's everlasting grievances to disintegrate Wang Chao's attack.


     Jiang Li’s Wu-limited repression and Wang Chao’s punches collided again, and the strength was shocked. Both of the punches penetrated into each other’s body. Wang Chao urged the source of the prison and resolved it. Jiang Li also urged Wu to limit the world. It dissolves faster than Wang Chao.

    "I can't think of it." Wang Chao felt something and sighed: "Jiang Nalan, the obsession is so strong, and the human thought reaches extreme/peak, and everything can be resolved by Wu law. This is the ultimate injustice, just as Jiang Xinyue wants to kill you, Jiang Nalan wants to defeat me, Jiang Xinyue is the reincarnation of the positive force in Wu's Gate, and Jiang Nalan is the reincarnation of the negative force. The two men are pros and cons, but they represent hatred and resentment. Wu's Gate is originally a prisoner The strange thing in the prison, now that hatred and resentment are on you, as long as it can be resolved, you can complain about Wu’s hatred.""Yes, hate and resentment are the driving force in the prison. The last battle between you and me, the special status, is also the source of hate and resentment. Jiang Xinyue hates me, Jiang Nalan complains to you, isn't it a coincidence?" Jiang Li Tao: "It seems that our war is over and it is time for real relief."

    "Yes, it doesn't matter whether Wu wins Hai between you and me. It doesn't make any sense." Wang Chao laughed. Although he said so, the killing trick in his hand didn't stay.

    He killed him with his hands, moved his body, surpassed all Space-Time, broke all obstacles and shackles, broke Wu limits, destroyed Wu Wu, reduced the inner space, and made Dream's embarrassment limited. Wu's law was lawful.


     The palm of Wang Chao's fist print falls down in the air, hazy as the moon, and as majestic as the sun. When the sky travels quickly, Wu can contend.

     Jiang Li's fist interweaved into Wu's latitude and longitude, which is derived from the outside. His Wu's God Fist has risen to a realm that he doesn't know what he is. It will not repeat, but it will always exist.

     Wu limited God Fist's tricks are thin, not only covering Wang Chao, but also wrapping Primal Chaos, eternity, and Primordial Beginning.

     Wang Chao's eyes were calm, and he looked forward to a stronger and stronger look. His punching strength was not suppressed by Wu limit God Fist, but cut Wu limit, oppressed Wu limit, and made Wu limit limited.The two people's war spread out, and the entire hundreds of millions of Space-Time began to be destroyed, and began. Even the inner space of the prison cell deep in Space-Time began to collapse, in which Wu's son of Yuan was crying. At the end of the disintegration, the unwillingness was finally transformed into a virtual Wu, which was injected into Wang Chao's body.

     The overlords of Wushu, all under the war, showed their form.

    They desperately wanted to escape this catastrophe, but Wu also helped. They can only be completely destroyed during the war, and they cannot escape this prison, because nothing can exist outside this prison.

    The prison is the only one in the world.

    Outside the prison, there is no virtual Wu.

    What is not even the virtual Wu? No one knows, anyway, there is no way out of prison.

    Fortunately, at this time, Wu's world is bright and accepts everything. As long as it is a creature, it can enter Wu's world. Of course, the premise is to learn Wu's world.

    After learning the Wu limit, you can naturally enter the Wu limit world.

     The overlord of Wu's number, Hai Nabaichuan, has entered the depths of the Wu limit world. The wisdom of the Wu limit has increased again, but it can no longer be described in words.

    Wang Chao didn't care at all. He shattered all of Yuan's sons into his body.

    Then he caught!

    That eternity first screamed, the whole body exploded, turned into Origin Qi, and entered his body. At this moment, it seems that he is not Wang Chao, but the prisoner's core core controls the body.At the same time, his mouth also emits a mechanical, Wu Wu emotional voice: "Jiang Li, you successfully inspired my instinct. At this moment, I have fused Wang Chao Ba Liming and successfully evolved. , The next one is you."

    Subsequently, Wang Chao's voice came out again: "Jiang Li, defeat me and break the blockade of the prison's origin."

    "it is good!"

     Jiang Li's body suddenly shook, Divine Sense actually communicated with Primal Chaos, Primordial Beginning.

    "Primal Chaos, Primordial Beginning, do you see it? Your final end is to be devoured. Whether you want to surrender to Wu to limit the world or be swallowed depends on your choice."

    At this time, Primal Chaos and Primordial Beginning were also frightened. They did not expect it, and the situation actually developed like this.

    "It's okay!" At this time, Primal Chaos and Primordial Beginning all sighed, and suddenly came into contact with Wu's True Meaning, and then they were sucked into Wu's world and became a member of Wu's world.

    The Wu-limited world is completely transformed into a virtual Wu, which does not exist in this world. All the creatures in the hundreds of millions of Space-Time are absorbed by the Wu-limited world.

    At this moment, there are no more creatures in the prison.

    Even Jiang Li couldn't sense Wu's limit to the world, but a smile appeared on his face, all he wanted was this effect.

    He knew that Wu's world was already on the verge of detachment.

    At this time, his realm was also described by the Wu law in words, and even the Wu law was spiritually understood, or that he does not have a realm at present, and he cannot use realm to describe realm.

     As soon as Primal Chaos came into the Wu restricted world, the situation changed like transpire."It turns out that way, it turns out that way." Jiang Li seemed to understand everything.

    His body disappeared.

    Instead, Wang Chao’s body, the source of the prison, stopped moving, and a shocked look appeared on his face: "You, what are you doing?"

    "I finally know that I am the source of the prison, and you are something that does not exist."

     Jiang Li's voice actually passed from the body of Wang Chao, the source of the prison. He also possessed the core source of the prison.

    "In that case, then kill you!" The power of the prison's core source is still very cold.

    There were inch-by-inch cracks in his body, and there were flames in the cracks. At the same time, the entire hundreds of millions of Space-Time collapsed, destroyed, and began to shrink inward.

    "Destroy yourself?" Jiang Li knew that this was the most critical moment, but he had already calculated it.

    Seeing that the billions of Space-Time collapsed and disappeared in an instant, Wu's world appeared and expanded rapidly. In a flash, he completed hundreds of millions of births and deaths, and actually replaced the existence of prisons.

    In other words, the original prison was destroyed in an instant.

    At this time, the Wu prison era replaced the original prison.


     Jiang Li's body appeared again, smashing the head of Wang Chao, the source of the prison.

    The power of the prison's origin was broken, and everything that it insisted on was eventually vanished.However, Wang Chao's sigh came out: "Hey, it's useless, we were wrong, you defeated the source of the prison, and even defeated me, but Wu helped, because you have become a new prison From a certain perspective, you are also captured by the prison source, and you are also controlled by the prison source, overthrowing the dynasty, and becoming a new emperor. This is Wu meaning."

     Wang Chao's body condenses again, but he no longer has the power of prisoner's origin.

    Baliming also appeared.

    They were both freed, but not detached, only Jiang Li and Wu limited the world to a new prison.

    "I knew it would end like this." Jiang Li's face was very calm: "In fact, there is nothing that doesn't exist, and it doesn't make any sense, so I have one last resort. Let's be together."

    "Self sacrifice?" Wang Chao immediately understood.

    "However, if the self-sacrifice is still Wu detached, then after we die, will the entire prison be chaotic again, the dragon Wu Wu? There is still no hope?" Baliming said.

    "This is exactly what I want to say." Jiang Li said: "So, I created the Wu-limited world. All people learn the Wu-limited world. The wisdom is the same as ours. The consciousness is no different from ours. We die. They will also go to death. You see, all beings in the heavens have reached the highest consciousness. This is something that has never happened in ancient times. If it can’t be detached, then it will be destroyed."

    "Not bad." Wang Chao and Baliming both nodded.


     Jiang Li took the lead in returning to the Wu World.No, it should not be said that we have returned to the Wu restricted world. Because Wu limits the world and does not need to return. The prison itself is Wu restricted to the world.

    Since it is a prison, he is limited, Jiang Li sees the contradiction between Wu and prison, which is irreconcilable. At this moment, he must break the prison and completely sublimate.

    A huge altar rises in Wu's world.

     Jiang Li, Wang Chao, Ba Liming, Luo Feng, Dream Zhi Yuan, Hong Heiyu, Hua Liu Dao and other Wu numbered team members of Wu's team all gathered together. They all have a solemn face, knowing that at this moment, it is The most critical time.

    Because all people have to sacrifice themselves and break everything.

     Wu is the same for all beings in the world. Every living being has an altar in front of them, but they righteously Wu look back. This is a detached self, all sentient beings are one, and Wu is different.

     Jiang Xinyue was also released.

     Jiang Li grabbed her tightly with a smile on her face: "This time your hatred will disappear, because I am going to die. Wu said that detachment is not detachment. I will die. Of course, the entire world has no more existence. What do you think of the meaning of

    "I agree with everything you agree with. You want to die. You Wu people in the world want to die, but I don't want to die. I want to watch you die. You want to take me to die, I won't Agree." Jiang Xinyue coldly said.

    "I don't want to die, you beasts." Huge resentment rose again, it was Jiang Nalan's voice.

    "Why do you suffer?" Jiang Li knows that everything he can't stop can't be stopped.

    Flames first appeared on his body.This flame started a little, and finally spread to the whole body, and then ignited Jiang Xinyue, both of them gradually faded in the fire.

    Finally, flames also appeared on many people. Every sentient being, every inner space, flames appeared, even items also appeared flames, everything cut, have begun to sacrifice themselves.

    "Wu limit, what the hell is it? There is no point in detachment or detachment."

     Jiang Li made a subtle voice.

    In the blazing flames, Wu's world has gradually faded. The tangible existence and the Wu-shaped existence have all disappeared. That is not a virtual Wu, but a kind of existence that is more virtual than the virtual Wu.

    It's a realm that people can't tell or think of.

    It cannot be said, unthinkable, inconceivable, unreachable, unavailable, unobservable, unavailable, unliveable, unreservable, unavailable, unreachable, unbreakable, unavailable. {End of book}{Xinghe Great Emperor is finally over. For this book, my ideal once said that it is to write about the kind of human race that changes from the future technology world to the fairy world. I think that with the development of technology, genetic changes , The individual will gradually become stronger, it will become the world of Xianxia, but I did not write that feeling, it is also old, a bit sad. On February 20, 2006, I started to upload the first chapter of Buddhism, which is killing more people. By now, it has been 9 years, and the time is really long. During this period, I wrote seven books: The Buddha is the Tao, the Montenegrin demon, the Dragon Serpent Romance, Yang Shen, Eternal Life, Holy King, Xinghe Emperor. I also wrote the outer mountain fist main mountain river, the national martial arts series, why do I have a soft spot for national martial arts, because I most appreciate the sentence, that is: "There is something called justice, and justice requires high strength."Okay, let me talk about my new book plan. After writing the Galaxy Emperor, I know my own shortcomings and my body is out of support. I used to update ten chapters every day when I was young, but with the beginning of 14 years, when I was thirty, I would I feel that my physical strength is gradually unable to keep up. After a long time, I will be confused and drowsy. After finishing the book, I will take a rest for a while to raise my body and then open a new book. They are all ready, it is similar to Yang Shen, but it is completely different. In the process of writing Xinghe Emperor, I even had the idea of exiting from the rivers and lakes for a time, because I was too tired, I was tired physically, my heart was tired, I wanted to change A life, everyday creation, racking my brain, is not the kind of life I want. But I am not reconciled, just not willing to leave like this, writing should accompany the whole life process, to the last moment of life, should not give up like this. Just like Martial Way cultivation, life after life, with the soul Soul, a thousand robbers, still entangled, this is the realm I admire. To do one thing, first of all love it, even if this life is over, the next life, still do this thing. Such perseverance is the heart. Otherwise, how do you deserve to say love it? All insults, all disappointments, all failures, all ridicules cannot prevent the determination to move on.

    Well, the new book must be years later.

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