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Chapter Directory 1440 This Complete Testimonial
    Chinese Name: 罪恶之城  Author: 烟雨江南(Yānyǔ jiāngnán, Yan Yu Jiang Nan)
    Original: | Translator:

Unconsciously, another two years passed. It's already the fourth book in my fingertips.

    Yes, even if I wrote "City of Sin" at the speed of my hand, it was the fourth one. I still remember when I knocked down the prologue of "blasphemy" in the computer, I never thought that there would be such a day that I would write "City of Sin" all the way, and there would be the next one, and the next one.

    It's you, all the readers who read the book, support me all the way to the present. Whenever I think that there are many people waiting for the following, I have to overcome my little laziness and continue to persevere, weaving this dream world perfectly.

    In the four books, I have tried four styles. This is wanton squandering, indulging myself.

    What made me dare to do this is still you, my readers. I know that if I am committed to creating a better world, I will always get a response, even if there are downturns and mistakes, I will also be forgiven. Therefore, I have the courage to try and not risk.

    In this world, not all efforts will be rewarded, so I am very grateful for your support and tolerance.

    When I wrote the final chapter of City of Sin, there was a moment when I felt that when Destiny Crystal Plate broke, it seemed that my rhythm also shattered together...

    Okay, this kind of thing, really can't be.

    In fact, Destiny Crystal Plate is like a shining shard, which reflects the world of City of Sin. When it broke, the story was finished. But in front of me, there are countless shining fragments, just like the galaxy, sometimes I don't know which one to pick and share with you. Inadvertently, I took another piece.

    So, goodbye to the next world.