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0 Chapter Directory 1156 Invincible Forever
    Chinese Name: 龙符  Author: 梦入神机(Mèng rùshén jī, Dream Machine)
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Chapter 9 Forever Invincible

    "Finally, someone has become the 10th layer of immortality, with or without immortality."

    "The savior appeared."

    "All our multiverses actually condensed into one huge network, which is more advanced than the virtual panel one hundred million years ago. All people can communicate and transmit through this network. All they need is the soul coin."

    "We use our Strength of Heart's Spirit to enter this network, and our account will generate mind coins, so in the real world, buy countless things, and even use the network for cultivate, from the network Get Cultivation Art."

    "It's really magical. There is suddenly one more network in our world."

    "Actually, someone can practice the realm of non-immortality, history, and once again opened a brand new chapter. My practice has reached the peak of immortality. In the past, it has reached more than 10 trillion years of life. It is a pity that , I still can't see the way out ahead. Now, someone finally found a way out for me. Unfortunately, that person is not the legendary ancient Chensha. The ancient Chensha seems to be in the ancient legend. It is the creator of all things, but a pity. What's more, he was finally thrown away. In this era, he is no longer the protagonist. The new era has finally arrived."

    "Yeah, when we think that a new era is coming, that era has not come. When we think that the entire multiverse is filled with negative emotions and is about to perish, the new era is born, and a supreme tyrannical existence comes out. , Has become the realm of non-immortality. This realm can be described as truly invincible. It depends on how this person goes to kill ancient Chensha.""Next, the war will really start."

    "Where do you go?"

    The multiverse has ushered in the deepest changes. Countless giants, bigwigs, small people, all kinds of existences, Three Doctrines of the Nine Philosophies, all of which are being discussed.

    Because even in the most remote corner, there is a huge network in the depths of all people's hearts. When mind Soul is connected to it, you can see countless sceneries, learn countless knowledge, and communicate with countless people.

    This is the era of one pure mind, the era of surrealism, or the emergence of this huge virtual network, which has completely changed the lives and relationships of countless people.

    However, countless giants are watching, looking at how a newly born savior of the "non-immortality" realm can suppress the ancient Chensha.

    Almost everyone thinks that ancient Chensha should withdraw from the stage of history.

    Although the ancient Chensha was the creator of all things, this creator played all the giants with applause, so that all the characters did not appear in the day, these people are naturally very unhappy.

    Just at this time.

    In front of Ancient Chensha, there is indeed one more person.

    This person is the young Haoxuan who has become "immortality".

    "Yes, yes, ancient Chensha, you are hiding here, silently manipulating the future direction of the entire multiverse, but unfortunately, some people are out of your control and cultivated to the highest level of success that you have never practiced. immortality." Hao Xuan came to the ancient hall where Chensha, Lou Baiyue and others were located, looked at the people in the whole hall, and shook his head."You are hiding here, collecting all the data, conducting research, I don't know how many years have passed, but unfortunately, no one can cultivate the realm of non-immortality. Do you know why this is?" Hao Xuan seems to be a Teacher, I'm teaching Gu Chensha and Lou Baiyue.

    "Why?" Gu Chensha looked at Hao Xuan without joy or sorrow.

    "Because you are still the one-manipulator's mentality." Hao Xuandao said: "And I was born out of all beings, and got the hope of all living beings, all the things that all living beings long for in all of them are pinned on In my body, I can fully understand the realm of immortality."

    "So, do you think you are stronger than me?" Gu Chensha became interested.

    "The facts have become obvious. I have cultivated the realm of non-immortality, and you have not. You are still in the realm of immortality. You are destined to be suppressed by me." Hao Xuan waved his hand, he did not want to start immediately because he Knowing that his overall situation is fixed, even if Chen Chen is tossing about it again, he can hardly reach his palm.

    "Of course, before that, I want to talk to you. Take a look at the era I created, the network I have condensed, connecting the hearts of everyone, and combining everyone’s virtual and reality. This network It caused a one cycle and made the multiverse more abundant." Hao Xuandao.

    Between the words, he suddenly waved his hand, and here was turning around, he actually urged the technique of supreme movement and moved this hall into one of the largest universe.Originally, at the level of the universe, it was divided into a micro universe, a small universe, a medium universe, a large universe, a super large universe, a super giant universe, a super infinite Endless universe, and an incredible universe.

    But now, a universe larger than the incredible universe is actually born.

    That is "the universe without or without".

    This universe is condensed by the power of the multi-universe in this network.

    "Ancient Chensha, you see, this is the universe I created, and everyone in the multiverse has now found their place. They use the power of my virtual network to feed back into reality, thoroughly Changed everything."

    When the picture changed, it was one of the villages in the corner of the universe, or in the most primitive era. The people here are just practicing martial arts and hunting. They don’t know any changes in the outside world, but on a certain day, the spiritual connection suddenly reaches the network. Huge amounts of information are coming.

    Immediately, all the people in this village have gained unprecedented knowledge, practice Cultivation Art, their strength has been greatly improved, and their horizons have been broadened. At the same time, they will also use their Strength of Heart's Spirit to obtain many resources in the network.

    Then, the picture changed again.

    In a harsh lava, desert, withered, desolate, seemingly hell universe, there are many humans living, these humans are struggling to survive, their ability is not enough to escape this universe, their food is scarce, even cultivate None of the basic abilities, but the network came and connected to their hearts.Immediately, they learned many things, and even ingested material from the Internet, which ultimately improved the barren universe and made the universe vibrant.

    "You see, all people can use the power of the mind to intervene in reality and even the creation of the mind, but the disadvantage is that the higher the Culture Base, the stronger the negative emotions, which eventually leads to the evil spirits, and even makes the multiverse destroyed by negative emotions, but After the birth of my network, all negative emotions turned into the power of network operation, you see..."

    Hao Xuan suddenly caught, it seemed that the entire multiverse was shrinking, and countless Hengsha universes were in the palm of his hand. In the universe, dense networks penetrated into every corner.

    The network is like a huge vortex, absorbing all negative emotions and transforming it into motivation.

    Then these motivations turned into data and gathered to reach Haoxuan.

    "Ancient Chensha, seeing it or not, this is the realm of immortality you dream of." Hao Xuan said: "The multiverse has been saved by my network, I am the savior, and the qi will belong to me, and your group of people, In fact, it is still outside of my network, and is doing the same thing as me. Ancient Chensha, after I practiced non-immortality, your realm is actually about to move, there are signs of promotion. You say me Did you get promoted, or did you kill you now?"

    "You have said so much, and introduced your control of the multiverse. The purpose is to have only one, that is, I think I am not your opponent?" Gu Chensha looked at Haoxuan strangely."You can do it." Hao Xuan carried on his shoulders: "You are the most promising. After me, I am a non-immortality person, but that's it. But I still give you the opportunity to use the strongest. The means is against me."

    "It's a bit interesting." Gu Chensha reached out a hand and slowly grabbed towards Haoxuan.

    When Hao Xuan started, he was calm and comfortable, but as the palm reached his front, he could not lock the position of the palm at all. This palm seemed to be a form that he could not understand at all.


    His eyes flashed and the multiverse shook, as if all the creatures felt his anger.


    On him, hundreds of millions of rivers washed away towards the ancient Chensha.

    However, the power of hundreds of millions of rivers automatically shrinks when they encounter this palm, and falls into the palm of ancient Chensha, turning into many runes.

    Then, Haoxuan's body also shrank as Gu Chensha's palm expanded.

    "Damn, what is this, how could it be so arrogant!" Hao Xuan seemed crazy, and he tried to urge his realm of immortality. Unfortunately, even if this realm reached its limit, it couldn't resist the palm of ancient Chensha. , Simply reach out.

    "Why, what realm is this." Hao Xuan wanted to do everything, even he wanted to urge all of the multiverse, and he died with the ancient Chensha, but he couldn't do anything at all: "You know that the realm is lower than me, but Why can’t you resist your moves? What the hell are you?""You don't understand what the realm is, the realm is just the one symbol, one is the name of the strength, and all the realms are determined by me. The realm of immortality is also proposed by me. It’s not that I didn’t practice it, but I don’t need this realm to support myself anymore.” Ancient Chensha said: “This realm is like one child. When I was young, I really wanted to get something, but it was always unavailable. When you are older, even if you send this thing in front of you, you don’t like to be distracted, because you can buy a lot of such things at will. Of course, you can’t understand this reason."

    "What is going on, I don't understand."

    Hao Xuan never understood.

    Everything is fine for him, you can see through the ancient Chensha, but when he really faces the ancient Chensha, he still feels so weak and weak, just like a child facing Wulin Expert(s).

    But he is the person who stands at the pinnacle of the multiverse. He does not know how many secrets he has learned, how many adventures he has obtained, how many resources he has collected, but he is not yet an opponent of the ancient Chensha.

    He is so weak."While you have cultivated non-immortality, you still have not been able to understand what the realm and cultivate are. Non-immortality is the 10th layer of the immortality state, what is the 10th 1st layer, and what is the 10th 2nd layer, and the 10th 3rd What is Layer? You don’t know, you can’t even imagine how this realm is. Your vision is too low level to support Karma of all beings. Your current network is very good. In order to strengthen the connection of this network and serve better for all beings, the wealth left behind by you can also be integrated into this network to maintain the balance of this multiverse. However, your network is also flawed. It’s not really eternal. It’s no problem now, but with more and more negative emotions, the poison injected into it is latent and cannot be fully transformed. When it accumulates and explodes, it is simply irresistible, all the heavens do it Destroy, I will now disintegrate everything and fully integrate it."

    Between Chen Chensha's words, he grasped it with his palm.

    This Hao Xuan began to blur.

    "Don't, don't, I don't want to be involved in it." Hao Xuan struggled violently: "I will never challenge you anymore, I will give you data research, don't kill me."

    "This is your mission. You have to complete it. You are from all living beings and now belong to all living beings." Ancient Chensha didn't pay attention to Hao Xuan's words, gently flicked her fingers, and then Hao Xuan's body suddenly exploded, turning into countless virtual The light spot merged into it.

    Megatron, which can be said to have changed the entire lifestyle of the multiverse, Hao Xuan, rose like a comet and fell like a comet.In the moment of fall, all the creatures in the multiverse feel it.

    Because the entire network has penetrated into the hearts of all beings, and now the founder of the network, Hao Xuan, is directly dying. This information has shocked countless creatures.

    Many giants, without Reverend objects, feel that Hao Xuan can suppress the ancient Chensha, even if it can't be suppressed, they can evenly divide the fall, and even look forward to an ancient war.

    However, no one expected that the ancient Chensha killed Hao Xuan completely without any effort, making this person who was promoted to the "non-immortality" state directly perish.

    How strong is that ancient Chensha?

    "Ancient Chensha wiped out Hao Xuan directly? My God, this person is worthy of being the creator of all things, can no one challenge his status?"

    "What the hell is he?"

    "It must be beyond the realm of immortality. It may even reach the tenth 1st layer of immortality, or even a higher level."

    "Fortunately, he didn't have the intention to destroy everything, otherwise it would be in his mind to give birth to everything?"

    "Next, where should we go?"

    "There is no way, this person's realm is not what we can guess."

    "I feel that the power of this network has been strengthened, and it can completely interfere with reality, and the power of the network has begun to truly gather, and a stronger force will definitely be born in the future.""Yeah, this network can be said to gather all the information in the universe, which is equivalent to one super invincible Heavenly Dao. It operates in its own order. All people can learn knowledge that they could not have reached before through the mind. As a result, the entire multiverse can develop rapidly, and everyone’s strength can reach the highest limit."

    "Next, we will usher in an era of truly rapid development."

    Countless gangsters are talking.

    The situation in the multiverse is more complicated.

    "This network actually released tasks to me."

    At this time, Lou Baiyue's mind was also connected to this network.

    In a trance, she entered one huge and vast virtual world.

    Then, in this virtual world, a piece of information that does not know where it came from is one task: "Give the research module to the entire network, and the network will give you the opportunity to promote immortality."

    "Interesting, interesting." Lou Baiyue received this task after connecting his mind to the network: "Chensha, what kind of existence do you say this network is different from your previous virtual panel, but it is more magical and can also raise me Reaching the realm of non-immortality only requires me to input the modules I have studied over the years into it.""To tell the truth, this network has become one of the true supreme systems, and it should be a system with or without immortality." Ancient Chensha said: "However, he does not have self-awareness. Originally, this network was controlled by Haoxuan. But I refined Haoxuan directly into the network. This network has become more powerful, but there are only a few evolutionary instincts, like single-celled organisms. But as the years go by, this network will gradually become stronger and be born. The strongest will come out, so it will be difficult to control."

    "That is to say? Chensha, your next enemy is this network's own will?" Wen Hong asked.

    "It may or may not be." Ancient Chensha waved his hand: "The biggest role of this network is to make communication between all creatures of the multiverse more convenient, to learn knowledge, and to realize the realm more quickly. Since then, the multiverse has not Knowing how many powerful existences will be born, even if the network itself cannot predict it, of course, I can’t guess, and I don’t want to guess him. One observer, only intervene when it is necessary, of course, All the great beings born will challenge me, and I look forward to being able to defeat my presence one day."

    With the death of Hao Xuan, the multiverse has settled down.

    That mind network was completely accepted by all beings. This network is rapidly providing convenience to all beings, and it is also evolving.

    Time passed quickly.

    100 million years.

    It is another one billion years, and the multiverse is getting bigger and bigger, which is hundreds of times larger than when Hao Xuan died, because countless Expert(s) appeared, and after they appeared, they created their own universe.A large number of universes poured out like fountains, making the multiverse expand again.

    However, as the multiverse expands, the network also expands. It seems that the ubiquitous rules gather all the emptiness, tangible and invisible existence, and then evolve themselves.

    In these hundreds of millions of years, what Haoxuan was once forgotten again, because there are some Old Ancient to replace it, and it has become a realm of immortality.

    As for the white teenagers in the past, Zhou Qin and others, Archaic's prehistoric Heavenly Emperor, Gu Huasha and others, they have long been obscured by the dust of history, and there is no such person in the memory of all living beings.

    Because the age is too old, the multiverse is no longer the original universe.

    Even some of the prestigious universes of the past collapsed for various reasons, replaced by the rise of new universes. These universes each have their own characteristics, and even have giants with or without immortality.

    These giants have insight into the mysteries of the universe, the fate of time and space and even the essence of everything.

    They all waited quietly, waiting for some opportunities.

    Because people who have reached this level can already see through everything, they feel the suppression of ancient Chensha.

    "Who can challenge Gu Chensha?"

    All Old Ancient have such a question in mind.

    But they dare not act.

    They wait for a powerful existence, and true enemies are born again.


    Suddenly, an unparalleled breath rose from a corner of the multiverse that no one could notice, and no one knew why this breath was born here.As soon as this breath was born, even the power of the entire mind network shivered a little.

    Then, in the breath, everyone saw one person wearing a golden robe. The man in the golden robe moved freely. The multiverse seemed to resonate with his movements, and then the network of mind was actually where he was. Flinched.

    That is to say, the ubiquitous network of souls has penetrated into the network of every living being. Around this golden robe, he actually retreated from the sanshe. Obviously, this network felt the horror of the golden robe.

    "What the hell is going on? The ubiquitous network of hearts cannot actually penetrate this person's mind..."

    "Is this person stronger than the power of the mind network?"

    "Who is this man?"

    "How was he born? I have mastered many of the secrets of the multiverse, but I have never heard of such a person. Is there really a secret that I cannot understand throughout the world?"

    Countless giants are shocked.

    The person in this golden robe pierced his eyes, penetrated all the places in the multiverse, and suddenly saw the most mysterious place, and sent out the will that shocked the heavens: "I am born today, heaven and earth, and I am alone, all the world, all kinds of things , Listen to my orders."


    Countless time and space, penetrated by his golden light.

    Jin Guanghua became a bridge, and people in golden robes walked on the golden bridge to reach this mysterious place.

    All giant Expert(s) have seen this.Because some giants with or without immortality know that that is where ancient Chensha existed.

    Suddenly, in the moment when the person in the golden robe reached the place where the ancient Chensha was, a radiance appeared in this mysterious place. The radiance suddenly passed through the Promise and penetrated all.

    Under the glory of the glory, the man in the golden robe sent out a scream of sorrow again, and then disintegrated into a golden core.

    Subsequently, this Golden Core was directly thrown out and fell into the Myriad Realms of the heavens.

    "Golden Core, this is the Golden Core transformed by the man in the golden robe? After we get it, we can get his power!"

    "Unexpectedly, this giant who has to retreat from the heart of the mind network is still directly defeated by Gu Chensha, refined, and then thrown into Golden Core."

    "Let's snatch it!"...

    In an instant, this movement of ancient Chensha was like throwing a piece of flesh and blood where the sharks gathered in the sea, which attracted countless bloodthirsty sharks to compete.

    Immediately, the multiverse suddenly became chaotic.

    In the following years, almost all giants came to snatch this Golden Core, and countless universes were destroyed. Of course, countless universes were born.

    In the battle between blood and fire, the multiverse is shuffling and growing, and the arrogant of any sky will inevitably fall, and any giant will die in the battle.

    This turmoil lasted for hundreds of millions of years, and this gradually subsided.

    Then, another supreme emperor emerged out of thin air. This emperor seemed to have surpassed the 10th layer of immortality. Without immortality, he actually controlled part of the network of the mind.Then he started to challenge Gu Chensha.

    It is a pity that in the moment when he challenged Gu Chensha, he was smashed between Gu Chensha's fingers, and then he grabbed it and turned it into a Magical Treasure similar to Da Yin again.

    Ancient Chensha did not charge this big seal, but threw the big seal into the multiverse, and caused a new round of competition.

    Another hundred million years have passed.

    I don’t know Samsara.

    Once again, a heaven-and-earth existence was born. This existence was almost between breaths, which suppressed the network of mind, controlled everything in the multiverse, and challenged ancient Chensha.

    Ke Gu Chensha spurted out in one breath, sealed him in it, and then turned into a big banner, sent to the multiverse again.

    100 million years passed, 1 billion years passed, 10 billion years passed, 100 billion years passed.

    The multiverse, I don’t know how big it is, and even the mind network has gradually disappeared in the years of time, because the multiverse is too large, even the power of the mind network can’t cover it, and the universe returns to its previous state again. .

    During this period, countless characters appeared, almost every 100 million years, a strongest giant appeared to challenge Gu Chensha.

    It is a pity that they were thrown into the multiverse by the ancient Chensha into Magical Treasure.

    Zizizi...Lou Baiyue stood beside Ancient Chensha, watching Ancient Chensha grabbing it, turning a giant that could tear the infinite existence into a long sword, and throwing it into the multiverse as if throwing garbage, she could not help sighing: "Chensha, this is the 1,001 protagonist of your refining. You said that one day, there will be one protagonist defeating you. At that time, it will be the time of liberation, but this day, when will you come ."

    "Wait..." Gu Chensha shook his head: "I am also looking forward to this day, this day, maybe it will be the next billion years, maybe it will never come..."

    {End of book}.

     Dragon Seal is full of 3.6 million words, and it is over today. It has been two years from January 1, 2016 to now. This is a book of Xianxia. My original intention was to write a dynasty. Fighting, the ancient gods, monsters, and monsters were written into the dynasty pattern, so initially with the Sky Seal, there were many sects, many allusions, and Dao Realm 30th 6th Change, in order to write These thirty 6th Change, I still have the hard work. But halfway through the writing of this book, he still fell into the cliché and entered an empty, big pattern. It also disappointed me. On the one hand, I haven't stepped out of the pattern of the late Yangshen, the eternal life, the holy king, and the late Emperor Xinghe. The writing is empty and scarce. On the surface, it looks magnificent, but in fact it has nothing to say. . This annoys me too. On the other hand, in the past two years, I picked up some of the kung fu I learned before and practiced, and formed my own company, filmed the kung fu video, dispersed the experience, and had no time to think carefully about how to break the deadlock. Fire reborn.Since 2006, he has written books, and he has written the Buddha is Dao, Montenegro old demon, dragon snake romance, Yang Shen, eternal life, holy king, Xinghe Emperor, and now Dragon Seal. In a flash, twelve years passed. I remember at that time, when I was just 20 years old, blood and energy Fang Gang, sharp writing. I am now in my thirties and have entered the age of standing. It is the best time in my life. I have written books.

    Up to now, I have no skills, and I am determined to go to continue in my book writing career.

    Therefore, in the next book, I am determined to write practical things, or write martial arts, kung fu.

    In the past two years, I have not only picked up the kung fu I learned before, but also learned a lot of modern fighting, boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, and wrestling. I practiced with people in the company every day. This is a lot better than before. And found many new things.

    I think writing these fresh practical experiences into the book is definitely very interesting and can bring you one of the more interesting kung fu martial arts worlds than the Dragon Snake Romance.

    It is not easy for people to have favorite things. What is even more rare is that they can also be used as meals.

    I have personally regarded writing a book as a lifelong career and practicing kung fu as a lifelong hobby. Combining career and hobby is a very happy thing.

    Having said so much, in the new year, the Dragon Seal is over. I hope to completely get rid of the bottleneck and write something truly shocking. I also hope that everyone will exercise more. Practicing kung fu is not really about how to fight, mainly to be able to fight. Stay fit and go to the hospital less.I also hope that everyone can exercise a lot. If you are interested, you can come to my God Machine Dojo to communicate.

    In addition, the new book conference is at "1376 Jingxi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai. 4th Floor, The Ritz-Carlton, Portman. The time is January 31st, starting at 14:00."

    Everyone has time to come here to communicate with me more, talk more about writing experience, and talk more about kung fu. I will throw bricks on it and introduce Yulu to a few shallow hands, and I am not afraid of being ugly.

    In fact, according to the authentic Chenjiagou Taijiquan pedigree, Ma Yun should be my uncle, I know him, but he doesn't know me. Haha, in fact, in terms of kung fu, everyone is a voter, not a professional, but enjoy it.

    Okay, so much to say, the new book will be released on January 31.

    As for the name, it is temporarily kept secret, this is the request of the website and the film and television side.

    Twelve years, like a dream.

    By the way, this year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The motherland will definitely be truly strong, and our generation can definitely see a great revival.

    I have confidence.

    For the motherland and for yourself, everyone will work hard together.

    Encourage together.