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Chapter Directory 2610 Sanpin
    Author: 飞天鱼(Fēitiān yú, Flying Fish)
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Ming Gu Zhao Shen Lian, the origin of the Profound Truth Cloud, the Profound Truth of Kendo, the Sword Soul of the Sword, the Soul of the Heavenly Sword, the ultimate rule of Kendo, the Emperor's Sacred Pill, the spiritual strength of the 68th order, beside the Excalibur, Holy King Realm Kendo is complete.

Of these ten conditions, only one or two of the other Great Pills of the Great Realm can condense the top-level fourth-grade Kendo saint.

Zhang Ruochen's ten kinds of conditions are exhausted in order to win a chance to condense the triumph of Kendo.

Sacred will, the difference between first grade, difference between heaven and earth.

From ancient times to the present, only he can be in the Baiyue Realm, to achieve this level, have such "the right time, foreign objects.

Zhang Ruochen remained silent for a long time, thinking that he had reached the best state, and thought, "Hehe!"

The rules of Kendo are merged together.

The center of the rule, a gaseous sword, slowly condenses and forms.

This sword is perfect, and the ratio of any two of the blade body, blade edge, blade tip, and hilt is the best, just like the most perfect artwork created by the creator.

Every line of the sword fits the heaven and earth, seems to be able to escape the space, but also seems to be able to integrate into time.

The sacred idea is extremely extreme, representing the monk's perception in this way, which can be presented both shadowless and invisible and figuratively.At this moment, Zhang Ruochen's condensed saint of kendo condensed out in the form of a sword, exuding the momentum of "invincible, Supreme In Conceit".

The six-handed swords all sensed that the ultimate Kendo sage between heaven and earth was about to take shape, and their sword bodies were gently shaken uncontrollably.

"Very formidable saint of kendo, the energy of heaven and earth induced by the saint alone can shake my body. I am as heavy as a star, so heavy."

"He is indeed a different kind, you see, the vision of Myriad Swords Faces the Sect appears in this space."


Under the blood moon, innumerable / thousands upon thousands of sword-shaped sword qi automatically condensed in the dark crimson space, making the whole space into a sea of swords.

Bai Qing'er looked so strange, and heard "up here's Jianqi breaking the wind, and her pretty face slightly coagulated:" Is he really going to succeed? "

Once Zhang Ruochen successfully condensed the Sanpin Kendo Sacred Intention and took charge of the six-handed Excalibur, the first thing he did was very likely to control the Excalibur to cut her.

At that time she was afraid that it was really only, use Zhang Ruochen what she owed her, beg him to spare.

However, she Bai Qing'er will not be so meek and subservient, will not sit still.

Asking her to bow to Zhang Ruochen for mercy is more difficult than killing her.

The sword-shaped saint of kendo became more and more solid, and the brilliance radiated from it became brighter and brighter, but Zhang Ruochen was sighed and dispersed.Not perfect.

I can't make up for the poor trace, so I have to disperse it.

This method declares failure!

The vision of Myriad Swords Faces the Sect collapsed.

Bai Qing'er was slightly sighed in relief, and a smile appeared on the moving fairy face. As long as Zhang Ruochen failed to condense the Sanpin Sacred Intention, then even if he was not reconciled, he could only choose to cooperate with her.

Give her blood to help her heal and break through.

Zhang Ruochen's state of mind gradually recovered and reached the state of nothing again.

"What is the strongest kendo?"

"What is the perfect saint of kendo?"

"What is the meaning of the sword?"


Asked repeatedly in the heart.

Unknowingly, Kendo's Sacred Heart automatically condenses and grows out of him, getting bigger and bigger.

It turned out to be humanoid.

In this brief moment, not only the space inside this altar has a vision.

Even the entire ruins of the original source temple and the entire southern boundary of the sword have a wisp of strange and weird power, converging towards Zhang Ruochen in the altar, and blending into the saintly meaning of the human-shaped kendo of more than ten miles.

The appearance of the human form Kendo's Sacred Intent gradually became clear, exactly the same as the sword ancestor Zhang Ruochen saw in Jianshan Ancient Well.

Just like the rebirth of the sword ancestor, it exudes the majesty of the world.The six-handed swords all developed a strong sense of familiarity, and wished to immediately fly into the hands of that huge figure, fight with him in all directions, and slash all strong enemies.

"This is the ultimate breath of kendo!"

"The world's strongest swordsmanship is born!"

"When such a holy intention comes out, how can we deny the Lord?"


The six-handed swords are all excited, and they have forgotten the minimum standards that have been set.

However, the swordsmanship of the sword ancestor form suddenly collapsed and became a scattered rule of kendo.

All visions disappeared again.

"What's the matter? Did it fail?"

"No, I clearly feel that I am about to take shape, and I have absorbed the remaining sword breath from the old sword ancestors. How can I suddenly fail?"

Zhang Ruochen, sitting in the center of Shenguzhao Shenlian, gently shook his head: "It's still not perfect, so the holy intention of kendo is equivalent to walking the path that the ancestor of the sword has once traveled.

Zhang Ruochen's thoughts are unprecedented in the special environments of Emperor Pinyin Sacred Pills, the Ancient Lotus, and the origin of the original meaning.

Suddenly, his eyes sparkle, grasping a key point, thinking aloud said: "The sword ancestor represents a peak of kendo, never the end of kendo."

"Swords are always just instruments, not Tao.""And condensing the Holy Spirit is not the ultimate result of practicing swordsmanship."

"Yes, this misunderstanding."

"Sword cultivation in the world will all condense the holy intention of kendo as a result, thinking that it will determine the future of kendo."

"However, in fact, the holy intention of Kendo is condensed, and there is still a long road ahead. There is the mountain of sword god in front and the giant peak of sword ancestor in front."

"That's right, I am not pursuing the result of Kendo now. In fact, I am still on the road of long search."

"Kendo's Sacred Intention, it should be a beginning, it should not be fixed."


While thinking aloud, Zhang Ruochen stood up and walked out of the Ancient Lotus.

Kendo rules automatically under His feet, condensing a path.

A straight road.

This road, the length of vast and limitless, leads to infinite space, eternal time, as if it will never end.

The ancient lotus condensed into a crystal-white and delicate body of Givenchy heart, standing in the origin of primordial chaos, looking at Zhang Ruochen walking on a straight long road. He seemed to be by his side, as if he had walked hundreds of millions of miles away, thousands of years later.

I don't know how long it has passed, Zhang Ruochen lowered his head to take a quick look, the road on the ground.

When not looking at it, it is a road that never goes to an end.However, when he looked at it, he found that it was a beam of light standing in front of him, and he seemed to never reach the top of the beam of light.

Not looking is the road, looking is the column.

One by one.

Is it horizontal or vertical?

Is it a road or a column?

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen smiled a long time: "Today, I have achieved the Sanpin Kendo saint, the saint's name is" one. "

The most difficult thing in the world is "one", which stands for flawless and also the beginning of all things.

Represents the true self, also represents purity, represents the inflexibility and innocence of kendo.

It stands for press forward and unique and unmatched.

On behalf of the Path of Swordmanship that he can never walk, it also represents the top of the kendo he needs to climb all his life.

Horizontal is one, vertical is one.

Every sword is one.


The center of the six-handed Excalibur, in the cloud of the original Yiyi Light Cloud, was originally transformed into a light spot, Zhang Ruochen, and suddenly his real body appeared, standing naked and long hair flying upwards.

A beam of light bursts out of the body, flying out of the top of the head and also out of the soles of the feet.

Flying out of the beam of light overhead, hitting the center of the blood moon.

With a loud bang, the blood moon was smashed, and the blood mist wrapped around the six-handed sword disappeared. The six-handed swords were overjoyed, chopping off the black gas rising from below and restoring freedom.

"Oh, uh."Six swords flew through the space, dragging out six flame marks, and the wind breaking sound was as thunderous as thunder.

"He succeeded and condensed the third-grade Kendo mystery."

"I have known for a long time that he can succeed, and the first time I saw him, I saw his extraordinary."


It was at this time that the change occurred.

In the light cloud, once did not accept the original meaning of Zhang Ruochen, but now an unending stream rushed into him frantically.

At the beginning, Zhang Ruochen was still very happy, and felt that this was recognized by the original source.

However, with more and more original meanings integrated into the body, he began to bear it.

Profound meaning should be the power that the gods can master.

Sacred monks can master it, but if there are too many, they will be put to death.

There is no wisdom in the original source, and I do n’t know that Zhang Ruochen ca n’t bear much of the original source, but an unending stream rushes into his body, and it does n’t work if he wants to refuse.

When the heart of truth was received at the beginning, the master of the temple of truth told him that monks without the heart of truth could only master 10% of the truth and mystery even if they were strong.The same is the way of Heng Gu, and the inherent connotation that the monks can bear, there must be boundaries. Although I do n’t know if it is one tenth, Zhang Ruochen is currently about to collapse, the Holy Spirit seems to explode, the flesh seems to explode, and the mental power seems to be broken.

It's too awful!

extreme joy turns to sorrow.

Just condensed the third-grade kendo saint, is it about to be held back by the original source?

This death method made Zhang Ruochen very unwilling.

Givenchy reverted to the Ancient Lotus, and appeared at his feet, saying: "Give me."

"it is good!"

Zhang Ruochen sat down on his knees and used his utmost efforts to mobilize the original meaning in the body, and an unending stream was passed on to the Ancient Lotus of the Ming Dynasty.

Fortunately, the ancient lotus is born from the origin, and slowly absorbed the original meaning of Zhang Ruochen's body. However, the speed is too slow, and there are more original meanings flowing into Zhang Ruochen's body.

"The opportunity is coming!"

Bai Qing'er's beautiful eyes gleamed, waiting for the moment to finally wait.


She turned into the shadow of the light shuttle and flew to the ancient ancient god of the lotus.

An Excalibur, drops from the sky, cut off her path, and Jianguang was only a few steps away from her.

"Don't be close to the owner!"

In addition, five swords flew one after another, surrounding Bai Qing'er in the center.The six gods came together, but Bai Qing'er was not surprised, saying: "Don't you see that your master is about to be put to death by the original source? Only I can save him."

"Why should we believe you?" One of the swords said in a deep voice.

In the distance, Zhang Ruochen screamed in the ancient lotus, as if he was suffering from inhuman suffering.

Bai Qing'er said: "You have no choice but to believe me."

The most well-preserved elder brother sword, said: "Let her pass, if the master fell here, kill her and be buried."

After the six-handed sword withdrew, Bai Qing'er's slender posture, if Rising Wave Fairy Maiden was normal, flew into the ancient ancient god lotus, laughs in his heart: "Different sword spirits, I am not playing with them in the palm of the hand? Zhang Ruochen, your blood and your original meaning, I will have it all! "

Bai Qing'er made up his mind. Once he swallowed Zhang Ruochen's blood, Injury Restoration reached a certain level, and then he broke through.

Once she becomes a god, she can bear as many masters as her master. Afterwards, he suppressed the spirit of the Devil Sparrow and took it away, becoming the biggest winner of this trip to the Origin Temple.

However, she had just approached Zhang Ruochen, and when she was about to cut Zhang Ruochen's wrist blood vessel, she found that her body suddenly was unable to move a single step, as if there were thousands of silk threads binding her.

"What's the matter, this force ..."Bai Qing'er's ecstasy, realized that it's not looking good.

"Don't guess, it is the power of the original meaning." Zhang Ruochen said.

A lot of original profound meaning is in Zhang Ruochen's body. Of course, he can mobilize the power of profound meaning to suppress Bai Qing'er.

It should be noted that the Holy Land monk has 1% truth and truth, which is the messenger of truth, which can be used to fight against gods.

What is Zhang Ruochen's original meaning in the body now, more than 1%?

Critical moment, Zhang Ruochen couldn't care so much, pulled Bai Qing'er over, rolled over and pressed her.

At this moment, Bai Qing'er, unable to move a single step, looks like a cat crushed by a hound.

Zhang Ruochen's a pair of tiger eyes, staring at her pair of apricot eyes at close range, said: "Do you want it?"

Bai Qinger's eyes did not yield, and he stared at him coldly, extremely calm, and said, "What are you doing so much nonsense? Give me! I mean the original meaning."


Zhang Ruochen pressed it down with a palm, hitting her eyebrows, passing the unanimous origin of the body.

"It's too slow! I'm afraid you haven't passed on the original mystery to me, and you have already died. In fact, Yin Yang Transformation is the fastest speed. Don't you have to come out?"

Zhang Ruochen was taken aback for a moment, and said, "How is Yin Yang Transformation?""You all pressed me down, but asked me how Yin Yang Transformation? Your disreputable rape, could it be simpler than my newcomer?" Bai Qinger from beginning to end is very calm and cold-spoken .

Zhang Ruochen never thought that the proud and arrogant woman under her body would say such a thing.

Bai Qing'er naturally had her considerations, if she failed to break through the situation and become a god, Zhang Ruochen was held back by the original source. Not to mention first, will the six-handed Excalibur spare her life, even if it is spared, she can't take away a trace of the original meaning today.

Just a moment ago, her mood became transparent.

Since he lost his bet, he married Zhang Ruochen so what?

Can get the satisfaction of the state of mind.

Now that he decided to marry Zhang Ruochen, what happened to their two people at this moment seems acceptable.

Moreover, Zhang Ruochen actually condensed the Sanpin kendo saint, which made Bai Qing'er really must be looked at with new eyes.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen had n’t responded for a long time, Bai Qinger closed a pair of beautiful eyes, and one eyelash was slender and bent, took a deep breath, propped up the slender willow waist, and said, "Fuck, I will come first."

She was about to get up, but was pressed back by Zhang Ruochen.

"Honestly stay here. Since this is the case, then Yin Yang Transformation, don't regret it in the future.""I never do regrets! Remember, let the one below also become a humanoid figure, together with Yin Yang Transformation ... ah ... um ...


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