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    Chinese Name: 末世大回炉  Author: 二十二刀流(èrshí'èr dāo liú, Twenty-two Knife Flow)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Last of Days Great Meltdown" is officially over today.

    Thanks to all the fans for their companionship and support over the past three years. I wrote a long time and wrote four 1 million words. There are too many feelings invested in this book.

    This is my first book, I wrote about crying and wrote about laughing.

    I have also felt all the emotional plots you have seen.

    "Last of Days Great Meltdown" was finally booked with both 10 and 40 high-order results!

    Very beautiful transcript, worthy of all the glory it has received!

    I am like you, there are many unwilling.

    Every book will eventually have a farewell ceremony, which cannot be avoided.

    But this is not the end, I will always code words on the keyboard and write novels!

    Let's see "Dragon Evil"!