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Chapter Directory 976 The End
    Chinese Name: 天火大道  Author: 唐家三少(Tángjiāsān shǎo, Tang Family's Third Young Master)
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     Absolute Emperor sits on the throne of heaven, face reveals the color of contemplation.

     "Chi Bupan, what do you think?" Luo Xianni sat next to him, holding a bunch of purple-red grapes in his hand, eating sweetly.

     Absolute Emperor gave her an angry look, "I am the Jade Emperor of the Immortal Realm now, can you not call me by my original name!"

     Luo Xianni smiled "Puff" and said, "Hello, Emperor Polish. There are just a few of us in this fairy world. Keeper and Bookworm ran back to Skyfire Avenue to do research. They don’t have any interest in this place. Li Ke and Pharmacist are sweet couples. The sweetness is gone, simply then don’t come here. La Robés and Aubert de Villaine plant grapes in the fairy world. It is said that if the grapes are cultivated successfully, they can make unrivaled wine. Unfortunately, if this wine didn’t have a fairy The nourishment of the spiritual energy will lose the taste. Otherwise, it is estimated that you can make a lot of money in Hua Alliance. So, I am the only one you can command now! What are you doing, my majesty !"

     The Absolute Emperor's face was a little ugly, "Those bastards, leave this place to me and run away. I am really angry."Luo Xianni chuckled, "How can people have the same ideas as we do? With Pharmacist they stay and attract some Belief power, which is enough to maintain the balance in the fairy world. What else do you want? Just be honest. Yeah, you are almost at the level of the golden immortal now, do you dare to leave the immortal world? If you have the ability, go! Go pick up girls, I won't stop you."

     "You! Are you really going to piss me off?"

     Luo Xianni shrugged, "If Jinxian can be mad to death, it should be a very fun thing, come on, let's try?"

     Absolute Emperor hummed coldly, stood up proudly, "I'm thinking, why the flow of time in the fairy world is constantly slowing down, so words are not practical for long time. Those little guys should be back. Hey, Yin It’s better to be idle while beating children. We will give birth to an own child to play, so that you won’t be lonely. How?"

     Luo Xianni twitched: "So, it's not good..., we are all getting older."

     The Absolute Emperor said in a stern tone: "There is no sixty years in the immortal world, not to mention. You have said that here the emperor can only command you alone, you are even given wings, you couldn't fly! Hey!"


     Planet Skyfire, Skyfire City, Skyfire Avenue.This famous street does not allow any vehicles and robots to pass, not even Mecha. Even the police on patrol use the oldest method of walking. Because this is a pedestrian street, an aristocratic avenue hidden in high-tech.

     The cyan and flat stone paved the street, which is about 2048 meters long. The buildings on both sides of the street are by no means the same, but each one has its own unique background and origin.

     There is Former Era Gothic architecture with spires like ancient France. Majestic and majestic Ancient China-style buildings with carved jade columns, and even Roman-style buildings, etc.

     It is such a street where no high technology exists, but it is located in the most prosperous area in the center of Skyfire City. It is said that here, every square meter of land can be worth a new top level McKelly P12 high-altitude flying vehicle.

     It has been three years since the human catastrophe, has to say, the speed of human reproduction and recovery is very fast. Three years have passed, and the previous suffering seems to have passed.

     After the war, Hua Alliance Military God. The youngest four-star general in human history, the mainstay of the Hua Alliance military, the space fortress marshal, Unparalleled Extremely Bright Divine Monarch Lan Qing. Announced retirement.But he made it clear that he will always stay at Hua Alliance, as long as Hua Alliance needs it, he will still appear at any time. At the same time, he said that he was looking for a wife.

     Since then. In a long period of time, all women in the entire human network, from 8 years old to 80, countless people claiming to be Lan Qing’s wife. As for who it is, this mystery may never be explained clearly.

     Middle Heaven Great Emperor of The North Pole Star of Purple Subtlety Lan Jue, Goddess Guanyin Zhou Qianlin, and the Pharmacist who changed the name of Paragon to Jizo, all quietly disappeared into the sight of all mankind.

     According to legend, they are guarding mankind in their own way.

     Skyfire Avenue is still the most powerful Esper alliance for mankind, and now the chairman of the Skyfire Avenue Council is still the Wine Master.

     According to Skyfire Avenue insiders, Wine Master is very angry about continuing to serve as the chairman. Has been reprimanding someone for irresponsibility.Regarding the Northern Alliance, Nether King Chu Cheng took over as the lord of the Great Conclave. The Northern Alliance is still the largest alliance of all mankind. The Western Alliance is disbanded. The original administrative stars of the Western Alliance, except for some administrative stars closest to the Northern Alliance, have been declared to belong to the Northern Alliance. More than two-thirds of the executive stars chose to join the Hua Alliance, especially the angel stars. The seven executive stars that originally surrounded Planet Od immediately announced their joining of the Hua Alliance after the war ended. Became a large area of Hua Alliance.

     After three years, these seven planets have gradually recovered their vitality, but among these seven administrative stars, Belief will always have only one, that is, Goddess Guanyin.

     In their minds, there is only one reason, Goddess Guanyin, which brings them new life.

     The overall strength of Hua Alliance has been greatly improved. Vast Ocean Group announced that it has officially joined Hua Alliance, and their territory is still in the original Sea Emperor star.

     At the same time, Skyfire Avenue announced that it would shelter the Vast Ocean Group.

     The Vast Ocean Group is still the most powerful consortium of mankind, but since the end of the war, they have become much lower-key. What makes people more surprised is that the Vast Ocean Group took the initiative to hand over the command of the Sovereign of the Seas space fortress to Hua Alliance.Although the total number of space fortresses owned by Hua Alliance is still far from the Northern Alliance, it is recognized that the two most powerful space fortresses in the human world, the space fortress and the Sovereign of the Seas space fortress, belong to Hua. Alliance.

     It took the Northern Alliance three full years to re-stabilize the interior, and during the war, the unity of will is an impregnable stronghold, the united Hua Alliance, has developed with super high speed in the past three years. The overall strength is catching up with the Northern Alliance.

     At this time, indeed, in the early morning, Skyfire Avenue was cold and all the shops closed their doors and windows.

     A little girl who looks about ten years old is walking down the street. She is wearing a beautiful white dress with long hair combed into a simple ponytail. Although she is not very old, she has come out like a general fairy Lingbo, stunningly beautiful. What a beauty. Growing up, it is undoubtedly a stunning beauty.

     She is a person by no means. There was a little boy on each side.

     The little boy on the left seems to be just walking, and the little boy on the right is a little older, about three or four years old.

     "Jun'er elder sister, I'm hungry!" The little boy on the right looked up at her and said.

     "I know! Let's go to Uncle Gourmet's for dinner. Uncle said yesterday that he will make us some food today." Jun'er said with a smile.The little boy on the right swallowed his saliva, "Great, I want to eat chocolate."

     Jun'er wrinkled her cute little nose and shook her head: "No. If you eat too much chocolate, your teeth will become bad. Dad just spoils you too much and always follows your sex. You follow me these days. You have to listen to what I say."

     Surprisingly, the little boy is very obedient, "Well, I listen to Jun'er elder sister, but, Jun'er elder sister. You think I'm so obedient, then can you promise me that!"

     Jun'er shook his head and said seriously: "Of course not. I already have a fiancé, of course I can't agree to your marriage proposal. Also, you are less than four years old, do you know what a marriage proposal is?"

     The little boy said indignantly: "Of course I know. Proposing is to be two people together. My father once taught me that as long as I like a girl, I must bravely pursue it. As long as I pursue it, there will be 5%. Ten possibilities. My favorite girl is Jun'er elder sister, and I want to marry you. Promise me, OK, Jun'er elder sister."

     Jun'er said slightly angrily: "No. Of course not. You see, we have a common father, how can we be together? That's not right."The little boy pursed his lips and said, "Godfather and dad have different meanings. Do you think I'm still a kid? And, your fiance is still Daddy's own son."

     While speaking, he glared severely at Jun'er's left side. The little guy who seemed to be able to walk just now.

     The little guy was glared at by his sharp eyes, and suddenly felt aggrieved. He threw himself on Jun'er's lap and hugged her thighs tightly with his hands, "elder sister, hug, elder sister, hug!"

     Jun'er hurriedly picked him up, hugged him in the own bosom, and comforted him softly: "Lan Zhou is not afraid, there is an elder sister to protect you, no one can bully you."

     The little boy on the right was very upset, "Eccentric, Jun'er elder sister, you are eccentric!"

     Jun'er glanced at him and said, "What's wrong with my partiality? He is my fiancé. When he grows up, I will marry him. Of course, I have to favor the own husband. Isn't my dad favoring you? I warn you Hua Yun, if you scare Lan Zhou again, I won't play with you."

     "Me!" Hua Yun looked stubborn and unconvinced, "He is so young, so why can he be your fiancé? Even father and mother said that your age gap is too big."Juner not to accept as correct said: "Age is not a problem. You are still young and don’t understand. You should be satisfied. When I was your age, I couldn’t leave the room every day. I was lonely every day. Yes. Now you are eating Baijiafan on Skyfire Avenue. Everyone treats you so well. Why are you not satisfied?"

     Having said that, her eyes reveals a trace of memories, which she will never forget. On that day, when she was very lonely, that gentle voice sounded nearby.

     Dad, if I really want to be your daughter, I have to marry your son, right?

     Lan Zhou was held in Jun'er's arms, looking very comfortable, vomiting a bubble in his mouth, pressing it on Jun'er's face, closing his eyes, and starting to doze off.

     Hua Yun looked at Jun'er, then at Lan Zhou, snorted, and said, "I will definitely become stronger. One day, I will take you over! Let you be my bride."

     "Oh, why are you hitting me on the head!"

     "Stop daydreaming. I ask you, do you want to eat at Uncle Gourmet's house or marry me?"

     "Then, then I'd better eat! I'm so hungry, let's go quickly."


     Hailing Star.

     There are several adjacent shops on a street that is eye-catching by no means.Indeed, in the morning, the shop door opened, and a man walked out from the inside. He opened the security door outside completely, revealing the shop window inside.

     In the window, there are all kinds of small ornaments, most of them are things called nuclear carvings. It is a work of art carved from a fruit stone called an olive.

     These nuclear carvings seem to be so exquisitely carved by no means, and the shop itself is not big. On this narrow street, it's just a very ordinary scenery that's all.

     The tall man moved a stool and sat at the door with a faint smile on his face. But his eyes floated to the opposite shop.

     A faint scent is drifting out of that shop, and the sign on the shop says. Sulfur bun shop.

     The business of Baozipu is obviously not very good, which should have a lot to do with his name.

     The door opened, a small table was moved out of the bun shop, and a young girl with silver hair came out from inside. She raised her hand. A cigarette flew out and flew across the small street.

     The tall man raised his hand to take it, held the cigarette in his mouth, and wiped the cigarette butt with his right hand. The cigarette was already lit.

     The silver-haired young girl also took out a cigarette and held it in her mouth. But in the next instant, the cigarette disappeared.

     "What are you doing?" The silver-haired young girl glared at the tall man opposite.The tall man smiled slightly, "Girls smoke too much, which is not good for their health."

     The silver-haired young girl snorted turned and returned to the own bun shop. The time was not long, and she walked out with a tray.

     A plate of buns, six, the surface does not seem to be very good, the bun skin is slightly yellow. also a bowl of Little Mi porridge. Two eggs, a small dish of pickles.

     The tall man revealed contented expression in his eyes, strode over, sat there, gorge oneself up. It seems that this is the best delicacy and fine taste in the world.

     The silver-haired young girl stood nearby, holding a napkin in her hand, watching him eating in silence.

     "I heard that you have a nickname. Husband of the whole country! I posted it yesterday, and no one believed me, what should I do?

     "Puff!" Little Mi porridge splashed.


     Northern Alliance, Great Conclave.

     A black suit sets off the red short hair very spirit.

     Chu Cheng continued to deal with all kinds of affairs with a solemn expression on his face. Great Conclave has a lot of business, and he has to decide many of them himself. Often every day is busy till late.

     "Boom!" A knock on the door sounded.

     "Didn't I say that, does not have my greeting, don't anyone come to disturb me?" Chu Cheng said impatiently."Busy man! Can't I come to see you?" The door opened, and someone walked in from outside.

     Seeing her, Chu Cheng's sharp eyes suddenly became dull.

     The long leather boots reach nearly half of the thigh. It just revealed a touch of snow white, ultra-short leather pants, a small leather vest, a pair of snow-white arms, and a deep gully on the chest.

     "Lilina, why are you here?" appeared in front of him, indeed the vampire queen Lilina!

     Lilina shrugged and said, "It's nothing, just come and play with you. Let me go to the nightclub with me."

     Chu Cheng's face sank, "Didn't you see that I'm busy? Your Majesty, Dark Citadel's Demon King, just ignore you?"

     Lilina said: "Your Majesty has a very good relationship with me. What do I do? I won't cause trouble, and she's trying to hit the realm of Paragon now, but I can't care about me. Hey, our Dark Citadel is rebuilt in Planet Skyfire After that, it’s really all black, no daylight. Skyfire Avenue is here. Why do we also have fun? But Her Majesty insists on that. She has no matter disguised and changed to Skyfire Avenue to join her two good sisters. Selling gems, why can't I run out and finish playing?"

     Chu Cheng snorted coldly, "I'm very busy now, I don't have time to care about you, so go out and play by yourself."Lilina walked up to him a few steps, her eyes filled with fascinating light, "Is there really no time to take care of people? I originally planned to let you do whatever you want.

     Chu Cheng righteously said: "Am I that kind of person?" Then he stood up abruptly, and said very firmly: "Yes!"


     Sea Emperor star.

     Crystal clear blue water waves circulate around. In this submarine world, the line of Sea Emperor is always absolute Paragon.

     The two men stood there silently, looking at the blue halo outside. Their looks are 70% similar, but there seems to be a big difference in age.

     The elder sighed, "You really don't plan to go out and have a look? Don't tell them, you are still alive?"

     The young man shook his head, "It's all over. I have done everything I want to do. In the days to come, I belong to her. The heart of the Sea Emperor can only save my life, but it cannot. Everything that my heart has put down."

     He turned around and silently looked at the ice coffin behind him, where she was lying on the ice seal forever frozen.


     Hua Alliance National Academy.

     An old-fashioned bicycle slowly reached the entrance of the Academy's main gate. The bicycle stopped and a man in a straight suit got down from it. Pushing the car into the academy.He looked very ordinary, about thirty years old, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. Walking along the boulevard of the Academy, students greeted him from time to time.

     "Good teacher."

     "Um. Hello."

     After entering the school gate and walking some distance, he pedaled his bicycle again and headed towards the academy elective course building.

     When he reached the door of the teaching building, he stopped the car and put the bicycle aside casually. does not have Back to the office, but went straight to the classroom, he came out a bit late today, if not go directly to class, I am afraid he will be late.

     There are no empty seats in the huge lecture theatre.

     When he walked into the classroom, he immediately attracted the attention of all the students.

     "stand up!"

     "Good teacher!"

     "Hello classmates, please sit down." He stood behind the podium and looked at the students with a smile.

     "Today, our life style class will be more fun. I remember telling you last time that the teacher invited for lunch today. Sure enough, it seems that there are so many people who want to eat! Usually you are not so active. "

     Suddenly a student smiled and asked, "Lei Feng teacher, what exactly did you invite us to eat?"Lei Feng smiled and said: "Malatang, I don’t know if you have heard of does not have. Today, in our life taste class, I will tell you what is the real malatang. Of course, your lunch at noon is us The malatang."

     In the corner of the lecture hall. A hot figure, obviously not a student, sat there, wearing a black professional attire and also wearing black-rimmed glasses. eyes, shining with a slightly complicated light, muttered: "Lei Feng!" When these two words were said, a smile appeared on her face. It seems to recall something...

     (End of full text)

     (Author's note: I finally finished writing Skyfire Avenue. Frankly speaking, I wrote this book to a large extent because of pure desire to write. My favorite is the opening paragraph. But many book friends say they don’t understand. , I started to change direction later. I still focus on fighting. This book is actually an experiment. In the previous part, I wrote a lot of short stories. I like Skyfire Avenue very much and I like a character in it. I don’t know who your favorite is.Book friends who are familiar with me know that the works of our Tang Sect are seamlessly connected. The completion of the world of Skyfire Avenue has made me feel a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction in many places. However, it is over after all. When I am mature enough, I might come back to make changes and add some things I want to write.

     When I first wanted to write it, I hoped that I could teach you some things about life style through this book, but it seems that by no means is too successful. In the future, you will come into contact with more societies, and you will be involved in this aspect. I understand that Xiao Tang wrote very seriously, and many things are Oh in reality.

     The mood is very complicated. Skyfire is over. So, what is our new work? I believe many book friends already know this. That is, what I have been brewing, and I have been preparing for a long time, which will definitely surprise everyone, the third "Legend of the Dragon King" by Douluo DaluThe book friends who have read the first two books of Douluo Dalu, especially those who have also read the legends of the gods of Douluo Dalu at the same time, can more or less guess what we are going to write about in the third book of Douluo Dalu. . Douluo Dalu is undoubtedly my favorite. In fact, what I have always wanted to write about is the course of its times. In the third part, what wonderful things will happen? Wipe one's eyes and wait. I can only say that writing back to what I am good at, the more mature Xiao Tang will definitely give everyone a feast. You will love it, "Legend of the Dragon King"! )

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