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Chapter Directory 2169 Grandpa Hi Was Captured
    Chinese Name: 武帝重生  Author: 残剑(Cán jiàn, Residual Sword)
    Original: | Translator:

"Okay, if you pass the order, all experts will gather in the martial arts field and prepare to open the secret realm!"

    At the next moment, the emperor's voice resounded throughout the central hall.

    Hearing the emperor's decision, one of these people on the scene frowned, this person was no one else, it was Grandpa Xi.

    He knew that Zhou Yingxue and others were now in the imperial city's secret realm. If the emperor and others would enter this way, they would definitely find them, and then Zhou Yingxue and others would be in danger.

    No, you have to tell your son about this, and let your son rush out the people before His Majesty and others enter the secret realm! Such thoughts flashed in Xi Gonggong's heart.

    At the moment, when the people in the hall went out and walked towards the martial arts stadium, he found a gap and left the crowd.

    He did this naturally to report to Lin Long.

    Along the way, I found that no one had followed me, and Grandpa Xi was naturally relieved.

    Subsequently, he hurriedly walked outside the palace.

    It was dangerous to do so at this time, but he could not care so much in order to report to Lin Long.

    Not long after, he came to the west gate of the palace.

    "Well, Grandpa Xi, where are you going? Isn't your majesty everyone gathered in the martial arts field?"

    The guard at Ximen could not help but wonder when Grandpa Xi was about to go out.

    "My father-in-law naturally has something to do when you go out. You ask so many things to do, and you are not afraid of the wind blowing your tongue?"

    Xi Gonggong said coldly.

    Hearing the father-in-law saying this, the guard could not help but sweating out coldly, and said quickly, "Hey father-in-law, you misunderstood, I just asked casually."Let's just say, let it go quickly.


    With a cold snort, Grandpa Xi went out of Simon.

    After walking for a while, seeing that no one was still behind, Grandpa Xi was completely relieved.

    However, just as he was about to turn to the courtyard where Lin Long and others were standing, a figure suddenly blocked him.

    Looking at this man, Grandpa Xi couldn't help but frown, because in front of him was an eunuch who was not right with him.

    "Huh, Grandpa, where are you going?"

    The eunuch said in front of him.

    "Naturally there are things that matter!"

    Grandpa Xi said sullenly.

    "What matters?

    What is more important than going to the martial arts stadium? "

    The other party continued.

    "This kind of thing won't tell you, please let it go!"

    Xi Gonggong said coldly.

    "Sorry, if I don't know what Grandpa Xi is going to do, I won't let it go."

    The other said slowly.

    "In that case, I can only offend!"

    After all, Xi Gong Gong took out his fifth-level ice cold rune.

    "Princess Xi, although I usually have a bad relationship with you, you don't need to treat me like this. Could it be that what you are doing is special?

    Need to start with yourself? "

    The other party laughed.

    "My own?

    You are wrong, you have nothing to do with me! "

    Hi fair.

    With that said, he had begun to meditate on rune terminology.

    "Huh, then let me teach you the great tricks of the father-in-law, and see if it's father-in-law that you have improved or I have improved!"The other party said.

    With that said, the other party also began to meditate on rune terminology.

    At the next moment, the icy cold that the two excited was attacking each other.

    In the past, the father-in-law had a contest with the other party. The strength of the two was between Bozhong and Zhong, and they didn't have a difference. So, the other party said that just now.

    However, Grandpa Xi is very sure now. Following Lin Long for so many days, he learned not a lot, but learned a lot from Lin Long, although he saw Lin Long only a few faces.

    Sure enough, his icy cold quickly suppressed the other party, and for a while, the other person started to tremble.

    "Grandpa, why did you suddenly become stronger?"

    This situation made the other party scream.

    "I was actually above you, but I just let you go."

    Grandpa Xi said indifferently.

    "I don't believe it... Do you have any adventures recently?"

    The other party said so.

    After saying this, the eunuch actually knelt down directly in front of him. Obviously, he could not hold it anymore.

    At this time, Grandpa Xi's eyes were even colder. He was ready to rush to Lin Long after solving this man.

    Time waits for no one, he doesn't want Lin Long to take Zhou Yingxue and the others out of the emperor before he has brought them in.

    So after more than a dozen years passed, the eunuch couldn't hold it anymore, and he was already lying on the ground.

    Although it is very close to Ximen, it will not be seen by anyone because of its partiality. Even if someone sees them fighting, they dare not intervene. After all, the two of them are eunuchs with unusual status.Seeing the other party's loss of resistance, Grandpa Xi was completely relieved.

    However, just when he wanted to leave, wind suddenly came from behind him, and then an old man blocked him.

    Looking at this old man, Grandpa Xi's complexion immediately became very ugly, because this person is not someone else, it is He He who can inspire the Sixth Level Ice Cold Rune.

    "Hi, Grandpa, what are you doing, how do you bring yourself down?"

    He Lao said coldly.

    Grandpa Xi's thoughts turned sharply, and then quickly said, "He Lao, this Grandpa Li just attacked me just now. Fortunately, I was evaded. After that, he was not reconciled and still wanted to fight with me. I can only fight with him. He was not my opponent and was knocked down to the ground by me."

    "Even if this is true, what are you doing leaving the palace at this juncture, why not go to the martial arts field!"

    He Lao asked.

    "This...I have something, I want to explain something to a friend."

    Grandpa Xi said.

    "Explain something?

    Gee, Grandpa Xi, your majesty has already ordered you to go to the martial arts field, you still want to come out and explain something, you are so brave! "

    He Lao sneered.

    "He Lao, it is so."

    Xi Gonggong said anxiously.

    "Is this how I asked Grandpa Li!"

    With that, He Lao squatted down, and then his palms were even touched on Li Gonggong. At the next moment, Li Gonggong lying on the ground directly woke up.

    As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw He Lao who was close to him.

    "He Lao, what about Father Gong?"

    Grandpa Li was confused."Hi Grandpa is right in front of you. What happened to you, how did you get knocked down by him?"

    He Lao asked.

    "This is the case. When I saw Grandpa Xi sneaking out, I stopped in front of him and asked him what he was going to do at this bone. He said something was wrong, and I said he couldn't go out at this bone. I'm not his opponent, he was knocked down on the ground."

    Li Gong is fair.

    Hearing Li Gonggong saying this, He Lao was just to Xi Gonggong, "Hi Gonggong, it seems that you have some unspeakable secrets!"

    "He Lao, absolutely no, I really just go and explain something."

    Father Gong Xi said quickly.

    "Oh, Grandpa, don't lie to me, if you really have something, then follow me to your majesty now, to Master Zong!"

    He Laodao.

    "Don't, He Lao!"

    Grandpa Xi changed his face.

    When he came to the emperor and master Zong, even if he was really nothing, he had to be said to have something.

    "Hi, Grandpa, this is all for you!"

    He Lao stared at Xi justice.

    If you know where to go, there is no way to report to Lin Long. So, Grandpa Xiong grabbed his teeth and directly took his ice cold rune paper in his hand.

    He was out, even though he knew he was not He Lao's opponent.

    "Huh, it seems that you really matter, otherwise how dare you desperately follow me."

    He Laodao.

    With that said, he took out his sixth level ice cold rune.

    At the next moment, the two meditation rune terms at the same time.Although it was at the same time, He Lao's speed of inspiring the cold was obviously faster than that of Grandpa Xi.

    However, He Lao did not directly attack Grandpa Xi, but stopped deliberately for a moment, then proudly said, "Hi Grandpa, I will let you do that!"

    After all, his icy coldness directly attacked Xi Gong Gong.

    At the same time, the father's icy cold greeted him.

    It's just that his icy coldness is too weak compared to the other party, so he can't resist it at all. In just a short time, he was frozen and kneeled to the ground.

    "The sixth-level ice cold rune is really powerful!"

    Grandpa Xi is not reconciled.

    "That's natural!"

    He Lao proudly said.

    During his speech, Father Gong had already lost his resistance.

    "Okay, Grandpa Li, take Grandpa Xi back!"

    He Lao looked to the side of Grandpa Lee and ordered.


    Grandpa Li responded quickly.

    Then, he drove the grandfather back to the palace.

    Son, forgiveness of his subordinates, I can't report to you! Grandpa Xi sighed in his heart.

    He knew that the people in the secret realm were very important to Lin Long.

    Grandpa Xi didn't know that the scene of his fight with Lao He was seen by Elder Liang.

    Elder Liang heard unusual movements in the palace and came over to see where he thought he saw the scene where Grandpa Xi was arrested.

    Actually, an expert who can inspire the sixth-level ice cold rune shot the father-in-law, what happened in the palace?

    You must give this information to your son immediately! Thinking in this way, Elder Liang immediately returned to the courtyard where Lin Long and others stayed.Not long after, he met Lin Long and Qian Jiayi and others.

    "Elder Liang, why do you look in a hurry?"

    Seeing Elder Liang, Lin Long couldn't help but ask.

    "Son, it's not good. Grandpa Xi is grasped by the expert who can inspire Level 6 Ice Cold Runepaper!"

    Elder Liang quickly said.


    Lin Long couldn't help being surprised.

    The people around me also looked over.

    "I just felt unusual movement in the palace just now."

    Elder Liang added.

    "Son, if they punish Grandpa Xi, it would be troublesome to ask where we are hiding!"

    Dong Luo aside worried.

    "Don't worry, Father Gong will not tell them."

    Lin Long said directly.

    The father-in-law took the pill, so he did not worry that the father-in-law would betray him.

    "The top priority is to find out what happened!"

    Subsequently, Lin Long said again.

    "The son means to check at the palace?"

    Qian Jiayi asked.

    "Well, I went to investigate in person to see what happened!"

    Lin Longdao.

    "Son, do you want us to go with you?"

    Miao Feng asked.

    "No, just go by myself."

    Lin Long waved his hand.

    After all, Lin Long just left here and walked towards the palace.

    Knowing Lin Long's strength, Qian Jiayi and others did not insist on following.