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Chapter Directory 1844 New Book Has Been Issued [Zhutian Strongest College]
    Chinese Name: 史上最强店主  Author: 南极烈日(Nánjí lièrì, Antartic Sun)
    Original: | Translation:

After a long preparation, the new book is finally out!

     The title of the book is [the strongest academy of the heavens], as you can tell from the name, this is a story about the academy, but this academy is a college that connects the ten thousand worlds of the heavens, and the students and teachers also come from the ten thousand worlds of the heavens.

     Relying on the academy system of the heavens, the protagonist will build a magnificent academy, the strongest academy in the heavens.


     All the big brothers are my students.

     Zhutian College is an academy connected with Ten Thousand Worlds of Ten Thousand Worlds, and recruits students from Ten Thousand Worlds.

     Emperor Yan is a legend in his life, and he controls the world's fires. He is my student.

     Ye Heavenly Emperor settled the restricted area of life and respected the universe together. He is my student.

     Pangu split heaven and earth apart, he is my student.


     This is the story of Shen Wen obtaining the Zhutian Academy system and establishing the strongest academy in the heavens.


     Whether you click on the author name of the book page, or directly search the book title, you can see the new book, I hope you like it! ! !